Moving into Year 7

Hello to all the current Year 6 pupils who will soon be embarking on a brand new journey. You have all been fantastic role models in Year 6 this year and although the end of your primary school journey is not usually how we would plan it we hope you enjoy the last few weeks at St Joseph’s! We hope you are beginning to feel excited about moving to a new school and meeting lots of new people and making new friends. Beginning secondary school is very exciting but it can also be a little daunting too! There are so many new experiences ahead for you all and new things to know and learn. We hope this page will help you to prepare for Year 7 and secondary school. 

Year 6 Leavers Video 2020

This video is for you! We loved coming together to watch this and we hope that you can enjoy this again with your family members too. Thank you for being such a great Year 6 class. You really are the children that showed resilience and went the extra mile…you’re warriors, you’re brave, young knights; you’re bright and dazzling stars! 

Message to Year 6 from Bishop Marcus

Bishop Marcus has kindly recorded a video message for you as you finish your learning journey in primary school. We hope you enjoy watching this special message.

St John Fisher Catholic High School


SJF Year 7 Starter Booklet 2020-21

Please find attached a letter to your parents from your new school. This informs you of key dates for online transition meetings.

  Letter to Parents – Welcome to Fishers

SJF are launching “The Monday Meet” for new Year pupils. Read the letter for more information about the key dates.

The ‘meets’ are being streamed on Facebook. You need an account to watch this but minimum age for a Facebook account is 13 so please ask your parents to watch it with them on their own account.

SJFCHS – Facebook



St Aidan’s CE High School

St Aidan’s have recorded a special video for Year 6 pupils moving into Year 7. Meet your new Head of Year, Mr Taylor, who will take you on a virtual tour of the school. We hope you find this useful in preparing you for what your new school will look and feel like.

Wetherby High School

Please see the video below to hear what students say about Wetherby High School. We hope this is useful for you as you hear children in Year 7 talking about their experiences as well as parents and other students in other year groups.

Tadcaster Grammar School

Tadcaster Grammar School have created a bank of resources in one space to support all of their new Year 7 pupils in their transition. We hope you find this page useful in helping you to prepare for Year 7 and to know what your new school will look and feel like.

Tadcaster Grammar School: Year 6 into Year 7 Transition

Transition into Year 7

We are extremely grateful to some of our past pupils from St Joseph’s who are now in Year 7 for helping us to support you with your transition into Year 7. We send pupils each year to St John Fisher’s, St Aidan’s and Wetherby High so there will always be a friendly face that you recognise from when they were in Year 6 at St Joseph’s! Please find below videos from our past pupils – they talk to you about their experience in Year 7 at their secondary school and hopefully this will help to reassure you and give you some advice as you embark on your journey into your new school.

One video has been sent to your parents via email so please ask them to watch this! 

St John Fisher’s Catholic High School

You will all recognise this past pupil! Here, she talks to you about her experience at St John Fisher’s: how she felt on the morning of her first day, how easy it was to make friends, if she got lost and how quickly she knew her whole way around and finally, she gives you a really good piece of advice for Year 7! 

Wetherby High

You might recognise 2 pupils on here….a past pupil and one of our current Y6s!! How did she sneak on?! Here, our Y6 pupil asks the questions and our past pupil talks to you about her experience at Wetherby High: any worries she might have had and how quickly she overcame these worries, how easy it was to make friends, her favourite things about her school, favourite subjects and she talks to you about the exciting opportunities at Wetherby High! 

St Aidan’s CE High School

Please ask your parents to watch a video from Ralph who we are sure you will remember! This has been sent to them via email. He talks to you about his experience in Year 7 at St Aidan’s: how he felt on the morning of his first day, how he felt afterwards, what the bus is like, he talks about what he likes most about school…food and football being two things he says…things never change do they?! We know that so many of you love food and football! He also gives you some really great advice so even if you are not going to St Aidan’s, it’s worth a watch! Thanks Ralph!

Tadcaster Grammar School

Unfortunately, we don’t have any past pupils who have attended Tadcaster Grammar School but we hope that you can further explore the Transition space on Tadcaster Grammar School’s website. This space is full of wonderful information to help you feel ready for Year 7 in your new school. It has information about the following:

  • A special message from your new Headteacher
  • Uniform
  • Transport
  • Remote Year 6 parents’ evening
  • Video tours of the school
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Meet the key people for your time in Year 7
  • Meet the form tutors in Year 7 

Click on the picture below to go straight to the TGS Year 6 to Year 7 Transition portal.


