Spring Term 2

Monday 28th March 2021

We are finally back to school! Today was our first day back to school after our time apart. It was so nice to see everyone’s smiley faces. We had a lovely day in Year 2 today. We have spent time getting into our school routine again, refreshing our school rules (which we were fantastic with) and spending time completing challenges with our friends. The children have been AMAZING today. It has honestly felt like we have never been away, and I am so proud of all of them for adapting so well back into life in Year 2.

Here are a few pictures from our first day back together. All our activities have been PSHE based and team building! I hope they are all tired out today after a busy first day back to school!

Collective Worship

St Joseph’s Day

As a school we celebrated St Joseph’s Day on Friday 19th March. We learnt many things about St Joseph, including:

  • He was the husband of Mary,
  • He was Jesus’ earthly father,
  • He was a righteous man,
  • He did as the angel of the Lord commanded him,
  • He was a very good man.
  • Joseph loved his family very much.


Our topic this half-term is ‘The Mass’. We will start the topic by looking at the importance of The Last Super. Children will be encouraged to retell he story, and make links to their own faith and beliefs. We will then learn about the different signs and symbols of mass. We will hopefully take a trip to church to explore the features of church, and ask Fr John questions about the mass. The children will be encouraged to make Lenten promises at the start of the half term, and we will be making links throughout this topic about why these promises are important to use as Christians. We will end the topic by exploring ‘The Last Super’. Throughout this topic, the children will be encouraged to make links between mass and the Last Super.

St Joseph’s Day

As a school we celebrated St Joseph’s Day on Friday 19th March. We learnt many things about St Joseph, including:

  • He was the husband of Mary,
  • He was Jesus’ earthly father,
  • He was a righteous man,
  • He did as the angel of the Lord commanded him,
  • He was a very good man.
  • Joseph loved his family very much.

Our topic this half term has been leading up to the important celebration for us as Christians, Easter. We have learn about the offertory In Mass, and the children were encouraged to make links to the Last Super.

During Holy week, the children had lots of opportunities to reflect on the Easter story. We read the Easter story and the children got into groups and retold the story through Role Play.

Here are a few pictures of some of the crafts we did to help us reflect on the importance of Easter.

We reflected on our RE learning journey from this half term and we celebrated everything we have learnt about The Mass. Here is our RE learning journey on our walking wall-

We are now ready to move onto our new topic ‘Eastertide’ that we will begin after Easter.

Have a happy and Holy Easter Year 2.



This half term the books that we are using as our stimulus are the Jungle Book and The Spirt of the Jungle by Bear Grylls.  We started our English journey in our home learning journey, and we have been building on the skills we started at home on our return to the classroom.

In our English lesson today we started to look at the features of instructions and the places we might use instructions. The children came up with some great ideas, including instructions on how to follow the Covid-19 instructions in school and the super market!

We got into teams, and we worked through the features of instructions and drafted a set of instructions on how to make a sandwich. The children used a title, a list of ingredients, short sentences, time conjunctions and some diagrams in their team set of instructions.  We had some fantastic instructions, with a real focus on the core skills we have been learning on our return to school! I was really impressed!  Mrs Harris and I were so impressed that we decided to let the children create a sandwich, following their instructions to take on a Bear Grylls adventure to the woods in our afternoon Geography lesson. The children did a great job, and its safe to say the enjoyed their afternoon sandwich treat in the woods!

Here are a few pictures of our English lesson in action today…

We love reading!

As a treat, we ventured to the school library this week to choose some new books to read during quiet time. Year 2 love reading! It is great to see so many children share a common interest in books, as well as choose books they like on an individual basis.



During our time back in school we have been consolidating our using and applying of the 2, 5 and 10 times table. We have played a selection of games and the children are getting quicker at answering our quick fire times tables questions. We have also been working hard at applying our times tables in our daily maths lessons.

We have also been recapping how to add and multiply two digit numbers.  We created a class vocabulary poster to draw together all the words that we use when we add and multiply numbers. The children have taken on lots of challenges to consolidate their learning on addition and multiplication and we are ready to move onto harder calculations after the Easter break.

This week, during our math’s lessons we have introduced fractions to the children. We created another class vocabulary poster to think about all the words linked to fractions. The children had some fantastic ideas and drew on their fraction knowledge from Year 1. We learnt about the numerator and the denominator and spotted these when we looked at halves, quarters and thirds. We worked as a team to spot shapes and objects  that were a third and ones that were not. The children were encouraged to link back to their fraction vocabulary lesson when they were sorting the objects.

Here are a few pictures of us in action learning about Fractions of shapes and objects- 

We will be continuing to learn about fractions as we move into next half term so watch this space for some more of the exciting things we are getting up to in our Year 2 maths learning journey!



