Autumn 2 2021

Welcome back! We hope you have enjoyed a lovely half term with your families and are now ready to start our second half term in FS2.

This half term the children have chosen “People who help us- Our real life Superheroes” as their topic. Last half term, lots of children were talking about fire and the police, and we had a few police stations made over the half term in class. To find out in more detail what we will be learning and how you can support your child’s learning at home,  please see our class newsletter.

We are looking forward a jam packed half term of learning, and enjoying Advent with you in school this half term.

Please continue to share your learning and and special achievements at home with us on Tapestry, we love to see what you have been up too.

Mrs Hemming, Mrs Harrison and Mrs Skilbeck

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Collective Worship

This week our statement of the week is ‘to know what to do if I see someone been hurt‘. During our collective worship we listened to the story The Good Samaritan from the Bible. We talked about who the good person was in the story, and what he did that was kind to someone who was hurt on the floor. We then talked about ways in which we can be kind to other people  at school, home and in the community we live in.

Here is a video of the story that you might like to watch again with your child at home-

You could also revisit the story we read in class using this resource with your child-

The Good Samaritan Story

After you have listened to the story again, have a go at ordering the story and talking about what happened and the important message from the story of helping everyone, no matter who they are. You can then colour in a picture from the story that we have put below for you to print.

Order the story of The Good Samaritan Colouring pictures of The Good Samaritan

Week 2

This week in collective worship our statement of the week is to understand the importance of peace. We will start the week off by sharing what the word peace means, and ways that we can share peace with other people. We will talk about how we share peace with others in Mass when we go to church and reflect on this in our worship.

We will then talk about Remembrance day, and its importance in the past and today for us and our families. If you would like to do any activities linked to  Remembrance day we have added a few here.

We talked about the statement of the week and what peace means to us. A few children said that peace means when it is really quiet and our mums and dads have peace and quiet! We talked about when we share the peace with others in mass, and we had a go at sharing the sign of the peace with the person next to us on the carpet.

Can you make your own Poppy? Can you count the objects and talk about them with your family? Can you tell us how you can share Peace with other people on a Dove? Can you trace the pattern and create your own Remembrance day picture?


Week 3

1,582 BEST Multicultural Children Holding Hands IMAGES, STOCK PHOTOS &  VECTORS | Adobe Stock

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This week , our statement of the week is to know I am happiest when we are united. We will have a focus this week on what it means to be a good friend and how we can be a good friend to others in our class, and people in our community. It is Antibullying week in school this week, so we will be making links to this in our collective worship too.

We started our collective worship this week be sharing the story Starry Eyed Stan. We talked about how it is better to work together, and not be on our own and sharing our talents. The children were then asked how they can help their family and friends and how we can make our classroom a place where we always work together as team. Here are some of the children’s idea that they shared during our collective worship-

  • Help each other at tidy up time, and play together if you don’t have any friends- Aaron
  • Help my friends to build things and teach them to sing– Jacob
  • If you are lonely you should ask someone to be your friend– Felix
  • Always say sorry to your friend if you have made a mistake– Sophie

We then made a bank of words of how we can make sure our classroom is a happy place, and we unite together to make it a place we all want to be. Here are the words that we came up with:

Love everyone        Help others     Ask for help     Always say sorry     Being a good and kind friend

The children were given a template of person to take home to create and image of themselves and write one of their talents they like to share in our class. We are going to build a friendship circle with the people when they come back in.

Week 4

As part of out collective worship this week, Maggie from CAFOD came to our class to talk to us about how we can all take an active role in looking after God’s world and helping other people in our wider community. Maggie shared a picture of Pope Francis with the children and talked about who is, and how he is helping others around the world too. The children were then set a challenge to draw a picture of how they were going to help look after and change our world. The children listened so beautifully to Maggie, and she was amazed at their participation in her workshop.

Our statement of the week this week is….

This week we have explored what love means to them, making links back to our RE topic last half term. We chose a child to light our candle to start our collective worship. The children then sat in a circle and the children closed their eyes and thought about how they show love to other people, and who they love. Children then had the opportunity to come to touch the heart in the middle of our circle and share how they are going to go forward and show love to everyone, not just their friends and family. We then listened to a bible story that helped us understand that we have to try and love everyone, as that’s what Jesus did, and we need to live in Jesus’s footsteps.


