Autumn Term 1 2020

Welcome back to a new school year, we hope you had a fabulous Summer. We know it has been a long time since the children were together as a class of 30. So much has changed in the world, but it is our job to make your child feel happy and safe at school, and we will do our very best to make that happen. We have lots of exciting things planned this half term and we can’t wait to get our teeth stuck into our first topic. Our topic this half term is ‘The Great Fire of London’. Please have a look at our half term plan so you can see what we will be getting up to in all our curriculum areas. We have also put our first class newsletter on our page so you can see what your child will be up to this half term.

We are looking forward to welcoming you all back into the classroom and starting a new chapter in Year 2 together.

Mrs Hemming, Mrs LB and Mrs Harris x

First Day Back

Today we had a fantastic day back in the classroom. It was so lovely to see 30 smiley, happy faces looking back at me today as we started our new adventures in Year 2. All the children amazed me at how quickly they got back into school life. It’s like we have never been away!!

Today we have learnt about how things are different since they were last in school and talked about how to stay safe and keep the germs away in the classroom. We have developed our own class rules together and all the children took part in creating the rules.

As a class, we have created a worry box. Its a place where children can privately add any worries that they have so the staff in Year 2 can read about the worries and discuss with the individual child. We have talked today about how coming back to school after so long can be a worrying experience  but we are all here to support them in their new adventures and challenges in Year 2.

During the afternoon, we braved the wet weather and went outside to create quiet spaces in the wood that we can go to with our friends for some down time. This was a great team building activity and we had lots of fun creating dens. We will visit them as much as we can over the half term, and add materials to them as we move through the half term.

I want to say a big Thank You to all the children in Year 2 for coming back with such grown up attitudes to their learning. You have made me a very proud teacher today, and I am looking forward to our year together.

Here are a few pictures from our afternoon outside….

Keep up the fantastic work and we will have a great year in Year 2.

Mrs Hemming

Collective Worship

Our prayer table is an integral part of our classroom; a place were we can reflect and gather our thoughts. We begin our day with our Collective Worship, focusing on the statement of the week; a thought for our class to think about and reflect on together. The children love to write their own prayers for us to use in class and these are thoughts that we place on our prayer tree. We will celebrate many saints days this year, but in particular our class saint – Saint Stephen.

This week, during our collective worship we learnt all about the Rosary and why it is important to us as Catholics. Some children have already kicked started the week by completing one of our collective worship  challenges! We are looking forward to seeing the children’s stained glass Rosary windows and seeing them completing the Rosary during  the month of October.

This week, we learnt all about trust and what trust means to us in Year 2. We learnt about  trust through the story of Jesus calming the storm. Children retold the story through drama and thought about who they trusted in the story.



In RE this half term our focus is on ‘Chosen People’, thinking about how and why people have been chosen by God. We have started this topic by thinking about why we were chosen to be part of God’s family and celebrating the skills and talents that God has gifted us. This linked really nicely to our Collective Worship focus this week too – ‘I can say one good thing about myself’.

We have been writing our own prayers to thank God for giving us the skills that make us special and unique. We added these to our prayer table to use as part of our collective worship. We have learnt how to structure prayers and the importance of thank God as well as asking him for support or to seek advice.

This week we have been learning about the story of Abraham and how he was chosen by God. We discussed how Abraham had to have faith and trust in God and we tried to understand that sacrifices can be worthwhile if we have faith.

Today, we have explored and learnt the story about Moses. We started by exploring the story in the Bible. Then, as a class we ordered the story on our class washing line. We then split into groups and retold the story through drama. The children had a solid understanding of the story and wrote some fantastic retells of the story in their books.

We finished the half term by learning about one of Mrs Hemming’s favorite stories, Daniel in the Lions den. We looked at pictures from the story and made predictions of what we thought might happen in the story. We then split of into groups and read the story together and ordered the stories events. As a class we talked about why we thought Daniel was chosen and how we can try and follow in Daniels footsteps. The children came up with some lovely ideas. Many of the children said they were going to pray to God every night and try and make the right choices to help others at home and at school. I have been amazed by all the children in RE this half term and their dedication to their faith journey. I can’t wait to start our next topic, Mysteries and see where our faith journey leads us too!



