Summer 1 2022


We started our half term by reflecting on what happened to Jesus at Easter and why it is important to us as Christians. We looked at pictures from Holy week and as a group we talked about what was happening in each picture and how Jesus might have felt at each point in his journey. The children had a really good understanding that Jesus died for us at Easter and he rose from the dead.

We shared this video as a class, you might like to watch it together as family and talk about how Jesus and his disciples might have felt.

We have been learning all about Mary Magdalene and her significance at Jesus’s death. We listened to the story from the Bible and the children were then asked to imagine they were Mary and how they might have felt when they got to the tomb. The children came up with some wonderful feelings. Here are a few…

Jacob- I think she would have been worried about where Jesus’s body might have gone.

Martha- I think she would have been disappointed as she wanted to see Jesus’s body and say goodbye.

Rory- I think she would have been shocked as the body was gone.

We have also retold the story of Mary visiting Jesus through drama. The children did a great job working together and thinking about Mary and Jesus’s feelings in their drama. We were really impressed with their knowledge of the story and their acting skills.

As part of our learning about Mary Magdalene, we looked at pictures of her and how she is represented in the Bible. The children then had the opportunity to paint a picture of her using some of the pictures we found that showed us what she looked like. We talked about how she was one of Jesus’s greatest disciples, but she wasn’t Jesus’s mummy.


This half term, all our texts are all written by the same author, Giles Andreae. Our first book of the half term is Farmyard Hullaballoo. If you have the book at home it would be great if you could read it as one of your books over the next two weeks. If you would like to listen to the story, read by somebody else, here is the story…

The children have enjoyed exploring our writing table liked to the farm and finding and writing CVC words with objects based on the farm. We have enjoyed seeing the children applying their phonics independently, and persevering with writing words they find hard.

Writing happens both inside and outside in our class! Here a child has taken on the challenge of drawing an animal at the farm and then using their phonics to label their drawing. What a job job they have done too!

The next book we have been reading in class is The Chimpanzees of Happy Town by Giles Andreae. If you would like to listen to this story again at home with your family, here it is…

Our last book of the half term is Giraffes can’t dance. It has been one of our favorite books this year, so we will be linking some of our writing to the book.

Here is version of the story we have enjoyed in class…

We are also linking the party in the jungle to the Queens Jubilee. One of our challenges is to write an invitation to a party. Here are some of our children in action…


We have started our half term by challenging ourselves to represent numbers to 10 in different ways and with different maths resources. We are enjoying the challenges and deepening our understanding of numbers to 10.

As part of our maths focus activity we have been learning how to find one less than a number. We played a dice game and then used a number line to help us find one less than the numbers on the dice. Here are some of us doing our one less maths challenge…

In our garden, the children were introduced to a game by Mrs Skilbeck that encouraged the children to subitse and add two numbers on a dice  Mrs Hemming extended the game further to encourage the children to double numbers. This dice game was a hit and we have continued to play and extend the game throughout the week! We can’t wait to see where the game goes over the next few days…

As part of our Queen’s Jubilee celebrations, the children were set a challenge to make a crown out of 2D shapes. There has been some lovely language used to describe 2D shapes and some fantastic crowns. Here are some children working hard on their 2D shape crowns.


For our KIRF target this half term, we are focusing on days of the week. One activity that you could complete with your child is to do a daily calendar. We will be using one in class to support our KIRF learning.  Click the button below if you would like to print a matching calendar for you to use at home with your child too.

Printable Calendar

Days of the week

Our KIRF (Key Instant Recall Fact) target for this half term is for the children to be able to recall the days of the week and months of the year. Here is a great video with a catchy tune to remember this!

The story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ is also a great way to embed the sequence of the days of the week for children. You could add reading this book into your daily routine for the children to help them grow in confidence.

Here are a couple of games or activities you could use to help with your child with this area of their learning.

Activity 1Activity 2

It is also a good opportunity to learn the months of the year too. In FS2, we love a Jack Hartmann song in our Maths learning! This tune is catchy and the children will love using this to help learn the months of the year.

Doubles to 10

We are also going to work on our doubing of numbers to 10.

Try these worksheets at home to work on doubling too.

Doubling Worksheet 1 Doubling Worksheet 2

Personal, Social, Emotional Development

In FS2, we are focusing on different feelings that we might have. The children listened to the story about ‘The Colour Monster’ and began to consider the different feelings we might have. The children considered different times they have felt different emotion too.

As a class, we also talked about the different ways that we can keep our bodies healthy. These are the different ways we talked about looking after our bodies.

We also made links to screen time.  We talked about what screen time means. We said this meant using a TV, tablet or even when we use mobile screens! We found out that it can affect our sleep and concentration which can make us not feel at our very best! Here are the rules we made for screen time:

  1. Limit to one hour a day.
  2. No screens an hour before bed!
  3. To only use games or watch TV that the adult we are with has seen and says is OK. If we do see something that makes us sad, worried or uncomfortable we tell an adult we switch it off and tell an adult straight away!

