Autumn 2

Collective Worship

Here is our Collective Worship table in Year 1. We look to our statement of the week to guide us through our school lives and to be our focus for the week.

We have started our half term by learning about the importance of peace. We have explored why November 11th is important and who we remember on this special day. The children have had  selection of prayers, poems and Remembrance activities on our prayer table this week to help then understand peace and remembrance. The children made some lovely art work for remembrance day and were respectful and calm during our discussion of this emotional topic.


During our Collective worship we created our new prayer table together to mark the beginning of advent. We talked about the symbols of Advent and why we are changing our cloth to purple. Some of the children explained why advent was an important time for Catholics and how we can celebrate this. They made linked to their RE Learning about advent wreaths.


In RE this half term our topic is Mary, Mother of God.

We have been looking at when Mary was told the good news about the new baby Jesus. We thought about what Mary might have felt when the angel came to her to share the good news and wrote down what some of her thoughts might have been. We then discussed how she shared the news with her cousin Elizabeth and the importance of this moment as it shows the promise God made about the new baby.

In RE, we have been looking at how we can prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus. We have been looking at the story of the Birth of Jesus and have reached up to the point where she shares the good news with Elizabeth. Now we are looking at how we now prepare for this special time. To do this, we have been looking at advent wreaths. We looked at what each of the candles on the wreath represented and why we light these.  We then looked at the meaning behind the evergreen branches. The children really enjoyed this activity and are beginning to get excited about the preparations we as Catholics do for Christmas Day.

We have been looking at the Christmas story in Year 1. We began by learning what happened during the time leading up to baby Jesus being born and how they prepared for this special time. The children then thought of lots of questions they would like to ask Mary about her travelling and how she was feeling. The children used their English skills of using question marks and applied this to their questions to Mary.



In English this half term, we are building up to writing a letter to the mean old Captain Hook! Our theme this half term is Peter Pan and we will be learning different skills to write the best letters! We have started our English learning journey with learning about the different characters and understanding our text. We then moved on to understanding adjectives to describe the characters.

We then moved on to using prefix ‘un’ to describe the characters of Hook and the Crocodile. We all looked at how the ‘un’ prefix changes the meaning of words and how we can use these to describe the baddies in the story. The children had some excellent ideas and are now applying these in their writing! We then had a visit from Captain Hook! We thought about some questions we would like to ask him in a hot seating activity. The children were so shocked to see him in the classroom but it was a really positive experience to be able to ask him about his life, past and certain questions such as “why do you hate Peter Pan?” We now have some really useful information to help us with our final writing task of writing a letter to him.

In English we have started to look at the features and structures of letters. We have been looking at the differences between formal and informal letters. We did this by working in teams to sort the informal and formal letters into the correct groups. We now know the purpose of each of these types of letters and have decided we will be writing an informal letter to Hook! Afterwards, we looked at the structure of a letter and worked in groups to build a letter in the correct order.

We have been looking at up levelling our adjectives in Year 1! The children were fantastic at making Miss Mac’s adjectives even better. Although it was tricky at the beginning, by the end of the activity, we were masters at it! I might get the children to write all of my work for me now as their ideas were so much better than mine! Well done Year 1.



In Maths this half term, we are focusing on lots of different things such as place value, addition/subtraction and shapes. We began our learning with a recap of place value and recapping our understanding of tens and ones in numbers. The children are showing a really good understanding of place value and this will really help them as we move through our learning journey into working with addition and subtraction.

In Maths we have been focusing on addition. To start with we have been looking at whole-part models to develop our learning. The children have been working together to find parts of whole numbers and we completed this practically outdoors. The children were given a whole number and then together in their group, they needed to find different parts to make the whole number.

In Maths we are looking at our number bonds to 10. The children have been learning lots of fun songs to practice their learning and have been using numicon to practically match the number bonds to make 10.Good work Year 1!

