Welcome to Spring 2!

We hope you are as excited as we are that you now have two teachers! Miss Corr will teach the beginning of the week and Mrs Baranyai will teach the end of the week. Both teachers will teach Wednesdays, alternating between the morning and the afternoon. This half term we are learning about how we can protect God’s World, with a focus on the Seaside. We started our half term with a Live Simply relaunch. A few years ago we achieved the Live Simply award in school and we now want to take this even further. We have looked at ways in which to do this and have decided to focus on Laudato Si Action. A letter written by Pope Francis to everyone on Earth asking us all to work together to look after the world that God has given us.

Collective Worship

This is a very special time of the year as we enter into the season of Lent.

We hope you all enjoyed a delicious Shrove Tuesday! We will pray together on Ash Wednesday using a special interactive Mass resource, which you can access at home too via:  https://www.themark10mission.co.uk/new-202122-episodes

On Ash Wednesday, we observed the beginning of Lent in class, watching a very special Liturgy from the Mark 10 Mission. The children then linked this back to their own learning and applied this to their faith and all wrote Lenten promises. We were very proud of the children, who thought carefully about how they could give their time to others. Lots of the Lenten promises were about helping at home – doing the dishes, making beds and taking time to read to their younger siblings!

St Joseph’s Feast Day

We have been celebrating the feast day of our school saint, St Joseph. The children took part in a very special collective worship and we also learned about St Joseph, his characteristics and how St Joseph’s feast day is celebrated in other countries. We visited our prayer garden and looked at the statue of St Joseph. We learned the St Joseph was kind, generous, loyal and patient and we thought carefully about how we could try develop these characteristics in ourselves, through our faith. We had a great time in the sunshine completing our activity sheet about what we had learned.


We were so lucky to be visited by Deacon Charlie in school this week, to enhance our learning about Lent.  It was a really fun visit where we got to shout 40 days and 40 night  in lots of bible stories, and we really explored how as Catholics we can grow closer to ourselves, each other and God at Lent by fasting, praying and giving.

Thank you so much Deacon Charlie and your lovely wife Marene from making this special time of year even more special for all the children at St Josephs.

If you would like to explore the PP from the session, please see the button below.

Lent presentation

As we prepare for the end of Lent and the celebration of Easter, we have used different drawing effects to create Easter cards. Some were for our families and some were for the WISE project – creating Easter cards to bring Easter joy to members of our local community.


Our focus text this half term is The Storm Whale by Benji Davies, which links with our topic of Our Precious Planet with a focus on the seaside.

We have really enjoyed listening and retelling this story, particularly our hot seating  lesson which helped us to choose appropriate adjectives. Year 2 have shown resilience in their work using thesauruses to find the very best adjective to describe both the characters in the story and the characters in their own story!


World Book Day

As part of our World Book Day celebrations, we had a virtual author visit from Trish Cooke. The children loved listening to her read her stories and were very active in the re-telling of them. We were also able to ask Trish questions about how she became an author and why she wanted to be one. We found out that whilst she was growing up, Trish’s parents and siblings always told her stories about Dominica in the West Indies (where her parents originate from) and this inspired Trish to write her own stories. The visit really inspired the children to keep working hard in their English lessons, particularly if they want to fulfil a lifelong ambition of being an author like Trish!

As part of our continued drive to ensure every child becomes a lifelong reader, we also had visit from Jane from Reading Eggs (dressed as a witch!) The children were inspired to continue to use Reading Eggs at home. The children listened very carefully and learned how to write and add their own stories to Reading Eggs. The children were really inspired to enter the World Book Day story writing competition to win £500 for school! We are very proud of everyone that entered and all of Year 2 who continue to work hard to improve their own reading and writing.

We also enjoyed dressing up as our favourite book characters, designing book marks and doing book scavenger hunts!

Story writing

We have been building up to writing our own stories, based on the Storm Whale. We have shown great understanding of how to describe characters and settings, using well chosen adjectives. We did lots of freeze framing, linked to our previous learning in Science, pretending we were at the seaside, looking at the weather, and then creating freeze frames of our reactions to that weather! We have used story mountains to plan out our writing, ensuring we have a build up, problem and resolution. 


In Maths, we are practising addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with Miss Corr and we are learning about fractions including halves, quarters and thirds with Mrs Baranyai.

The children showed great team work and problem solving skills whilst demonstrating their understanding of halves and quarters with natural materials in the woods! We overcame problems by using good thinking skills to decide which materials would be best to show a our fractions of shapes. We are working on remembering the vocabulary that a half is two EQUAL parts of a whole an a quarter is half of a half.

In our arithmetic lessons we have been consolidating our 2 digit addition and subtraction strategies; column method  and partitioning. Some of the children were ready to start being more independent with the application of these skills and be life-long learners by thinking about when to use each strategy. We talked through our top tips together and children then used whiteboards to share their ideas with the group.

Our Football Maths sessions on Thursday are so much fun! We are putting our arithmetic knowledge into practise, in a fun and active way. We also have to show resilience, perseverance and excellent team work skills during these sessions. We are really enjoying these sessions and they are engaging lots of our children who are aspiring to be footballers. We met the ‘Harry gater’ – Harrogate Town’s mascot!