Transition Activities

You all remember how it felt to move into new year groups at St Joseph’s but hopefully you will also remember how quickly you settled into your new year group with your new teacher. Moving into secondary school is a little different as it is also an opportunity for you to meet new people, make new friends and enjoy an even wider range of subjects! It may seem a little daunting and that is totally okay…hopefully, hearing from our past pupils in the videos above has helped you too.

Well done to all of you for writing such fantastic letters to your form tutors. These will really help your form tutor get to know you a little better before you start secondary school. They will also be able to see how you all have worked to such an incredibly high standard during Year 6! We hope you found the experience writing this letter enjoyable and hopefully you can really see the value in completing this activity! Well done!

Below are some activities we would love you to complete. These will give you the opportunity to reflect on your learning journey at St Joseph’s, what you have already achieved and also your goals for your next adventure! We are so proud of each and every single one of you. Take the time to complete the activities below as we are sure these will support you in being ready for Year 7!


Think back to when you first started at St Joseph’s…can you even remember your first day?

How did you feel? Do you think you will have been nervous? How soon did you settle in to school life at St Joseph’s?

If you aren’t sure about the answers to these questions, ask your Mums and Dads what you were like on your first day?

Did you not want to let go of their hand? Did you saunter into the FS1/FS2 classroom without a care in the world? Do you remember your very first friend?

We all have ‘first days’, even as adults (we have ‘first days’ at new jobs). Children often have ‘first days’ at new clubs too so ‘first days’ happen all the time! Once you know how your first day at St Joseph’s was, you can start to think about what you have achieved since then!

What are your happiest memories at St Joseph’s?

Think about your happiest memories at St Joseph’s. What are they? Perhaps a specific lesson? A sports day? A school trip? An event in school?

Create a cartoon strip of one of these happiest memories from your time at St Joseph’s.

What have you achieved during your time at St Joseph’s?

Consider your greatest achievements during all of your time at St Joseph’s…this includes Foundation Stage, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 or from whenever you joined us! Did you play for the school’s football team? Netball team? Did you attend any events, such as Young Voices? Did you overcome any really difficult challenges?

What are you most proud of during your time at St Joseph’s?

Create a “wonderful web poster” that includes all of your achievements. Mrs Ward would love to see these! 

What are your goals for the future?

Now you’ve reflected on your time at St Joseph’s, consider your goals for the future. What do you hope you to achieve in Year 7? or even beyond? What career do you want to go into when you’re older? How will you get there?  Perhaps you have specific goals about Year 7…these might even be to settle into your new school happily and make new friends! 

Write down these goals and keep them somewhere safe. Then, at the end of Year 7 you can look back and see if you achieved your goals! We are positive that you can all achieve anything when you put your mind to it!! Be ambitious!! 

Summer Holidays Learning Grid

We thought it would be a lovely idea for you to have a summer holidays learning grid for you to dip in and out of, during the holidays, if you choose to. Where possible, we have tried to link this to your new possible topics in Year 7.

Summer Holidays Year 7 Learning Grid


Below you will find a range of activities and resources to give your learning in Year 7 a little boost. Where possible, we have tried to link the activities and resources to topics and subjects you will study in Year 7.


Your grid task asks you to read this Bible Scripture from the Book of Isaiah.

Can you find any other Bible Scripture that is similar to this from Isaiah that would also help someone in the occasions you have come up with?

Bible Referencing

When you move into Year 7, it is important that you remember how to reference Bible quotes. Please see the key below to help you with this.




Follow the link to the Oxford Owl Free eBook Library to help you discover even more new books you haven’t read before. This will help you with your grid task too!

Oxford Owl Free eBook Library

We hope you enjoy lots of reading over the summer holidays! There are some reading comprehensions weaved into other subjects so be sure to use these to keep your reading skills bubbling!


If you would like to keep your imagination alive during the summer holidays, perhaps you could write your own stories or write creatively based on the picture stimuli from Pobble365.


SPAG Mat 1 SPAG Mat 2 SPAG Mat 3 SPAG Mat 4  SPAG Mat 5 SPAG Mat 6

We love a mystery so try some of these SPAG mysteries too!!

