Summer 1 2021

Welcome back to Summer Term 1 in Year 2! We hope you all had a lovely Easter holiday and enjoyed lots of outdoor adventures. We can’t wait to hear about what you all got up too and see your smiley faces.

This half term, we are excited to have Mrs Baranyai as part of our Year 2 team. We have lots of lovely things planned for you over the half term so keep an eye out on the website to see what we have been getting up to in all our curriculum areas.

This half term, our topic is Underground. All our learning will link to life Underground and our class book this half term is Town is By the Sea. Please read our class newsletter to find out about what we will be doing in each subject over the half term. We also have a homework grid for you to complete this half term linked to our topic. Please have a read and see what challenges you would like to complete!

Happy Summer term Year 2. We can’t wait to see you next week!

Mrs Hemming, Mrs Baranyai and Mrs Harris xxx


Collective Worship 

During our collective worship this week we have invited the children to dress the prayer table, and think about what we need to have on our class altar. The children had a fantastic discussion about what we need on our prayer table and why. We talked about the colour our prayer table was before Easter and linked back to our RE learning journey of what happened to Jesus at Easter.

As part of our collective worship this week, as we have entered the Month of May, we have started to learn about why May is the month of our mother Mary. As a class we listened to a story about Mary, and also learnt about the importance of the May been the month of our mother Mary. After we had taken part in our collective worship, children took turns to change our altar cloth to blue, place a statue of Mary on the prayer table and add Rosary beads to our altar. The children asked if they could bring in some flowers for our class altar and examples of the Hail Mary that they they pray at home. During our collective worship today, we added some of the children’s flowers, prayers and Rosary beads to out altar.


During our RE lesson and collective worship today we focused on Mary and why we celebrate the importance of Mary through May.  We learnt about the important role that Mary, our Mother has in our lives as Catholics. We listened to stories about Mary and also listened to things that she achieved in her life. We discussed why May is the month of Mary, and some of the things that we can do to celebrate the Month of Mary. As a class, we have been praying to Mary during our collective worship sessions. Today we have completed an afternoon of activities that have been dedicated to Mary our Mother. We have created a stained-glass window of Mary, written a prayer to Mary, worked in small groups to pray the Rosary and also created some flowers to share on our Altar to celebrate the month of Mary. 





Our topic this half-term is ‘Eastertide‘. We have started our RE topic by making links back to our topic last half term and thinking about what happened to Jesus on the lead up to his death on Good Friday. We watched a video to help us understand what happened to Jesus on Easter Sunday when he rose from the dead. The children worked in teams to create a list of emotions that Jesus’s followers will have had when Jesus died and then rose from the dead. We shared our ideas a class and added some emotions in post it notes to our class flip chart. The children then created a poster to explain what happened to Jesus on Easter Sunday and wrote a letter to explain to one of their friends what happened to Jesus.

.During our RE lesson today, we made links to our previous lessons where we learnt about the Holy Spirit and also about what happened at the Pentecost. Today, the children had the opportunity to explore different paintings that people created to express the Pentecost. We then shared some ideas of what we would add to a painting to help us represent the Pentecost and added our ideas to a class sider diagram. The children then designed their own picture and used pastels to represent what Pentecost means to them. Here are some of our Pentecost pictures-




This half term our English lessons will be linked to our book ‘Town is by the Sea‘. We have started the week by looking at pictures from the book and making predictions about the story. We then shared the book together as a class. The children were totally immersed in the story and they were happy that some of their predictions were right! We used the book to identify a variety of punctuation that the author had used in the story and worthy words to add to their word banks. The children worked as a team to highlight punctuation and adjectives. After they created their own sentences using one of their worth words and a variety of punctuation. Year 2 did a great job!

We continued to work on identifying punctuation and changing sentences so they had a conjunction in them  in our outdoor English lesson today. Mrs Harris hid challenge cards around the field and we worked in teams to try and complete the sentences! There was lots of fantastic team work that went on and some great sentences with punctuation and conjunctions by the end of the lesson.

We have also started to unpick punctuation in a selection of recounts and underlined conjunctions and past tense. We are focusing on these skills so we can build up to knowing all the features of a recount and apply these skills in our independent writing. The children enjoyed using their highlighters to spot full stops, capital letters, past tense, conjunctions and adjectives!

