Autumn 1 2022

Hello and welcome back! I hope that you have all had a fantastic summer holidays and are raring to go as we enter Year 1!

This half term the children have chosen “Oh I do like to be beside the seaside” as their topic. Take a look at our class newsletter for more information on the exciting half term that we have planned!

Week 1

This week we have been blown away by the children as they have started their journey in Year 1. The children have all adapted incredibly well to the new routines and timetable, taking each change in their stride and with a smile on their faces. We couldn’t be prouder, a huge well done Year 1!

Here we are exploring our new classroom and learning beautifully with our friends!



Collective Worship

This week our statement of the week has been: We are all special. In Collective Worship we have focused on what makes us each unique and special and how we can use these charactersistics to follow Jesus’s teaching.

In Collective Worship we have been focusing on the Parable of the Talents (Mathew 25, 14-30). The children have been reflecting on their talents and how we can use them to help others and make God’s world a kinder place.


Our topic this half term is God’s Great Plan.

We had a wonderful visit from Brother Jonathan, Father Franpisek, Sister John-Paul, Sister Emmanuel and Sister Ciara from The Franciscan Sisters of Renewal. First, we had an assembly with them in which we learned a little bit about them and what they do. Then, we had a fabulous active session in the classroom and we thought about the ways that we can pray and speak to God. We practised making the sign of the cross, listening for God’s voice in our hearts and also learned about when we can pray. Finally, we thought about how it is important to pray for others too, not just ourselves. We enjoyed learning some new songs, singing along with Sister Ciara’s guitar.



The children been practising their BEEZone. We have looked at our BEEZone working wall, talked about how a sentence needs finger spaces, a capital letter and a full stop. We have been practising writing silly sentences on our whiteboards, making sure we remember finger spaces!

The children have enjoyed sharing their favourite parts of the summer holidays. The children have each expressed their thoughts through drawing before writing simple sentences about them.

The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch

We have started our focus topic book for the half term “The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch”. As we read the book we came across a lot of new vocabulary! We added it to our English working wall and used the Word Aware approach to remember it. We whispered, shouted and sang each word before adding an action to it to help us remember its meaning – we really enjoyed this! We then went outside on the hunt for sentences that contained some of the new words and had to decide if the word made sense in the sentence. It was tricky challenged us to build our resilience and enabled us to use the new words and further our understanding of them.


We’ve been exploring the story further and getting to know the main characters. Dressing up as Mr and Mrs Grindling and pretending to be seagulls! Year 1 have impressed us with their enthusiasm to learn and take part actively.


We received a very exciting surprise! Mrs Grinling sent us a letter asking for our help in stopped the scavenging seagulls from eating Mr Grinling’s lunch. The children were very happy to help so we began gathering all our ideas together. We contributed to writing super sentences together!


In Maths, we have been recapping FS2 teaching in order to inform us as teachers of the children’s areas of strength and those area that we need to continue to embed. We have done this through number songs, Burn 2 Learn and practical activities.

We have had lots of fun and active maths sessions, inside and outside and we have been working on representing numbers in lots of different ways, using lots of different resources.

We have been doing our maths work in the woods! We have been identifying number patterns and filling in missing numbers. We had to work as teams to find the lollipop sticks with number sequences on them, then we worked together to find the missing numbers! It was lots of fun and we practising thinking mathematically. We then practising identifying missing numbers and writing number patterns, in the outdoor classroom.

Back in the classroom, to build on our number pattern work, we have been ordering different representations of numerals as well as working with numbers up to 100 and ordering in 2s! 





This half term our big concept in Science is Materials.

We have had a fun and active Science lesson and we have been on a materials hunt around school! Linking to our prior learning in FS2, we went to the woods and discussed the natural materials in the world around us. We identified the object and then worked hard to identify the material that it was made from. We worked scientifically to sort materials into groups, based on the material that they are made from. We named lots of materials including; wood, plastic, glass, metal, water, rock, brick, paper, fabric, elastic, foil, card/cardboard, rubber, wool and clay. Linking to maths, we counted the number of objects in each group, identified the correct number card, practised writing the number and then ordered our objects based from the most to least.





Design and Technology




We have recapped our Stop, Block, Tell message to ensure that we know how to keep safe online. We helped Smartie the Penguin make decisions when he was faced with challenges whilst playing games online. We were active in remembering the message, using actions to help us.



Before we begin our History learning of 1920s Seasides, we linked back to our prior learning in FS2 and FS1 and discussed events that had happened in the past, or before the children were born. We found it a little tricky at first, but soon started using the language of “long ago” and “in the past” in our sentences.

We had a fun and active lesson trying to understand what life was like 100 years ago in the 1920s. We started by discussing and wearing the clothes people wore. We found out they were very different to the clothes we wear today and that rich and poor people wore different types of clothes!

The facts that we learned were;

  • The 1920s was 100 years ago
  • Queen Elizabeth II’s Grandad King George V was on the throne
  • Life was very different to now







In Music, we have been enjoying playing games that warm up our voices. We played the shopping trolley warm up game and found it very funny! Linking to our topic of ‘Oh I do like to be beside the seaside’, we have been listening to and enjoying the song of the same name. We have started learning the words and of course have been active in our learning, thinking of actions and having a little dance to the song!






This week the children have taken part in their first PE lessons in Year 1. The first challenge was getting changed for PE for the first time! The children did fantastically well! We will continue to develop skills such as doing up buttons independently and putting jumpers on and off. You can help at home by developing your child’s independence when getting dressed each morning. 
Once we were changed and ready to go the children enjoyed a carousel of activities in the hall, practicing their throwing, kicking and skipping skills. The children have also enjoyed their lesson with Mrs Powell. 


We have been recapping our TRUST rules this week and the children have showed many examples of putting these into practise. We have also recapped our school statement of “We are all the same, but all different” and we have taken part in an “All about me” circle time, sharing something that we are good at. It sounds like Year 1 are a very active class, lots of us shared that we were good at sports like swimming, rugby and football!