World Maths Day!

We have had a lot of fun celebrating World Maths Day 2022!  We came to school dressed with numbers on our clothes. We learned about careers that we might need maths for such as a computer games designer, animator or doctor, demonstrating our drive for lifelong learning. All of our lessons had a maths twist! We did lots of maths in our PE lesson with Mrs Powell, including using timers, and writing down scores. We went on a very active Burn to Learn scavenger hunt outside  to apply lots of maths learning that we have previously completed. We worked together in teams, listening to each other and helping each other out.

Year 2 have been working in an active way, folding 2D shapes to find lines of symmetry. We learned that on each side of a line of symmetry, the shape has to be exactly the same. We were surprised to find more lines of symmetry than we thought we might!


In Science, we are learning about living things – animals and their young and food chains.

British Science Week

We have had a lot of fun during British Science Week. We have been considering our life long ambitions and looking at the careers that science is needed for and we have visited the year 3/4 science fayre and took part in lots of fun experiments. We have drawn our ideas of what a scientist looks like and listened to a story called ‘A Scientist like Me.’


This half-term, we will develop children’s confidence planning, writing and debugging simple programmes. We will use the ‘Turtle Academy’ site and apply children’s mathematical knowledge of rotations and shapes to create our own shapes.

Lesson 1: To know what an algorithm is.

In our first lesson, we learnt what ‘algorithm‘ means and practiced talking using only the code in our algorithm. Children applied their mathematical knowledge of turns and rotations to practice the movements from Turtle Academy. Children then worked collaboratively in pairs, using the algorithm to give instructions to walk in shapes.


Lesson 2: to use algorithms

This week in ICT, we applied last week’s learning about algorithm’s to use the Turtle Academy programme. https://turtleacademy.com/lessons/1

This can be easily accessed at home so you can keep working on your skills!

Children needed to have a really secure understanding of the algorithm to know what codes would work. Children were challenged to draw different 2D shapes with their turtle! 

Lesson 3: to debug programmes

We found lots of problems when we used this programme so practiced our debugging skills! We found if you rotate the ipad, the turtle clears! We also found we needed to check our code really carefully because any spelling mistakes on spaces meant we weren’t using the algorithm correctly. The children showed real determination and perseverance as they tried to debug these issues. Lots of the children then successfully uploaded their work to Showbie so please have a look on there to see what they achieved!

Geography and History

In Geography, we are learning about the physical and human features of the seaside. We have had some fun Burn to Learn sessions, looking at pictures of features and then running to the label human or physical. We have been showing great team work skills, working together to create posters of the man-made features of Scarborough and we have also demonstrated our lifelong commitment to living simply, including a live simply link on our posters, with the aim of looking after God’s world.

We have been pretending that we are at the seaside and writing a post card to our friend or family member. We then linked this to our Geography learning, working in pairs, we spotted each other’s human and physical features in the postcard. We also linked this to our Maths learning and made a tally chart of the physical and human features we could spot!


In Music this half-term, we are learning to appreciate and describe recorded music. Linking with our theme of By the Seawe are exploring Debussy’s orchestral piece La Mer. Children were encouraged to identify the different instrumentsdynamics, tempo and pitch. We used think-pair-share to build confidence using this terminology and used our drawing skills to share our ideas. If you would like to keep listening to this wonderful piece of music please visit this kids youtube link,

Debussy La Mer


Remember to always have an adult nearby when using the internet and follow our online safety rules- Stop, Block, Tell.


We are preparing for a very exciting Skipping competition this half-term so have started practicing our skills!

Dodgeball Competition.

We had our Year 1 and Year 2 dodgeball competition. The children all showed great sportsmanship and cheered each other on. The children were very active in this session and showed great resilience when their team lost. The children put into practise all the skills that they learn in PE, such as throwing, catching, aiming and dodging!

It was lots of fun and the sun was shining!

Skipping Training!

Year 2 were very lucky to have a skipping workshop led by Katie to prepare them for our competition in the summer term! We learnt lots of different skipping techniques and all the children showed real resilience and perseverance! Katie was so impressed with everyone and said she had never before been able to teach as many skills in one lesson! This was in part due to Year 2’s brilliant listening and respectful behaviour. It was especially lovely to see the children cheering each other on when it was getting tricky! Remember to practice your skipping as much as you can at home so we are ready for July!


Medicines and Me.

We have started thinking about our PSHE theme of Medicines and Me. As a class, we shared ideas about our knowledge of medicines and what they are used for. Our ideas are shared here.


In French, we have been learning to read and say numbers and match them to English. The children were active in this lesson, as they played a hopscotch game to jump to different numbers.

Have a go at home by following this link: French: Numbers and counting – Year 1/2 & P2/3 Modern Foreign Languages Topics – Home Learning with BBC Bitesize – BBC Bitesize

We have linked this to D&T and practised our cutting skills too!

We have also been revising and extending our learning on colours. We played a detective game, where we listened to the French colour word (primary colours and secondary colours) and then had to guess which colour it was. Some were easy and some were more tricky, but the children showed great resilience. The children were then active in their learning, they had to move around the classroom to their favourite colours and practise saying that word to a friend. The most popular colour was bleu!