The Mystery of the Stolen Spacesuit SPAG Mystery The Obstacle Course Catastrophe Sports Day SPAG Mystery The Missing Emoji SPAG Mystery



Here are the arithmetic tests you are familiar with. Perhaps you haven’t completed them all. These will be good for keeping all of those Maths concepts bubbling and to maintain your arithmetic speed ready for Year 7!

Arithmetic test extension 1 Arithmetic test extension 2 Arithmetic test extension 3Arithmetic Test Extension 5 Arithmetic Test Extension 6 Arithmetic Test Extension 7 Arithmetic Test Extension 8 Arithmetic Test Extension 9

Here are some more activities and resources to support you in your Maths learning before Year 7.

Geometry- Statistics Workbook Geometry- Properties of 2D and 3D shapes workbook

Here are some nice Maths resources that also link to Cooking (Food Tech in Year 7). They also require your Maths skills too.

Fruit Muffins Recipe Grandma Ferguson’s Old Fashioned Shortbread Fingers



Zoology – Animals

Here are some links and resources to help you learn even more about animals. This is linked to the Zoology grid task.

National Geographic: Animal Pictures & Facts Britannica – Zoology: Animal Learning A-Z Animals

Here is a fun experiment/activity for you to do to explore how animals can be predators (hunters) or prey (hunted).

M&M Survival Challenge

Forces & Motion

Here are some resources to help you in Forces & Motion. You have already studied this in Year 5 but this is a topic you will study even further in Year 7.


Gravity, or gravitation, is a natural phenomenon by which all things with mass (e.g. kg) or energy—including planets, stars, galaxies, and even light—are brought toward one another. On Earth, gravity gives weight to physical objects, and the Moon’s gravity causes the ocean tides. 

Read the fact file on Newton and Gravity and then complete the questions (these are split into 1, 2 and 3 stars so choose the level of challenge you want).

Newton/Gravity Fact Sheet Newton/Gravity Comprehension Qs

Here is a PowerPoint all about gravity for you to find out even more…

All about Gravity – PowerPoint

Fancy an investigation all about gravity? Use this resource to help you.

Gravity Investigation

Air & Water Resistance

Need help? Air Resistance/Parachute PowerPoint

Here is a worksheet to help you with creating your own parachute. This also provides a space for you to record your results. Remember, try to make your test as a fair as possible. How will you do this?

Parachute results worksheet – editable word document Parachute results worksheet – printable PDF

Once you have created and tested parachutes and have developed your understanding of air resistance, complete the following activity to explore how air resistance can be useful and not useful.

Useful or not useful? Air resistance reasoning worksheet – EDITABLE WORD DOCUMENT Useful or not useful? Air resistance reasoning worksheet – PRINTABLE PDF


Click on the button below to watch a video about water resistance and air resistance.

BBC – Class Clips: Investigating water and air resistance

Push & Pull

Word Mat Forces Crossword Activity Activity 1: Forces in Action Identifying Forces Bingo Boards  Activity 2: Talk about Forces

Simple Machines – Levers & Pulleys

Simple Machine Posters


Simple Machines Wordsearch Simple Machines Word Mat

Use the PowerPoint to help you with the following task:

PowerPoint: Click here to learn more about levers, pulleys and gears. Lever, Pulley or Gear? Worksheet



Here is a tutorial to show you how to draw a landscape if this is something you choose to see and draw for the Art grid task. You all became so talented and creative with your Art when following tutorials so we hope this helps.


DT – Food Tech

Cooking is a life skill that you will continue to develop throughout your time in high school. The most important thing to first learn is how to be safe when preparing food and cooking. Please see the resource below which will help you in learning more about this.

Being Safe When Preparing Food

To help you with inspiration for meal ideas, please visit the websites below.

BBC Good Food Pinch of Nom Jamie Oliver Recipes




Here are some resources to help you learn more about Climate Change and to help with your grid task for this.

Climate Change Matching Cards Climate Change Wordsearch



Here are some videos to help you with the History grid tasks.

Norman Conquest 1066

The Battle of Hastings Reading Comprehension

The Great Plague (The Black Death)

The Great Plague: Research and challenge questions The Great Plague Reading Comprehension  Rat-Astrophe Timeline Activity