Moving into Year 2

Hello to our lovely new Year 2 class! Welcome to your transition into Year 2 page. We hope you enjoyed reading our letters and watching our videos on Showbie! Did you spot what Disney character Mrs Hemming was wearing? We are super excited to have you all in our new Year 2 class and we are looking forward to lots of exciting learning this year!

It might feel like a long time since you were together as a class of 30 but it is our job to make your transition into school as safe and happy as possible. We are all in it together and we are really excited to get to know you all and take you on new adventures in Year 2.

A new classroom can be a bit scary but we will keep a few things the same like you are used to in Year 1. We have an exciting reading area where you can relax around the campfire and read a book. We will also have a little role play area that you can use for some of your learning challenges next year.

If we were together in school, we would be having lots of transition together so we could get to know you and your interests and you could find out all about ours!  So, here are a few pictures that show you the things that are special to us and what we are interested in!

All about Mrs Hemming

All about Mrs LB


If you would like to ask us any questions about Year 2 or ourselves, please send them to Miss Mac on Showbie and she will let us know. We will then sneak on her Showbie account and chat to you!

We would really like to know what your favourite make believe character is. Also, we would love to know what your favourite books are so we can have some ready in our classroom for September! If you send us your answers, we will reveal what ours are!

We promised you some clues to what your first topic is going to be in Year 2! Can you guess what it might be?

Click here to see what your first topic is…….

We can’t wait to see you all in September. We have so many great things planned for you and we know you will embrace all the challenges we set.

We hope you have a great summer holiday.

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Hemming and Mrs LB

What learning looks like in Year 2…

We thought you might like to see what learning looks like in Year 2. Here are some pictures of what the current Year 2 have been doing. As well as lots of great learning and fantastic lessons, we also have so much fun and love to get creative.

Transition Activities

Here are some nice activities that we would like you to complete over the next few weeks. We will add a variety of activities to this page so you can enjoy doing them at home in preparation for Year 2.

We would love you to share your transition work with us as we want to get to know you all as much as we can before September. When you have completed your activities, send them to Miss Mac on Showbie, and we will sneak on and see all your challenges.

If you have any questions, please drop us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Mrs Hemming and Mrs LB

We would like to know all about you and what your favorite things are! Tell us what your strengths are, and also anything you would like to work on as you move into Year 2. We are looking forward to reading your booklets, and finding out even more about you all! We will be taking a peek on Miss Mac’s Showbie so make sure you send them all to us!

All about me booklet Things you would like to tell Mrs Hemming and Mrs LB

As you come to the end of Year 1, we would like you to take some time to reflect on all the things you have achieved this year with Miss Mac. Think about all the things you have enjoyed and what has gone well for you. We would love to know what things you have been doing at home too. After you have reflected on your time in Year 1, we would then like you to think about your next adventure in Year 2. Tell us what you are looking forward too, any worries you might have or anything you would like Team Year 2 to know about you, your learning and interests! Please use this sheet to help you with this activity.

Spreading my wings from Year 1 to Year 2

We love this activity in Year 2! We would like you to have a think about designing your own superhero! What would their qualities be? What would their super power be? Why would you be that superhero? We would like you to create a new super hero for your move into Year 2. We would like you to bring your superhero to school with you in September so we can create a Year 2 superhero display in the classroom! Be as creative as you can, and remember, not all superheroes wear capes!

Superhero template to use

Design your own superhero sheet


All about me rainbow to complete


Summer Holidays Learning Grid

Over the past few months in your learning at home journey, you have all worked so hard on lots of activities that Miss Mac has set you. She has told us you have really enjoyed your learning at home grids, so we thought we would create one for you to dip in and out of over the summer holidays. The activities are linked to our new topic, and also some challenges that will prepare for your new Year 2 curriculum. We look forward to seeing some of your summer holiday work in September and what you have been up to in the holidays! We also want you to have lots of fun in the holidays. Mrs LB and I will be keeping busy with our boys, on outdoor adventures and hopefully lots of paddling pool fun! We will share lots of pictures with you when we are together in Year 2.

Here is your Year 2 summer learning grid….

Summer learning grid

Have a great summer holiday. Stay safe and have lots of fun!

