Spring Term 2

Spring 2


In RE this half term our topic is Following Jesus.

In RE this half term we have been looking at the story of the Miraculous story of Jesus catching the fish. The children listened to the story and discussed why Jesus chose Peter as one of his Disciples. The children then worked in groups to re-tell the story to each other. We focused on the main details of the story and the importance of this part of Jesus’ life. The children performed brilliantly, taking on different roles and listening as an audience respectfully.



In English, we will be focusing on exploring. We have been looking at exploring the jungle and poetry! To do this, we have focused on the text ‘Rumble in the Jungle’. We chose this text because of the exciting language used in it and the journey the reader goes through whilst walking in the jungle. To get to know the story really well we created actions to go alongside the story. This helped us to remember the story for re-telling and to remember some of the key language that we could magpie for our acrostic poems.

We have been planning and applying lots of different english skills ready for our instructions. We are planning to write instructions for taking Miss Mac on a journey to the jungle. We have looked at verbs and why we need these in instructions. We then looked at what we would need for our journey and we were deciding what Miss Mac would need to take in her bag for a journey to the jungle. We were deciding what would be more important, a microwave or walking boots? I think it was a unanimous decision that the boots would be more useful!



World Book Day

We have been celebrating World Book Day in class by dressing up as our favourite characters! We have had so many fantastic costumes and the children really enjoyed all of the different activities we have taken part in to celebrate this wonderful day. Thank you to all of the parents for arranging the children’s costumes, they truly are great!


We have lots of learning in maths this half term! We have started our learning journey by looking at time. We looked at time language, followed by months of the year and then finally recapped telling the time to half past and o’clock on an analogue clock. We completed lots of different activities for our time learning including, group work, burn 2 learn, written work and games!

We have moved on with our learning journey to look at shapes. We have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes in Year 1. We took part in a 2D shape hunt around the school and we ticked off when we could see the 2D shape. There was plenty of discussion between the partners as they moved around the school, answering questions such as ‘how do you know which shape this is?’ ‘How do you know if a shape is 2D?’

In maths we are looking at position and direction. We have been looking at the different directions we can turn and doing this practically with a partner. This has been a really fun practical topic for us where we have been testing our friends and giving them instructions for where to move and which direction to turn. We are looking forward to applying this new knowledge to our topic of exploring as we direct Christopher Columbus to South America using the positional language.




In science we have started our learning by looking at different common flowers we knew. I was absolutely blown away by the children’s knowledge of different flowers and its evident that we have lots of gardeners in Year 1! The children could name so many common flowers and identify the different parts of the flower. Great job Year 1!


In DT, we are aiming to make our own jungle masks. Our masks will be carefully planned, designed, produced and evaluated to ensure they are the best work we can be. 

Before we start to plan our masks, it is important we practice the skills needed to make a mask. We have been looking at how to use scissors appropriately and cutting with careful detail. The children had to cut carefully a variety of different patterns to develop their skills. This practice will help them in our future DT lessons as we will need to cut out different materials to build on our masks.



In computing, we have been focusing on how to stay safe on the computers and on the internet. We have had some circle time sessions about how to stay safe online and the children were really confident and clear with the message of ‘Stop, Block and Tell.’ It was an important lesson to discuss and the children were really mature and confident in their responses. 

We then discussed the range of devices that could be used to access the internet and we found there were so many ways to get online and therefore so many dangers to be aware of. It was interesting to hear about the different ways they access the internet and the important of the internet in today’s society. We came to the conclusion that the internet is a wonderful place but equally dangerous.


In History, we have been predicting what we think Christopher Columbus is famous for and why he is significant in history. The children looked at an image of Columbus and made some good predictions based on what they could see in the image. Some children predicted he was an artist, some predicted he was alive before Grace Darling and some predicted that he was a jungle explorer! Afterwards, the children were given more evidence to look at and more detail about his life and why he is significant.

We have been thinking of questions we would ask Christopher Columbus if he was here today. We listened to some more details of his life and started to think of some questions that have been left unanswered. Some of our questions included ‘why did you die?’ or ‘why did you decide to sail west when you wanted to go east?’ The children really thought about their questions and if he was around today the children would be quizzing him lots!


In music we have been focusing on making a jungle atmosphere. To begin, we have been using our bodies to make different sounds you may here in the rainforest e.g. clapping hands for thunder, feet banging on the floor for the animals running, hissing for the sounds of snakes. The children were great at creating the atmosphere and the lesson ended with the children telling a story of the journey through the jungle using their bodies and voices for sound.

We have been working with instruments to add more depth to our jungle atmospheres! This means that now we have voice, body and instruments to create sounds of the jungle. We discussed the different pitches and tempos we could have to show different parts of the jungle day e.g. starting off slow with the maracas to show the beginning of a storm to making the maracas go really fast to show the middle of a storm. The children were put into groups to create a jungle scene before performing them back. The children had so much fun with the instruments and really enjoyed performing their pieces together.



In PE with Miss Mac, we are focusing on football. Within this topic, we will be looking at the skills needed to be an effective footballer. We have been looking at the skill of dribbling, looking at what we need to do to do this well including keeping the ball near our feet, looking up and taking our time whilst practicing. The children worked really well to navigate through the course, dribbling their football close to their feet. At the end, we finished with a mini race to see who could dribble their ball through the course the fastest!

With Mr Cooper, we have continued to celebrate World Book Day through physical activity! The children were set the task of travelling in the way their character would, thinking about the steps, emotions and journey the character might go through. Afterwards, we played some balancing games were the children had to use a bean bag to balance on their bodies and continue to move like their favourite character would.

Tennis Taster Session

We have been extremely lucky to have had a trained tennis coach in to work with us at St Joseph’s! The children were given some time to complete some tennis drills before having a go with a racket and ball. It was a real test of the children’s hand eye coordination as they were given the challenge of balancing the ball on their racket whilst moving around the court. The children really enjoyed the session and many of them told me they wanted to continue to practice the new games at home!




In PSHE, we are focusing on the British Values in Year 1. It is vital for the children to be aware of these and understand the meaning of all of the British Values. So far, we have looked at Individual Liberty and what this means for us in our lives. We explored what it meant to be free and what we all have the right to have and the right to do in the UK. The children were confident to explain what they have the right to do and what we don’t have the right to do e.g. take away someone’s freedom.