This half term our writing and reading learning journey will be based around our two class texts linked to The Great Fire of London. We will be kick starting our learning by refreshing our memories on full stops, capital letters and finger spaces. We will then move on to learning about what an adjective is and using conjunctions in our sentences. By the end of the half term, all children will have the skills to write a story set in 1666 and also a diary entry, modeled on Samuel Pepys diary.

This week we have been blown away with the quality of Year 2’s writing. The children have used Mrs Hemming’s and Mrs LB’s top tips and created some fantastic sentences about Vlad and Boxton! The children were great at getting out their writing targets and focusing on them in all their curriculum areas. Next week we will be learning all about adjectives and using our detective skills to spot adjectives in our class text. We hope the children share some of their learning in class with you at home! Watch this space to see some our English lessons in action!

All children have shown us some fantastic reading skills in the past two weeks! We have had some great whole class guided reading sessions. Year 2 have enjoyed looking at a selection of pictures on Pobble 365 and making predictions about what they think is happening in the pictures. Children have also used information from other texts they have read to support their predictions. We introduced our guided reading characters this week that we use in all our reading sessions. Please use the characters at home when you are reading with your child so they are working on all their reading skills.

Guided reading characters and questions

Today, we have started to look at what a diary is and the features of diaries. We are building up all our skills to help us write our own diary entry back in 1666 during The Great Fire of London. We worked in teams today to spot any past tense words, examples of writing in the first person and also looking for the date the diaries were written. We will be looking at more features of diaries throughout the week and building our diary writing skills.  Here are some pictures of us highlighting the features of diaries that we have learnt about today!

This week week we have been extending our learning around the features of a diary. We have been learning all about the past tense and locating past tense words in a variety of texts. Today we took our learning outside and played a past tense burn 2 learn game! Even the rain didn’t stop us having fun with past tense words! We are now ready to write our own diary entries set in 1666 in English and History next week!


Photo Credit- White Rose Maths

During maths this half term we are focusing on place value and number. We have started this topic by thinking about different ways numbers can be represented. When we think of a number we may think of it written as a numeral, for example, 38, however it can be written in so many different ways. Our investigating has lead us to finding many ways to do this.

We have continued our work on number this week by focusing on the ‘more than’, ‘less than’ and ‘equals to’ signs to compare numbers. We had great fun creating numbers using Base Ten equipment and then finding an example where our sign would fit to create a number sentence.

This week, we took our maths learning outside as much as we could! After spending the week learning all about hundreds, tens and ones and different methods to represent numbers, we took on some tricky challenges and completed them in the woods. The children were fantastic at showing their working out and making links to our learning over the past two weeks. We were really proud of children asking each other for help and explaining methods to each other.  A great start to our math’s learning journey in Year 2! Here are a few pictures of us in the woods, working in our bubble and with our partners! Keep checking back to see more pictures of our maths learning this half term.

We have kicked off our maths  this week by taking our learning outside again! Today we were learning about counting in 2’s from any given number. Mrs Hemming and Mrs Harris hid lots of numbers around the playground. Some of the numbers were three digits and the children rose to the challenge. The children found a number, wrote it on the playground in chalk and then counted on 2! We were amazed at how quick the children found a number and counted on 2! Tomorrow we will move onto counting on in 5’s from any given number! Watch this space!

This week we have moved onto learning all about our number bonds to 10, 20, 30 and 100! The children have blown us away with their skills at finding missing numbers and creating number bonds. We have played lots of burn 2 learn lessons outside to help us with our number bonds. I was really impressed with children using the part whole model, bar models and number lines to support them in their number bond calculations! Here are a few pictures of us in action!


KIRFs (Key Instant Recall Facts)

Our KIRF focus this half term is on times tables. By the end of Year 2, the children need to be able to recite their 2, 3, 5 and 10 x tables to x12. We are beginning by recapping 2, 5 and 10 x table for instant recall and reverse division facts. We will then move on to counting in 3s, which will lead us to being able to recall 3 x table facts instantly.