Mrs Hemming and Mrs LB

Here are some activities that will support you over the summer holidays as you transition into Year 2. Some of the activities will support you with your moving into Year 2 home learning grid too. We hope you have a wonderful summer and we will see you in September. Stay safe and keep smiling.

Mrs Hemming and Mrs LB xxx


During your time in Year 2 we learn lots of wonderful stories that celebrate the miracles that Jesus did. Over the summer we would like you to explore your bibles and think about some of the miracles that Jesus did. We have provided a little help sheet to start you off.

Miracles of Jesus

Can you create a poster to tell us about all the miracles Jesus did? Please bring your posters in September so we can share them in our first RE lesson.

In Year 2, kindness and your well-being is at the heart of everything we do. We know that in September this is going to be even more important since we have been apart for so long. We know, from talking to Miss Mac and spending some time with you before the summer term ended that you are all polite, kind and caring towards each other. This is something that we will continue to nurture in Year 2, and our classroom will be happy, safe and kind. Have a go at these activities linked to kindness and your own well-being.

Kindness wordsearch

Create your bubbles of gratitude Make a jar of things to look forward too Tell us what makes you happy…

Art and DT

How about taking on the Blue Peter badges of summer challenge? This will keep you busy over the summer and its also a great reward to work towards. Have a look at the link below and see if you can rise to the Blue Peter badges of summer challenge!

Blue Peter- 6 badges of Summer

Can you draw or paint a self-portrait of yourself? Try and use a mirror and look carefully at your features – your eye colour, eyebrows, nose, shape, smile. We would love to put your lovely pictures up on display in your new classroom.

To help you in creating a house form the Great Fire of London, we have found a template that you might like to use to help you-

Great Fire of London Pop up house template

Also, we like to try and get maths in all our subjects so here is some Great Fire of London maths and art! We hope you enjoy completing the challenges!

Great Fire of London Mosaic GFL art and maths


We would love you to work on your high frequency words (tricky words) over the summer. See if you can read them, spell them and put them into super sentences. In Year 2 we like you to write interesting and funny sentences! Let’s see what you can come up with! Here are some resources to help you….

High frequency words to read and spell High frequency words- handwriting

Can you keep a diary of what you might get up to during the summer holidays? Write a few sentences and draw a picture for each week.

Summer Holidays Diary

To support you in your letter writing we have found some great writing paper and some tips on writing a great letter! Check them out before you start writing your letter to Mrs LB and I.

Letter writing support Paper to write your letter to Mrs Hemming and Mrs LB


This summer we would like you to take on the summer reading challenge. It may look a little different this year, but there are some fantastic books out there and some great incentives! Here is the link that you need to use to take on the challenge….

Summer reading challenge

As well as taking on the summer reading challenge, we would like you to complete a few book reviews of your favorite books from your summer holiday. Below is a book review for you to use. You can bring your book reviews back to us in September so we can share all the books you have enjoyed and display your book reviews in your new reading area.

Book review

In Year 2 we like to complete a variety of reading challenges and we look at all the different reading focusses during our reading sessions. We like to use these characters to help us talk about our reading focus and the strands to reading. Take a look and get a head start in learning the characters names and some new vocabulary!

Reading characters and questions for when you are reading…

In Year 2 we start to build up your fluency and comprehension skills throughout the year. We do this in a variety of ways, through lots of group, whole class and shared reading. Here is an example of one of the texts we will explore in September. The text is in three levels. Why don’t you read it together as a family and explore some of the questions? You could even highlight some key information or words you are unsure of with a highlighter like we learn to do in Year 2. We hope you enjoy trying out this reading challenge!

Great Fire of London reading challenge

History and Geography

Before we start our first topic in Year 2, Rebuilding London in September, we would like you to have a look at some of the key words that we will be using throughout our topic. Here is a word mat with a few words on. You could research some of the words and find out what they mean, and also learn to spell some of the words for a head start into Year 2!

Great Fire of London word mat

In Year 2 we love word searches! Here is a word search to help you build up new words to support you for your Great Fire of London topic! We hope you enjoy completing it!

