Spring 2



This half term the RE topic is “Sorrow and Joy”. The children have been learning about kindness, recognising when we may hurt others and the importance of saying sorry. The children have also be learning about forgiveness and helping others to share what they have with those who do not have as much. 

As part of our RE learning we have also been learning about Easter, focusing on the 12 stations of the cross, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. The children have particularly enjoyed learning about Peter’s betrayl and have retold the story well with fantastic understanding. 


In Literacy the learning has been based around Dinosaurs as this is the topic area that the children have chosen to learn about this half term. We have been focusing upon three stories across the half term. These are: Harry and his Bucketful of Dinosaurs, Worrysaurus and Dear Dinosaur.
As part of this learning the children have been, sequencing stories and writing sentences to describe what happens in each part, building their own worry boxes and writing why their items are special to them. They will also be beginning to write their own letters. The children have also enjoyed creating story maps and shared writing, applying their knowledge of familiar stories and their Sounds Write phonics skills. 



This half term we have began by focusing on recognising numbers 10-20 consistnelty, understanding the value of each digit. The children have picked this up quickly which has been fantastic!

Since returning to school we have been focusing on consolading the learning that we did at home and assessing the children’s areas for further development. This has led to us doing tailored small group work where the children have relearnt key concepts and had lots of oppotunities to apply their understanding both in and outside the classroom.



This half term we have been focusing on transitioning back into school, getting back into our routines and playing and working collaboratively with our peers. It has been fantastic to see the children together again, learning through play and shared experiences.

We have also been continuing to support the children in making choices and understanding the impact of these on themselves and others as part of managing their feelings and behaviour.


Physical Development

This half term we have been focusing on maintaining good hygiene, remidning the children of the importance of washing their hands. The children have enjoyed these messages being taught through stories and songs, making their own hand washing posters.

The children have also enjoyed getting back to their PE lessons with Mrs Powell, contining to develop key skills and team work.


Understanding of the World

This half term the children have chosen “Dinosaurs” as their focus topic area. As part of this topic we have been learning about when Dinosaurs roamed the Earth and their extinction.We have also been learning about different types of Dinsoaurs and the children have been sharing their favourites!  In provision areas, we have been encouraging the children to engage in imaginative role play as a form of expression. As part of this the children have the opportunity to become arachnologists in our new Dinosaur Dig role play area.


Expressive Arts and Design

The children have enjoyed returning to their Music lessons with Miss Hutchinson this half term, learning new songs and awareness around different instruments and rhythms.

The children have also enjoyed being creative in the painting and creativr areas, expressing their ideas and interests.