Autumn 1 2022

This half term we will be focusing on settling the children into FS2, learning the rules, routines and developing positive relationships. Each half term the children’s topic will be developed through their interests over the half term.  This half term we are continuing with an interest the children were talking about in their provision areas in FS1 at the end of the summer term and in our transition activities. We are learning all about Superheroes and our topic is called Super Duper Me!


Introduction to RE at St Joseph’s 

Over the last two weeks we have been introducing the children to our four daily prayers. As part of this the children have practiced making the sign of the cross and have started to learn the Makaton that we do alongside them. The children have done really well and have also started to learn and practice saying “Our Father”. Click the button below to go to the page on our website to learn these school prayers with your child.

School Prayers Webpage

God’s World

This week, we have begun our RE learning journey all about God’s World. We started off by watching The Story of Creation so that the children could learn about how God made the world in 7 days. The children then thought carefully about what makes up God’s creation and even began to discuss how they would look after His world. Here is the video that we watched in class to learn about this story.

This week we continued to learn about the world that God created and what he did on each day. We shared a powerpoint together and made a list of all the things that God made. Over the next few weeks, we will be encouraging the children to create God’s world and add their own pictures to talk about what God created, It would be lovely if you can share the creation story with your child at home and ask them to draw a picture of something special that God made. You can print of this creation wheel to help you…

Creation Wheel

We are thinking about how God shows us he loves us and people that we love. We have read the book “Guess how much I love you” by Sam McBratney. If you have the book at home, it would be great if you could read it together with someone in your family. If you don’t have the story, here is a version that you might like to listen too.

We would love to see pictures on Tapestry of people that you love, and ways that you can show love to others. As an extra challenge, can you tell us how you know that God loves you? We are looking forward to seeing you explore our RE learning challenge this week. We asked the children in class to show us how much they thought God loves them, take a look…


We have been discussing how we think God feels about his creation of the world. After deciding that God loves his creation, we thought of ways in which we can look after God’s world. One of the suggestions was to pick up litter and put it in the bin. Therefore we went to the woods to pick up some litter ourselves!


We have been learning all about our school’s saint, Saint Joseph. We learnt all about St Joseph and why he is so important to us. Afterwards, we visited our own St Joseph statue and recapped what we had learnt about him. We ended our discussion with a prayer to St Joseph.

Collective Worship

Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal – Morning Retreat

On Tuesday 20th September, we had Brother Jonathan, Father Franpisek, Sister John-Paul, Sister Emmanuel and Sister Ciara from The Franciscan Sisters of Renewal visiting us for a morning retreat. We started the day with a whole school collective worship where the children had some lovely key messages that they could reflect on. We had a reflection on the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, we sang songs and followed this up with actions and we also learnt different ways of prayers we can use in our lives to remind ourselves that ‘God is good all the time!’

Fs2 were told about Jesus’ parable of the Good Shepherd – a story that Jesus told that we can find in the Bible. The children were asked to think was it means to be a shepherd (a person that follows Jesus) and trust in someone to guide them. Sister Emmanuel led the children in a prayerful meditation where they pictured the face of Jesus and his smile. The Sisters are very musical and the children all enjoyed learning new songs with simple actions to join in, accompanied by live guitar music.

Cafod Harvest Assembly

Maggie from Cafod visited us in school to deliver a whole school assembly to remind us about how we can live in solidarity with those in need in our world, as part of our Live Simply Mission. We reminded ourselves what Cafod stands for: Catholic Agency for Overseas Development and just some of the work that Cafod does to help those in the most need around the globe. We learnt about global emergencies around the world, such as the floods in Pakistan, the drought in areas in Africa meaning no food and other global emergencies which means our neighbours become in need. We will soon be preparing for our Harvest Festival in school where we will be raising food donations and monetary donations to support those in need in our local community, at Wetherby Food Bank and to be able to support those in need around the world, through the work of Cafod.

To find out how you can help with current global emergencies, please click here.

To find out more about Cafod’s work around Harvest, please watch the video below which some classes in school have also watched as part of our work around Harvest.


Harvest Liturgy

FS2 enjoyed taking part in the Harvest Liturgy where the whole school community came together in prayer, song and worship. The Mini Vinnies have been working hard for their Harvest Appeal and we are extremely grateful to all our families and members of our school community for supporting this appeal. We have been overwhelmed with the number of donations, both foods and other items which we have now donated to Wetherby Food Bank and monetary donations which we will be donating to CAFOD, in support of their work to support those in need around the world.

Back in class, FS2 learnt more about harvest. We discussed what harvest means and why farming is important. The children loved learning all about this and blew us away with their knowledge!


10 rules of being a superhero!