Parish Advent Carol ServiceSunday 3rd Dec, 6pm | St Paul's Church -  Knightsbridge

Source: St Pauls Church Kinightsbridge

As we are approaching the first Sunday in Advent this weekend, we would like you to start exploring why Advent is important to us as Christians, and how we can prepare for the birth of Jesus. We will be focusing on Advent in our collective worship at the start of the week, and Mrs Harrison will be teaching some direct RE  lessons over the next few weeks about Advent and the Christmas story.

If you would like to share one of my ideas, to help your child prepare, and it also gives you some direction as parents on what they can use the hay for in their cribs, you could create your own Kindness Advent Calendar. You can work with your child to create their own ideas of how they can share kindness through Advent, or take some ideas from the one made below. As a family, we also prepare a food hamper for a local foodbank during Advent. We let our children put something in the box each day, then deliver it to the foodbank just before Christmas. You may like to try this as a family and link it to your kindness activities.

We would love to see what you have been getting up to during Advent, so please share any of your activities with us on Tapestry.

Here it the kindness calendar example-

Kindness Calendar example

This week, as part of our collective worship, the children helped prepare our prayer table as part of our Advent preparations. The children talked about the colour of the cloth that we have on our Altar during Advent, and also that our priests will also wear purple during Advent. The children talked about ways they were going to prepare for Jesus birthday and why Christmas is special to us as Christians.


RE – God’s Family

This half term, our topic in RE is God’s Family. We began this learning journey by listening to a story and then looking at a picture to see which different family members attended a family birthday party. The children talked about aunties, uncles, grandparents, babies, cousins- it was a long list! The children then thought about their own families and how each of us had different families. For example, some children had no brothers or sisters, some had sisters, some had brothers and some had both! We learnt that each family is different.

After this, we began to look at another family we were part of; God’s family. We talked about how different teachers, animals, all of our class and everyone we meet are part of God’s family too!

Following this, we began to think about our gifts from God and how we could use these to look after God’s family.

We are going to be linking this to our learning about ‘The Good Samaritan‘. The children have already learnt about this parable during collective worship. We will now begin to make links of this story to our learning about God’s Family. Watch the video clip below to hear this story again.


The children have been busy at home preparing for Advent. They have been busy making cribs and hearing all about the Nativity Story. Take a look at the pictures below to see some of their amazing creations.

Have a look at the gallery to see more of their wonderful creations. We are so proud of their learning ready for Advent.


We have begun our learning journey this half term using the text ‘No Dragon’s For Tea’ by Jean E. Pendzwol. This text is full of rhyming words whilst supporting the children’s learning about ‘People Who Help Us’.

We began this area of our Literacy together by reading the text and predicting what might happen. The children were very good at spotting that if a dragon sneezes they will breathe fire everywhere! We then explored rhyming words.  We listened and danced to this song and called out the rhyming words as the children became more and more confident with this.

To strengthen our understanding of rhymes, the children completed a quiz on the interactive board too.

We then applied this understanding by listening to our story again and trying to spot the rhyming words. This isn’t easy! To support your child’s understanding, watch the story together and help them to find the rhyming words in the story. Here is a video of the story we have been reading.

The children then completed their focus activities where they had to choose which words from the text rhymed. They then had to write CVC words to identify rhyming words by themselves.

Over the next two weeks our class text is Zog and the flying Drs. The text links to our focus on Doctors, nurses and other superheroes that work in the NHS. We will start our Literacy journey this week by making predictions about the story and exploring the characters in the story.

       Source: Amazon


We started our Literacy lesson today by looking pictures from the story and making predictions about what we thought the story was about. We stopped the story at different points, and encouraged the children to use the text to answer our questions. We then started our focus activity that is linked to the story. In a small group we learnt about what an adjective is and how we can use adjectives to describe a character. The children were then set a challenge to create their own dragon to join Zog and the flying doctors team to help make creatures and people better. They had to draw a dragon first, talk about its appearance and personality within the group. They then coloured their dragon in, and attempted to write the initial sound or a simple adjective to describe their new dragon.

We have had some more fantastic dragon creations in our literacy activities today. The children told us lots if super describing words (adjectives) to describe their dragons. We are really proud of the children applying their phonic sounds and persevering with sounds they are not sure how to write. We also had a group of children retelling the story of Zog with captions and then drawing a picture from the story. We have also had some children creating some medicines for princess Pearl, to help make her creatures better.

