Autumn Term 1 2021

Hello and welcome to Year 2’s class page for 2021-2022. We have had such a wonderful first week together in the classroom. I have been so impressed with how kind, resilient, engaged and hardworking Year 2 are and I know we will have a fantastic year together!

I will update our class page with photographs and descriptions of our weekly learning so please watch this space to find out what we have been up to!

Collective Worship

Our prayer table is a very special place in our classroom. It is a place we can go to throughout the day to reflect and gather our thoughts. Each morning, we have Collective Worship where we come together to think and pray. We start by sitting in a circle and listening to special music while we read our opening prayer. We choose a special object from our prayer table and read our candle prayer, which has been written by the children. We then read and discuss our statement of the week and think about how we can apply it to our day. We will celebrate many feast days this year, and in particular our class saint, Saint Stephen.

This week in Collective Worship we have been reflecting on how we can ‘Live Simply’. We thought about all the things we are grateful to have in our lives and shared experiences of meeting people less fortunate than ourselves. The children showed such compassion for others and talked about their determination to make the world a fairer place. We also talked about how we can look after the world around us better and appreciate everything God has made for us. Some of us really enjoyed walking to school on Wednesday and we are really grateful to all families who took part in Walk to School Wednesday! We enjoyed reading a prayer about God’s world, while listening to the hymn ‘live simply’ and then we had a go writing our own prayer.


In RE this half term our topic is ‘Chosen People’. We will start by thinking about what makes us special and learn that we have each been chosen by God.

The children created some beautiful self-portraits to celebrate how we are all different and unique. They also wrote sentences describing what makes them special. We had lots of fun guessing which portrait was who!

This week, we will explore how we can thank God by helping others and learn about people from Bible Stories who have trusted in God. Next week, we will listen to the story of Abraham and talk about how Abraham had to have faith and trust in God.


We started our RE learning this week in Guided Reading, watching the story of Can’t You Sleep Little Bear. We explored the text using Assessment Focus Level questions. We then listened to the story of Abraham and explored the cartoon visual. We talked to our talking partners about the promises God gave Abraham and discussed what the story teaches us about God. Finally, we worked on whiteboards to record similarities and differences between the texts. This key literacy skill was a challenge but we worked from the most obvious similarities, of setting and stars, to exploring the characters and identifying what they want and achieve in the story. It was wonderful to see the children identify God as the light in the story of Abraham while the lanterns lit the darkness in the story of Can’t You Sleep Little Bear.


We have started our English learning this year by speaking, reading and writing sentences in the past tense, to share stories from our summer holidays. We have also explored different types of sentences and at the end of the week, spotted the sentences in our new class text ‘Vlad and the Great Fire of London’. Next week, we will explore how to punctuate different types of sentences and practice using co-ordination to write sentences based on our class text.

Year 2 are working really hard on using their cursive starting joins and we always start our writing with a handwriting warm-up to get our fingers ready! See if you can get your child to teach our warm-up at home! We tap our fingers, build our shoulder strength, make a butterfly to move across our midline and play a super tricky finger twist game with a partner!

Year 2 have turned into Boxton the Rat this weekend and explored some of London’s landmarks which we have been learning about in Geography, as part of our Great Fire of London topic! Children did a brilliant job writing sentences in the past tense, applying their starting joins and exciting adjectives to add interest to their sentences. Towards the end of our week, we have used our Purple Polishing Pen to edit our writing. 


Photo Credit- White Rose Maths

During maths this half term we are focusing on place value and number. We have enjoyed using a range of concrete materials to explore different ways numbers can be represented.  Later in the week, we met THE NUMBERGATOR, who always likes to eat the bigger number so he taught us how to compare numbers. Finally, we practiced recognising odd and even numbers, subitizing with numicon and using our understanding of place value to recognise the units number.

Year 2 have got stuck in to working with base ten the past few weeks. We have used this tool to consolidate our understanding of place number, to partition numbers and to compare numbers. We loved becoming the numbergator and eating the BIGGER number!


Our Science unit this half-term is Materials. Children will be supported to recall their learning about Everyday Materials from Year 1, using correct terminology for their names and properties.

We loved exploring materials in our first science lesson of the year! We used our scientific vocabulary to describe the properties of each material and recording this key vocabulary on our working wall. We learnt new property language such as opaque, transparent and absorbent. 

In the next week, we applied our knowledge of material properties to help group materials. We used sorting rings to create a life-size Venn diagram and identified materials which could be grouped together. We found rough and smooth materials, and soft and hard materials. Our favourite investigation was finding out if materials were waterproof or absorbent! Year 2 then worked scientifically to record their findings in their books. 


This half-term, we will be linking our computing curriculum to our Great Fire of London topic. We will build on the programming skills children started in Year 1 using a programme called Scratch.

Year 2 loved their first lesson on scratch! We started our ICT learning this year with internet safety, revisiting all their learning from Year 1 and recording how to stay safe online on a flipchart for our display. Children then had a go on their ipads making their Scratch avatars!

Design Technology

Our DT project this half-term is to make Tudor Houses, using our learning about the Great Fire of London. Children will follow the plan, do, review process and begin by exploring Tudor design before drawing their own sketches.

Year 2 did a super job recalling their DT skills developed in Year 1 and identifying which skills they would develop in their new topic. They drew careful plans in their sketchbooks. This week we started building our houses, using card beams to support the structure. It was so much fun! Everyone did a super job using equipment to cut and shape and safely join materials.


brilliant job sketching their Tudor houses in their art books. 


This half term our topic is The Great Fire of London. We started our learning this week with a Geography lesson, helping us to  locate Wetherby on a map and then find London. We enjoyed working in groups to learn about different key features of London and sharing them with the rest of the class. The children were challenged to read a map of London and find the location of their key feature! The next day, we reflected on which place we would like to visit most and why and lots of children chose Big Ben to see the clock, or Wembley Stadium to see the football players!

We have loved learning about the events of the Great Fire of London! We learnt that the fire started early Sunday morning and was finally put out on Thursday so London burned for four days! We sequenced the events and used a timeline to record what happened. We then learnt about Samuel Pepys, and loved watching a video all about him! We compared him to Grace Darling, another key historical figure who we learnt about in Year 1. They were both involved in disasters and responded very differently so we are learning to explain the actions of people from the past. Next week, we will be pretending to be Samuel Pepys as we apply our diary writing skills learnt in English in our Topic lesson! 




In our weekly PE lesson, we will develop children’s mastery of movement through Great Fire of London themed dance and gymnastic lessons. In our first lesson, Mrs Harris taught us a really fun tap dance warm up and we learnt to move safely and in different ways through the maze-like streets of Medieval London!



In the first half-term, we will focus on children’s wellbeing and address any worries and concerns about starting Year 2.

We will develop children’s emotional literacy by learning to name, recognise and manage different feelings, both their own and the feelings of others around them. This will start with our colour-based characterised well-being check ins each day. We will also have a classroom

wellbeing display to promote awareness of our feelings throughout the day.

We looked at our new class display board, all about our feelings monsters. Each child was given their monsters to look after in their pencil cases and we talked about when we can use them. We are going to use our feeling monsters during check-in and throughout the day to share our feelings. We talked about why it was important to share our feelings and listed all the different feelings words we know. We talked about how we are going to use the mirror to explore facial expressions and how we can tell how other people are feeling by looking in the mirror!


We also met our worry monster again from Year 1 and talked about when we can use him to help us in Year 2.