We have been looking at number sentences and using our addition knowledge! Together, we have been looking at different number sentences and moving the numbers around and have noticed something! We have noticed that no matter what order you put the numbers, it still equals the same amount e.g. 2+3=5 and 3+2=5. This such an important skill for the children to know as they progress with their school lives. We have also been playing hoop hop to practice our rapid recall of addition facts, we absolutely love this game in Year 1 and its a really fun way of us to test our adding knowledge!

In Maths we have been super busy getting on with our learning journey. We have now moved onto subtraction and the children have been exploring this through practical, verbal and written methods. During this time, we have been using both addition and subtraction to look at fact families. The children have been working so hard to work out the fact families and have been using objects to support their learning.




In Science, we are continuing our Animals, including Humans topic. Last half term our focus was on humans and this half term it will be more on animals. Before we move onto animals, we completed an activity to draw on our prior knowledge and see what we could remember. The children worked well as a team to beat the adults to think of something for each letter of the alphabet, it was a lot of fun!

We have been looking at amphibians, reptiles and birds in our science lesson! We started off by looking at their characteristics and what makes them fall into the different categories. Afterwards, we looked at lots of different animals to sort these into the groups. We completed a Burn2Learn activity where we needed to sort the animals into their different groups in the fastest time! The winning team managed to sort 18 different animals into amphibians, reptiles and birds. The children were amazed at the different animals and their behaviours.

We have moved on from categorizing the different animals based on their characteristics to looking at what different animals eat. We have been learning so much new vocabulary during our Animals, including Humans topic and this lesson was no exception. The children have been looking at herbivores, carnivores and omnivores! We had to work together in groups to look at what lots of different animals eat and then put them into the correct group.



In Computing, we are learning all about coding through the app Scratch Jnr. The children began their learning journey by getting to know their way around the app. We started by looking at how to start the app and then moved on to how to choose a character and a background. The children absolutely loved having their own ideas to put into their programme and some children even moved on to designing and colouring their own character for their chosen background!

In Computing we have started to learn about algorithms! We have been applying our learning to the coding app Scratch Jnr where the children have been giving the character they have made instructions for moving. The children understood that for the character to do anything, they had to give the instructions clearly and make sure all instructions were in the correct order. The children are loving their computing lessons!


In DT this half term we are focusing on food, glorious food! We will be looking at how to cook hygienically, safely and for a purpose. By the end of our DT learning journey, we will have baked some lovely Christmas treats which I know the children are excited about! We have been focusing on hygiene in DT and the importance of hand washing when working with food. To demonstrate this, I put glitter on some of the children’s hands and asked them to continue their normal movements. After 5 minutes, there was glitter everywhere! This shows just how easily germs can spread and how important it is to keep washing those hands!

After this, we moved onto practicing how to use a knife safely. We first watched an example of a safe way to use a knife before the children were given the opportunity to give it a go themselves. The children were provided with some fruits to safely chop up and then they were given the option of eating their newly chopped fruit!

We have been planning and decorating our buns! The children really enjoyed planning and thinking about how they could decorate their buns, there certainly was some good ideas such as blue icing, smarties and chocolate! The children wrote their ideas down and shared them with friends. Once we had decorated, it was time to get down to decorating! The children had such a great time using their previous knowledge of hygiene, cutting and their plans to decorate their buns. The best part of course was eating them!

After our wonderful practice learning (and tasty eating!) we evaluated our baking and thought back on what went well and what we would do differently next time. The children shared some great ideas for their evaluation and were really reflective on their designs and products.

Quillon- “I made my cake look just like my design.”

Bella- “I made my bun look like my design by using the same colours.”

Sean- “Next time we could cut the buns into Santa shapes.”



Our History topic this half term is all about Grace Darling. However, as our first History lesson fell on November 5th, it felt only right to share with the children all about Guy Fawkes. The children heard the story of the Gunpowder Plot and why Fawkes wanted to blow up parliament. We then discussed how long ago this was and the children were amazed by the year! We then moved on to making wanted posters for Guy Fawkes and ordering the events in a timeline.