Today in English we started our poetry topic. We listened to a selection of poems from one of our class poetry books. We learnt about the different features of a poem. We learn about rhyming words, adjectives, similes, metaphors and verses. After we learnt about some of the features of poems, we split into groups and tried to highlight the features of poems in a variety of poems selected by Mrs Hemming. The children did a fantastic job at spotting rhyming words, verses and similes. They even had a go at creating their own similes in partners at the end of our English lesson. I am really proud of Year 2 for the effort and enthusiasm they put in to todays lesson, and we are looking forward to learning a poem off by heart tomorrow!

We started to learn a poem off by heart today. Our poem is called Recipe to Make a Wolf by Pie Corbett.  As a class we thought of pictures and actions for some of the words and used the actions to help us learn the first verse of the poem off by heart. The children then went off into small groups and thought of actions and pictures for different verses of the poem. We are going to put the poem back together over the next few days.

Year 2 have had a fun time in their English work, learning all about glossaries. We linked this to our work all about Sustainability and Living Simply and put key words in alphabetical order. We overcame difficulties together of making sure we looked at the second and third letter in words (if they began with the same letter) to make sure they were in alphabetical order. We showed our interest and developing lifelong love of books, by researching glossaries in non-fiction books to add interest and detail to our explanations of what a glossary is. Great work year 2, these a great skills to learn!


This week we have started a new Maths topic, learning all about 2D and 3D shapes. We have also been recapping our 2, 5 and 10 times tables and the opposite division facts. Mrs Hemming set us some tricky maths challenges that we used resources and objects in the woods to help us complete! The children showed great resilience to working through harder maths problems and made links back to previous maths lessons to help them solve the problems! Well done Year 2 for a super start to your Maths learning journey this half term!

We have been exploring telling the time in one of our KIRF lessons. We then played a game with our partner telling the time to O’Clock, half past, quarter past and quarter too the hour! We had lots of fun and the children didn’t want to stop playing the game! We have also started to learn about symmetry this week, linking back to some of our symmetrical shapes and pictures we made during our time at home.  We have learnt about vertical and horizontal lines of symmetry so far this week and explored folding shapes to find lines of symmetry.

World Maths Day

Today we had a fantastic day celebrating World Maths day. We dedicated the whole day to learning about Maths! We linked our learning to our KIRFS and the core Maths skills that we need to know by the end of Year 2! The children had the option of dressing up with a digit on their clothes, or as a Rockstar as today we launched Times Tables Rock Stars in Key Stage 2. We are really proud of the effort the children out into their maths learning today and their costumes! Here are a few snap shots of World Maths Day in action and the children in their World Maths Day costumes! Thank you Year 2 for being fantastic Mathematicians and embracing a full day of Maths!

Here are some pictures of us all in our costumes!

The children started our World Maths Day celebrations by learning Maths skills through orienteering. The children got in pairs and used a map of the school field to find maths clues. There were some tricky questions from the times tables and adding and subtracting too. When they found an answer, the children had to use the number in their answer to complete a challenge. We had challenges such as doing 20 bunny hops, running 3 times round the field, naming 5 planets and 10 foods. The sun was out and it was great to see the children learning to use the maps and  being true maths superstars!

In our afternoon session we kicked it off by launching NumBots! This is a programme that we are going to be using in class to help us with our KIRF targets! The children loved the launch of NumBots and they didn’t want the session to end! I’m sure they will tell you all about their Robot challenges and building their own Robot!



To complete our World Maths day activities, Mrs Hemming created a Maths bingo game for KS1 and a Maths scavenger hunt. Year 1 and Year 2 were put into mixed teams to take on the games. The children listened carefully to the calculations Mrs Hemming read and we played a few games to see which team could get a full house first.

The children then worked in their teams to find Mrs Hemming’s Maths clues and answer the questions. The children had to work as a team to answer the questions! We had two winning teams who answered all the questions and got the answers in the correct order! Great team work and Maths skills Key Stage 1.

We have been busy with 2D and 3D shapes recently. We have been working as teams and naming, sorting and making patterns with shapes, in lots of different ways. We have been thinking mathematically and using mathematical language to describe the properties of shapes.

