Autumn 1

Hello and welcome to Key Stage One! I hope that the children have had a lovely summer holidays and are ready to come back and stuck in! It certainly feels different all being back together in school but its a good different as we start our learning journey together in year 1.

Our topic for this half term, chosen by the children, is Under the Sea!


Collective Worship

Here is our Collective Worship table in Year 1. We look to our statement of the week to guide us through our school lives and to be our focus for the week.

In Collective Worship, we have been looking at the statement ‘I try to appreciate the beauty and the wonder of the world around me. We started our Collective Worship by getting into a circle and closing our eyes to think about what is beautiful about God’s world. The children had some fantastic ideas such as “trees” “My family” “The river in Wetherby.” We then linked this to our topic of God’s Great Plan and discussed how we can keep God’s world beautiful and the responsibility we have to do this. The children again were fantastic with their responses and showed respect for each other when speaking.


In RE this half term our topic is God’s Great Plan. 

We are starting our learning by thinking about the beauty of God’s world, what we are grateful for and what we wonder about God’s creation. The children have some interesting questions about creation and had some lovely prayers to say thank you to God for everything we have in our lives.

We have been looking at the 7 days of creation. We started this learning by learning the story before deepening our understanding by working in groups to order the story correctly. The children have also created some wonderful art to show their ideas and really enjoyed learning the story and discussing God’s creation.

In RE we have been looking at ways we show love to each other. The children were put into groups and asked to role play different people in their families and how they might show love e.g. a mum shows love by reading a story at bedtime, a dad shows love by taking me to dancing. The children worked really well as a group to think of lots of different ways we can show love and were thankful to God for this gift we receive in life.


In English we have began our learning journey by writing recounts of our favourite activities in the holidays. There have been such a range of exciting things going on such as going to the beach riding our bikes and going to Grandma’s house! Our focus has been letter formation and sentence structure such as capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. The children have worked really hard to write their recounts and have been so excited to share their stories, it was difficult for them to choose just one!

We have been learning all about adjectives in Year 1! The children started out by describing each other with some super adjectives. We then moved on to describing an under the water scene. Although we found it tricky at the beginning to think of adjectives, we definitely got the hang of it in the end. We looked at using adjectives to describe what we could see outside whilst on the playground and that is when we truly cracked adjectives! I can’t wait to see which adjectives the children choose to use in their writing very soon!

We have been carrying on with our adjective learning in Year 1 and been putting them into sentences to describe Tiddler, our class text. The children have been working hard in their books and in groups to think of ways to describe the characters and settings in the books using some super adjectives e.g. Tiddler is small and intelligent.” Super work Year 1.

In English we have move onto our second under the sea class text which is the ‘Rainbow Fish.’ We started off by predicting what we think might happen in this story. The children had some really fantastic and fun ideas for what could happen in this story such as ‘The Rainbow fish could travel to find a rainbow’ or ‘The fish went to the dark side of the ocean and had to use his rainbow magic to find his way home.’

Once we had a read of the story to find out what really happened, we then worked together in teams to sequence the story using pictures. The children worked well in their teams to sequence the story correctly. This knowledge and understanding of the story will help them with their future English lessons!


In Maths we have had plenty of things going on! We started our learning with looking at the number system and counting. Then we moved on to addition and subtraction. The children have been working really hard with these methods and have come up with plenty of ways to help themselves with their learning such as with objects, fingers or ask a friend. We have been working hard with our number formation too, using our working wall and resources in the classroom to support us.

10 has been our magic number this week. We have been looking at numbers up to 10 and focusing on the place value, 1 more/ 1 less and making the number 10 in different ways. The children have really embraced the challenges this week and are really coming on with their number formation and their understanding of the number system. We took a Burn 2 Learn approach to making numbers up to 10 which the children loved!


We have been playing a Burn2Learn game called Hoop Hop in Year 1 to help us with our maths learning! The children had to work in teams and bounce through the hoops until they met their opponent. It was then a race to finish my sequence of numbers. The winner could bounce on and the loser had to go to the back of their team for another team member to try and stop them! It got very noisy and was so exciting to play. I’m sure we will be playing lots more versions of Hoop Hop throughout Year 1.

In Maths, we have been looking at more than and less than. We have been using our number system knowledge to help us with learning the symbols for more than, less than and equals too. The children worked so hard to develop their understanding of these symbols and completed some fantastic work to deepen their knowledge with some great mathematical language used. Well done Year 1.


In Science this half term, we will be focusing on Animals, including Humans.

