Summer 2 2021

Welcome back to our final term in FS2! I cannot believe how quick the year has gone. This half term our topic is “Alternative Tales”. The children loved our “Traditional Tales” topic so much that they wanted to further it! Please see our class newsletter for more details on what we will be getting up to this half term. 

This half term we will also be preparing for our transition into Year 1. This will include visits up to the new Year 1 classroom and additional activities to get the children feeling ready for Year 1. I am delighted that I am going with them this year and it will be a new adventure for us all!


This half term our final RE topic is “The Church”. We have began to topic by focusing on our part in the Church family. We have shared the other families that we are part of such as our families at home, at football and rainbow clubs. We then learnt about how the Church began by Jesus Disciples sharing the good news and shared where we had heard the good news. We had lots of answers including our family, teachers and Cannon Nunan. We then wrote about what it means to us to be part of the Church family. We had lovely ideas!

We have also been learning more about St Joseph’s Church and the important features within it. We have done this through George our class monkey, having a visit and taking some photos for us. The children have learnt new vocabluarly such as Lectern and Tabenacle and learnt about why these parts of Church as so special.

Collective Worship 

In Collective Worship we have been focusing on the school Mission Statement, to love in peace, live in faith and learn with hope. The children have reflected beautifully on how they can do each of these things within their everyday lives. 



We have started our topic of Alternative Tales by focusing on the story “Paco and his Giant Chile Plant”. The children loved the story and learning some of the Spanish within it. They quickly spotted lots of similarities between it and Jack and the Beanstalk and we explored them along with the differences. The children have then began writing letters to Paco asking him questions about the story.

Our next focus book has been “The Wolf’s Story”; a very convincing alternative version of Little Red Riding Hood, from the wolf’s perspective. The children listened carefully to the story and had to decide whose version of events they believed. We then had a debate about this, arguing different points and the children got to swap sides if they thought someones argument changed their mind. It was a fantastic discussion!

The children then used this to help them write a persuasive piece of writing, stating who they belived and why. Amazing work FS2!

The Cautious Caterpillar 

This week we have been focusing on our transition into Year 1. On Tuesday we spent some time in the Year 1 classroom and read the story of The Cautious Caterpillar, who was unsure about his transition from a caterpillar to a butterfly. The caterpillar’s name was cody and he was very happy as a caterpillar and did not want to progress into a butterfly as he had never done it before. A lot of the children related to this, so we did a worksheet that highlghted all the things the children currently had and could take to Year 1 with them, such as their friends, talents and areas of learning that they enjoyed. Through these activities the children have become more familair with Year 1 and are feeling more confident about the move in September. 


We started out Summer 2 Maths learning by looking at repeating patterns, The children have quickly learnt how to spot and continue repeating patterns. It has also been fantastic to see so many children creating their own repeating patterns in their self directed play. Super work!

We are now focusing on consolodating our learning around estimating and one more/ one less. The children have worked hard to apply this understanding in different contexts and record their workings and answers with growing independence.

This week some of us have been recapping doubling and halving. We have reccapped the basics and are now applying our understanding to word problems!

Some of us have also been combining groups of 2,5 and 10, applying our understanding of these muliples. Super work FS2, you have demonstrated rwal understanding and application of skills!


This week we have been focusing on recognising emotions. The children said how they thought each child felt based on how they looked and then we disucssed what made them think that. We concluded that our faces and gestures tell us a lot but that using our words to ask or explain is the best way to find out how someone is feeling.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been learning about bullying; what it is, why it may happen, why people may do it and what to do if you are being bullied or see someone who is. We had very important discussions, where the children showed great maturity. From this learning we now know what to do if we see somone who we think it being bullied, ask if they are okay and tell an adult. We also then made a friendship wreath that is diplayed in the classroom. The wreath is made up of handprints that the children have written their good friend qualities onto each finger. We had kindness, sharing, listening and making friends gifts as just some of the lovely ideas.


This week we have been focusing on our move into Year 1. We have visited the classroom twice, making comparisions with our current classroom. We ahve discussed the elements that are the same and those that are different, taking the children’s ideas on what they would like to have in the classroom in September. We have also learnt about the new routines, such as breaktime and the slight change to lunch time. It has all been very exciting! 


Physical Development


This week the children have been practicing their kicking skills in their PE lessons with Mrs Powell. The children have worked hard to pass it with the side of their foot with growing accuracy.

Fine Motor

In class we have been continuing to focus on our fine motor skills in order to develop and improve our handwriting. The children have enjoyed playing with playdough, practicing their cutting skills and building models in the construction areas.

The children have also been practicing their pre-cursive letter formation as part of their guided reading carosel. The children are working hard on this, making sure that their letters start and finish in the correct place.


Understanding the World

Looking after God’s World

Over the last couple of weeks we have been focusing on looking after God’s World following Year 5’s inspirational campaign to create a whole school book showcasing how we look after the world. The children have loved focusing on this, making bird houses, mini beast hotels and saving snails from being squished!


The children have LOVED learning all about Mexico as part of our learning on Paco and the giant chile plant. The children have enjoyed learing about key facts and features of Mexico as part of circle times before we emersed ourselves in the Mexican culture on Mexico Day! The children began the day saying “Bueno Dias” during the register. They then went to PE and had snack when we got back to class. During snack the children tried yellow pepper as one of our ingredients for fajitas that we will have later on this afternoon. The children enjoyed trying it and quickly identified it as pepper! We then reread our story of Paco and the Giant Chile plant and learnt some of the Spanish phrases. After lunch we learnt some facts about Mexico such as they love football like us and many have the same faith as us! We then learnt our numbers in Spanish. The children did really well with this to sayhow tricky they are! We then learnt the Mexican hat dance which they loved! I think many will be showing you it this evening. Miss Milivojevic came to watch and was very impressed! To complete the afternoon the children each tried fajitas. We talked about the ingredients and identified which the children liked and did not like as much. They went down very well with lots of children having seconds! A fantastic day enjoyed by all.

Living in Leeds

Over the last fortnight we have been focusing on “Living in Leeds”. We initially explored the part of Leeds that we live in, Wetherby. We did this through looking at where we are on a map, identidying the country and town of Wetherby. We then looked at photogrpahs of Wetherby and the children shared their experiences of those places. We then compared Wetherby with photographs of Leeds city centre, looking at the simmilairities and differences between them.


Expressive Arts and Design

In music we have been singing, naming and exploring the drums and creating a pulse. We started by singing our song ‘what is in the music box, instruments to play’ and we discovered a floor tom, tambourine, lollipop drum and a hand drum. The children loved playing their instrument to a pulse. We then sang the song ‘a hiking we will go’ whilst clapping and playing the different drums. The children created slow, fast, loud and quiet sounds and were able to start and stop during the song.