Autumn 1

Hello and welcome back! I hope that you have all had a fantastic summer holidays and are raring to go as we enter Year 1! Over the summer we have been working hard to get the learning environment ready for your return, take a look at our new Year 1 Classroom!

This half term the children have chosen “Oh I do like to be beside the seaside” as their topic. Take a look at our class newsletter for more information on the exciting half term that we have planned!

Week 1

This week we have been blown away by the children as they have started their journey in Year 1. The children have all adapted incredibly well to the new routines and timetable, taking each change in their stride and with a smile on their faces. We couldn’t be prouder, a huge well done Year 1!



Collective Worship

This week our statement of the week has been: We are all special. In Collective Worship we have focused on what makes us each unique and special and how we can use these charactersistics to follow Jesus’s teaching.



Our topic this half term is God’s Great Plan. We began our learning on Monday sharing what we already know about God’s Great Plan. The children rememered learning from FS2, knowing that God has a plan for us all and that he created the world. The children also placed great emphasis on the importance of us looking after God’s world and each other.

We then moved on to looking at the beautiful world that God has created and the children closed their eyes and pictured the most beautiful place they had visited. They considered what they could see, smell, touch and hear. We had brilliant descriptions, that the children then used to paint their picture of the most beautiful place they had been.

Finally, we began to wonder about God’s world and why it is, as it is. The children came up with fantastic I wonder statements!

This week we developed our understanding of the Creation story. We watched a video that helped us to break down the 7 days and remember what happened on each day. We then drew and labeled each day in our book to help us remember the importance of each day in the Creation story. 


This week the children have been sharing their favourite days from their summer holidays. It has been lovely to hear about all the special time that has been spent with family both at home and during days out. The children have then drawn, planned and written a short recount of their favourite day. We have been blown away by the hard work and effort that the children have put into this work!

The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch

This week we started our focus book for this half term. Across the week we have explored new vocabulary, acted out parts of the story, sequenced it and made predictions about what we think might happen next!





This week we have focused on ensuring that all the children are secure in the FS ELG’s before we begin the Year 1 curriculum. As part of this learning we have recapped and applied our learning in different contexts. This has included finding one more and one less, recognising and representing numbers in different ways and knowing our number bonds to 10. Take a look at our learning in maths this week.

This week in maths the children have worked hard sequencing numbers and recognising patterns. This has included counting in 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. The children have worked hard initially working with numbers and progressing onto different representations of numbers and problem solving. 



This half term our big concept in Science is Materials. This week we began the topic by exploring subject spesific vocabulary and assessing the children’s knowledge and understanding of material names and properties. As part of this learning the children went on a material hunt around the classroom, matching different objects to the correct material that they were made out of. The discussions and use of new vocabularly were fantastic.

Today we focused on properties of materials. We learnt new vocabulary such as opaque and transparent and applied it to enable us to describe objects and their materials. For example, the children recognised that the windows were made of glass and transparent. We discussed why this was, to let light in and so we can see in and out. The children then found a range of different materials and explored their properties. 


Design and Technology

This half term we are focusing on food in our DT lessons. Today the children enjoyed their first DT lesson. To kick start the topic we explored what we already knew about Design and Technology. We discussed the vocabulary and thought about where we had heard it before. We made links back to FS2, where we had designed models in the construction are before making them.

We then focused on the food and cooking element that we will be learning about this half term and the children shared their experiences of cooking and baking. The children enjoyed cooking a wide range of sweet and savoury things at home with their families.

This week in DT we evaluated the picnic lunch that Mrs Grinling sends to Mr Grinling each day. The children did this by smelling and tasking some of the ingredients themselves and then decided if they would include them in their own picnic and what they would add to make it even better. 





This half term our big concept is the seaside. We have started our topic this week by exploring where our seasides are and our own experiences of them. The children enjoyed talking about their trips to the seaside, what they saw and did. We then used google maps to locate our nearest seaside resorts. After looking along the east coast we decided to research Scarborough further. The children enjoyed looking at photographs of Scarborough during research and drawing the key attractions.



The children enjoyed their first French lesson today. We started off by talking about France and looking at it on Google Maps. We then talked about England’s capital city, London and France’s, Paris. Some of the children had been to Paris and talked about their experiences. We then looked at photographs of landmarks in France, such as the Eiffel Tower, Loire River, Mont Blanc and Notre Dame de Paris. Barnaby asked if Mount Everest was bigger than Mont Blanc and we discovered that Mount Everest is nearly twice the size. 



This week the children started their music lessons with Miss Hutchinson again. The children started by singing ‘On our first day at the seaside’ and used the Makaton signs that they had previously learned last year. We then listened to a new song ‘I do like to be beside the seaside’ and the children joined in with the words and discussed what some of the words meant, such as ‘glee’.

In Music the children clapped and stomped to the beat of ‘We do like to be beside the seaside’. We were very impressed with how well the children remembered the lyrics from last week and for their motivation towards joining in with the beat. 



This half term the children will be doing one PE lesson with Miss Hutchinson a week as part of her PPA cover and one with Mrs Powell.

In their first lesson with Miss Hutchinson the children enjoyed exploring circuits. The children started with a warm up, jumping in different ways and jogging on the spot. The circuits included running, jumping forwards and backwards and hopping. The children were fantastic at taking turns and cheering one another on. To cool down again, the children did some gentle stretches and slow movements.

During PE, the children continued to develop moving in a variety of ways. They jumped, walked backwards, hopped and jogged skillfully. We have been learning about our hearts and the affect that exercise can have them. Here are some of the children’s suggestions-
What does your heart do?
Charlotte “It beats. Pumps blood all around your body. In your veins. Blood goes through your veins all the way to your heart.”
Why does your heart beat faster when you exercise?
Nathan “You been running fast and doing stuff fast.”
Eva “Your heart is pounding because you’re a little bit tired.”
What happens when you stop exercising?
Ted “It pumps really slow.”
The children tried to feel their heartbeat before and after exercise to compare the affects that it had had. 


This week we have done lots of work on settling into the new routine in Year 1. As part of this we have developed our class rules and reminded ourselves of our school rules. It is lovely to hear the pride the children have in their class ans school and the understanding they have of the rules and how they can adhere to them.

The Colour Monster

This week we introduced The Colour Monster story to the children. We made links with our Worry Monster before reading the story. The story taught the children about different emotions that they may feel and the colours that they can be. Sometimes we can feel lots of emotions at once and we are mulicoloured! The children enjoyed and connected with the story so much that we are going to make it the focus for our daily check ins. From next week the children will check in with the colours and identify which one(s) they are feeling at that moment. They will then have the oppotunity to discuss them with an adult if they would like to do so.