Moving into Year 5

Hello to my new Year 5s! I’m so glad that you have found our new page…that means you must have seen my video and also read my letter. I hope you liked it! This page will hopefully help you to prepare in moving into Year 5!

As I’ve already told you, I’m so excited to be your new teacher in September and I hope you are beginning to feel excited too! I have so many great things planned for us! I’m also really looking forward to getting to know you and have loved receiving your messages and videos on Showbie that Mrs Harrison has shared with me. I can’t wait to learn even more about you but for now here are some more things about me…

You will soon begin to learn that I love Christmas (I am a Christmas baby and my birthday is the 20th December) so winter is my favourite season and I love getting festive – I love putting on the Christmas music albums in November…or if I’m being honest…October! My Christmas tree goes up as early as possible. Last year, it was 26th November (I always wait until after my Dad’s birthday in November)! I do also love the sunshine and love going on trips, abroad and in the UK! My favourite place is the Lake District! I am a real foodie…any food will do! I particularly love chocolate (especially Mini Eggs at Easter – yum!), popcorn, cookies (hence Mr Cookie Monster below) and I also love strawberries, raspberries and cherries! I love animals, especially dogs! Dexter is 12 years old and he lives at home with my Mum and Dad so he comes to stay at my house lots when they’re busy.


I promised you some clues so that you could begin to guess our very first topic together in Year 5. I always live up to my promises so here you go….I wonder who is going to guess our new topic first?


Click here to reveal our very first topic…



What learning looks like in Year 5…

I thought you might like to see what learning looks like in Year 5 so I have taken some of the best bits from this year with my current Year 5 class. I hope this gives you a flavour of what your new classroom environment will be like.

Transition Activities

Hopefully you all feel like you know me a little more and enjoyed reading my letter last week and hearing my voice notes on Showbie! Please keep sending the lovely messages because Mrs Harrison keeps sending them on to me. I would love you to complete these transition activities below and then on our transition session next week, I will have a tray for you to leave the completed activities in. This is a lovely opportunity for me to get to know you all a little more before we begin Year 5 together in September!

All About Me Transition Booklet

I’d love to know as much as I can about you before September, so please complete this “All About Me” booklet so I can read this over the holidays!

All About Me – Transition Booklet

My Goals for Year 5

It’s always important to think about what you want to achieve so have a think about your goals for Year 5. What do you want to achieve? Is there anything you would like to get even better at? Perhaps you’d like to try something new.

Some examples are:

  • I want to settle into Year 5 quickly.
  • I want to become a more independent learner.
  • I want to improve my skills in…..
  • I would like to join the school football team.
  • I would like to be more involved in….

Your goals are personal to you so they can be anything you want!! Think of 5 goals for Year 5. Again, please bring this to our transition session.

My Goals for Year 5 Activity

I am an amazing person!

You are all amazing! Mrs Harrison has already told me lots about each and every single one of you but I’d like to know even more. I’d love to know what you think makes you amazing…complete this activity sheet and again, bring it to our transition session!

“I am an amazing person” Activity


Summer Holidays Learning Grid

You have all been used to the fantastic learning grids that Mrs Harrison created for you during your time learning at home. Mrs Harrison has told me how creative you have been at completing the tasks from those grids. I thought it would be a lovely idea for you to have a summer holidays learning grid for you to dip in and out of, during the holidays, if you choose to. This is all links to your new topic or new class and I hope it will really help you, not only in your learning in Year 5, but also to feel more ready for your new class.

Summer Holidays Learning Grid

Below you will find a range of activities and resources to give your learning in Year 5 a little boost. 


Read this Bible Scripture form the book of Isaiah and think of 5 different occasions when this Bible Scripture would help someone.

Can you find any other Bible Scripture that is similar to this from Isaiah that would also help someone in the occasions you have come up with?

Bible Referencing

When you move into Year 5, a key skill is to reference quotes from the Bible. Please see the guide below to help you know how to write Bible references.

Collective Worship

In Year 5, I love for us to come together in worship and song. Here are some of my favourites. It would be amazing if you could come into Year 5 already know some of these songs. Enjoy!!



English Summer Activity Booklet Answers


I would love you to continue with your reading over the summer holidays and would love to hear about all of the wonderful things you have read in September. He is a free eBook library resource for you to explore new books (fiction and non-fiction). Perhaps you’d even like to join a Summer Reading Challenge! Check out all of the links below and…. Happy reading!

