Summer 2 2022

Welcome back to our final half term of Foundation 2. We can not believe we are in our final half term of Foundation 2, it has gone so quickly! This half term we will be making it an extra special one so you have lots of memories of your time in Foundation 2. We have chosen a common interest as our learning journey this half term which is dinosaurs. All our rainbow challenges will link to dinosaurs and our class texts. We will also spend some time learning about Growth Mindset, the Olympics and take part in a world class athlete event. At the end of the half term, we will start to think about our new adventures into Year 1, and spend time visiting the classroom and asking questions to our new class teacher.

If you would like to find out in more detail about what we will be learning in Foundation 2 this half term, please have a look at our medium term plan and class newsletter that are also on our class page.

We are looking forward to another great half term in Foundation 2, with lots of smiles, fun and making memories together.

Please keep checking our class page to see what we have been up too.

Mrs Hemming, Mrs Harrison, Mrs Skilbeck and Miss Hazar

Dinosaur Topic Set 7 Stock Illustration - Download Image Now - iStock


This half term, our learning in RE is all about ‘The Church’. We begun our learning journey by considering who is part of God’s family. The children were excellent at remembering that we are all part of God’s family. We created some collages to remember this. We use lots of different colours to remind us that we are all different, but we are all welcome.

This half term, we have also met Georg. George will be part of the children’s classroom in Year 1 so he came a little bit early to help their children with their learning about the church. We looked at pictures of George in the church.

As a class, we then learnt about how there are people who help us at church. We had a very special visitor, Mrs Gray, who came to tell us all about how she helps at the church and how other people do too. They children asked some great questions and this really helped them to appreciate how our church is cared for by its parishioners.

Our next job is to write a prayer to say thank you to everyone that helps at church.


Our first book that we have been exploring in class is ‘Dear Dinosaur’. The children have enjoyed writing a post card to T-Rex to tell them all about their holiday. We have has some super letter formation and sentence building already this week. T- Rex is going to be busy reading all the post cards when he receives them!

When we walked into our classroom this morning, there were pants hanging above our carpet! The children were excited to find out how they had got there and what our class text is this week. They made some great predictions, and they were right, dinosaurs came to our classroom and left all the caveman’s pants! The children were set the challenge to create some new pants for the cavemen and write a letter to the cavemen to say we have their pants! We have had some amazing pants designs with some interesting adjectives’ to describe them!

Our dinosaur Top Trump challenge is a hit this week too! It has been lovely to hear the children discussing the different categories, and getting competitive too! We might have a go at making our own Top Trump cards over the next few weeks too. I wonder if anyone can rise to this challenge at home?


In our phonics learning, we will continue to follow the Sounds-Write scheme that we use at St Joseph’s. The sounds and tricky words that the children are learning can be found here on our class page. We would like you to focus on learning the tricky words that we have covered. You could play some tricky word games with your child at home, and build reading  them into your daily routine.

Here are a few tricky word games that you might like to print and try at home over the next 7 week and the 6 week holiday…

Unit 1-7- Tricky words game Unit 1-7- Counters for the tricky word board game Unit 1- 9 Tricky words activity book Uni 1-11 Tricky words read and roll game Units 7-11 Tricky word activity book

If you would like to share the tricky words songs we use in class, please look at these videos so you can read and write the tricky words we are covering in class. Tricky words need to be read regularly by your child so they remember them, as they can’t be segmented and then blended to read.

This half term we will be introducing new sounds in our phonics lessons and applying them in our reading and writing. Please share the sounds with your child at home so they can say the sounds correctly. The sounds we are learning are all sounds that two letters that make one sound and alternative sounds that make the same sound.

These are the sounds we will be covering this half term…

Three letters that make one sound tch

We are then moving onto extended code where we learn that a sound can be represented by more than one spelling.

We have started with ae as our first alternative spellings. Please share the following video’s with your child so they can explore the ae sound with the alternative spellings.

In sounds write, we call the a-e a split sound. Your children will use the split sound language in their phonics lessons, so please model this at home too.

We have moved onto our new alternative spelling with ee.  Please share the following video’s with your child so they can explore the ee sound with the alternative spellings.

It would be helpful to go through all the sounds we have covered so far weekly, asking your child to read some CVC, CVCC words out of the sounds we have learnt. You can also ask your child to write some words to so they are regularly applying their sounds and put the words the make into sentences using a capital letter, finger space and full stop.