We have also been working as teams to create 3D shapes, using sticks and playdough. We showed lots of resilience because it was a tricky job! It really helped us to see where the vertices and edges of the 3D shapes were because they were made from playdough or matchsticks!


Today we have started to learn about the vocabulary linked to measures. We recapped vocabulary from Year 1 linked to height and length. We talked about objects been  tall, taller, tallest, short, shorter, shortest, long, longer and longest. The children were set a challenge to order themselves from shortest to tallest without saying a word!! They were incredible at the challenge and showed fantastic team work and maths skills! They managed to order themselves in 4 minutes from shortest to tallest! AMAZING!

We then came back into class and measured objects around the classroom using cubes and our hands. A group of children took on the challenge of measuring our class carpet with cubes! They found out that it was 167 cubes long! Tomorrow we will move on to using cm and meters in our measurement lesson.

During our maths lesson today, we introduced measuring in centimeters. The children were set a challenge to measure a selection of objects from around the classroom. They had to estimate how tall they thought an object was before they measured it. There was some fantastic measuring and estimating in Year 2 today!


This half term, our Science work is all about Plants and Trees. We have been very busy conducting a science experiment to see what happens to a sunflower seed in different conditions and learning about the lifecycle of a seed. We have also been observing trees and plants in the woods, drawing and labelling parts of a tree and measuring leaves to link with our Maths.


The Lifecycle of Sunflower.

Our sunflower seeds have started to grow! We have had a lot excitement because our seeds have started to grow. Linking with our maths, we have been busy measuring them and comparing which one is the tallest. The seed that has been given water and sunlight is 9cm now! We have been learning about the process of germination and that plants are living things. Some children found it very funny that sunflowers turn their head towards the sun. We pretended to be sunflower seeds, and responded creatively as we listened to a poem about sunflower seeds growing and acted out the lifecycle of seed!


Planning stage

In DT, we plan to make a moving model of a coal mining cart, to link with our underground topic. We have been very busy researching, reading our design brief, planning and designing our coal mining carts. We have thought about materials, shapes, size and what we want our carts to look like and this has also linked to some of our English learning.


We have had so much fun creating the main part of our coal mining carts!

To link with our Maths 3D shapes learning, we created cuboids from 3D shape nets. The children showed great problem solving, working out how to do it! They made Mrs Baranyai and Mrs Harris very proud by showing great team work by helping each other out and learning from each other. Some children worked on their resilience by keeping on trying when they felt very frustrated because the shape nets kept falling apart! The children also showed their individual styles by decorating their shape nets how they wanted – some children went for bright and colourful, whereas others went for darker colours to pretend their carts had been in the mine. Some children even used a smudging technique to give the effect that coal had hit against the sides of the cart!

After we had made our nets, we had to attach the axles. Again, this involved more problem solving and using various folding and attaching techniques. The children found the next part very exciting – sawing their piece of dowel in half! To link with our measuring work that we have been doing in Maths, we had to use a ruler to measure half of the piece of dowel. Then we had to use a saw. This proved quite tricky for lots of children but they persevered until they got the technique right.


The next step was to attach the wheels to the axles, make sure they could spin and make sure they didn’t fall off! This was a very fiddly and tricky job but we all persevered and helped each other out which made us all succeed in the end!


This half tern we have been building on our scratch skills and have created new sprites. We have given the sprites codes to move in different directions and get them to jump. We have also been linking our computing skills to Maths by directing a Beebot through a maze. We are building up our coding skills to help us create an underground tunnel to direct our Beebot through linked to our topic.

The children have started a new topic of coding. Year 2 will write a sequence of commands so that their character can move in specific directions around a location on the screen. To show children what this meant, we started off the topic by getting into pairs. The children pretended that one of them was a robot. The other partner had to give commands such as ‘Go forward 6 steps’ or ‘Make a half turn’. We used lots of positional language and practiced our lefts and rights doing this activity too.

Geography and History

To start our Geography topic of this half term we have started to explore what an energy source is and look at the different types of energy sources that we have. We talked about renewable and non-renewable energy sources. The children had a challenge to sort a selection  of energy sources into renewable and non-renewable sources as  a team. They were then set the challenge of deciding what sources of energy are better for environment, making links to Global warming and Live Simply. We found out that coal is a source of energy, and the children linked this to our book ‘Town is By the Sea‘.  Here are a few pictures of our lesson in action. Check out one of the Children’s letters to Borris Johnson!