We have been labelling the external parts of the human body in science. We began our learning with the wonderful song ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ to introduce the learning. Afterwards, we labelled all of the external parts of the human body before working independently on our tables to label a body. The children have expressed an excitement about starting Science in Year 1 so i’m looking forward too continuing our learning together.


We have been looking at the 5 senses and had such a fun time doing it! We began by identifying the senses and their purposes. We then took part in 5 different stations that focus purely on the use of one sense at a time. Hearing station where we participate in a listening session where we need to listen to the sounds from an audio clip and guess what they were, taste where we taste different foods, smell and sight where we go on a walk to smell and look around the outdoors and touch where we had a feely bag and had to guess the item.

We have been looking at what we need to survive in Year 1. We started by discussing and asking questions such as what is absolutely necessary for humans to stay alive? After much discussion (and disappointment that sweets weren’t essential to live) we found there were 5 basic things we needed for survival. The children then produced posters of what we needed.



In Art we have been exploring the primary colours and how they mix to make the secondary colours. We worked together as a group to mix the primary colours to make the secondary ones. It was so much fun experimenting with the different colours and we even had a try at making lots of other colours too!


We have been using our new school ipads in computing and using them to explore input and how this makes something happen.The children have been working independently to understand the iPad functions e.g. turning it up/down, finding apps and exploring these. The children worked in pairs to support each other and by the end they were confident exploring the apps given to them.


In Geography we are looking at the local area. However, before we can even start this, we have to look at what Geography even means! We have been learning about all of the different topics we could learn about as we move through school and we have created posters of the topics we are most looking forward too learning about e.g. the weather, local area and physical Geography. The children were excited about all of these and can’t wait to get started with our local area learning.

After looking at what Geography means, we moved on to the physical and human features of some of our favourite parts of Wetherby. The children were fantastic at locating the features and labelling pictures e.g. at the river.

In Geography we have been learning all about what is a town and what is the countryside. To help us with our learning, we have been working as groups to sort the features of a town and the countryside. We went through all of the features first as a group before it was a race to see which team could sort the features the fastest! Great learning Year 1.


We have been looking at French in Year 1! We have began our MFL journey by looking at French greetings. The children loved learning how to say hello and goodbye in French and have started to answer in French for the register! Excellent work Year 1!


In music, we have been looking at rhythm. We decided to keep our learning to the theme of ‘Under the Sea’ and clap the rhythm of the song ‘Under the Sea’ in the Disney film. We had so much fun listening to and enjoying the music and were brilliant at keeping in time to the rhythm.


We have been learning how to keep a beat in Year 1. The children listened to the famous song, ‘Under the Sea’ and were asked to clap the beat. The children thought of lots of different ways initial to keep the beat e.g. stomp their feet, tap their knees but in the end they decided as a group it was easiest to clap. Fantastic understanding Year 1!



In PE, we have been learning different throwing techniques and practicing how to catch accurately. We played lots of mini games to practice these skills and discussed what sports they would be useful in. The children were fantastic at playing fairly with their partner and catching/throwing the resources sensibly.

With Mrs Powell, our new PE Partner coach, we have been looking at different ways to travel. We found so many different ways to move. We took part in lots of races to practice our movements and took it in turns with our partners. We practiced side stepping, skipping, hopping and running and had lots of fun doing it!


We have been doing lots of learning in PSHE, lots of this to do with us returning to school and keeping safe. We have been learning all about keeping our hands clean and why this is important. The children had such brilliant ideas and were really great at sharing ways to keep their hands clean.

We have also been learning all about our emotions and how to share these with our friends if we want too. The children had really great ideas for what they should do if they are feeling worried and who they can talk to. Well done Year 1!

We have been learning about how important it is to keep active and to keep our bodies healthy. With Mrs Lowe, we went outside to play some games to get our hearts racing! We talked about the importance of keeping fit and healthy and how even playing fun games in our gardens are good for our fitness!

In PSHE, we have been looking at road safety and the importance of knowing this at all times. The children discussed how to stay safe whilst near the roads and what they should do if and when they would like to cross the road. The children were so sensible and knowledgeable of the rules when in PSHE which made Mrs Skillbeck and I feel very proud of them.

Worry Monster

I love our new worry monster that arrived in class. This worry monster lives with us in Year 1, if the children would like to share a worry they can write a little note and post it to him. He is very good at looking after our worries. He has been great at keeping the children’s worries safe for them and holding onto them so that the children don’t have too!