The children are already into a great routine in coming in the morning and working on their KIRF targets. So far we have had number word searches, games and lots of chanting to count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s! We hope they are sharing their skills with you at home too!


This half-term we have been looking a variety of learning objectives. We have been looking at our senses and how we use them in everyday life. So far we have learnt how light travels from an object to our eyes…


The next thing we learnt was how to use our ears to listen very carefully to an unknown sound. As a class we listened to eight sounds but we could not see them. We had to guess what the sounds were, some were trickier than others – pens rattling in a box, a ruler on a table. Some were much easier because they were familiar sounds – a phone clicking, a camera and some water in a tub. Year 2 did amazingly well, they clearly have great hearing!

Over the past fortnight we have been learning about electricity. The first thing we did was to look in our bubble area to find objects that need electricity – computers, white boards, phone chargers etc. We then talked about Drax Power Station and how important electricity is to our everyday lives. At the minute we are using electrical equipment to make a simple circuit like the one below…

We learnt that the circuit must be closed in order to work.

Take a look at the pictures of us using science equipment – batteries, bulbs, wires and buzzers.

At the end of the unit, we completed a small test to see what we had learnt.

Design Technology

Year 2 are loving our DT lessons this half-term.


We are very busy bees at the minute – designing our Great Fire of London houses on paper first and then getting stuck into the model making. At the minute we are in the process of cutting our cereal boxes, using selloptape to put them back together and then start the painting process!


We are now in the process of making and designing. Most of the children have painted their house white now, the next step is to decorate the house with wood panels to show the effect of the Tudor-style houses from the era.

After our houses had been painted, we used black pastels to show the wood effect, followed by hay for the thatched roofs and tissue paper and card for the flames from the fire. Take a look at some of our finished models.


The final part of our DT topic, is to review our work. We will be completing the worksheet below to talk about how we feel we did during the last few weeks. We will also be giving ourselves a pink brick and a yellow star to self-assess our own work.


This half term we will be starting our Year 2 computing curriculum by learning how to code using scratch on the iPads.

We have started our computing lessons by learning about directions. We made links to our math’s curriculum and made links to positional language. Children created a maze for their partner and directed them through the maze using a set of instructions and positional language.

This week, we created a list of directions for our friend to follow. We gradually made the directions harder and added a few clockwise and anticlockwise turns in! These skills will prepare us for our coding on scratch.  We will continue to code on scratch next half term linked to our new topic Ahoy there!


This half term our topic is The Great Fire of London. To start our topic we have started to look at different types of settlements and what makes a place a village, town or city. The children had a selection of pictures of villages, towns and cities and their amenities. In teams, the children had to discuss each picture and put it into the correct column – village, town or city.  There were some fantastic discussions in the classroom and children produced some detailed writing about different settlements.

For our next lesson we looked at the types of amenities London and Wetherby have and made comparisons. The children had some great discussions and made links back to their previous lesson! The children came to the conclusion that Wetherby is a town and London and Leeds are cities! We then studied a map of London and looked at all the famous London landmarks. The children created their own maps of London and some children even created a key to label their landmarks. After, we played a burn 2 learn game looking at London in the past and present. We had some great discussions about the different landmarks in the past!

Here are some samples of work from our Geography lessons this half term-



This half term, we are going back to 1666 to learn about The Great Fire of London and what life in London was like during this period. So far this half term, we have looked at a selection of books that the children have bought in and had some group discussions about what might have happened during the great fire. This week, all children created a list of questions that they wanted to find out about The Great Fire of London. We will be using books and websites in our history lesson next week to find out some answers to our questions. We will be using our reading around the subject sheet to help us. If you would like to do the same activity at home, here is the sheet to help you! You can use it for any of your subjects! We would love to see some of your home reading! So bring your completed reading around the subject sheets in!

