Spring 2 2022

Welcome back to our Spring term 2 in Foundation 2. We hope you all had a nice holiday and did some nice things with your family. This half term is an important half term as we are traveling through Lent, preparing to remember the importance of what Jesus did for us all on Good Friday. Our RE journey in school will support the children in understanding why Easter is an important time of year for us as Christians.

This half term we will be relaunching Live Simply as a school. Our topic in Foundation 2 is called Our precious planet. We will be making links back to our RE topic God’s world to think about how we can look after all the things that God has given us. To have a look at all the things we have planned over the next five weeks in FS2, please take a look at our medium term plan and class newsletter.

We are looking forward to another half term of learning and fun with you all.

Mrs Hemming, Mrs Harrison and Mrs Skilbeck

Collective Worship

We started our collective worship this half term by learning about the importance of Shrove Tuesday and how it is the day before Lent begins. We talked about why people eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and how it became a tradition. The children had the opportunity to make pancakes with a selection of toppings in our class café (out of playdoh)! We also thought about what kind of tings we might do during Lent so we could put ourselves in Jesus’s footsteps in the dessert. The children came up with a few ideas and we will continue to explore our Lenten promises throughout Lent.

We had a lovely start to our Lent journey by sharing our collective worship together with Little Liturgies. The children listened beautifully throughout the collective worship and were respectful in their prayers. If you would like to share the Ash Wednesday liturgy with your child again at home, here it is for you to watch…

As a class, we then talked about what our class altar needed to change to as we are now entering Lent. The children helped dress the altar in a purple cloth and placed the Bible, candles and Rosary beads carefully on it.

To launch our sponsored walk to school week to raise money for CAFOD, Maggie from CAFOD came into our class and delivered our collective worship. She told us about the work she does with CAFOD and shared a special story about a girl called Lombeh. Lombeh struggled to gain weight when she was little. With the help of sisters in the community, aid and education support from CAFOD, Lombeh’s mum was provided with special food and given the education to grow and provide Lombeh with the right food/nutrients. Lombeh is now a health weight and happy. With the support from CAFOD, Lombeh’s mum is educating other families in their village about the food and crops they can grow to help their children grow and thrive. Maggie told us how our sponsored walk money can help CAFOD around the world, especially in Lombeh’s village.

St Joseph’s Feast Day

We learnt that on Saturday 19th March, it was the feast day for St Joseph. We started our learning by looking at who St Joseph was. We talked about how we our school saint and the children recognised the picture our local parish, St Joseph’s. We talked about how St Joseph was Jesus’s Earth Daddy and Mary’s husband. We knew that St Joseph helped Mary to find somewhere safe to have Jesus, God’s only son. We also learnt about how St Joseph was a carpenter too. We then went outside and the children took part in a Burn2Learn activity where they had to find the pictures linked to St Joseph and remember what the picture taught us about him.

To finish off, we went to our prayer garden and talked about how this is a special place in our school. We talked about how our garden had a statue of St Joseph in the middle. We finished off our time in the prayer garden by saying a special prayer for St Joseph together. Afterwards, we sat on the grass and and had a biscuit each to celebrate this special feast day. 


Our topic this half term is called Joy and Sorrow. 

We have begun the half term with the children thinking back to the story of creation. This links back to our learning from  Autumn 1. The children thought about how God had made the world and we talked about how this was a precious gift from Him. 

Here is the video we watched to remember the story of creation.

After this, we watched a video all about Laudato Si’. This is a letter from The Pope who has asked for us all to protect God’s precious planet. Click the button below to go to the link of for the video we watched.

Laudato Si’

We decided that we can make a big difference to God’s world with just small things that we do. Here are just some of the ways that we talked about.

In the next stage of our learning journey, we have been learning about being truly sorry. We talked about how we had all had to say sorry before and it is OK to make mistakes! We talked about what truly sorry meant and how we could show this. We decided this is through our words and in our actions; making right when we have done wrong and not repeating something we have had to say sorry for in the past. 

We then linked this to the story of Zacchaeus. We found out that Zacchaeus was a tax collector who had cheated people out of money. We talked about what he had done wrong and how he could make this right in the future. We talked about how we sometimes have to be brave to say sorry! To remember our learning, we have made some sorry medals. Whilst we were making our medals, we recapped about showing we are sorry and remembering to prove we are truly sorry by not repeating the same action/ words again.

We then moved onto the next stage our learning where we have thought about kindness and sharing. We linked this to the story of Jesus feeding the 5000. We talked about how sharing can make us feel and why God would want us to share. The children then enjoyed drawing pictures of themselves and decorating our RE working wall to show the picture of this important Bible story.

In the next stage of our learning, we are thinking about Easter. We began by talking about Palm Sunday and why this is an important story. The children then decorated their own palm leaves in their books.


Our first book this half term is ‘Finn the Fortunate Tiger Shark and his Fantastic Friends’ . As part of this the children have a curiosity cube in our Literacy area where the children have the opportunity to talk about, draw and write at they see, how they think the object are there and what they are.

World Book Day

This week, we celebrated World Book Day! The children came in and were dressed brilliantly as their favorite characters.

We have ended our half term by having an Easter themed book that has been used to enhance some of our challenges. The book we read was…

The children had the opportunity to open eggs on the writing table and draw what they found inside the egg. They also had to challenge themselves to label the picture and put one of their words into a sentence. The children also had the opportunity to use their pencil skills to create a rabbit and an egg in our fine motor area. We had some fantastic concentration by the children who  followed the lines accurately.


In our phonics learning, we will continue to follow the Sounds-Write scheme that we use at St Joseph’s. The sounds and tricky words that the children are learning can be found in their ‘sounds’ books. We would like you to focus on learning the tricky words that were shared on tapestry last half term with your child at home.