For our final literacy this week, we explored more adjectives that we can use to describe a new dragon to join Zog and Princess pearl on their Dr adventures. We were amazed at some of the adjectives the children came up with. Mrs Skilbeck then used all the adjectives to draw our new dragon. I think you will agree, she is a very talented artist! Our dragon still needs a name, so the children have been set a challenge over the next fee days to write its name, bring the name into class and we will take a vote! We photocopied our new dragon and added it to some of our provision areas. Some of the children painted it and used their fine motor sills to cut around the dragon. Here are our children in action!



This week in our phonics lessons our focus sounds will be d, e, f and v. We will be reading and writing CVC ( constant, vowel, constant) words with these sounds in. It has been lovely to see some of you reading and writing  CVC words at home, and we hope you can do the same this week with our new letter sounds. If you would like to hear the sounds and some words using our new sounds, please join in with Mr Thorne. We wonder if you can find anything in your house beginning with d, e, f and v?


Here are our focus sounds this week. It has been lovely to see you building words at home and in our classroom. We love seeing your excitement for learning new sounds. Keep up the great work Reception.


This week our focus sounds are- j, w, z and x/ Listen to Mr Thorne say the sounds so you can work on them at home too.

Week 5, 6 and 7 Phonics

This week our focus sounds are y, ff, ll, ss, zz. See if you can find any words in your house or when you are out and about with these sounds in them. We will be having a mini assessment of sounds in Week 6 and using week 7 to revisit any sounds we need more work on. Please use your sound book to work on all the sounds we have learnt so far, asking your child to read and write CVC words with some of the sounds they have learnt.

Tricky words (Sight words)

In our phonics lessons we have also started to read and write some tricky words. These are words that children need to be able to read and remember, and they cant be segmented and blended back together. If you would like to see some of the sight words that we will be learning over the next few weeks, please share this video with your children. It takes time to learn sight words, so try and encourage your child to spot them in books you read together and in print in the environment around them. You could also get your child to write the sight words in shaving foam, sand, with a paint brush and water, chalk or make them out of play doh. We would love to see how creative you can get with learning your tricky words! Send pictures to us on Tapestry!

Here is a copy of some of the words we will be exploring if you would like to support your child at home too-

First set of Sight words- HFW for Reception

Week 1 Tricky words

This week in class we will be focusing on the tricky words for and of. We would love you to try reading these words at home, spot them in your environment and write them in different media.

for                   of


Week 2 Tricky words


Week 3 and 4 Tricky words


Week 5, 6 and 7 Tricky words


Some of our children are already off and excited to take on our phonics challenged. They were able to say the sound and match/write the sound next to the picture! Great work boys!

We are really proud of the hard work and determination all our children are giving to their phonics lessons. It is great to see our children having a go at writing words, focusing on their pencil control saying the sound as they write!

Reading Challenge

Week 1 and 2

Our challenge over the past two weeks was to look at pictures of dragons linked to our class text and talk to a friend about what the dragon looks like and hw the dragon helps keep people safe in the story. We then asked the children to describe a new dragon for the story, talk about their role and draw it. We have been amazed with the vocabulary the children have come up with to describe the dragon, and we will build on this vocabulary as we learn about adjectives in our Literacy lesson next week. Here are some of our children taking on our reading challenge.

Week 3 and 4

This week, the children were set the challenge of ordering the story of Zog as a group, and then talking about an alternative ending. We have had some lovely collaborative talk about the story this week, and some attempts at writing sounds to tell us what the new end of the story could be!

The children are really enjoying sharing books in our reading area. It has been nice to read some Christmas books in our reading this area this week too.



Week 1 and 2

We have kicked started our half term by learning all about counting accurately, using one to one correspondence when we count. The children have already wowed me with their accurate counting up to, and past 20! We have seen some great perseverance in our maths challenge today, counting people who help us carefully and matching it to the correct digit.

This week we have continued to count objects using 1-1 correspondence. We have had a selection of objects to count, and the children have carefully counted each group of objects they have been given. We have also had a go at counting people who help us, and using a number track to help with our number formation.

Week 3 and 4

We have been working on ‘One more and One less’. The children have showed a great understanding of counting so they were up for this challenge!

Take a look at the songs we have been using to help us with this.

