Moving into Year 3

Hello to all the current Year 2 pupils who are will be moving into Year 3 in September 2020.  I’m so glad that you have found our new page…that means you must have seen my video and also read my letter. I am so excited to welcome you to Key Stage 2 and be your new teacher! I’ve heard so many wonderful things about you already from Mrs LB and Mrs Hemming and I’m really looking forward to getting to know you all.

I’m sure some of you are bound to feel a little nervous about moving key stages but I can assure you this year is going to be great! Mrs Lowe will be working in Year 3 too and is so happy to be with you all again this year.  I am busy planning our learning journey together to make lessons active and exciting.

I promised you some clues so that you could begin to guess our very first topic together in Year 3. Below are a few pictures to give you some clues on what we will be learning about together….I wonder if you can guess our new topic?

Click here to reveal our first topic in Year 3.

What learning looks like in Year 3…

Transition Activities

Here are some fun activities that I would like you to complete over the next few weeks. I have added a variety of activities to this page so you can enjoy doing them at home in preparation for Year 3.

I would love for you to share your transition work with me because I want to get to know you all as much as I can before September! When you have completed your activities send them to Mrs Hemming and Mrs LB  on Showbie and I will log on to take a look.

I hope you have lots of fun completing these over the summer!

Mrs Hodgson

Activity 1 Activity 2 Activity 3

Summer Holidays Learning Grid

I thought it would be a lovely idea for you to have a summer holidays learning grid full of fun activities for you to dip in and out of, during the holidays, if you choose to. This  links to your new topic or new class and I hope it will really help you, not only in your learning in Year 3, but also to feel more ready for your new class.

Summer holiday learning grid

Here are some activities that will support you over the summer holidays as you transition into Year 3. Some of the activities will support you with your moving into Year 3 home learning grid too. I hope you have a wonderful summer and I will see you in September. Stay safe. God bless.


I would like you to reflect on the bible story of the parable of the talents. Have you heard this bible story before? What does this bible story teach us.

Parable of the talents

Now reflect on all the wonderful talents that God has given you. Think about what makes you so special. Choose which activity you would like to complete.

Amazing me My talents My gifts and talents

We are all part of God’s family and each and everyone of us is special and unique. Think about your own family and have a go at writing an acrostic poem about them. Next, draw a portrait of who is part of your family.

Family acrostic poem Draw a family portrait



Follow the link to the Oxford Owl Free eBook Library to help you discover even more new books you haven’t read before. Pick and choose the ones you would like to read.

Oxford Owls Free ebook library


Write about what you did during your school holidays, I would love to hear all about them. You can draw pictures too to illustrate this.

My holiday booklet Holiday snap shots


We will be practising our times tables in Year 3 daily through games, burn 2 learn activities and singing songs. Have a look the BBC supermovers page and dance along whilst learning and practising your timestables.

BBC supermovers timestables

Why not have a go at rolling two dice and mutiplying the two numbers together. You can adapt this game to add the numbers instead. Don’t worry if you haven’t got any dice, click on the links below for an interactive one or you can make a dice if you wish to instead.

Interactive dice. Click on it. Make your own dice Dice game

Here are some multiplication activities too.

Timestable colouring in Timestable missing numbers Multiplication wheels Times table games Times table games Times table games

White Rose Maths

The White Rose maths have produced some free parent work books. There is a full set for each year group.

White Rose Maths booklets


Now is the perfect time to plant your own flowers or vegetables. I’ve planted some tomato seeds, rocket, cress, spinach and I have some carrots growing too. If you have some seeds I would like you to plant some and notice how they change and grow. Maybe you could plant sunflower seeds or runner beans. The choice is yours. Think about what plants need to grow and be healthy. You can measure your plant weekly and record this. I’ve attached a plant/bean diary for you to record any changes, measure it and draw it too. Alternatively, you could make your own.

Seed diary


Travel back in time and can you find out about the Stone Age? When was this? What was life like then? Compare what life was like then to now. Would you have liked to live then? Why?. Here’s some information to get you started.

The Stone Age

Have a look at these Stone Age animals. How do they differ to animals today in the wild? How would you feel if you met one of them? Enjoy colouring them in.

Stone Age animals



Look at a map of the world. What is a continent? Can you find the world’s continents? Practise saying the names of the them. How many are there? Which is the largest and which is the smallest? Next name the world’s oceans. How
many are there?

Continents song Oceans song Continents information Label the continents Label the oceans


Can you make your own stone age weapon? Research what they used to hunt with. Plan what you want your weapon to look like before you make it.

Planning sheet Instructions to make a paper Stone Age weapon Weapon activity sheet


Draw your own Stone Age cave painting. Take a picture of it to show to the rest of the class in September. Decide what you will use to draw it. Think carefully about your colour choice and look at Stone age paintings to inspire you. They will always tell a story through the pictures drawn. What story does your painting tell?

Stone age cave paintings


Create a PowerPoint/Keynote presentation about the uses of rocks and stones . What different types of stones are there? What are the properties of them? What different types of rocks and stones can you see in your garden
and around your home. Practise using the snipping tool to insert pictures into your presentation and practise using the keyboard to type the information. Don’t forget to save your work too.


You have so much to celebrate about just being yourself. You are a part of God’s family unique with your own gifts and talents. There is no one else in the whole world like you.

Reflect and the amazing qualities that make you who you are.Create a silhouette picture of your hobbies, interests, likes and your gifts and talents.



Sing along to your favourite songs. If you have any instruments may be you could make up your own song. Have a go see what you come up with. You could always have a go at making your own musical instrument too.

Make a musical instrument Make a harmonica


Practise counting in French. How far can you count to?


Make up your own fitness circuits for you and your family to complete. Time who can complete it the quickest. Each day try to complete the circuit 1 second quicker. Why not try one of the active learning grids too.

Physically active learning grid

Strike a balance with your physically active learning and some yoga. Take a look at these yoga sessions. I hope you enjoy them.