At St Joseph’s, we promote and encourage a lifelong enjoyment of reading. Reading can be an escapism to other worlds. It lets the imagination take over and we strive to immerse our children in texts throughout the school day. The library is often using during lesson times for smaller group learning and as a break-out space to support children’s mental and emotional wellbeing throughout the day.

Library Lunchtimes

This year, we have implemented the hugely popular Library Lunchtimes organised by children in Year 6. Two children from each class can choose to use the library at lunchtime and share a book with an older pupil. We have found this a very popular initiative and it has been very successful in supporting cross- year group friendships and encouraging more reluctant readers.



Leeds School Library Service

The books within our classrooms are carefully organised to reflect the current learning across all subjects for that half term.  The children can choose from a superb selection of good quality books provided by the School Library Service. The children are encouraged to read a range of fiction and non-fiction books to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the topics being studied. Children enjoy capturing and sharing their ideas and reflections on our library ‘recommend a read’ flipchart. Where children give star rating and comments to guide other readers.

We also use books from the  School Library Service to enhance our school library to keep the books fresh, vibrant and exciting for our pupils. These books are then organised in the library by genre or topic to enhance learning and enrich their reading for pleasure.

Reading for Mental Health

We are very grateful to have been given some beautiful new fiction and non-fiction books all about mental health. Teachers will use these books to support transition times and to help anyone going through a hard time, but they are also readily accessible for pupils to use on their own.  Thank you Leeds Library Service!

Gadgeteers! Summer Reading Challenge 

We are so incredibly pleased and proud that we have been chosen to take part in the Summer Reading Challenge and we hope this will help our children to keep reading over the summer!

This year’s Summer Reading Challenge it is a very special science-themed challenge, called Gadgeteers that will help the children to use their imagination and their creativity whilst helping to maintain their reading level over the summer holidays.

There are two ways to take part and we are challenging all of the children of St Joseph’s to join in and we will be celebrating those children that have earned a certificate and gold medal after the summer holidays.

1. Gadgeteers in libraries (Sign up Saturday is on 9th July, but you can sign up anytime from this date)

– Children sign up at their local library and receive their poster pack

– They set a personal reading goal for the summer and borrow books, eBooks and audiobooks of their choice

– Each time they finish a book and visit the library, children collect incentives

– They receive a certificate and/or medal for reaching their Challenge goal.

We were very lucky to be visited by Angie who presented an exciting assembly all about the challenge!

And Years 1 and 2 got to visit the library in Wetherby, take part in some wonderful problem solving and reading challenges, and learn more about the summer reading!

Good lucky everyone!


Our Pupils Using the Library