Moving into Year 1

Hello to my lovely new Year 1s! I’m so glad that you have found our new page and can see all of the exciting things to come for you in September! This page will hopefully help you to prepare in moving up into Key Stage 1!

As I’ve already told you, I’m so excited to be your new teacher in September and I hope you are beginning to feel excited too! I have so many great things planned for us!

I promised you some clues so that you could begin to guess our very first topic together in Year 1. Below are a few pictures to give you some clues on what we will be learning about together….I wonder who is going to guess our new topic first?

I hope these clues are useful and make you feel very excited about our learning in September, I know I am! If you can guess the topic we will be doing then please send your guesses through on tapestry!

Happy guessing!

Miss Mac x

What learning looks like in Year 1…

We have so much fun learning everyday in Year 1! Here are just a few examples of some of our wonderful lessons. I hope it gives you an idea of the activities we could get up to together.

Transition Activities

Here are some fun activities that I would like you to complete over the next few weeks. I have added a variety of activities to this page so you can enjoy doing them at home in preparation for Year 1.

I would love you to share your transition work with us as I want to get to know you all as much as I can before September! When you have completed your activities, send them to me on Tapestry so I can have a look at all of your brilliant pieces of work!

Hope you have lots of fun completing these over the summer!

Transition Activity 1 Transition Activity 2 Transition Activity 3

Summer Holidays Learning Grid

I thought it would be a lovely idea for you to have a summer holidays learning grid full of fun activities for you to dip in and out of, during the holidays, if you choose to. This  links to your new topic or new class and I hope it will really help you, not only in your learning in Year 1, but also to feel more ready for your new class.

Summer Learning Grid

Here are some activities that would be good for you to have a go at over the summer holidays as you move into Year 1. Some of the activities will help you with your moving into Year 1 home learning grid too. I hope you have a wonderful summer and I can’t wait to hear all about your summer adventures when we are together in September. Stay safe and have fun!

Miss Mac x

Below are some activities to support your learning ready for our new topic in September Under the Sea! Please have a look at these activities and have a go at them, there is plenty for you to have a go at and have fun with!

Under the sea word mat Under the sea colouring Under the sea find, colour and count


As you move into Year 1, it is important to know that it is ok to have different feelings such as being a bit nervous or anxious about all of the changes. This is normal and expected after such a long time away but I want you to know that I am here to support you and listen to you if you feel this way. Your well-being and happiness always comes first in Year 1! Miss Collier has told me how lovely you all are and how kind you all are to each other so its really important we keep this going when we all come together in September! Below are some activities to support you with your well-being and recognising how fabulous you all are!

Things that make me happy I am an amazing person Things I like about me

Below are some activities that will support your learning during the summer holidays. These are just really useful resources to use and practice ready for a wonderful start in Year 1!


Year 1 Common Exception Words

Another activity you could try over the holidays is to write me a diary entry of your favourite activity from the summer holidays. This could be seeing grandma, going to the park or walking the dog!

Diary entry frames

Why not read you favourite story and write me a book review all about it? I’d love for you to bring your favourite book with you in September with your book review so we could have a look together!

Book review template


Go onto PhonicsPlay online and play the phonics games. You need to read the words and decide if they are alien words or real words. I would recommend starting on phase 3.

Phonics Play


I would like you to practice your number formation from 1-20. Make sure you are checking your numbers are the right way round and that they are a consistent size. Don’t let those pesky mean teens and 5s trick you!

A great start to Year 1 would be to master counting in 2s! There is an easy pattern to practice when learning to count in your 2s and there is an activity below to support you with this.

Counting in 2s


I would like you to recap key Bible stories from FS2 e.g. Palm Sunday, Zacchaeus, Cana, Christmas and Feeding of the 5000. Maybe you could act these out or listen to an adult reading the stories!


Learn about your 5 senses. Where are they? What do they do? Use your 5 senses to describe what you can see, smell, touch, taste and hear in your garden! Have a go at these activities below to learn all about your 5 senses.

5 senses drawing 5 senses matching activity


Complete a local walk. Discuss what you can see and what features are natural e.g. trees, river and which are man-made e.g. bridge, shops. Can you write down what you see or draw a picture of what you can see?


Talk to an adult about a toy they use to play with in the past and compare it to your favourite toy. Discuss the similarities and differences between them! Below is a Venn diagram for you to write about the similarities and differences between the 2 toys. Maybe you could send a picture of your toy and your adults toy together!

Venn diagram about toys


Challenge! How many times can you throw and catch a ball in 30 seconds? Can you improve your score after a few times of practicing? I look forward too hearing all about this challenge and the improvements you make in your scores. You could try other things to such as how many times can you kick a ball against the wall? How many keepy uppies can you do? How many passes can you do with another person? So many possibilities!


Put on your favourite song and have a dance! Maybe try and clap the rhythm of the song.


Draw a picture of you doing your favourite activity. I would love to know what you love to do at home or outside of school! This could be anything like painting, riding your bike or giving your mummy or daddy a cuddle! Could you write a caption for your picture too? I’m so excited to see these!


Make a healthy and yummy fruit salad! Ask an adult to help you with chopping the fruit up and making your tasty treat. I would love to see some pictures! Make sure to plan what you need and the ingredients you want, then make the yummy fruit salad! After, evaluate what you have done. What went well? What would you do next time to improve?


Go onto Cbeebies online games and practice your mouse and computer skills. It’s an important and tricky skill to use a mouse!

Cbeebies games