Spring Term 2

Monday 28th March 2021

We are finally back to school! Today was our first day back to school after our time apart. It was so nice to see everyone’s smiley faces. We had a lovely day in Year 2 today. We have spent time getting into our school routine again, refreshing our school rules (which we were fantastic with) and spending time completing challenges with our friends. The children have been AMAZING today. It has honestly felt like we have never been away, and I am so proud of all of them for adapting so well back into life in Year 2.

Here are a few pictures from our first day back together. All our activities have been PHSE based and team building! I hope they are all tired out today after a busy first day back to school!





Our topic this half-term is ‘The Mass’. We will start the topic by looking at the importance of The Last Super. Children will be encouraged to retell he story, and make links to their own faith and beliefs. We will then learn about the different signs and symbols of mass. We will hopefully take a trip to church to explore the features of church, and ask Fr John questions about the mass. The children will be encouraged to make Lenten promises at the start of the half term, and we will be making links throughout this topic about why these promises are important to use as Christians. We will end the topic by exploring ‘The Last Super’. Throughout this topic, the children will be encouraged to make links between mass and the Last Super.

















Design Technology







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