Spring 2 2024

Welcome back to our Spring term 2 in Foundation 2. We hope you all had a nice holiday and did some nice things with your family. 

This half term the children have decided to learn all about Space – and we are so excited! We will keep you up to date with our learning on this webpage as well as on Tapestry and through our Newsletter.

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Collective Worship

We started our collective worship this half term by learning about the importance of Shrove Tuesday and how it is the day before Lent begins. We thought about what kind of things we might do during Lent to help us understand the importance of what Jesus did in the desert. As a class, we then talked about what our class altar needed to change to as we are now entering Lent. We shared the significance of the purple cloth and our Year 6 children came to help us make sure our table was dressed correctly for this time in the year.

Ash Wednesday

To celebrate Ash Wednesday, the FS2 children came together with the rest of the school and listened to a lovely service in the hall from Fr Andrew. The children listened to readings and joined in with prayers before receiving special palm ashes on their foreheads from Fr Andrew. The children kept these precious ashes on their heads for the rest of the afternoon and all shared how much they enjoyed this service.


St Joseph’s Day

We began our day by together with the FS1 class to have a special collective worship to reflect on the importance of St Joseph and why we celebrate him each year. In our activities we celebrated St Joseph by enjoying some carpentry based challenges as well as creating our own artwork of him. To finish our day of celebration we gathered as a class in the prayer garden to reflect on how we can be like St Joseph. In his hard work as a carpenterhis loyalty to God and for his kindness and respect for others throughout his life.






Our topic this half term is called Joy and Sorrow. 

We have been learning all about the story of  about  Zacchaeus. Zacchaeus was a tax collector who had cheated people out of money. We talked about what he had done wrong and how he could make this right in the future. After hearing about this story, the children all shared times when they felt they needed to say sorry and the children agreed that sometimes this was a really tricky things to do. We realised that it takes a lot of bravery to say sorry. Together, we shared a prayer asking for forgiveness and bravery to own up to our mistakes. We retold the story using small world characters and learnt a special song to help remember this important Bible story.

We have been learning all about the story of Palm Sunday. We all agreed how amazing it must have been to see Jesus riding on a donkey through Jerusalem and some children shared thought the people of Jerusalem must have felt “shocked” “amazed” “excited” and “surprised”. After listening to the story, we all made our own palm leaves and then acted out the events that took place on Palm Sunday.

As we prepared for the celebrations of Easter, we thought carefully about the true importance of Easter. We made cards to share with our families and used our colour mixing and painting skills to create artwork in reflection of the events of Easter weekend.




Through the half term, the children have loved exploring our three key texts.

Whatever next! By Jill Murphy

During our weeks working on this key text, the children had lots of making lists of what they would pack on a trip to the moon, sequencing the story and even debating whether Baby Bear truely went to the moon or if he was pretending. Could someone really travel to the moon safely in a cardboard box?

Beegu by Alexis Deacon

During our weeks working on Beegu, the children reflecting a lot of the feelings of the main character Beegu. We talked about how we could be welcoming to her and made dens for her in the woods to use a shelter whilst she waiting for her family to come back and find her. The children were challenged to use adjectives to describe Beegu in sentences and then created their own alien friend and described them as well.

“Beegu is yellow.”

“Beegu has long ears.”

“My alien has ten arms.”

“My alien is friendly.”

Astro Girl by Ken Wilson-Max

During our time focusing on Astro Girl we learnt a lot about the roles and responsibilities of an astronaut. We watched videos from the International Space Station to help learn about what it is like to live and work up there for months at a time. We roleplayed being Astronauts and the children wrote postcards to their families telling them what they had done or seen in space. The children were also challenged to write questions that they may like to ask an astronaut.

World Book Day

The children have taken part in so many exciting activities this week to celebrate World Book Day!

It has been lots of fun to hear all about the children’s favourite stories and characters. They have been challenged to give reasons and explain their opinions by using the word ‘because’ in their spoken sentences. We even went to the Library with our Year 6 buddies to share some stories. It has been wonderful to share and read lots of new stories!




This half term, we have been practising our number bonds to 10 as part of our KIRF target. We started by thinking about what the number 10 looks like and then we split it into different parts. We then started to learn a new song to help us remember our number pairs to 10! We love singing and dancing to this song.

In building on this, the children have been challenged to not only recognise and write numbers 9 and 10 but represent them in different ways. This has included using a part whole model to show how the numbers can be constructed and represented.



We have also been learning to measure this half term. We started by learning to measure and compare different lengths and heights. We used key vocabulary such as ‘longer’ ‘shorter’ and ‘taller’ to help us compare different lengths.

After this we moved on to discussing how we could measure and what equipment we could use, such as cubes, rulers or measuring tapes. The children then had lots of opportunities to explore this further in our provision activities. We made a new height chart in our classroom to help us measure and compare the height of different people.


We have been learning what it means to show others respect. We made a list of all the ways we know how to be respectful to others and also learnt some new ways. As a class, who are having a fresh start, we made some new class rules that we have all signed and agreed to.

We had a big class discussions about diversity and tolerance and what it means to be tolerant of others. By looking at this book we have learnt what diversity means and with support, the children were able to share some ideas of what it means to be tolerant and how we can show this in the classroom. 




Physical Development

Gross motor (P.E.)

The children have been developing their gross motor skills through P.E. lessons twice a week. This half term, they have been learning to dodge into spaces and travel safely around marked areas. The children have continued to develop their teamwork, throwing and catching skills as well as jumping, hopping, running and skipping. 

Fine motor

The children have independently accessed a range of different fine motor challenges this half term all linked to our Space topic!



Understanding of the World

We have been learning all about rockets and how they work. We have looked at pictures and videos of the inside and outside of rockets and compared this to different transport such as bikes and cars. 

We also have been learning more about our solar system and the different planets. The children have really enjoyed researching what the planets look like and have been challenged to order the planets using the non-fiction books. 

Linking to story of ‘Beegu’ – we have been creating maps to help her better understand our world. As a class, we talked about our school surounding area and our local town of Wetherby. We looked at a map of wetherby and talked about what maps show. In provision, the children have been designing their own maps for Beegu, using the pictures of Wetherby and our school to help them.

Expressive Arts and Design


We learnt about the different shapes we see of the moon and explored mixing white and black to make shades of grey to paint the moon and the night sky. Some of us used paintbrushes, other used our fingers and also tried using cotton buds to make patterns and show moon craters in the paint.

We have explored chalks to create artwork of our galaxy, The Milky Way. We looked at different images for inspiration and used our fingers to blend the chalk colours into each other. 


We explored making rockets in our creative area. As a class we talked about what resources we would need and looked at some examples. We talked about what made them really good and what could be changed to make them even better. 

During our time focusing on the story of Beegu, we designed and made alien headbands. The children were encouraged to plan what they needed and to make adaptations as they worked. It resulted in some very interesting headbands which the children then had to describe using adjectives to support our Literacy work.