We made sure that our rainbow challenges linked to this learning for these two weeks. The children had to use their counting skills to identify the given number first. They then used number lines to help them identify one more and one less. We used numicon and other counting materials to help with this. The children really embraced this challenge! They liked picking the trickier numbers to really challenge themselves.

Week 5 and 6

This week, we have started to look at the vocabulary linked to addition and started to use Numicon to build Number Bonds to 5. Mrs Skilbeck has done a fantastic job at introducing Number Bonds to the children, and there has already been some lovely discussions and problem solving using Numicon to create Number Bonds to 5. We will be continuing with number bonds next week, and getting our bodies active to create number bonds to 5.

Have a go at learning your number bonds to 5 with one of our songs we will be singing in class-

We have continued to learn about our number bonds to 5 this week. The children have really got involved with using Numicon to help them build number bonds to 5, and some children have taken on our challenge to learn their number bonds to 10. Keep up the great maths skills FS2. Sprinkles even joined in with some of our number bond to 5 challenges! 


KIRFS ( Key instant recall fact) 

This half term we will be working on two KIRF targets in class, and we would love you to support your child in these targets at home so your child is secure in their KIRF target. We will share some ideas about what we have done in class to learn our KIRF targets, and we would love to see how you have learnt them at home on Tapestry.

KIRF target 1–       To write and read numbers up 20

Watch this video and get your bodies moving and counting to 20!

Can you try out these activities to support your child in reading and writing their numbers to 20?

All about numbers to 10 Number formation to 20 Number formation workbook Counting to 20- missing numbers

KIRF target 2-      To count in 2’ and 5’s to 50

Watch these videos to help you count in 2’s and 5’s. Sing them a few times! Can you make up your own counting in 2’s and 5’s song to share with your friends in class?

Here are some counting in 2’s challenges for you to try this half term-

Counting in 2’s- stick and glue Counting in 2’s dot to dot Counting in 2’s- missing numberline

Here are some counting in 5’s challenges for you to try this half term-

Counting in 5’s- complete the hands Counting in 5’s- stick and glue Counting in 5’s- dot to dot animals





Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

Week 1

This week the children have all settled back into their routines well and they are have been ready to take on our new challenges. This week, we have been exploring different feelings, and how other people might be feeling. We have had a focus on how it might feel to be worried, linking back to when the children started Reception and we read the story Splat the Cat.

Here are some of the feelings that the children shared about how they felt returning to school- Happy, sad (as they had enjoyed doing lots of nice things in the holiday), worried, scared, nervous, excited, and confident. We were really impressed with some of the vocabulary the children came up with, and we will build on this vocabulary throughout the half term.

Our focus story this week was Worrysauraus. We used it to talk about how we felt when we came back to school after a week off. If you would like to revisit the story at home and talk about other situations where your child might feel worried and have the opportunity to talk about how to deal with their worries, here it is-

We have also been reminding children to put on their coats and shoes themselves and continue to be independent, just like we were before the holidays. If you would like to revisit our quick way to put on your coat, have a look at this video again-

Week 2

This week we are learning about how we can help others, making links to our real-life superheroes- Doctors, nurses, dentists,  firefighters and police officers. We are also thinking about how we can share things with others and show kindness to other people just like our superheroes do. Our focus book for PSED this week is Sharing a Shell. If you have the book at home it would be great if you can read it with your child throughout the week. If you don’t have the story, you can listen to it here and discuss the story and how they can use their skill of sharing their belongings and their talents with other people at school and in their community.

After you have explored the story you can use this paper to tell us how you can share your talents and kindness with other people. You can ask a grown up to write for you, then have a go at some of the sounds. We would love to see some of your ideas in class!

Sharing a shell writing paper

Week 3 (Antibullying week) 

This week our PSED focus is based on our theme of Antibullying week- One kind word.

We started our lesson today by making links back to Miss Millivojevic’ s Anti bullying assembly last week. The children talked to their carpet partner about what they thought bullying is was and how it might make people feel. We then put on the whiteboard the message that bullying is- when someone does something unkind to you, on purpose more than once. We then talked about how to report bullying or anything they are worried about to people they know and trust in school and at home.

We then thought about the message of saying one kind word to someone every day. We are going to work hard to say one kind word to someone we see at home and school this week, and try to continue this as something  we build into our daily routines. To help us think about the importance of saying kind things to people we watched a video of Andy who launched the one kind word initiative this week. If you would like to share it with your child again, here is the video.