Great Fire of London word search

As well as starting to explore your new topic of The Great Fire of London, we would like you to work on your Geography skills and explore the world and your local environment. Below is a booklet that will help you on your journey. After you have completed your booklet, sketch map the street you live in, and maybe take a trip into Wetherby and sketch how the land is used. This will give you a head start for our Geography skills lessons in September.

Exploring the world booklet


In Year 2 we love maths! We try and make our maths lessons as fun as possible and creative! We would like you to have a go at some of these activities to consolidate some of your Year 1 learning and also give you a boost for some of your KIRF (Key Instant Recall Facts) in Year 2. Here are some resources to help you….

Number bonds to 20 challenge cards Number bonds to 20 triangles 2 x table activity 5 times table activity 10 times table activity

In Year 2 we like to use White Rose maths resources. You might have done some of their home learning challenges during your time at home with Miss Mac but if you would like a taste of some of the questions we will be exploring in September, check out these documents and have a go! You can use practical resources that you can find at home to help you work out the answer too! In the Hemming house we enjoy smarties and raisins to help us! Plus, a bit of Numicon!!

White Rose Maths- activity 1 White Rose Maths- activity 2 White Rose Maths- activity 3

During all our maths lessons in Year 2 we have a bug emphasis on maths vocabulary. We embed it through all our lessons and we encourage children to use maths vocabulary as much as possible throughout the day and across all our lessons. If you would like a head start learning some maths vocabulary and consolidating some of the vocabulary you have used in Reception and Year 1 here are some word mats for you to explore.

Addition and Subtraction mat Multiplication and division mat Number and place value mat Fractions word mat Measures word mat Position and direction mat Shape mat

Could you make us a poster to tell us all the new maths vocabulary you have learnt over the summer?

Whilst you are on your summer holiday, when you are at home or out and about, we would like you to start thinking about and writing down where we use maths every day. Maths is such an important part of our every day lives, and we would love you to share the places and experiences where we use maths! For example, when we visit the airport (one of Mrs Hemming’s favourite places) we look at the shapes on the aircraft and also the role of the pilot using their factors to know how much fuel to put in the plane for each journey! The lists of maths in our every day live is endless, so create a list and bring it into Year 2 in September for our maths display.


In Science we would like you to complete a weather chart over the Summer holidays. The weather can change so quickly where we live so you might like to keep a log of what is happening out there.

5 Day Weather Chart

Weather Diary

Weather Report

Who likes minibeasts? Me and Mrs Hemming love learning about minibeasts in Year 2. During the Summer Holidays you might like to go on a minibeast hunt around your garden, in a wood or your local area.

Take a look at the activities below and have a go. You might not find many scorpions in Yorkshire but you will definitely see some ladybirds and butterflies flying around.

We have put a picture of what a tally looks like – 1, 2, 3, 4, close the gate when you get to 5. This will help you with one of the activities.

Minibeasts Flashcards

Minibeast Tally

Minibeast Sorting Activity


Over the holidays we would like you to make your own musical instruments out of recycled materials. We have found a few ideas that you might like to try-

Musical Shaker Musical Guitar Musical drums

When you have made your musical instruments, have a go at performing London’s burning! You can also make up a new verse to the song using this resource!

London’s burning song- add your own verse


There are lots of things you can be doing over the Summer holidays – being kind, helping your family, being kind to your siblings, helping around the house. We have also added a few booklets for you to complete to tell us a little bit more about yourselves.

Can you draw a picture of you and your family? Draw your Family

You are all growing up and it is so exciting moving to a new class. Can you tell us about yourselves when you spread your wings into Year 2? Spreading Your Wings

Here are a few things to keep you busy. Check out the mindfulness colouring worksheets and a great summer holiday activity booklet.

Activity Booklet

Mindfulness Colouring


Try one of our active learning grids from Year 2 to get fit and have some fun over the summer holidays.

Active Learning


This summer, as we might not be able to go on our sunny holidays to different countries, we would like you to learn some languages at home. We have put a few resources below to help you in learning a new language! We hope you have fun exploring new languages over the summer!

Spanish rainbow colours Spanish colour wordsearch Spanish numbers French numbers French colour wordsearch French colour the rainbow French colour mat