In History we have began our focus on Grace Darling. We have started by getting to know her and the key parts of her amazing story. The children loved that she was a hero and saved the people from the shipwreck. We then moved on to looking at making a fact file of her life so that if people asked for the most important information, we could share this with them!

We have been looking at timelines of Grace Darling’s life. We have been using both our Maths and History knowledge to support us with this activity. First we worked together on the carpet to order the events. We started right from when the first lighthouse was built until when a museum was created in memory of Grace Darling! The children worked really hard to order the events and gained so much new knowledge from this activity.


In Music, we have been practicing for our Nativity song at Christmas. The children have been working hard to practice the song and learn the words. It has been lots of fun to learn actions to go along with the song. We are working on keeping the pace of the song and ensuring we hit the rhythm as best as we can so that we put on a fantastic production!


We are well on our way with our Nativity song practice! The children have been working so hard to learn the lines and the actions off by heart. We have been trying really hard with our timing and trying to keep the timing of our actions with the words. The children are really looking forward too performing this altogether for our parents.



In MFL, we have been recapping last half terms learning and looking at basic greetings in French. The children are loving learning a new language and love to respond to things in French e.g. Merci or Bonjour. The children are enjoying the songs and matching English words to French words. Well done Year 1!

We have progressed with our French learning and have started to learn about the French numbers to 10. We started our learning by singing songs and practicing these. After, the children were set the challenge of listening to Mrs Skillbeck say a number and then finding the number from the people stood at the front holding numbers 1-10. We had a lot of fun doing this and the children are loving their French lessons in Year 1!

We have continued our learning of French numbers 1-10 and the children are getting really confident with it! We were given the challenge of matching numbers to 10 in words in English to the numbers in French. Not only does this link to our Maths learning of being able to spell numbers, it also supports our understanding of French numbers. We are loving our French in Year 1!


In PSHE, we have been focusing on feelings and emotions that we might feel. We have been learning what these emotions are called, how to identify them and how to deal with them if we are finding them a bit tricky. The children have been engaging in art, role play and conversations to express their feelings and opinions in a safe space.

We have worked together to think about the different emotions and what situation might cause particular emotions. The children then worked together to think of ways they can cope when they feel something.

Quillon- “Sometimes I count to ten” Jemima- “I tell an adult and that makes me feel better.” Darcey- “I hug my mummy.”

We have been looking at different scenarios and how we could react to these if we saw them happen at our school. The children responded and listened very respectfully to the situations and provided good advice for the characters in the events e.g. tell a teacher, walk away, play somewhere else, tell a dinner lady and so many more! These skills are so vital for the children so they can use these if they are ever faced with a similar scenario one day in their own lives.


This half term in PE, we will be focusing on dance. With our class topic being Peter Pan, we have been focusing on how we can convey emotions and feeling through our movements. We have started by copying movements and seeing if we can copy a partner. We pretended we were looking in the mirror to copy our partner! The children had to work carefully to keep the same pace, level and movement as their partner did. Although the children found it tricky at the beginning, they persevered through and cracked it in the end!

In PE we have been linking our PE learning to our class topic of Peter Pan. The children have been focusing on the different ways the characters would travel. The children worked together to think of the different ways the characters move e.g. Peter Pan would glide around quickly, the crocodile would have short, sharp movements with a snappy jaw! The children really enjoyed exploring these different movements and we finished with a guessing game of who are we pretending to be?

In PE with Mrs Powell, the children have been practicing their kicking skills. They have been focusing on power and how to drive the ball forward. The children were set the challenge of ‘Football Rounders’ to practice kicking the ball as far away as they could so that the other team would have further to go to retrieve the ball whilst they ran to get around the court.

We have moved on to practicing our balancing skills with Mrs Powell! The children were set the task of balancing objects on their tennis rackets and exploring the different ways they can travel whilst still trying to balance! Some of these were simple such as walking and they progressed to harder ways of travelling e.g. jumping! Afterwards, the children practiced weaving in and out of each other whilst still balancing their objects on their tennis racket. The lesson finished off with a race to see who could complete the most laps whilst balancing!