We have been learning all about doubling numbers, and how you need to add the same number together to find its double. We have had a dinosaur leave some of her eggs behind, and it was the children’ job to double them in our doubling machine!

The next stafe of our learning journey is to learn all about sharing equally. The children have been learning about how we share equally and we have really slowed down our process by making sure we are careful to only move one at a time. Once we shared the objects, we also looked at how the number sentence would look. We spotted that both the numbers that we add together are the same. As well as completing this on the screen, the children also did this by physically moving sharing objects between two hoops. They really enjoyed this and it helped them to be more confident with their sharing understanding too!

The children have a rainbow challenge linked to this too. They are creating the number at the top using dinosaur themed counting objects and then sharing them equally between the dinosaur feet. They have also been challenged to represent this in numicon too!


Our KIRF (Key Instant Recall Fact) target for this half term is for the children to be able to divide and share numbers and objects. We will also be working on our doubling and number bond to 10 sills too.

Doubles to 10

We are also going to work on our doubing of numbers to 10.

Try these worksheets at home to work on doubling too.

Doubling Worksheet 1 Doubling Worksheet 2

Number bonds to 5 and 10

Check out these video’s that we use in class to help us learn our number bonds…


This half term our PSED topics will be linked to keeping our bodies and minds healthy, and also thinking about memories from Reception and our new beginnings as we transition into Year 1.

We started the half term refreshing ourselves that it is ok to make mistakes, and that sometimes our best learning comes from the times we make mistakes. We listened to a story about a girl who never liked to make mistakes and wanted to be perfect. We found out in the story that when she did make a mistake, she had more fun and she was able to enjoy more things with her friends. If you would like to re read the story at home, this is the story that we shared together…

We have also be learning all about how to keep our bodies healthy. We started by thinking about how to keep our heart healthy. We looked at a picture of the heart and thought about what it’s job is. The children then tried to locate their heart on their bodies. We sat quietly and listened to our hearts beating. We then took part in some exercise in the classroom to see if anything changed to our heart beat. The children all recognised that their heart was beating faster after our exercise. We learnt that this is because blood is pumping faster around our bodies delivering oxygen. We shared some exercises that they can try at home and we also tried some in our garden as part of our ongoing obstacle course. See if you can take on one of Joe Wicks challenges as a family this week! We would love to see you in action on Tapestry!

Physical Development

What a fantastic experience Foundation 2 had with our Invictus Athlete Sean Gaffney. The children joined in with his fitness challenge and rose to his challenges, even in the heat the children did an amazing job, we are so proud of them all. Sean told us all about his sporting journey and his time in the Navy. The children asked really thoughtful questions about his career and also how he lost his leg. We all ended the day feeling really inspired, and I hope the children take on board some of his key messages of never giving in, making the most out of every day, getting up and trying again when things get difficult and also to play sport with people they love and have fun with. We hope the children share this special experience with you at home, and continue to raise money. They really were fantastic, and Sean was so impressed with FS2. Well done team Foundation 2!

Fine Motor

In our fine motor area we have been creating dinosaurs using beads. The children perfected their tweezer skills to move the beads into place. We have also has some interesting dinosaurs made out of Lego too. Some of our children have also enjoyed creating a birthday cake for T- Rex out of playdough  and counting on the candles. We have some fantastic fine motor skills going on in FS2 this half term!

Understanding the World

We have been out exploring our wonderful woods in school! We went outside and we used our senses. It can be tricky to remember our senses so we realised if we sang, ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ we would be able to remember most of them! The children then had the challenge to draw and/or write a sentence about what they had found. They were very motivated to write and it was great to see them talk so confidently about their senses and write with enthusiasm!

Expressive Arts and Design

This half term, all our challenges are linked to dinosaurs through our two weekly texts. We have had fun creating our own dinosaurs in our painting area selecting colours, and mixing colours to create the right colour skin. The children then had an opportunity to create a dinosaur egg, using their maths skills of repeating patterns to colour it in. Dinosaurs are starting to take over our classroom!

The children have been very busy outside with their building! As you can see, there has been a lot of teamwork and discussion about their design and the parts that they have used. The children have also enjoyed us taking a picture and them trying to recreate their designs. It has been brilliant to see!