Our topic this half-term, is to learn all about the weather and seasons in particular, movement of the sun. 

We ventured outside for one of our Science lessons, we were trying to work out where the sun was in the sky at different times in the day. We went out at 9am, 12pm and at 3pm just before home time. We realised the sun rises in the East (which is one side of the playground), and sets in the West (the other side of the playground – near the field).

We also worked out that the sun is at it’s highest point at 12-1pm, roughly when we are having our lunch. We decided that Never Eat Shredded Wheat, would help us to remember: North, South, East and West.

Our next lesson was to write up our findings, we linked this to Maths and English, and worked out how to tell the time a little bit and wrote up what we did as a mini recount.


This half-term, our topic has been around Henri Rousseau. We started off learning about the artist himself during lockdown. Now we are back at school, we have been using our school approach of: Plan, Do & Review. Henri Rousseau is our chosen artist this half-term because he created many jungle scenes.

Planning stage

The first thing we did was to open up our very own Art gallery in the Year 2 classroom. Year 2 were asked to move around the tables and choose which Henri Rousseau picture they liked best. We used post-it notes to give our opinions on his work – whether we liked or disliked his jungle pictures. Take a look at our classroom display.

The next phase was to plan our own jungle picture. Year 2 drew a picture of what they would like their jungle picture to look like, and then wrote sentences to describe their picture. Next we started on the backgrounds. Using oil pastels; we rubbed the pastels to create a sunset background using colours of orange, red and yellow.

Do: We love painting! 

The next phase of operation Henri Rousseau, was to start painting on top of the coloured backgrounds, using green, blue, brown colours to create our dense, jungle scene. Year 2 were really clever and used their plans to match their picture to their original drawing. Take a look, they are absolutely amazing!

Year 2 learnt a new technique in this lesson: sgraffito: This is a form of decoration by adding or scratching images on top of a layer. Year 2 used the end of their brushes to scratch veins onto their leaves, using the rounded end of the brush, rather than the bristles. 

Our gorgeous Henri Rousseau pictures are now pride of place in our classroom.


This half term we have been using our computing lesson to learn all about The Great Outdoors. On our return to school, we recapped how to stay safe online linking back to the lesson that we had during lockdown. The children had some great ideas how to stay safe online and we created some top tips to support us in our computing lessons.

We started our topic by learning how to search for relevant information on the internet, and use the information we found to complete a reading around the subject challenge linked to The Jungle. The children had a list of websites to look at and they typed the websites into their search engine. The children preserved in using the google search engine and produced some fantastic, relevant research about the Jungle.

This week in our computing lesson we have started to make links back to our lessons before Lockdown when we learnt about Sprites on scratch. We had a go at creating a sprite, and we will be transferring these skills as we move onto our new computing topic after Easter.  


Geography and History

This half term our Geography curriculum is linked to our topic The Great Outdoors. 

We have started the topic by leaning all about the Jungle and Rainforests. Todays task was for the children to learn the difference between a Jungle and a Rainforest. We then explored what life was like inside the Jungle and the types of vegetation and animals that live in the Jungle. We then looked at a world map and located rainforests and jungles on the world map through a burn2learn lesson! We worked in teams and the children learnt lots of new vocabulary and located some of the rainforests around the world.

In our Geography lesson we learnt all about Volcanoes. We created a class fact file about Volcanoes and looked for some famous Volcanoes around the world. After we completed our fact file, we read some instructions, gathered the ingredients, measured out the ingredients and created our own exploding volcanoes on the field! The children were so excited to make a volcano, and it was so nice to see the wonder on their faces when they got their volcano to expload!  Here are a few pictures of our volcano experiment in action!!



This half-term we have been using the song of the Bare Necessities from the Jungle Book as our theme linked to our topic of ‘The Great Outdoors’. Year 2 have been having a great time listening to and composing their own version of the song.

As an extra Music lesson this week, we joined in with ‘The Little Sing’, a small Musical event created by Artforms. It was a very special hour of listening to tunes, creating our own beats, joining in with rhymes, chants and challenges. Year 2 loved the virtual animations that lead us through the challenges too, a great Friday afternoon of Music!


Year 2 are loving their PE lessons, being back together and playing and learning in their PE lessons is always great to watch!

This half-term, Year 2 have been learning how to:

  • Participate in team games,
  • Throw under-arm,
  • Throw over-arm,
  • Catch a ball,
  • Catch a ball balancing on one leg,
  • Catch a ball hopping on one leg!

Our next PE lesson was to learn how to hit a ball with a bat, so that our partner could try and catch the ball!


In our PSHE lessons we have spent time getting into our school routine again, refreshing our school rules (which we were fantastic with) and spending time completing challenges with our friends.

Here are a few pictures from our first day back together. All our activities have been PSHE based and team building!