We then sat in a circle, took our pumps off and spent some time thinking about why we had odd socks on today. We talked about the socks helping us release that we are all different, unique but equally all wonderful. Here is a picture of all our odd socks! I think you will agree that we are all very different and unique!

We then started off the week saying one kind word to someone in out class. We loved what Sofia said to Martha. She said “Martha, I like you as you are kind to everyone and make sure everyone is included“. What a wonderful thing to say and recognise about  a person in our class. Well done Sofia, and Martha for being a wonderful friend.

We are are all the same, but we are all different

At St Joseph’s, we teach the children, ‘We are all the same, but we are all different’. We use the visuals of balloons to support this; balloons are balloons but they come in different sizes and colours! In FS2, we have been learning all about this in class.

We then talked about what made us all different. We listened to each other really carefully and enjoyed finding out what was different about each and every one of us! We had a variety of favourite foods,  favourite colours and just little quirks made us all the same but different!

Week 7

During our PSED lesson this week we talked about how our bodies and pants are private, and we shouldn’t let anyone touch us. We talked about how we can say to people STOP- I don’t like it if someone does touch us and it makes us feel uncomfortable. To help us with the message of pants are private, we watched this video together. You might like to share it at home to revisit the message we learnt in school that pants are private. 

If you would like to design your own pants at home for Pantosaurus, here is a template-

Design your own pants







Physical Development 


In PE, the children have been starting their learning journey for gymnastics. The children have been focusing on their controlled movements. They have had to consider which body part they are moving. They have also had to think about how they move; they have to consider whether it is a slow movement, fast movement or sharp movement. They have then applied this by listening to the pulse and tempo of recognisable songs.

Further to this, the children have also been mirroring each other’s movements too. They had to really use their focus, attention and control to make sure the right body part moved. This also involved them thinking about their lefts and rights too which is not easy!

The children also have one lesson of PE outside too. The children have continued to focus on their movements and they have been trying to move in a range of ways. This includes skipping, hopping, jumping, walking slowly, walking quickly… and mimicking how animals walk too!

The children have also been applying this within games too. They have been working on their listening skills to complete activities, search for colours, tap different colour cones using different parts of their body… this all takes a lot of thought and control! The children have loved their PE lessons so far!

We had to bring our PE lesson indoors today. The children tried really hard in their PE lesson with PE partner and we had some super listening skills from all the children. The children played a game of passing the bean bag down the line and running to the front to pass to the next person. It required lots of team work but the children rose to the challenge. The children also played a game using different coloured cones. They has to listen to a color and then follow Mrs Powel’s instruction on what action to complete. We had some great balancing, jumping and hopping!

Dough Disco

We have enjoyed getting back into our daily dough disco lessons. This week the children were set the challenge to create a police officer, fire fighter or an emergency vehicle as part of our dough disco challenge. We think they did a great job! Here are some pictures of us in dough disco action- baby shark style!


Fine Motor Skills

We have enjoyed seeing some of our children taking on the challenge of using tweezers to create a bonfire scene. The children are getting really good at using tweezers, and we encouraged them to use them in our sand challenge this week to pick up resources to re create a Great Fire  of London house. Check out our fine motor skills in action!

This week in our fine motor area we set the children a tricky challenge of cutting out a person, turning that person into someone who works in the hospital and then adding split pins to get their arms and legs to move. We have seen some fantastic perseverance with this fine motor challenge already!






Expressive Arts and Design


In our music area this week, we have set the children a challenge to learn the song London’s burning and add instruments to their performance. We have also been encouraging the children to make make using musical note paper. We are looking forward to the children learning the song, and making up their own fire song. Here is the song the children have the opportunity to learn in our music area-

We have really enjoyed seeing the children write their own notes and mark make the London’s burning song. We have had some great versions of London’s burning this week and its nice to see the children smiling and active in their learning!

Our song for the children to learn and perform as part of their rainbow challenge this week is Miss Polly had a dolly who was sick sick sick. We learnt the song as whole class with some signs, then the children will take it in turns to perform the song, write the song and add instruments to their song over the next two weeks. Here is one group enjoying performing Miss Polly had a dolly.

