It has been so lovely to see so many of you again this week and to see how excited you are about coming back to school in September! I know lots of you have missed school and all of your friends so much and are really looking forward to getting back into the routine of school.

Moving into a new class is always a times of mixed emotions ~ you can be feeling really excited about all the new adventures and fun that you are going to have but also really quite worried about some of the unknowns. I have been really impressed during how sessions at just how positive you have all been and how many Excitement Rainbows we were able to complete, far more than the Worry Clouds!

Walter is sitting safely in my office now and is looking after all of your worries during the summer holidays so that you don’t have to. However, it is understandable that at some point you might feel a little bit nervous about September and hopefully if you do you can use your very own worry monster to help you. There is a copy of the story ‘ Worry Says What?’ on the link below so you can listen to it again or read it to yourself and there are some blank rainbows and clouds if you need them. Remember no worry is a silly worry and if we share them and talk about them they get smaller!

I am looking forward to seeing all of you in September, hearing all about your holidays and helping you to settle into your new classes.

Parents ~ please have a look at some of the resources below that we have looked at this week. I will be adding some more resources in the last week of the summer holidays to help with the first few days back.

Take Care & have a wonderful summer.

Mrs Holmes





Walter has proved to be a very popular new addition to the St. Joseph’s school family this week. He has behaved himself in all of the sessions and is now sat happily in my office looking after all of your worries so that you can enjoy your summer holidays and concentrate on all the excitement rainbows.

Walter thought it would be a good idea to share some of the worries that each class had so that you can see that everyone shares similar worries. See if you can spot any of your teacher’s worries in the list!

Moving into a new classroom and finding my way around.

Will the work be too hard? Will  I be able to do it?

Will there be someone there to help me if I get stuck?

Will my new teacher be kind? Will they use a loud voice?

Will they enjoy all the new topics I am planning?

Will it be fun?

What will be different about school when we come back?

Remember if you have any worries whilst you are not in school you can write them on your worry clouds and feed them to your own worry monster. Have you all decided on a name yet?

Click on the buttons below to listen to  ‘Worry Says What?’ or to find more clouds and rainbows.

Worry Clouds & Excitement Rainbows


Summer holidays are so much fun and I am sure you will do lots of exciting things over the 7 weeks. Keeping a journal is a good way of keeping a record of what you would like to do, what you have done and how you have felt at different points. They can help you  to focus on the week ahead and to channel your  thoughts and feelings in a positive way. Perhaps you could have a go at completing some over the holidays ~ I’d love to see what you have been up to if you want to bring them in in September.

Happy Journal Template

Rainbow Journal Template


Have a look at the resources below to see if there are any fun challenges or activities you can set yourself to complete over the summer holidays. I am looking forward to trying to do two of the ‘Holiday Hitlist Activities’ every week. Keep a record of any you can do and we can compare our adventures when we come back to school.

 Holiday Hitlist Checklist   Holiday Hitlist Diary

If you start to feel a little bit nervous have a go at one of the Growth Mindset  Activities to remind yourself how brilliant you are! 

‘ I Can!’ ‘I am an amazing person’

Dream Jar Positivity Jar


September is still a long time away and you have got lots of time to relax and have fun. If you do start to think about school have a look at the short story below. Can you add in the details to make it personal to our school?

Returning To School

More resources will be added to this section in the last week of the holidays.


Please find links below to some useful published resources regarding transition. These will be added to as we approach the return to school.

Transition Toolkit