Spring 1

Happy New Year! We hope that you have enjoyed a happy and healthy Christmas with your families. We are very excited to welcome you back this half term as we start our new Space topic! Please see the class newsletter for more details.



Palm Sunday

In FS2 this week we have been learning about Palm Sunday. The children enjoyed listening to the story of when Jesus arrived in Jerusalem and the people laid down palm leaves to great him. After listening to the story each child coloured in a palm leaf and carefully cut it out using their fine motor skills. We then acted out Jesus arriving in Jerusalem and the crowd waving to him. The children all thoroughly enjoyed this.

St Joseph’s Day

Today we celebrated St Joseph’s day. We began the day by visiting the prayer garden. We talked about Joseph who stands in the center. We then said a prayer to Joseph thanking him for looking after Jesus and asking him to watch over us.

Following on from this we learnt more about Jesus and thought of words to describe him.

Finally, the children each chose a word to write on a tool, making a tool box of words just like the tool box Joseph would have used as a carpenter.

Peters Betrayal 

Following on from last weeks learning on Palm Sunday we learnt about the Passover Meal that Jesus had with his disciples, known as the last super where Jesus knew that someone was going to betray him. The children listened carefully, learning about Jesus being arrested and Peter denying him as a friend. We then considered how this would have made Jesus feel. The children came up with fantastic suggestions such as upset, angry, worried, hurt and annoyed. Following on from this we thought about why Peter might have done this. The children said he might have felt scared, worried, frightened.  Despite feeling this way we all agreed that Peter should not have denied his friend and should have said sorry.

We then thought about a time that we had to say sorry and said a prayer to ask God for his forgiveness in these times.



This week we finally returned to the classroom as a whole FS2 class. This brought lots of feelings and emotions with it including excitement, apprehension, joy and some worries. We used the story of Worrysaurus to help us tackle these worries, learning from worrysaurus who taught us to pack up things that make us happy, hold them close and chase our worry butterflies away!

Following this advice we all packed our imaginary tins with all the things that bring us joy and now carry them everywhere with us. We then went onto the school field and chased our worry butterflies far away. We also reminded the children to always share their worries with someone who they trust as often people can help us with our worries. 

Dear Dinosaur 

This week a postbox arrived in our classroom with lots of letters! We soon learnt that the dinosaur from the museum must have sent it along with his book “Dear Dinosaur”. The children have enjoyed reading the letters between the T-Rex and his friend Max who visits the museum. We have then started to write our own letters to the Dinosaur telling him all about us!


Over the last three weeks we have been assessing where the children are up to with their mathematical learning since they have returned from home learning. As part of this we have recapped lots or previous learning and done lots of activities to embed this knowledge. 

Physical Development (PD)

Since returning to school the children have been working hard on their fine motor skills. They have been practicing cutting out palm leaved  in RE, enjoyed finger gym and taken on fiddly rainbow challenges. 

The children have also enjoyed returning to their PE lessons with Mrs Powell, where we have been focusing on throwing and catching. 


Personal, Social, Emotional, Development (PSED)


Since we returned to school we have been focusing our learning around the TRUST school rules. We are now using this language in our everyday learning, understanding the importance of Truth, Respect, Using good manners, Staying Safe and Talking, knowing our voice is heard. 

Kinds Words

This week we have been focus on ensuring that we always use kind words. We did this through saying kind and unkind words to two separate apples. Both apples appeared the same from the outside but when we cut them in half the apple that we had said unkind words to was rotten and mushy. The apple we had said kind words to was ripe and ready to eat. From this we learnt that we cannot always see the effects that our words have on others but this does not be that they do not have an impact. 


The Squirrels who Squabbled 

This week we read the story “The Squirrels who Squabbled”. Both squirrels wanted the same nut for winter. Rather than share it they fought long and hard for it and in the end the bird flew away with it and neither of them got the nut! The children were quick to say that instead of fighting they should have shared and we all agreed that we will try and do this in our own play in the classroom.

Expressive Arts and Design (EAD)

Over the last few weeks the children have enjoyed getting back into the creative areas in the FS2 classroom and outdoor area. We have had fantastic singing, dancing, model making, painting and drawing!

Understanding of the World


Our topic this half term is dinosaurs. The children have loved learning about the creatures that lived thousands of years ago. As part of this learning the children have enjoyed  creating a volcano for the role play area and learning about their link to dinosaurs, excavating dinosaur eggs and learning and writing dinosaur facts in their own dinosaur books.