Autumn 2

Welcome back! We hope you have enjoyed a lovely half term with your families and are now ready to start our second half term in FS2.

This half term the children have chosen “Under the Sea” as their topic. Please see our class newsletter for more details on what we will be getting up to.


God’s Family 

This half term we are starting to learn about God’s Family.

This week we have discussed our families with one another, using some photographs. From our discussions we realised that our families all look slightly different and are as unique as we are.

We then considered who is in God’s family. We had some great responses such as “Mary”, “Jesus”, “Joseph”. We also had some children make links to the learning that took place last half term during our topic of “God’s World” where they said “we all are because God made us all and wants us to look after the world”. A fantastic response!

We then painted our families and others who are part of God’s family to represent this learning.

Showing Our Love

This week we have been considering how we can show our love to God and everyone in his family. We first thought about how we show our love to our families, giving them hugs and kisses, being kind and listening were some of our fantastic answers!

We then decorated a love heart each and each said one way that we show our love to God and his family. See some of our fantastic love hearts and responses below!

Using our Gifts 

This week we extended our learning on showing our love to others in God’s family, by considering how we use our gifts to help others. We started the learning by listening to a story about how another child used their talent of building to help his friend who was feeling sad at his Mummy not being at school. The children then thought about how they could use their talents to help their friends. We had some fantastic ideas, that the children then acted upon in the afternoon.

These children all decided to use their skills of creativity to make their family and friends cards and pictures to show their love.


This week we have been learning about the importance of advent. We have thought about the true meaning of Christmas as we count down to Jesus’s birth. To help the children understand the importance of it, they have thought about how they count down to their birthdays and how they celebrate with their families and friends. We have then looked at the advent wreath and learnt about each candle, when we light them and what they represent. 

During each Collective Worship this month we will be placing the advent wreath at the centre and lighting a candle at the start of each week as we prepare for Jesus’s birth. The children are also very excited as Father Christmas has sent two Elves and some advent chocolates! Each day the elves decide who can have the advent chocolate of the day. A very exciting time in FS2!


Sharing a Shell

We started our “Under the Sea” topic with the book “Sharing a Shell”. The children enjoyed listening to the story and joining in with repeating phrases. We then added actions to part of the help us remember it.


In our small group activity the children used letters on shells to build words in the rock pool, following our Sounds Write Phonics approach.

The Rainbow Fish

This week we have been learning the importance of sharing, kindness and friendship through the story of The Rainbow Fish. The children started the week by decorating a scale each. I then sent a couple of children on a secret mission, to ask a few children if they could have their scale. We got mixed responses, including most children saying “no, I made it” which was a very valid reason!

We then read the story and found that many children had changed their mind and decided to give their scale to someone else, as it is more important to be kind and look after your friends.

Following this learning we received a letter from the Rainbow Fish asking for our help, to identify different parts of the beach that he had seen. The children worked hard to identify each item and label it correctly, using their phonics skills. Some children even wrote a simple sentence including one of the words!

Snail and the Whale

This week we had a very slimy visitor in FS2. We kept finding silvery slime all over the place! As we found it all we had a discussion about where it might have come from. We considered:
What is slimy?
Why is it in our classroom?
The children thought that slugs and snails had slime. We then thought about if we knew any characters in stories that were slugs or snails. As we were thinking the children found the book “The snail and the whale”. We read the story and found even more slime, along some sounds and words in the story for us to read. 

Since then, the children have enjoyed labelling the scenes in the story, some building words, others writing labels and some children writing simple sentences!


One More One Less

This week the children having been using shells from “sharing a shell” to compare two groups and say which has more or fewer. The children have then worked on finding one more and one less by either adding or taking away a shell.

To extend the learning the children have been learning how to identify one more and one less on a number line, counting one step on or back.


This week the children have been introduced to addition. We began by looking at the + and = symbols so that we were able to read addition sentences. We then began to learn how to add two single digit numbers together, using a “part, part, whole” model. The children have had to apply their understanding of counting objects accurately and altogether from last half term, in order to use the mat and complete the addition sentences.