In our history lesson today we learnt all about why Isambard Kingdom Brunel was significant. We used a selection of books and internet sources to find out why he was significant to our British History. The children transferred their research into creating a fact file about Isambard Kingdom Brunel. The children learnt that he was an important engineer and he built bridges, tunnels and ships. The children were excited to know that he helped his dad, Marc Brunel build the Thames Tunnel. This lead us on to talking about the London Underground. The children asked if they could learn more about the London Underground, so we will feed this into our learning next week. Watch this space to see some of the children’s work on Isambard Kingdom Brunel and the London Underground, linking to our Underground topic.

Today, we followed the children’s interests and we learnt about the history of the London Underground. We worked in teams to role play what it is like on the Underground. We then looked at a map of the London Underground lines. Mrs Hemming set the children some challenge questions to answer about the London Underground. The children had to use their maths skills and compass skills to answer the questions about trains on the London Underground. It was a fantastic afternoon and it was nice to have a buzz it the classroom with children working in teams, sharing, team building and showing off their resilience! 




In Music, we have been working as a team, in groups and pairs to listen and respond to music and identify the instruments we can  hear. We have been researching the names of different musical instruments and how they are played. We have also been looking at families of instruments. We have been listening to and responding to music.

We have also been working in groups to learn a song that links to our coal mining topic. We have been planning out actions and are getting ready to perform it next week. We have linked this to our English, making sure we spell words correctly.

Learning our song, linked to our Underground topic, has been wonderful! The children took on the challenge and showed great resilience when they were asked to think up their own melody! The children had to work in groups, another lifelong skill. They made Mrs Baranyai and Mrs Harris very proud by organising themselves, adding percussion and body percussion and singing at the same time. Some children showed real aspiration to be leaders by really taking the lead and organising everyone in their groups. We discussed our music vocabulary of tempo, pitch, melody and time.


This half term we have been building on our gymnastic skills from the Autumn term. We started our gymnastic sessions by recapping the different types of shapes we can make statically and also add to a jump. We learnt how to do a stretch, tuck, star, pike and straddle jump.

After learning the different types of jumps, we started to build the jumps and static shapes into a sequence. We are going to continue to build on our sequences and put out sequences onto apparatus over the next few weeks.

We have also been combining movements, such as jumps, running, sprinting, and moving with a ball. We demonstrated excellent team work skills, working together and encouraging our team mates. Year 2 love PE, and any kind of active learning! We are pleased they are building healthy lifelong habits.

We ended our half term by taking part in an Olympic day with PE partner. The children had a fantastic time learning about the Olympics and taking part in different events, earning team points to get to the final heat. We enjoyed seeing the children have a go at activities that they hadn’t done before, showing some fantastic resilience. It was also nice to see the children working together to problem solve and show some amazing team work. PE partner said they were blown away by the skills the children and outstanding behavior Year 2 demonstrated throughout the Olympic day. Myself and Mrs Baranyai are super proud of every single one of the children! 



Live Simply

Year 2 are very, very serious about living simply and ensuring that they respond to Pope Francis’ invitation in Laudato Si’ to “work with generosity and tenderness in protecting this world which God has entrusted to us”. They all are creating lifelong habits of recycling and often turn off the lights in the classroom to save electricity (even when we could do with the lights on to be able to see our work!) 

Here is our Live Simply wall, to remind us each day to live more simply, including our pledges to live simply. 

In PSHE, we are learning all about medicines. We have been thinking about times we have been ill and how we felt better – whether we needed medicines or not. The children’s natural talk about medicines has been focused on Covid 19 and the vaccines. We have also been creating posters to continue to keep thinking about hand hygiene, to keep ourselves, our families and our school community healthy and safe.

Mental Health Awareness Week

We have been discussing Mental Health Awareness, with a focus on nature. We discussed how being in nature can make us feel and we also talked about everything we like doing outside. The children provided great insight into their thinking and we decided we should make sure we are outside as much as we can be!