It was lovely to sit and listen to this super star singing we wish you a Merry Christmas today. He has a beautiful voice and even added some instruments to his performance!

Art and Design

This week the children have the challenge of creating their own fire or police vehicle. We shared some pictures of emergency vehicles and the children have got stuck into creating their own police and fire vehicles.

Today, some of our children helped create part of our castle for our new castle role play area next half term. They did a great job!

We have had some detailed planning before the children have created their emergency vehicles this week. The children were proud of what they created, and enjoyed sharing their models with their friends on the carpet.

We have set the children a new challenge of creating a ambulance, and a collage of Mary Seacole or Florence Nightingale linked to some of our learning about hospitals and nurses in the past. We have had some great ambulances and designs of Florence Nightingale already this week.

What do you think about this wonderful Ambulance that one of our children created at home, following on from our learning in class. We enjoyed listening to her about how she made it, and the process she went through. I think all her hard work paid off with this final product!

This then inspired some children to create their own Ambulance linked to our rainbow challenge this week…


One of our challenges this week is to create a fire station and a fire engine to go inside our fire station creations. The children are been encouraged to design their models and talk about how they are going to make their model. Here is a the start of a fire station with some fantastic team work taking place.

We have continued this week to have some detailed police station and Fire stations in the brick area. We have seen lots of great team work and persevering to create our stations.

In our role play area today we had a wonderful plan, and then creation (do) of a hospital. The boys were really proud if their creation, and so they should be as they showed some great team work and resilience as they were building it. Here is their final model…

Role Play

Over the next few weeks we have a police and fire station in the classroom. Today we have has some wonderful role play inside the fire and police station. We have rescued all sorts of animals (exactly the same animals that Dave at Wetherby fire station has rescued) and also Mrs Hemming and Mrs Skilbeck were put in jail several times for not following the rules! We are looking forward to seeing more police and fire role play over the next few weeks!

Today, Mrs Holmes came into our class and she learnt all about the police from some of our children. She gave them a crime to solve and they really rose to the challenge! We have some great future police and fire fighters in our class!

We now have a hospital in our classroom! The children did some great role play in here today, and they used bandages, injections and medicine like princess Pearl to make their patients better! The children also enjoyed using Mrs Hemming’s real stethoscope to check if our heart was pumping blood around our bodies. We gave the children the challenge of seeing what happened to their heart beat if they moved around, really fast for two minutes. The checked each others heartbeats with the stethoscope and came to the conclusion that moving around and exercising made our hearts beat even faster!

This week we have a vets in our classroom. We have some very gentle vets examining the animals in our care. We are looking forward to seeing more vet role play over the next few weeks.



Christmas 2021

Christmas has landed in Foundation 2. This morning, we came into school and a cheeky elf called Sprinkles had sprinkled glitter in our classroom and left a special note for all the children. Sprinkles has been sent from Santa to see what we are all getting up too. He goes back to the North Pole every night to see Santa, and tell him all about the amazing things the children get up to in Foundation 2.

Here is Sprinkles landing in our classroom and the children listening to the letter he wrote…

Having Sprinkles in our class has inspired the children to get into the Christmas spirit and they have worked together as a team to create a sleigh to help Sprinkles get back to Santa quickly each night. We had designs made for the sleighs first and then the children created the sleighs outside in our garden and also in our classroom construction area. We also had some children building an elf house for Sprinkles. Here are some of our creations…

We have also has some children writing to Santa and the elves today. Here is one of our children’s writing creations…

When Sprinkles arrived he left some certificates to share with the children. Sprinkles decides at the end of the day if he would like to reward any of the children with a certificate reward.

Sprinkles chosen children were…

We have had some more super letters written to Santa and his elves today. We have lots of excited children talking about what the elf has been up too. We are really proud of the mark making and writing the children have completed today! Here are a few examples…

Check out this super Santa made out of Lego today too. She was a star at taking on our Lego challenge! We think it looks just like Santa!


Sprinkles chosen children were…

We have had another Christmas letter sent off to Santa with Sprinkles tonight. This superstar tried really hard to sound out all her words and applied some of her tricky words. We are really proud of you.

Sprinkles chosen child was…

Today we have had a lovely day in FS2 getting into the Christmas spirit. The children have the opportunity to complete lots of Christmas activities in class this week, and also create a Christmas card for someone in their family.

