FS2’s Home Learning Proud Moments

You have all been doing so much fantastic learning at home that has made myself and your families very proud. This new page is going to show some of this fantastic work and gives you a chance to see what your friends have been up to. Everything I put up will be from Tapestry, so if there is something specific you would like to be added please send me a message on there. Enjoy!

Whatever Next Rainbow Challenge

A proud moment for this member of FS2 who has worked hard on her “whatever next” rainbow challenge. She sequenced the story independently and has written sentences to explain what happened in each part of the story. Brilliant work!


Phonics and sentence writing

Holly has worked incredibly hard on her phonics over the last two weeks and is beginning to apply this learning in her sentence writing! A huge well done, we are very proud of you!


Gravity and floating!

This member of FS2 has loved learning about Space this half term! She has learnt new concepts such as gravity and been excited to learn about floating in space. It has been lovely to see them bring lots of skills together when learning and applying her phonics, a very proud moment!


Amazing finger gym and phonic work

This member of FS2 has loved her finger gym at the start of each phonics lesson. She has always worked super hard on her phonics, building words and writing them with growing independence. We are very proud of you!

Being kind and caring

We are very proud of this member of FS2 (center) for being a fantastic friend to her peers in school. All adults that have worked in school have noticed how kind and considerate this member is towards her peers, supporting them in their work and play. A huge well done!

Learning about Miracles and being grateful

This member of FS2 has done amazing RE learning, understanding the miracle of Jesus healing the man by the pool and drawing all the things he is grateful for.

Weighing objects

This member of FS2 has been very busy weighing objects as part of his Maths learning and writing down the numbers to match, excellent work!

Busy Bee!

This member of FS2 has been extremely busy this week with her home learning and has even become a scientist when taking on one of her Rainbow Challenges! Well done on working so hard, it is fantastic to see how much you are enjoying your home learning!


Fantastic Phonics

This member of FS2 has been working very hard on their phonics this week, writing their sentences independently! Well done!

Rocket Challenge! 

This member of FS2 has made an amazing rocket as part of their Rainbow Challenge!

Weighing objects and reading hundreds, tens and units!

Today this member of FS2 has taken his maths learning to another level, reading the weight of items in their 100’s with no adult support! He has then been able to order them from lightest to heaviest. Fantastic work!

Amazing addition!

This member of FS2 has worked very hard on his addition at home. It is lovely to see how his confidence has grown with it. Well done you should be very proud!

Persevering with phonics

As you can see from this child’s face they are growing in confidence with phonics and enjoying it more each day! We are incredibly proud of this member for persevering and becoming a phonics expert!

Rocket Ordering

We are very proud of this member of FS2 for working very hard on his Maths this week! He engaged enthusiastically and enjoying ordering the rockets from tallest to shortest.

Writing a guide on how to look after Beegu

We are so proud of this member of FS2 for writing a guide on how to look after Beegu! She persevered across the day, taking breaks between each sentence which enabled her to write four fantastic instructions on how to look after Beegu!

Wonderful word building

We are very proud of this member of FS2 for all his hard work in Phonics, particularly word building where he is becoming a word building wizz!

3D Shape Work

Last week Ted became a 3D shape expert! He was able to name all the shapes we had learnt, find them in his house and use mathematical language to describe them! Amazing work Ted.

Taking on a challenge!

This week Miss Hazar set this member of FS2 a challenge! Miss Hazar asked them if they could do some subtraction on a number line after they successfully completed the Rainbow Challenge of adding two numbers together using the counting on method. They took her challenge on and did it with great success, well done!



Amazing 3D shape understanding!

This member of FS2 has spent a long time making her rocket out of 3D shapes. In the video sent to us she named all the 3D shapes correctly and told us how many of each 3D shape she had. Amazing work!

Head Teacher award!

This member of FS2 is incredibly proud of his Head Teacher award that he has received this week for his fantastic listening, sharing and developing friendships in the FS school bubble.

Phonics Superstar!

This member of FS2 has worked super hard with their phonics learning and is becoming more and more confident applying his skills when writing sentences. Brilliant work, keep it up!


Letter formation

This week this member of FS2 has worked incredibly hard on her letter formation which is supporting her phonics work, super well done!

Beegu plan

We are very proud of this member of FS2 for writing a fantastic plan in preparation for writing his guide on how to look after our alien Beegu! Fantastic sentence ideas and writing.

3D shape rocket

This member of FS2 has enjoyed finding and naming 3D shapes round her house and using them to make a rocket! Fantastic maths work!

Learning to ride your bike!

This member of FS2 has grown in confidence this week and has been able to ride her bike independently! Super proud of you, well done!

Hard work and perseverance

This member of FS2 is working super hard at home with her Phonics and English lessons, persevering when it gets challenging and always giving it her best go. A hug well done!

Fantastic Phonics

This member of FS2 is growing in confidence in her phonics lessons and working hard! Keep it up!

Super PE Lesson!

This member of FS2 has been taking part in fantastic PE lessons with his Daddy. The picture is blurry as he was moving so fast!