Summer 1 2021

World Maths Day

We had so much fun celebrating World Maths Day in Year 1. Look at our pictures below to see what we got up too!

Collective Worship

During our collective worship this week we have invited the children to dress the prayer table, and think about what we need to have on our class altar. The children had a fantastic discussion about what we need on our prayer table and why. We talked about the colour our prayer table was before Easter and linked back to our RE learning journey of what happened to Jesus at Easter.

During our  collective worship we have focused on Mary and why we celebrate the importance of Mary through May.  We learnt about the important role that Mary, our Mother has in our lives as Catholics. We listened to stories about Mary and also listened to things that she achieved in her life. We discussed why May is the month of Mary, and some of the things that we can do to celebrate the Month of Mary. As a class, we have been praying to Mary during our collective worship sessions. 



In RE we have been looking at the Easter story and what happened on Easter Sunday. The children have been working hard in their groups to re-tell the story through role play. All of the children took on different roles and were fantastic. Once they had rehearsed their parts, it was time to perform to each other which they did amazing both as an audience and as the performers.

We have been looking at the whole story after Jesus’ resurrection and the events after. The children have been working really hard using freeze frames to demonstrate their learning of what happened and doubting Thomas. The children were fantastic at re-telling the story with Mrs Lowe. This was evident during the discussion time on the carpet as a class and during their time creating their freeze frames.


We have been very busy with our English learning this half term. As you know, our half term topic is Pets! We have been focusing on the story of the Detective Dog as eventually we will be writing our own stories about the Detective Dog and how he is solving mysteries! We started our learning by looking at different pets, writing labels and captions for these pictures. The children did a brilliant job and have been working really hard to extend their sentences with adjectives, expanded noun phrases and conjunctions.

We have been reading the story of ‘The Detective Dog’ and we have absolutely loved it in Year 1! We have listened carefully to the story, asked questions and answered some of Miss Mac’s tricky questions about the story. To show our understanding of the story, we have been writing book reviews. The children were excellent with this, reading the questions carefully and putting their thoughts into sentences.

We have began planning our stories for our alternative mysteries/adventures for the Detective Dog. Some children had some excellent ideas, making the Detective Dog go to Lego Land, to the circus or to a deep dark cave! There were some crazy mysteries for her to solve but with the help from lots of different characters that the children have added to their stories. Brilliant imaginations Year 1, I can’t wait to see your stories now!


In Maths this half term we will be looking at measurement as our topic. To begin, we are looking at length and height. We have been using nonstandard measurements in order to learn the terminology and what length and height means. The children were given a number of objects or things in the classroom to measure using their hands e.g the door, a pencil or a whiteboard. They then had to put this data into a table. The children worked really hard with this. We then looked at using rules to measure accurately.

We have moved our learning forward on in Maths to look at weight and mass! We have been using different measuring tools to measure different weights e.g. balancing scales, scales and even predicting which object we think might be heavier. We discovered that just because something is bigger doesn’t mean it is heavier! Look at our pictures below to see our learning around this topic.

We are looking at time in Year 1! We will be looking at O’clock and half past, reading these on clocks and drawing the hands in the correct places. The children demonstrated a really good understanding of o’clock as we started our learning and worked together in teams to complete a Burn2Learn activity. The children now know that the minute hand points to the 12 and the hour hand points to the number of the time for o’clock. Great work Year 1!


In Science, we are looking at the 4 seasons. To start our learning, we began by looking at Spring and the signs of Spring. We went outside on a Spring walk to see what signs we could find outdoors on the field. Afterwards, we used what we could find to write our Spring acrostic poems and the children did an amazing job of applying their English learning to support their Science learning.

We have been looking at the signs of Summer, a popular season in Year 1 (both for pupils and staff!). We have been learning about how we can keep safe in the sun and the importance of looking after our skin. The children made some super posters to demonstrate their knowledge of sun safety and different things we can use to keep ourselves safe. 


In Art we are all looking at the work of Andy Warhol! We started off by researching who created Pop Art; Andy Warhol. The children loved looking at some of his work and discussing which were our favourites. We also learnt a lot about Warhol as a person and have been learning about his life and how his career as an artist started.

We have started to look at some of Andy Warhol’s work and think about what we liked about it and what we might change. The children started off their learning by discussing what they like about some particular art work and what they might change if they were to make it themselves. The children had some really interesting ideas and were confident in sharing these. Most of the children really liked the colours but lots said that they might have added different patterns and styles to the art.


In Geography we are looking at weather both in the UK and comparing our weather to another country. We have began our learning by looking at the weather in the UK. To demonstrate our knowledge, we all took on new roles and became weather presenters. The children worked in teams to create a weather report for the UK. This was especially amazing as the children drew upon their prior learning to name the different countries and capital cities of these places. The children worked really hard together to decide what weather each country might have for the week and performed brilliantly to each other.

We have used our Geography learning and linked this to a little bit of Science and PSHE! We have been looking at climate change and how this might have changed throughout the years and how this could continue to change. The children were using the historical language of ‘How long ago was this?’ or ‘A long time ago’. Well done Year 1!


In PE this half term, we are going to be focusing on lots of different skills that we can use in different sports. In our first PE lesson, we have been looking at rolling a ball at different speeds and accuracy. We discussed what sports this skill would be useful in e.g. bowling, cricket. The children worked in pairs to practice this skill before finishing with a whole class game!


In PSHE, we have been looking at sustainability and what we can do for the planet. The children in class are really passionate about this and want to do their bit to prevent climate change. We have decided to have 2 new echo monitors in our classroom who remind make sure that we turn lights off when we are no longer in the room, turn the board off when we have finished and to ensure we are recycling things like paper.

We are always washing our hands in Year 1 so that we are safe and clean in school! Have a look at our hand washing posters that we have made to remind us that it is very important to keep washing our hands!

Pants are Private!

We have been looking at the topic of Pants are Private, a very important message for the children to learn. The children were fantastic listeners during this session and very respectful of each other’s ideas and thoughts. Of course, we finished the session with the fun song all about Pantosaurus but the message was very clear for the children that if they ever feel uncomfortable surrounding this topic, they can speak to an adult they trust who will help them.