Here are some of the children completing their Christmas challenges. We had a lovely retell of the Christmas story in our music area today too. The children had a good understanding of why Christmas is important to us as Christians.

This afternoon, Mrs Skilbeck and I had a great time partying with all the children. We had lots of party games, party food and then finished with a game of sleeping lions. It was lovely to see all the children enjoying their party, and they really deserved this party after all their hard work this half term.

Sprinkles was up to no good this morning and he was hanging from our Christmas lights! He has been telling Santa how amazing all the children in FS2 are and he has left some more Elf certificates to share in class this week.

Sprinkles chosen children were…

In class today we had a team of elves creating a sleigh for Santa to arrive on. They made such a good sleigh, that Santa arrived on it and brought all the children a gift. It was a magical morning in FS2.

Here is Santa, arriving in our classroom. We had lots of excited children…and teachers!

After Santa visited us in class, we then headed to the dinner hall for our Christmas Diner. We were treated to crackers from the dinner staff and a yummy dinner. A big shout out to Mrs Phillipson and Mrs Atkins for our dinner today and all the organising they did to make it special for the children and staff.

Here we all are celebrating at out party…

Sprinkles chosen children were…




Understanding the World

This half term we have kick started our new learning journey with a virtual trip to Wetherby Fire Station. One of the fire fighters kindly told us all about how important a firefighters job is and what they do. He told us how to stay safe in our house and also ensuring we all wear our seatbelts in the car to keep us safe. Dave took us through what happens if a call comes through to the station and how the fire fighters respond. He asked the children to count to see how quickly he could get his fire uniform on. The children were amazed that he did it in less than 20 seconds, although some of them said they got ready quicker in a morning for school!! I would like to see a video of any of our FS2 children getting dressed quicker than Dave in 19 seconds!! We then had  a virtual tour around the Fire engine and looked at all the equipment on the fire engine. The children did a fantastic job at listening and asking questions to find out how important a Firefighters job is. This virtual visit inspired lots of lovely fire play in our classroom, which I am sure will carry on over the next few weeks.

Sand and Water

Our first challenge this half term is to use tweezer’s and magnifying glasses to search for objects in the the sand and water to create a Great Fire of London house scene. The children have really enjoyed this challenge so far, and we have learnt a little bit about the Great Fire of London and the types of houses they had in 1666. They agreed that we shouldn’t build houses out of wood as they set on fire too quickly and the fire might spread!


This week we have set the children a new challenge of creating a new medicine for princess pearl to take on her adventures to make creatures and people better. We have added some interesting ingredients to the sand pit for the children to use in their potion. We have already had some interesting medicines made this week, that I am not sure I would like to try, but I am sure they would make me feel better!

We have had another day of interesting medicines been made in sand tray…

After one of our lessons this week about Florence Nightingale, a group of boys went on an adventure outside and were creating objects that represented Florence Nightingales lamp. They then re created the hospital in the mud, and said they were hiding some of her treasure and medicines from the hospital. We will continue to build on this learning and develop a deeper understanding of what Florence’s job was and her significance.

First Aid

This afternoon, Mrs Hemming did a short lesson how to take care of people who might be hurt. We learnt about what to do if we saw someone hurt on the floor. We then roleplayed how we could help someone who was hurt. The children were fantastic at asking for help in an role play emergency situation, and they knew they might need to call 999 or 111 for help. We then took it in turns to put a bandage and sling on a patient. The children then continued their First Aid in the role play area, and will continue to explore how to help people over the week.

Green Jumper Day

On Friday 26th November, as a school, we joined in with the ‘Green Jumper Day’ initiative. This day was about the children learning about climate change and how we could turn down the heating and wear a jumper instead to have an impact on the wider world. We talked about the ways that the children could help and they also thought about walking, biking or scooting for shorter journeys which would make a great impact! We also made links to recycling and the children have begun to create a recylcing bin for our classroom. We are decorating our new bin to clearly show it is for recycling paper, cardboard  and clean plastic. If your child would like to make a decoration at home for this, please click the button below for a colouring page that they could complete at home.

Recycling Colouring Pages


We want this day to have a lasting impact on the children. To continue with this, we will also be listening to the story, ‘The Trouble With Dragons’ which teaches the children about global warming. The children have loved our links to dragons so far so I just know they will love continueing to develop their understanding of global warming whilst listening to this story.