It would be helpful to go through all the sounds we have covered so far weekly, asking your child to read some CVC, CVCC words out of the sounds we have learnt. You can also ask your child to write some words to so they are regularly applying their sounds.

If you would like to share the tricky words songs we use in class, please look at these videos so you can read and write the tricky words we are covering in class. Tricky words need to be read regularly by your child so they remember them, as they can’t be segmented and then blended to read.


This half term we will be introducing some new sounds in our phonics lessons and applying them in our reading and writing. Please share the sounds with your child at home so they can say the sounds correctly. The sounds we are learning are all sounds that two letters that make one sound.


We started our maths journey this half term by exploring addition vocabulary and understanding what the equals sign means in an addition calculation. The children have already enjoyed using some of our under the sea creatures and shells to help them create addition calculations and check their calculations too.

We have continued to work on our addition with our Easter themed story We’re going on an egg hunt. The children had a selection of eggs and an adding machine and they had to complete some egg addition calculations. The hardest part of the adding was making sure they children didn’t eat the chocolate eggs! We also had an egg hunt set up in our investigation area. The children had to follow the rabbit trail and look for the cracked eggs with number bonds to 10 on. The children had to use tweezers to select each part of the egg and build the eggs with the correct two numbers that made 10.


We have continued to learn more about our brains and the different jobs it helps us to do. We have explored the book our fantastic elastic brain and thought about the different feelings  we can have. We talked about it been ok not always to be happy, and how different situations can allow us to have different feelings. If you would like to share some of the story with your child at home, have a look at this video and see how you can support your child to stretch their brains.

Physical Development

We kick started out PE lessons this week with a special PE lesson with Mrs Hemming in the hall. We talked about some of the skills that we have learnt in our PE partner lessons with an emphasis on balancing and jumping. The children learnt how to make different shapes with their bodies including a tuck, star, straddle and pike shape. We transferred some of our skills onto benches to see if we could balance and jump off, landing safely with our arms out and bent knees. We were amazed at the children’s skills and resilience to try things outside their comfort zone and we will repeat the lesson again very soon!

At the end of the half term Foundation 2 took part in a dodgeball competition with Year 1. The children were put into houses and we rotated round playing each house. The children listened carefully to the instructions and we saw some fantastic teamwork and perseverance for our first game of dodgeball. The children has lots of fun too and we are already looking forward to our next competition. The winning house was Kirkstall with Whitby in close second place! Here are some pictures of us in action.

Understanding of the World

We started our learning this half term by sharing our topic title with ‘Our Precious Planet’. We started our topic by having a black out day. We kept the lights off in our classroom all day and didn’t use the interactive whiteboard. We choose some children in class to become our classroom planet protectors and help us every day in class to do things to look after our local environment. We will rotate these jobs over the half term and rest of the year so different children can take on the role of a specific planet protector. Here are the planet protector jobs we have created in class…

The children have started on their jobs straight away and they are already enjoying their new roles!

We have read a book all about helping look after our sea habitats. The book was called Rocket says clean up. The children enjoyed listening to the story and they had some great ideas how they are going to look after habitats at home and when they next go the beach. If you would like to listen to the story again at home, here it is to share…

Rocket says clean up story

Image result for rockey says clean uo book

The children then had the opportunity to clean up our class beach. We talked about the rubbish that had been left behind and how it could harm the habitats on the sand and in the water. We then sorted the rubbish using tweezers into rubbish that can be recycled and things that couldn’t be recycled.

Science Week

In FS2 this week, we have been enjoying taking part in some experiments for Science Week! In class, we completed two Science experiments which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

Our first experiemnt was all about how plants drink water. We added some blue food dye to some water and enjoyed observing the results. We understood that it would take a while for the plants to drink the water and we would have to wait. We learnt that sometimes patience is key in an investigation!

We also did an experiment all about floating and sinking. We began by making predictions for our results. We had hands up if we thought the object would float and hands down if we thought they would sink. We learnt that predications don’t always have to be correct– they are just a good guess! The children loved completing this experiment.

As part of our celebrations, we also went to visit the Science Fair in the Year 3 and 4 classrooms. The children in Y3 and 4 had done a brilliant job at having different stalls for the children to come and enjoy some hands-on Science activities. Foundation 2 thoroughly enjoyed trying out the experiments! It’s safe to say, this class are really enjoying their first experiences in their Science learning!

We had an extension of science week in our final week of term. The children are really interested in volcanoes and it has been part of their imaginary play in our garden. In groups we decided to mix different ingredients to cause a chemical reaction. The children worked as a team and mixed washing up liquid, white vinegar, red food coloring and bicarbonate of soda in a cup. They predicted that all the ingredients would explode and cause an eruption. It was lovely to see the awe and wonder in the children’s faces throughout the experiment. Some children took a big step backwards when the final ingredient, bicarbonate of soda went in as they thought it was going to go all over them and cause a large bang! Here are a few of our volcano action pictures.

Expressive Arts and Design

As part of our construction and Lego challenge the children have been given the opportunity to plan and create an Aquarium. We had a discussion about what an Aquarium is and the children were actively engaged creating their own Aquarium’s and animals to out inside the Aquarium out of bricks and Lego. We think they have done a great job so far with some good examples of teamwork and resilience to overcome some of the challenges they faced when creating sea creatures!

Some of our children have used their creative skills to create our world. They thought carefully about the colours our earth is and then plotted the land and sea on their plates. Here are a few of our planet earth’s in the making process…

We are also enjoying designing Easter eggs and talking about the pattern and colours on the eggs we create.