Summer 1 2022

Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed a happy and holy Easter break. This half term our topic is “No Place Like Home”. As the name suggests we will be focusing on Wetherby and exploring our place in the world. If you have any photographs of your child visiting different places in Wetherby please send them in to share with the class.

Collective Worship

During our collective worship this week the children have dressed the prayer table, thinking carefully about the colour of the cloth and the items that are on it. We have then focused on Easter as we have returned to school just after Easter Sunday and reflected on Jesus’s sacrife and resurrection.

This week our statement of the week has been “We are all the same, we are all different”. In Collective Worship we have focused on the different people that we have learnt about so far in the Bible and how they are the same but different, remebering their importance and what they teach us. On Friday we had our Collective Worship in th prayer garden. The children enjoyed reflecting and praying in the sunshine with Jesus at the centre.

May: The month of Mary

Today the children have had their weekly KS1 Collective Worship with Miss Milivojevic. The focus has been on May being the month of Mary. Miss Milivojevic focused on what the children know about Mary, who she was, her different names and the different ways that she is shown in paintings and images. The children remembered that Mary is Jesus’s Mother, who God trusted to have his only son. The children learnt that sometimes we refer to Mary as “Our Mother” and that in images she is often wearing blue. We concluded the collective worship by saying the Hail Mary.

This month we will be focusing on Mary throughout. The children will be given daily oppotunities to learn about Mary and pray to her. One way that they will be able to do this is at lunch time. The Mini-Vinnies are going to be organising time for the children to visit the prayer garden at lunch time and pray parts of the rosary with rosary beads.


Our topic this half term is Resurrection. We have started the topic by ensuring that we understand what Resurrection is and why we celebrate Jesus’s ressurection. We started this by thinking about how we celebrate Easter, why we celebrate it and the events that lead up to Easter Sunday when Jesus rose again. We then listened to Luke 24: 1-12 and heard about Jesus’s friends finding an empty tomb and an angel giving them a message telling them that Jesus has risen.

To embed their learning the children acted out the story in two freeze frames. One where Jesus’s friends found the empty tomb and the second when the angel appeared. The children thought about how each person might have felt, said and done.

Over the last few weeks the children have learnt about Jesus appearing to his friends (the disciples) in the days and weeks after hisresurrection. We have learnt about doubting Thomas who did not see Jesus straight away and theredore did not believe it. As a class we discussed what we believe in but cannot see. We had responses such as love, God, oxygen and gravity. All of these we know exist but we cannot physically see them. We used this to help us understand when Jesus said “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe”.  


This half term our focus book is “The Jolly Postman” the postman left the book for us over the Easter break but had dropped the letters that it contained somewhere on his route! The children took it upon themselves to search the school grounds and find the letters, causing great excitment.

The children finally found the letters in the woods and worked together to read them, finding out who had written them, who they were for and what message each one contained.

Over the last few weeks the children have been very busy reading letters from different tradtitional tale characters and writing responses in character responses. We have had letters written as the Giant, responding to Jack gloating about his holiday with the golden hen. We have also had the wolf writing his letter defending his actions in relation to the three little pigs and little red riding hoods grandma. Take a look at the fantastic pieces of work that they children have written!


This half term the children have worked harder than ever on their phonics! In addition to their daily phonics lessons we have had a focus on phonics each Friday morning where the children have enjoyed Burn2Learn and Tagtiv8 phonics activities. Many of the children have also had additional phonics time with Mrs Armitage and all children have worked their socks off! We are very proud of all the children’s efforts with their phonics learning.


Over the last two weeks we have been focusing on time. We started our learning by focusing on our concept of time, how long things take and what time of the day we usually do certain activities.

To develop the children’s understanding of time they split into groups and each completed an activity and timed how long it took them. They worked out that they took minutes and seconds long. We then explored how long different activities take and the children had to sort activities in taking a second, a minute and an hour.

We have now moved on from our learning on time, to learn about money. We started this topic by recapping what we already knew about money, what it is for, how we get money and what it can look like. We agreed that the children see their family members paying for things on cards and phones, however there are occasions where we still use coins and notes and it is important that we are able to recognise and use them.

To learn the different coins and notes we have explored them, set up a post office and shop to use them in real life scenarios and then solved problems to work out how much we need to pay and how much change we are owed.


Working Scientifically 

This half term we are focusing on developing our working scientifically skills. To do this we have decided to spend more time on our favourite science topic this year, animals! The children have revisited their previous learning and recalled their sticky knowledge around different types of animals, animals diets and their features. 

From this the children have self assessed and identified areas that they would like to learn more about to improve their understanding. We are going to do this through focusing on animals in our local area and comparing to animals in Kenya that we focused on in Spring term. The children have now developed questions that they want to answer and we have identified working scientifically skills that we can use to do this.

Design and Technology

This half term we are focusing on a local sculptor, Andy Goldsworthy. Goldsworthy grew up in  Leeds and specialises in making sculptures out of natural materials. The children have enjoyed exploring some of his work, identifying the materials and techniques that he has used to create them.

The children have then chose a material to focus on for the week. They chose wood and collected different pieces of wood from our school grounds before experimenting with ways of putting the materials together to make Goldsworthy inspired sculptures. The children had learnt that he loves nature and tried to create natural themed sculptures and patterns.


This half term we are focusing on our local area. To start the topic we identified what our local area is (Wetherby) and what is within it. The children each drew their different ideas which included Morrisons, Church, School, the toy shop. Wetherby Whaler and the town hall. The children then looked at maps on the ipads and tried to find each place and make a connection to where they were, labelling something else that was close by or identifying a street name.

Today we went on a walk around the local area of school to help us develop our map reading skills and identify key features. On our walk we followed a map and identified different features in the environment. We then identified where on the map we were and drew pictures to show the main features that we found.


Leeds Rhinos

This half term the children are receiving a session a week from Leeds Rhinos, developing their PE and Rugby skills! The children enjoyed their first session last week, developing their confidence and movements.


Road Safety

Today we focused on keeping safe when we are out and about. We talked about what we knew about road safety, looking both ways when we cross the road, walking on the path and staying with an adult. We then went out onto the playground and practiced this, setting up our own road, path, cars and pedestrians. We discussed where we should stand when waiting to cross a road, away from bends and parked cars. We then discussed looking both ways and listening to check for cars. We then crossed the road safely, walking and keeping looking and listening for cars.

Water Safety 

Today we learnt about how to stay safe in and around water. As part of this learning we identified the places that we might be in water, the risks they could pose and how we can keep ourselves safe. We then explored different senarios in smaller groups and decided what each person should do in order to keep themself safe.

The main messages from the circle time were:

-Never go in water without an adult.

-Never go out of your depth unless you are in a pool where there are lifeguards/ swimming teachers who are teaching you.

-There can be rubbish in water such as rivers that could hurt you or the water could make you poorly.

-Look at the flags when you go to the beach that tell you if it is safe to go in the water.