Summer 2 2021

Welcome to our final half term of Year 1! We have lots of fun things planned for this half term and lots of outdoor learning! Please keep checking the website for any updates on our learning journey!


In RE, our topic is Miracles. To start our learning journey we have been looking at the story of Jesus calming the storm. The children listened really well to the story and discussed the key points of it. The children were amazed that Jesus could perform such an incredible miracle. We then moved on to writing a diary entry as Jesus to explain what happened on the boat and his thoughts and feelings.

The next miracle we have looked at during this topic is the story of Jesus healing the paralyzed man. We started off by listening to the story and thinking about who the main characters were. Afterwards, we got into groups to re-tell the story through role play. The children were great at acting out the story and showed a great understanding of the story.


In English, our focus is on the story Farmer Duck and writing a diary entry using this as our stimulus! We started our learning journey by predicting what we think the story might be about. The children had some great ideas! Afterwards, we had a focus on adjectives and writing a character description of the duck. We used our Tagtiv8 resources to recap our knowledge of adjectives and the children had such a great time! The children worked in teams to see who could build as many adjectives as possible in a time period and had to go and search for letters to build the words they wanted. Well done Year 1!

We are really getting to know our class text this week! We have been listening to the story and writing book reviews! The children have then been role playing the story in their groups, choosing their characters and recounting the key information from these. The children were fantastic and managed to tell the story from start to finish. They all stayed in their roles and remembered the key phrases from the story. Super work!

We have started to unpick the features of a diary entry, ready to write our diaries as farmers next week. We have looked at time connectives, past tense, first person and chronology. The children particularly enjoyed learning about time connectives and took part in an activity where they needed to look at one of the time connectives in the classroom and add a sentence with this word on it.


In maths this week we have been looking at addition. The children have been brilliant! We have looked at adding using objects, addition facts, adding 1 and 2 digit numbers together and missing number problems! The children enjoyed the addition facts activity the most as we used Burn2Learn to help us. We played our favourite game of hoop hop to go against one another to race to the answer. Well done Year 1.

We have now started to look at subtraction in Year 1. To do this, we have been subtracting practically, subtracting using 1 and 2 digit numbers and completing missing number problems. A really fun lesson we had was looking at subtraction facts and applying them to a Tagtiv8 lesson! The children worked really hard to think of different subtraction sentences and building them together as a team.

We have moved onto looking at multipication. The children have been looking at counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, creating groups, arrays and using the multiplication symbol. The children have a secure understanding of counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and worked really hard with their understanding of arrays and using the correct symbol. They have been amazing.


In Science, we have been looking at different farm animals habitats and describing the farm animals. We looked for information about different farm animals and where they live on the farms and why. The children then completed a great description of one of the farm animals and explained their habitats. The children, as always, used their BEE zones to support them with this writing activity.


In DT, we have been looking at different structures of barns and discussing which we think are best and which we don’t think are good. The children looked at the materials used for different barns and how well they can stand against some of the weather there will be on a farm. The children had some brilliant ideas and used some great vocabulary such as ‘sturdy’ ‘strong’ ‘structures’ and ‘weak’.


In DT, we have started to plan our miniature barns that we will be making! We have thought about what materials we might need to make the barns and what we might like to make it look like a farm barn! The children chose lots of different things such as lollipop sticks and glue to keep it sturdy. They then chose hay and animals to make the farm look great!


In computing we are focusing on internet safety. We have started our learning by looking at apps we use at home and which are appropriate and inappropriate to use. We have then looked at different scenarios and whether or not we should do something with or without permission. The children were so sensible and we agreed that a lot of things using apps, the internet and technology need to have consent from our parents as that’s the safety option. Super work Year 1.


In History we have started our learning by looking at the differences between old farms and new farms. We have been comparing 2 images from the past and present to see what we can see has changed and using historical language to support our comparisons.

We have been making posters to show the different jobs people might have in the past. We looked at milking cows, butter churning and turnip picking. The children were all interested in seeing how these jobs were done in the past and how we might do these jobs now and complete them in an easier way. 

We have been having a go at butter churning! The children all had a chance to work together to churn butter manually! They had such a great time and realised just how difficult it would be for this to be your job for 12 hours a day in the past. After we had made the butter, it was time for the taste test and the children were delighted with what they had made!

Refugee Week

In refugee week, we have been looking at why refugees might have to leave their home countries, the journey they take and listening to the stories of children who have been through this difficult time and how their lives have changed. The children listened really well and suggested questions for some refugees if they could ask them anything.


In MFL we are looking at colours! We completed a Tagtiv8 activity to help with our learning. The children had to work in teams to build the french colours. Miss Mac said a colour in English and the children had to think of the French word and go and find the letters to spell the words. It was a race to build the word the fastest! The children had such a fun time learning the spellings and matching the correct English word to the French word.


In music, we are looking at different farm songs! With Mrs Lowe, the children all had a go at singing the ‘Old Macdonald’ song. The children were all given different parts and took it in turns to become the animal being sang about. The children could confidently perform their song and choreography by the end of the lesson and had a great time practicing this!



We are focusing on the Olympics as our PE topic this half term! Our first event that we looked at was sprinting and the children absolutely loved it! We started off by watching Usain Bolt running in the 100m and the children were amazed at how fast he was! Afterwards, we looked at different sprinting techniques before having racing each other. Some of the children really improved their speeds just be changing their technique slightly and they were so fast!

We have moved onto another event from the Olympics; long jump! We began our learning by learning what the long jump is and what the rules are. Afterwards we looked at techniques and top tips to support us with our learning. Then we moved on to having a go and seeing who could get the furthest. The children really were good at it by the end and no one was going over the line (which would have been a foul jump!)


In PSHE, we are focusing on British Values. We have started our learning looking at the Rule of Law. The children have been looking at different rules we need to follow in order to keep safe and what may happen if rules are broken in different settings. The children then completed a table to show their understanding of different rules and why they are in place.