Physical Development

In PE, our children have been working hard at their skills in ball games. They have been working on catching and throwing. They have been focusing on the techniques for this and how to show their partner that they are ready to catch a ball. They have working on using cupped hands, using their eyes and hands to show their partner they are ready to catch and sometimes even communicating with the words, ‘I’m ready!’. Of course, whilst playing these games the children have been developing their sharing and turn taking skills. Through great communication with one another we can see great team work and new and old friendships developing with the children. 

One of our outdoors challenges has been to travel across the climbing equipment like a farm yard animal! The children have had to use their core muscles to keep them balanced whilst considering how their animal may move and we have had some great animal noises too!

To end our PE lessons this half term, we used all the skills we have learnt this half term and had a dodgeball competition with Foundation 1. Foundation 2 were great role models to our Foundation 1 children and worked on their sharing skills and team work. The children listened well to the rules of Dodgeball and improved on their throwing , catching and movement skills throughout the competition. We are already looking forward to our next dodgeball competition.

Fine Motor

In our class we are working hard to apply our fine motor skills in all areas of our learning. We have enjoyed our first challenge of the half term which was to make numbers using pegs and peg boards. The children have been working hard to use careful grip to make the numbers, counting the pegs carefully to form their numbers correctly. After they have done this, they challenge themselves to find one more and one less than their number. They have done a great job with this!

We love dough disco in our class. Check out one of our new favorites where we learnt some superhero tricks!

Here is one of our children proud of the tractor he made after our dough disco session! We think it is great!

We have also enjoyed making 2D shapes on geoboards. It really challenged our 2D shape and fine motor skills!

Understanding the World

This half term we he have linked our topic to learning about animals around the world. We have started by learning about where we live and what animals live in our local environment. The children have had a look on a map and seen that we live in Wetherby, which is in Leeds, which is in England, which is part of Great Britain. We have looked at what the land is like in Wetherby and this encouraged children to take on our art challenge. We have learnt about the River Wharfe running through Wetherby and the River Aire running through Leeds. Please continue to use this language with your children at home and take a trip to the two rivers if you can. We would love to see some pictures on Tapestry.

In our Investigation area, the children have enjoyed creating farm maps. They have planned their own farms, considering if animals like to be alone or with a herd, attaching using glue then drawing roads onto their design!

Our children have also been completing their challenges using the sand. Here you can see some children creating their own farm map using the resources in the sand area

We made links to our book, ‘ Giraffe’s Can’t Dance’, by learning a bit about Africa too. We had some pictures to look at and we had to decide if they were in Africa or Wetherby. After they completed this challenge, the children were asked to draw something from Wetherby.

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

We have been celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee! In our classroom we have had lots of learning linked to who our Queen is and what the Jubilee means. As a school, we had a special celebration day on Friday. We began our day by playing some special games in PE.

We then had a special menu in the lunch hall. We had party bags with sandwiches, pizza, sausage rolls, some yummy vegetable sticks and cake too! Our hall we decorated for the occasion.

We then played some party games inside our classroom. We played musical statues and musical bumps. After that, we went outside and had a picnic and a play. It was a brilliant day and the children thoroughly enjoyed celebrating our Queen!

Expressive Arts and Design

We have been learning all about David Hockney and his job as an artist. One of our challenges was to re create one of his landscape pictures to represent what the land is like in Wetherby. We learnt about the River Wharfe running though, and the children worked hard to paint the river Wharfe on their painting. We also learnt how to mix colours to create the colours we wanted for each part of the landscape.

The children have also been enjoying singing ‘Old MacDonald’ too! Here you can see some of FS2 using instruments in our outside music area to perform their rendition of this popular song!

Check out some of our children re creating Happy Town by painting their own town and role playing as the chimpanzees. Great imaginations boys!

We also think this is a fantastic house hat will fit in perfectly to our Reception Happy Town…

As part of our creative learning journey this half term we are learning all about animals that live in Africa. The children looked at pictures of a sunset and we talked animals that live in Africa. They were then set the challenge to create an African savannah sunset. We think the children have done a fantastic job so far and their choice of colours and accuracy with their paint brush has been outstanding!

As one of our final challenges the children were set the challenge of creating decorations for the Queens Jubilee. We have looked at pictures of the British flag and also decorations we might have at the party. Our classroom is starting to get full of decorations ready for our jubilee party! Check out the concentration on some of our children’s faces whilst they were painting.

The children have helped to create their own role play area linked to our class text Giraffes can’t dance. They made a safari truck out of greats and we have a royal table for a party. They have taken on the role of African animals on safari and also the Queen at her Jubilee party. We have enjoyed taking a trip to the Savannah with our rangers to spot some animals!

In construction, making links to our book, ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’, the children were also given the task to build some buildings from Africa. As a class, we looked at the variety of buildings that you might see in Africa from different types of houses and office blocks. The children extended their learning outside using crates to make buildings…and Buckingham palace!