Summer 1 2021

Welcome back! We hope you have enjoyed a lovely Easter break and been able to enjoy the sunshine and a bit more freedom. Please take a look at our class newsletter for this half term to find out more about our new topic of Traditional Tales.



New Life

This half term our RE topic is New Life. We begun our topic on Friday by recapping our learning around Easter from last half term. The children shared their learning on Palm Sunday, The Last Super and Holy Week. I explained that this half term we would be focusing on events after Jesus died on the cross. We started this learning by hearing about Peter and Mary hearing the good news that Jesus had risen from the dead. We then spent the afternoon outside looking for signs of new life in our environment. The children drew what they could see and labelled it using their phonics skills.

Over the last few weeks the children have learnt about Jesus’s 40 days on Earth after he rose from the dead. They have learnt about how Jesus spent time with his friends before returning to Heaven to be with God. The children have learnt that many of his friends were shocked and surprised to see Jesus, particularly when he appeared in a room with them. As part of this learning the children acted out their amazement!


This week the children have learnt about the Ascension. The children have thought about how Jesus’s friends felt when he left them to go to Heaven. The children then all took part in painting part of an Ascension painting that we have displayed on our RE wall. 



Jack and the Beanstalk

This week we have started our Traditional Tales topic with Jack and the Beanstalk. On Monday we came into class to find footprints and beans scattered around. After some investigation the children concluded that Jack must have visited and left us some beans! We then read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and considered what the beans needed in order to grow into a beanstalk. We then planted two beans and await the beanstalks that we hope will come soon!

Following this learning the children have began writing instructions on how to plant a bean and look after it so that it grows into a beanstalk.

The Ugly Duckling

Over the last two weeks we have been focusing on the story of the Ugly Duckling. As part of this learning we have focused on sequencing the story and developing our story telling skills. One way that we have done this is by introducing a story telling board into our role play area. The children have loved choosing their own characters and settings and creating their own stories. This in turn has led to some fantastic story writing!

Little Red Riding Hood

This week we came into the classroom to find a red cape and a basket! Who could they belong to we wondered? After some investigating we discovered that they were Little Red Riding Hoods. The children enjoyed listening to the story and identifying the characters and settings. We then explored how we could change an aspect of the story. The children had fantastic ideas that we put together as a class before the children created their own. The children loved doing this so much that we have decided to explore more “Alternative Tales” next half term. 


Literacy in Provision

The children have been very busy during their choosing time, completing their literacy rainbow challenges. The challenges give the children the opportunity to apply their prior learning and embed their phonics skills in a range of practical and meaningful activities.




This week we have begun our learning on Doubling. The children loved watching the Numberblocks in “Double Trouble” and quickly learnt that doubling is where you add the same number together.

This week the children LOVED the Burn2Learn activity outside where they had to find all the number blocks and double them, applying their learning from last week. It was fantastic to see the children work as a team with their partner to succeed.

World Maths Day!

Today the children loved World Maths Day! All the children looked fantastic in their Rock Star or Number outfits. Pictures soon to follow.

We started the day with an amazing PE lesson with Mrs Powell where the children applied their understanding of multiples of 2’s,5’s and 10’s working in teams to collect items and add up their points.

We then completed the morning by engaging in mathematical rainbow challenges in provision.

After lunch we went on a mathematical treasure hunt. The children had to find the 10 different maths questions on the school field and solve them as fast as they could! A fantastic world maths day enjoyed by all.


Over the last couple of weeks we have been focusing on halving numbers. We have used a halving mat and objects in our environment to do this. As part of this learning the children have enjoyed working as a team with a partner to solve halving problems, racing their peers to see who can work out what half of a number is the quickest! Fantastic halving work and understanding FS2!


This week we have been focusing on what it means to share equally. We recapped our understanding of the same from Autumn Term. We then applied our understanding of halving from last week to sharing. 


Maths in Provision

The children have been very busy during their choosing time, completing their maths rainbow challenges. The challenges give the children the opportunity to apply their prior learning and embed key skills in a range of practical and meaningful activities. The children have also followed their own interests in maths, testing out their ideas and challenging them self in play.


Personal, Social, Emotional Development

Jack and the Beanstalk

Linked to our learning on Jack and the Beanstalk the children considered some of the issues that arise in the story. As part of a circle time we discussed Jack talking to the man who he sold the cow to and considered if he should have talked to a stranger. We reiterated that we only talk to people that we know. We also discussed Jack stealing from the Giant and discussed if this was a good choice. It was fantastic to hear the children so engaged in discussions, listening to each other, responding and explaining their ideas.

Following on from our work last week the children engaged in some role play based on different scenarios that they may encounter both at home and in school. The children acted each scenario out well and reflected on what their choices might be and which would be the best choice to make.

Our Talents

This half term we have been focusing on our talents in FS2. We quickly realized that often we enjoy what we are good at and that these are things that we view as our talents. We had so many different talents in FS2 from football to swimming, gymnastics, drawing, maths, writing, the list goes on! From this it was clear that we all enjoy a range of different things and how great it is that we all have different talents, some that we share with others and some that are completely different.

With such a range of talents it got us thinking about how we could use them to positively impact our peers, teachers and wider community. We decided to reintroduce our “Bucket Filling”. Using what we are good at to help others and fill their buckets. We have had some lovely bucket filling examples including, making cards and pictures for friends and family, children working as a team at tidy up time and other children helping their friends with their phonics during the self directed play.

Physical Development

This week you continued to practice your throwing and catching skills. It was lovely to hear many of you exclaim proudly “We are getting better at this”! I couldn’t agree more, each week your throwing is becoming more accurate and catching more consistent.

Living Healthily and Happily

Over the last few weeks we have been focusing on keeping our bodies and minds healthy. We have explored the importance of a balanced diet alongside exercise that we enjoy! The children have enjoyed sharing their favourite meals with their friends and drawing the exercise that they enjoy.

Understanding the World

iPad Work

This week we have done lots of work on “Our World” in both our Literacy and RE learning. We have also enjoyed playing phonics games on the iPad’s. All the children used the iPad’s confidently to play phonics games, clicking, dragging and reading the words in order to match them to the pictures.

Growing our Beanstalks

Over the last few weeks we have watched with excitement as our beanstalks have grown from the beans that we planted in week 1! The children have all taken responsibility for watering them and checking their growth. The children also thought it would be a good idea to measure them and chart their growth over the coming weeks. They currently stand at 9cm tall! A brilliant idea, I wonder how tall they will be next week?

Expressive Arts and Design

Painting the Ascension

As part of our RE learning the children enjoyed painting part of the Ascension to be displayed in the classroom. The children all took great care choosing the colours and materials that they thought we should use and carefully added each detail.

Creative Rainbow Challenges

This week the children have enjoyed taking on the creative Rainbow Challenges, making number beanstalks, painting their own beanstalks and using their fine motor skills to make a harp!