Year 1 Home Learning Shout Outs

Hello and welcome to this exciting part of the Learning at Home page! This page is to shout out children that have wowed me with their home learning, something that happens every single day! I am excited to share these exciting moment with you and hopefully these ideas will inspire you with your learning too. It is also a nice opportunity for you to share your work with your friends and see what each other are up to whilst we can’t all be together right now. I am SO proud of all of the work you are completing and I am SO excited to see you all again soon! Thank you for all of your hard work.


What have year 1 been up to?

Amazing Phonics!

Charlie has been working so hard on his phonics work. He has been working so hard at home with his ‘er’ words and we can see a huge difference in his writing. Just look at those letters! Amazing work Charlie, we are so proud of you!




Budding Artist!

Just look at this fantastic drawing of a polar bear that George has completed. George used the tutorial from the school website to carefully draw his polar bear and add little bits of detail to make it look amazing. I may have to give it a go and see if mine can look as good! Fantastic George!


Super Maths!

This photo really made me smile when it came through on Showbie! Just look at all of those ticks wow! Emily has been working really hard at home on her maths and our topic of place value. Super job, we are very proud of you!



Fantastic English!

Holly has been working really hard to produce this fantastic character description of the Yeti from the text Betty from the Yeti! She has completed the challenges at the bottom of the text too and has remembered her BEE Zone. What a superstar you are Holly!





Look at this!

It has been a tough choice choosing just one of Freddie’s pieces of work from his English and Phonics. He has been working so hard on his writing whilst being at home and that makes us all feel so happy! So proud of you!


Super helpful!

Megan has been so helpful to myself and Mr Cooper by helping us identify the good parts and parts to improve from our diary entries. Megan has used her highlighters to help us identify this and has made it super clear. Fantastic Megan and thank you!

Arctic Queen!

This little star has been working super hard whilst learning at school! She has really taken our Arctic topic in her stride and has been researching facts, drawing pictures and writing about what she might take to the Arctic. Excellent work, we are very proud!



Super Maths!

Look at this maths superstar! She has been working really hard with her maths work and has been investigating 3D shapes. This mathematician has been looking around her house for 3D shapes in the environment and she has found a cube. Excellent work!


Magnificent Maths!

This photo really made me smile when it came through on Showbie! Look how happy this little mathematician looks after her work on 3D shapes. She looked around her house to find different objects that were 3D and look how many there are. Super job!



Fantastic phonics!

Ronan has been such a superstar with all of the work he has sent to us on Showbie and we are so proud of him! His phonics work continues to stand out to us though with his beautiful handwriting and amazing silly sentences. Wonderful Ronan!




Super English!

It has been a tough choice choosing just one of Ethan’s pieces of work for the shout out page because he is working super hard! Ethan has been busy writing his plan for our diary entry writing, going to the Arctic. It has been excellently planned and I have no doubt that it was done with a smile on your face Ethan. So proud of you!

Super 3D Shapes!

Oliver has been working really really hard with his maths. He has been looking at lots of different 3D shapes! He completed a 3D shape hunt around the house and look how many he found, wow! Keep up your fantastic work Oliver!

Experiment time!

Look at how much fun this scientist is having! He has been investigating different items such as coins, pencils and rubbers to see which float and which sink! He then held up the correct word that matched what happened! Amazing work!


Super phonics!

Look at this phonics superstar! She is watching the tutorials and following all of the instructions and learning along with me! I have definitely seen the hard work is paying off too in her writing! Keep it up!!

Adjective king!

Hugo has been an absolute superstar with his adjectives to describe the penguin from our text Lost and Found! I really love his sentences and I love how fantastic your sentences are too, look at how much your handwriting has improved! You are amazing Hugo!


WOW Work!

Jemima has been using the English tutorial to learn all about first person. She has applied to make a diary of her day at home using the vocabulary ‘I’ and ‘we.’ I love the detail of your writing and the pictures to go with it! Great job Jem!



Super English!

Someone else who has done a fantastic job with their learning about first person is Seán! He has written a wonderful piece of work all about his day using the first person! What superb handwriting and understanding! Well done Seán!


Amazing Geography!

Quillon has really been getting into his geography learning and has sent lots of pictures through on Showbie all about Scotland! Quillon has been decorating tartan, reading facts about Scotland and even finding it on the map! Super work Quillon!


Super Scientist!

Look at this amazing investigation this little scientist is doing! He has been working hard finding out what sinks and what floats. He then recorded his data on a whiteboard. Excellent work, I’m sure you really enjoyed this investigation and it was lovely to see you so invested in it!


WOW! Look at Harrison’s super math’s work. Harrison absolutely loves his math’s work and loves a challenge! Harrison has been working hard on his missing number addition problems and he has done a fantastic job of these. Super work Harrison, keep being amazing!


Phonics Master!

Its so lovely to see this little lady so engaged with her phonics work. I was sent lots of videos of her saying the sounds and reading all of the words before writing a silly sentence using the ai sound at the end. It was much better than my sentence! Great work!!

Geography Work!

Sophia has been researching England as part of our Geography topic of the UK and surrounding seas. Sophia has found some really great facts, wrote them down in her beautiful handwriting and then drawn pictures to support her learning. Super work Sophia, you make me proud!

Super English!

Rose G has been working hard applying her learning of expanded noun phrases! She has a great understanding of these now and has chosen some excellent, purposeful adjectives to go in front of the nouns. Well done Rose, I can’t wait to see you apply this new skill to your future writing!

Amazing Adjectives!

Jenson has been working really hard with his English work! He has been using his knowledge of adjectives and applying this to our new topic of the Arctic! Jenson has thought of some amazing adjectives to describe the snowy picture provided to him. Fantastic Jenson, keep up your hard work!