This week we have been learning all about subtraction! First we looked at the symbols – and = and put actions to them. We then used this knowledge to read subtraction sentences and looked at ways that we could solve them. We then learnt how to use playdough objects to help us take one number away from another.

Once we were confident with this we moved onto using a number line to count back. This was more challenging. However, we persevered and continue to practice this skill. We are still working on remembering which number to start on and how many jumps we need to do.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

Resolving Conflicts 

This week we have been focusing on resolving conflicts in class. We started to explore this when some of our class teddies had a falling out. We first considered why they might have fallen out. The children’s ideas were:

One of them snatched a toy

They wanted the same toy.

One of them pushed the other.

One knocked the others model over.

We then thought about if these things were good choices to make and what could have prevented them from happening. The children told me that if one of the bears didn’t like something that the other bear was doing they should say “Stop it I don’t like it” and if they continued they should have told a teacher.

We then talked about how the bears could become friends again. William suggested that they should say sorry. This was an excellent idea! Finally we discussed how we can show that we are sorry. The children suggested that they could play with them and share, help them rebuild a knock down model or ask if the person is okay.

We will now begin to apply this learning and understanding when our own conflicts arise in play.

Staying Safe

Over the last few weeks we have been thinking carefully about how to stay safe when in our outdoor area and the woods. The children have come up with some fantastic ideas that they have begun to put into practice! Our next step is to create safety posters that we can out up to remind us of our rules for outdoors.

Bucket Filling 

This week we have read the book “Have you filled a bucket today?”. The book teaches us that we all carry an invisible bucket. All day every day, we fill our own and others buckets. We can do this by helping others, saying kind things and looking out for our friends. Full buckets make us and others feel happy! However, sometimes we can take out of peoples buckets if we are unkind. If we dip into others buckets we also dip into our own, making us feel sad and lonely. 

As we read the story the children became excited about all the things they can do to fill their own and others buckets! So that we can see this, we now have a class bucket. Our aim is to fill the bucket when the children fill each others and to not have any bucket dipping! 

Expressive Arts and Design (EAD)


This week the children have started Music sessions with Miss Hutchinson, who is the new FS1 teacher and teaches in FS2 on a Tuesday afternoon.

The children have loved starting these sessions and it has been lovely to see them want to make their own instruments during their choosing time. There have been some wonderful shakers that have then been used to perform songs on the stage in the classroom!

Exploring Media and Materials 

During our RE lessons this half term the children have enjoyed exploring a range of media and materials. In week 2 we explored colour mixing using the powder paints, along with learning how we make colours lighter and darker. We then used the paints to paint people that are in God’s family.

We have also explored collage, when decorating our love hearts that show our love to God and his family. The children carefully selected, different coloured tissue paper and combined them together to create a beautiful love heart. 

Understanding of the World

Rock Pools

As part of our learning on “Sharing a Shell” the children have enjoyed learning more about rock pools and the creatures that live in them!

Woodland Art

This week we visited the woods. After we had talked about the safety measures that we had to remember, the children explored the now very leaf covered area finding three things that interested them. They then returned to the main group and shared with their friends what they had found and we grouped them. The main items we found were, leaves, sticks, rocks and bugs!
I then put the children into groups and challenged them to make a picture of the Rainbow Fish on the woodland floor, using the items that they had all found. I asked them to consider which resources they might use for each part of the fish. The children got to work quickly, clearing the floor and sharing their ideas.

From this we learnt that it is important to listen to everyone’s ideas, make compromises and work as a team to achieve the best outcome.

Den Building with Mr Harman!

On Thursday morning the children all wrapped up warm and dry and ventured onto a very wet and muddy school field for a fantastic morning of den building! The children learnt so many new skills, working as a team to build fantastic dens that they were extremely proud of. It was amazing to see the children so engaged and independent from adults, testing out their ideas and exploring a range of new resources. A huge THANK YOU to Mr Harman for a brilliant morning!

Please see Tapestry for the detailed observation.