Spring 1 2024

Welcome back! This half term our theme is “Traditional Tales”. We will be exploring Jack and the Beanstalk, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and The Three Little Pigs. To find out more information about your child’s learning this half term and all the exciting things we will be up to, please see our class newsletter and half termly overview.

Please continue to share your learning and special achievements at home with us on Tapestry. The children love to share their memories with their friends in class and we love to see what you have been up to!

The FS2 Team.

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RE – Getting to know Jesus 

This half term, our topic in R.E. is Getting to Know Jesus. We started our learning journey by listening to the story of when Jesus attended the Wedding of Cana. The children first shared their own understanding and experiences of being at a wedding and we learnt that some of our FS2 children have been bridesmaids or guests during a family wedding. During the Wedding of Cana, Jesus performed his first miracle and turned water to wine. The children discussed how the disciples and guests at the wedding must have felt when they witnessed this and they reenacted the scene themselves!

We listened to the story of when Jesus healed a man at the pools of Bethesda. We have been discussing how we show our love for people who are ill. We have acted out stories from the Bible and sequenced them. We discussed who helps us when we are poorly and how they help us. We have then made get well cards and discussed when we have been poorly and how we felt.

Pin on Sunday School- New Testament




In Literacy this week we have started to learn a new traditional tale called ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We have been exploring the story, its characters and the beans that made the giant beanstalk! From this the children have been making predictions about what they think might be at the top of the beanstalk.

We have moved onto looking at Goldilocks and the Three Bears. After hearing the story the children all agreed that Goldilocks needed to apologise to the Three Bears and so the children wrote apologies for her in their Literacy books. We have had a big focus on applying our phonic knowledge and have used this traditional tale to help us practise our reading and writing of CVC words. We have enjoyed learning the key events of the story and retelling this in the performance and story areas in our classroom. Within our provision areas, there have been lot of opportunities for writing and the children have enjoyed exploring these independently. 


Goldilocks and The Three Bears (My First Fairy Tales) Mara Alperin ...

To finish our Traditional Tales topic, we explored the Three Little Pigs story. The children loved the characters and spent time describing the Big Bad Wolf.



In Maths, we have introduced the vocabulary of Capacity and Mass. When learning about mass we have been weighing objects and using language like lighter and heavier. For capacity, we have been discussing empty and full using a variety of containers.

This week we have started thinking about 1 more and 1 less for numbers up to 10 to further develop our knowledge of number.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

In PSED we have continued to embed our School TRUST rules and routines. As part of this learning we have been focusing on making the right choices linked to Traditional Tales. Considering the questions: Did jack and Goldilocks make the right choices? What could they have done differently? We discussed different scenarios.



Physical Development 


In PE with Mrs Powell we have been focusing on balance and how we can balance in different ways. We have also been learning how to travel in different ways and bring both skills together.

Fine Motor Skills

Each day we have been enjoying Dough Disco and creating various hairstyles for Goldilocks in our fine motor provision area. In the construction area we have been building tall beanstalks, designing and building a house for the 3 bears as well as new furniture for them.  We have been evaluating our designs by testing them out and we would improve our construction pieces. These activities have all supported our fine motor skills and pencil grip.


Outdoor learning

Outside we have been designing recipes to make mud porridge, practiced our sorting and counting skills in the gravel tray when finding bears and sharing them out equally and used the apparatus to make an escape route for Goldilocks. All these activities have required us work together and develop our problem solving skills.

Expressive Arts and Design

We have been very busy getting creative this half term! We have learnt new colour mixing skills, focusing on mixing green, adding white and black to make it darker and lighter and creating with materials. Linked to our topic we have designed and made porridge bowls and created ‘sneaky Goldilocks’ dances. Following instructions we have made porridge and tasted it, observing how it changed overtime.



Understanding the World

We have had a focus on settings from our Traditional Tale stories, discussing and compared the settings to where we live, looking at similarities and differences between them.

We have also enjoyed growing beans and thought about the things they need to grow healthily. We looked at the life cycle of a plant and predicted how long it would take to grow.