Spring Term 2

Spring 2 2024

Welcome back! This half term our topic is Let’s Explore! Take a look at our class newsletter to find out more about what we will be learning this half term.




In RE this half term our topic is Following Jesus.

This week we have celebrated Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. The children have learnt about the importance of both days, through listening to Bible scripture and a Children’s Liturgy on Monday. The children have written Lent Promises for the next 40 days and nights. As the children wrote their promises they considered the words, giving, fasting, prayer and understanding. 


Jesus’s Disciples

Today we listened to how Jesus chose his first disciples. The children first listened to the story from the Bible, listening carefully to the word of God. We then watched a video that explained the story further. The children then had time to reflect and think about why Jesus chose his disciples and why those chose to go with Jesus. We talked about the faith that the disciples had shown in Jesus, following his word and never questioning him. We made disciple chains to try and remember the names of Jesus’s first disciples.

The children discussed this and considered the qualities that  the disciples showed and the qualities that the children look for in a friend.




We started our new half term with a new book, My Heart is a Compass. 


Reading Eggs Assembly

As part of inspiring the children to read in lots of different ways, Jane from Reading Eggs came in to talk to the children about the different features of Reading Eggs. She showed us the Reading Library and how to access it and then showed us the Phonic Readers books. She read us a story and we all had to join in with the repetitive words. Jane taught us how to write a book review and how to ‘like’ the book. She then showed us the Reading Journal and how we can personalise our own journals on Reading Eggs. Jane set us a competition to read the most books on Reading Eggs and she left us lots of prizes too!

World Book Day!

The children had a superb day on World Book Day, sharing their stories and characters with each other. The children enjoyed listening to new stories and World Book Day games such as a book treasure hunt in the school library.


We have been focusing on suffixes. The children have learnt new suffixes and what they do when added to the end of a root word. We have engaged in lots of activities where we have added each suffixes correctly onto root words and began to use the words correctly in sentences.

The children have applied their new learning around suffixes when writing their own diary entries. Before the children started they recapped the features of a diary that they learnt in Autumn Term.

We have been super impressed with the children’s writing and how much it is developing. The main things we are working on currently is handwriting, making sure each letter sits on the line and ensuring that the children’ sentence structure makes sense.


Along with out daily Sounds Write Phonics lessons we have also been having additional B2L phonics lessons where the children have been applying their learning of new sounds. One of the B2L games we have done is reading alien and real words and matching them to the correct sound card in teams.



In Maths this half term, we are revisiting place value up to 50. We have recapped tens and ones and partitioning 2 digit numbers so far.

We have now progressed onto addition and subtraction. The children have recapped number bonds to 10 and worked on number bonds to 20. We have then focused on finding the difference between two numbers and how we can use addition

/ subtraction to solve this. 



In Science this half term, we are continuing our animals learning and also learning about the human body and human sense. To kick off the half term, we quizzed ourselves on classifying animals based their group, which is what we learned last half term – we remembered our key knowledge well!

We have been learning how to classify animals by what they eat. We learned the definitions of:

We showed our knowledge by doing a fun sorting activity, using our team work skills, cutting skills and reading skills too.




This half term we are focusing on the artist Monet. The children have started the topic learning all about Monet and his famous landscapes and seascapes. The children have then evaluated his art work and commented on the elements they like and why.

Today the children have learnt and applied a new art skill of using tones to create an effect. The children have learnt that tones can be created by applying different pressure, light pressure for a lighter tone and firm pressure for a darker tone. Once the children practiced this skill they then had a go at using this skill to re-create one of Monet’s pieces.

This week the children have learnt how to use thin and thick lines with pastels to create an effect. We explored Monet’s art work where he has done this and practiced creating thin and thick lines. The children then had a go at using thin and thick lines in a piece of art work so they could see the impact they made.



Today we started our computing lesson by recapping how to stay safe online, using STOP BLOCK TELL.

We then learnt about the internet, what it is and how we can use it safely.


Kapow: Algorithms 

This half term we are learning about Algorithms.

Today we focused on “What is an algorithm?”. The children learnt through practical activities such as getting dressed that an algorithm is a set of instructions that are chunked down to help a computer solve a problem. The algorithm has to be accurate to ensure the problem can be solved. The children used the clothes to dress the person and then wrote their own algorithm and tested it on friends to see if it worked.

Today we continued our work on algorithms. We reminded ourselves what an algorithm is before we learnt about inputs and outputs. The children sorted different types of technology into inputs and outputs before developing their own. For example, one person would clap and the other would dance. By the end of the lesson the children had a super understanding of how inputs and outputs enable technology to work and it is algorithms that set the inputs and outputs.


History and Geography: Travel Through Time

Today we learnt about travel through time, how and why it has changed. We then recapped timelines by visiting our school timeline and added main events in the history of transport onto our own timelines.

The children learnt that transport has changed due to advances in technology, new inventions and access to different materials.

The Wright Brothers

Today we focused on air travel and learnt about how air travel has changed through history. The children learnt that the first form of air travel was Hot Air Balloon. We then learnt about the Wright Brothers and their amazing invention of the first aeroplane, first taking flight for 12 seconds in 1903.

Over the last few weeks the children have learnt about the amazing life and achievements of Amelia Earhart who set many flight world records. In order to understand the magniture of her achievements we have recapped our understanding of continents from our previous Geography topics and learnt that there are 7 continents in total. We have then used the map to create a timeline of her achievements. 







We had a Tag Rugby taster session today, delivered by Ian from Leeds Rhinos Rugby. We learned practised dodging, running, working in teams, throwing, passing and scoring tries! It was A LOT of fun!


This week we have been learning about the British Value Tolerance and Respect. The children had a good understanding of Respect as it is part of our school rules so we focused on tolerance and the importance of accepting others beliefs and values when they are different to ours. We then did some role play to show how we can show tolerance and respect in our daily lives. The children acted things out like holding doors open for others, helping a friend when they fall over and smiling at others.


Race, Religion and Beliefs

Today we focused on different races, religions and beliefs. We linked this back to our learning on tolerance and respect, understanding that everyone is unique. We also linked this back to our school motto of “Everyone is the same, everyone is different”. The children then created collages, linked to our previous art learning on Monet that showed the importance of diversity and acceptance of others. They used the images below as their inspiration.

Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships 

Today we considered healthy and unhealthy relationships. To do this we first explored the vocabulary and what are understanding of each is. The children described healthy as “healthy food is good for you” and “when you know someone” as having relationships. We then put it together and explored what a healthy relationship might look like. The children were then given different scenarios and had to decide if they were healthy or not.



We have been learning to say the days of the week in order in French. We have been singing songs to help us remember them and practising our French pronunciation! To help us embed this learning, we have also added the days of the week to our daily calendar so that we have the option to say the word in context every day.

French days of the week song