Reading around the topic sheet

This week, the children have been researching about Samuel Pepys and why he was significant. The children used the class books to gather facts about him and create a fact file. Today, we all created some questions that we wanted to ask Samuel Pepys. Mrs Harris transformed into Samuel Pepys and answered some of the children’s fantastic questions! It was like been back in 1666! You are fantastic historians Year 2!

Here are some samples of work that the children have produced over the half term. We have been blown away at the detail the children have added to their writing and all the facts they have remembered about The Great Fire of London. We also enjoyed doing a great fire of London word search and adding words to sentences! We will be sad when the topic is over!


This half term we are linking our music curriculum to our topic. We have started the half term by looking at the words and tune to London’s Burning. Currently we can’t sing the lyrics but we have had a go at clapping the rhythm and chanting the words.

As we moved through the half term we started to look at different pitches in songs linked to London. We will also continue to do this in our new topic Ahoy there next half term!

Music Theory and Composition : Music Theory and Composition

This week we had a go at writing our own verse to London’s Burning, and explored the different versions of the song! We clapped to the beat of the song and then had a go at writing the song in our music books. The children were fantastic at learning the song and we could hear the children singing it at break and lunch time!

Next half term we will be continuing to explore pitch and looking at a variety of instruments. We will link this to our new topic Ahoy there! Watch this space to see our Year 2 musicians!


This half term, all our PE lessons will be outside. On a Monday, Mrs Hemming will be teaching you lots of different gymnastic skills to the best of her ability outside! This week we learnt all about different ways to travel and thinking about the space that we need to complete our gymnastic skills and stay safe. The children adapted really well to been taught these gymnastic skills outside and they blew me away with their spatial awareness!

This week we moved onto learning a variety of jumps and balances, and worked on putting these together into sequences. All children were fully engaged in our lesson and they could tell me all the gymnastic jumps by the end of the lesson. We played  a few gymnastic races at the end of the lesson! The children embraced the challenge of adding pike and straddle jumps to their races! I wish I had taken the iPad outside to capture our outdoor gymnastic lessons but I was to involved in teaching and having fun doing some of the skills! Here are the jumps we learnt though that we will recap later in the year…..




This half term PSHE is at the centre of everything we do. We are so glad to to have 30 children back in the classroom learning again. On our first day back at school, we spent the first two days settling back into the classroom routines and spending time in our bubble. So much has changed in the past six months and we had lots of discussions and questions about the new normal at school. We created our own class rules and really thought carefully about what we wanted our classroom, friends and teachers to be like. We also created our own personal targets of what we would like to achieve over the term. The children created a special box in the classroom that is dedicated to their own personal worries. We have daily check ins to make sure we are all ok, and the box is there if anyone wants to write a worry down and share it in private with one of the Year 2 teachers. We also spent lots of time thinking about how to keep ourselves safe and ensure we try and slow the spread of the germs. The children had some fantastic ideas about how to wash our hands and about our new daily cleaning routines! They are super germ killers! Keep up the great work Year 2!

We are really proud of how all the children have retuned to school. They have all blown us away by how mature and adaptable they are to our new normal and KS1 bubble and we know we are going to have a great year building lots of positive relationships. Thank you for being so amazing Year 2. You have made our return to school so easy and taken away all our worries about returning to the classroom after six months!

Emotional Well-Being

Mrs LB and Mrs Hemming love our new worry monster that arrived in class. ‘Boris’ the worry monster lives with us in Year 2, if the children would like to share a worry they can write a little note and post it to Boris. He is very good at looking after our worries.

We have been doing a lot of Circle Time sessions in Year 2 – from discussing our return to school, how we like our new classes, any worries we have and we have even managed to squeeze in a session on Road Safety. We know this is so important in school now we are crossing the car park on the one way system. Year 2 were very knowledgeable, we hope you stay safe at all times Year 2!

We have completed weekly tasks in our PSHE lessons, from drawing and writing about the things we love in school, completing questionnaires about our well-being, venn diagrams about things we like, don’t like etc, and posters about what we need to do if we are worried about something.