Oxford Owls Free eBook Library Reading Agency: Summer Challenge Summer Reading Challenge


If you would like to keep your imagination alive during the summer holidays, perhaps you could write your own stories or write creatively based on the picture stimuli from Pobble365.

Pobble 365


Here are some SPAG activities for you to keep all of the learning you’ve done during your time in Year 4 bubbling.

SPAG Mat 1 SPAG Mat 2 SPAG Mat 3 SPAG Mat 4 SPAG Mat 5 SPAG Mat 6



Summer Revision Booklet Summer Learning Maths Booklet – Questions Summer Themed Maths Booklet – ANSWERS


Times Tables

Times tables were really important in your learning in Year 4 and they are even important in Upper Key Stage 2. Knowing your times tables makes your maths a lot easier!  Here are some links that I know you are already familiar with that will help you with learning your times tables. If you can know all of your times tables up to 12×12 off by heart before the end of the summer holidays then this really will give your learning in Year 5 a boost! 

Top Marks Games Oxford Owl Times Tables Activities and Games

Here are some games you could download, print and play as a family too.

3x tables 4x tables 5x tables 6x tables 7x tables 8x tables 9x tables 10x tables 11x tables 12x tables Mixture of times tables Times Tables Dice Game

Please use the link below to check your learning and knowledge of times tables. You will be able to see how your score and time improves each time.

Maths Frame Times Table Check



Speed in arithmetic is really important and it is something we will develop further in Year 5 so in the mean time, you could develop your speed in your learning in Year 4.

Y4 Arithmetic 1 Y4 Arithmetic 2  Y4 Arithmetic 3 Y4 Arithmetic 4 Y4 Arithmetic 5 Y4 Arithmetic 6 Y4 Arithmetic 7 Y4 Arithmetic 8 Y4 Arithmetic 9 Y4 Arithmetic 10



Below are some resources to give you a boost in your learning in our new topic “Earth & Space”.

Here’s a song to help you learn more about the planets.

BBC Bitesize: Earth & Space

Here are some activities for you to complete to help you with our new topic in Science.

Earth & Space Vocabulary Cards Earth & Space – Order and comparison of size of planets Earth, Sun & Moon Fact Table Activity



Please find a side profile template below to help you with the Art grid task on the summer holidays learning grid.

Side profile template

Perhaps you’d like to do a collage for your silhouette picture. Here’s a tip on collages.



Cooking is a life skill that you will develop throughout your whole life. The most important thing to first learn is how to be safe when preparing food and cooking. Please see the resource below which will help you in learning more about this.

Being Safe When Preparing Food

Perhaps you can learn to cook some meals at home over the summer holidays. To help you with inspiration for meal ideas, please visit the websites below. Remember to always ask your parents/carers first before you start cooking.

BBC Good Food Pinch of Nom Jamie Oliver Recipes

Grid Task

Here are pictures of Colosseums to help you with your grid task!



I would love you all to come into Year 5 being secure on knowing continents and oceans of the world and the countries that make up the United Kingdom. There are some resources below that will help you with this!

World Map with Oceans & Continents Seven Continents Activity Worksheet Blank World Map Map of UK Blank Map of UK – Label Countries



Below are some resources that will help you with the grid tasks on the learning grid linked to Ancient Greek gods and goddesses and the Olympics.

Gods & Goddesses

Greek Gods Stories Greek God Fact Files Greek God Fact File Templates


History of the Olympics Ancient Olympics vs Modern Olympics Activity


Here are some activities to support you with your grid task to be able to say hello and introduce yourself to me. 

French Greetings Puzzle French Greeting Display Poster  



Below are some resources and activities to support you with the Music grid task.

Music Notes Cards Crotchets and Quavers – PowerPoint Minims and Semibreves – PowerPoint  



Over the summer holidays, you could create a summer positivity jar. Every time you feel good or do something where you feel happy, write down what the activity and how you felt at the time. Hopefully, by the end of holidays, please read what you have put into the jar so you can remember all of the lovely things that you did. I hope then, when you return to school in September, you will have lots to talk to me about. 



Try to keep active every single day! How many different activities/exercises can you do over the summer holidays? One thing I like to make sure I do is to go out for long walks. Here are some lovely YouTube videos for you to perhaps try out new exercises or activities.