Moving into FS2

Hello my new FS2 children! I am so excited to welcome you all into FS2 in September! I will soon be sending you all a video on Tapestry. Once we have got you all set up on it, I will be introducing myself and asking you to tell me a little bit more about yourself. I am really looking forward to our 1:1 Zoom meetings where we can have a chat about you and answer any of your questions about FS2!

Here is a little bit about me! These three pictures sum me up well. I love my dog, Betty, visiting the zoo and eating lots of nice cakes.

I also hope that this page will hopefully help you to prepare in moving into FS2 in the coming weeks with more information and activities to come.

Below are some clues so that you can begin to guess our very first topic together in FS2. I wonder who is going to guess our new topic first? If you guess our topic, please tell me when we do our Zoom call in the next few weeks!


I can’t wait to meet you all very soon!

Miss Collier x

What learning looks like in FS2…


Transition Activities

Please find some lovely activities below for you to complete between now and September. I hope they enable me to get to know you better and you to learn more about me!

The first activity is a “All about me” booklet. You can complete it in a number of ways. You can draw in each section, tell an adult what you think and they write what you say or you could add photographs, it is up to you!

All about me booklet

The second activity for you to send me questions or information that you would like me to know about you. You can do this on Tapestry very soon, once I have got you all an account and sent you my welcome video.

The third activity is to send me a picture of something that shows me the best of you! It might be you doing something you love or of something you have made, the choice is yours.

Once you complete each activity please send me a photograph of it on Tapestry, I can’t wait to get to know you better and very soon welcome you into FS2!

Miss Collier


Summer Holidays Learning Grid

I thought it would be a lovely idea for you to have a summer holidays learning grid full of fun actvities for you to dip in and out of, during the holidays, if you choose to. This is all either linked to our new topic or new things that we will be doing in FS2. I hope it will really help you, not only in your learning in FS2, but also to feel more ready for your new class.

Summer Learning Grid

Below you will find a range of activities and resources, linked to the Summer Learning Grid. The activities are designed to be fun, and help prepare you for joining FS2 in September.

I hope you have a fantastic summer break, with your families. I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures when we return in September! Please stay safe and enjoy your Summer break!

Miss Collier x


Begin to learn the Our Father at home.

Know how to correctly make the sign of the cross at the start and end of prayer.

PSED/ Communication and Language 

Talk to an adult abut how you are feeling about starting in FS2. Remember no feelings are bad and all may visit you at some stage. Adults to write down feelings and talk through them with your child.


Share your favourite stories at home. If you can read at least one superhero story!

Identify the following:
-Where the story is set
-Your favourite part of the story. Why?


Practice writing your name and other familiar letters. Use the handwriting sheets to help you if you get stuck on a certain letter.

Handwriting Sheets

If you are finding it a bit tricky to remember which letter comes next in your name, ask an adult to write the letters out and cut them out. Then hide them around your house! Find them all and practice putting them in the right order before having a go at writing it yourself. At first you can copy it but as you get more confident, see if you can do it from memory! 


Go on a sound hunt. This could be in your house, garden or on a family day out or walk.

Close your eyes and listen carefully to the sounds around you. What can you hear?

Are the sounds loud or quiet? Is it there all the time or does it come and go? What do you think is making the sound?

Practice your letter sounds. How many letter sounds do you know? Mr Thorne’s videos will help you!


Practice counting aloud to and from 20. Go forwards and backwards! Can you do it with claps, jumps or hops?

Go on a shape hunt around your house. How many different shapes can you find? Do you know the shape names? How many of each shape can you find?

Practice recognising your numbers to 10 and beyond. How many numbers can you recognise? Place them on sticky notes around your house. Each time you pass a number you must say it.

Extension: Can you collect all the numbers and put them in the correct order?

Physical Development

Show me your favourite type of exercise. Do you like to run, ride your bike or go swimming? Which ever is your favourite, take a photograph of you enjoying it and send it to me on Tapestry.

Make models out of play dough and follow the dough disco moves. Experimenting with play dough helps the muscles in your hands to strengthen and get better at holding things, digging and making! You can make some play dough at home by following the recipe below. Then make models with it and follow the dough disco moves!

Play Dough Recipe Dough Disco


Practice holding your pencil correctly when doing any drawing or mark making.  Holding it correctly will make it more comfortable when you are mark making. See the stages of pencil grip below. Identify which stage your child is at and try to progress onto the next. Lots of fine motor activities like the ones below will support this.

Stages of Pencil Grip Fine Motor Challenges

Understanding the World

Draw a picture of your family and ask an adult to label it for you. Remember you don’t always live with everyone in your family so make sure you include everyone.

Explore the world around you. Following on from our first transition session, see if you can complete your nature check list in your local area. See how many of the land art challenges you can complete.

Expressive Arts and Design 

Draw, paint or create your favourite superhero. I know lots of you have a favourite superhero, get creating them!


Practice putting on your school uniform and PE kit independently over the summer. This will help you and your child once they start with us in September.