To start off our English learning journey, we have used the text ’10 rules of being a superhero’. The children have loved reading this story and enjoy discovering the rules to being a superhero. The children have begun their learning journey in this subject by creating their own eleventh rule to being a superhero. Here are just some of the fantastic suggestionss that the children have made:

“You must have a super headquarters.” Eliza

“You need to lock up the bad guys.” Lukas

“You need to eat healthy.” Ciara

“You have to have lots of rest.” Ted



Our next book focus in literacy is Supertato! The children have enjoyed this story so much and they have loved all the activities which have come with it. The children have retold the story through role play and small world. They have also looked at the key characters from the story and used adjectives to describe them. In our areas of provision, the children have loved making lots of characters from the story and setting traps to capture the Evil Pea!


We have also started our phonics lessons, in which we use the scheme ‘Sounds Write’. We are at the beginning of the scheme where we are focusing on sounds and their corresponding grapheme. The children have been amazing at attempting to write these and are even able to read and spell some basic CVC words!


In class we have recently started our formal maths lessons. On the carpet, we have been focussing on our counting skills up to 5 and 10. The children have then been ordering numbers to 5 and 10, as well as finding quantities around the classroom to match the numerals up to 10. We have been blown away with how well the children have been during our first maths lessons. It seems we have some great mathematicians in FS2 this year!

In maths this week we are also going to learn how to subitise groups of objects. Subitising is a an important skill that children need to learn as part of their maths learning journey. The children are taught to use their eyes when subitising and not any counting techniques they have already learnt.  We will be teaching children to subitise with objects up 5 this week. The children will look at a group of objects ( this week it is spiders linked to our Spinderella text) and guess how many spiders are in the group without counting. You could try and do the same challenge with groups of objects at home to get your children masters of subitising. If you take on this challenge we would love to see on Tapestry!

Check out one of our favorite Maths stars Jack Hartmann on subitising to 5!

You could also print of these Autumn resources and have a go at subitising to 5 with your child at home-

Subitising to 5 challenge 1 Subitising to 5 challenge 2




Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

Learning new rules and routines

We have been focusing on our new class rules. As a class we have made our own class rules and we have signed them to say that we will follow them. The children love to remind each other of the rules we made and these are displayed in our classroom.

Emotion Monsters

Each day during morning registration, the children use the emotion monsters at the front of the class to tell the adults how they are feeling that morning. The children use the mirrors to see which emotion matches them best, and then they place their name onto that emotion. As a class we then follow up these emotions during circle times.

Super Learners!

In FS2, we have our special board where we celebrate the children’s hard work and behaviour in class. The children all start at ‘Ready’ each day and aim for lift off for their excellent learning. Of course, if the children need a little more encouragement to focus on their learning or behaviour they can go down on the chart too but there is ALWAYS an opportunity to go back up again!

Dyslexia Awareness Week

We have been learning all about dyslexia for Dyslexia Awareness Week. Our week began with a whole school assembly led by Mrs. Ward who told us about dyslexia and what it means. Later on in FS2, we spoke more about how everybody is different and how everyone’s minds are different also. We recapped what dyslexia means before looking at famous people with dyslexia. We decided to focus on Walt Disney and we learnt about his accomplishments. We then all discussed our favourite Disney characters before the children drew and labelled their favourite Disney character.

Pants are Private – Pantosaurus

We have listened to the NSPCC’s message of Pants are Private. To begin, we  enjoyed singing along to the Pantasaurus song and discussed the PANTS rules. We designed our own pants and made posters to demonstrate our understanding and also discussed the five pants rules in small groups with an adult. The children showed great understanding!

Pants are private

Always remember that your body belongs to you

No means no

Talk about secrets that upset you

Speak up, someone can help

Physical Development 


Gross Motor Skills

We have been learning all about our lefts and rights in PE. The children have been following instructions really carefully to learn which is which. They are making good progress with this! The children have also focused on moving in different ways such as jogging, hopping and running as well as improving their balance and coordination skills.

Dough Disco

We have started our ‘Dough Disco’ sessions in school! Dough Disco is used as a fun way to support the children with their fine motor skills. It is a combination of the use of play dough with hand and finger exercises to help the children to improve fine motor control.  The children really enjoy this part of their day and have shown great listening and effort to try and copy the video. Have a look at the video we regularly use in school. It would be great to do this at home to continue this area of their learning.


Exploring Our Outdoor Provision

In our FS2 garden, we have been using our gross motor skills to explore our climbing equipment. This week, the children have been creating an obstacle course for the Evil Pea from Supertato!

Fine Motor Skills

In class we have been encouraging children to try a selection of fine motor activities. We also have an areas set up in our provision areas that is dedicated to learning fine motor skills. This has included saving superheroes using tweezers and using playdough to make items for the superheroes to use!

Expressive Arts and Design

Exploring media and materials in provision 

The children have loved being expressive and imaginative in our painting and creative areas. In the painting area, the children have made paintings of their favourite superheroes ad of people who love them to link to our RE topic on God’s love. In the creative area, the children have been making superhero stick puppets and they have also made superhero boats, the children even tested if these boats would float in the water tray!

Role Play Area

In the role play area, the children have been pretending they are in a superhero headquarters! They have been using the keyboard to send out important messages and they have been phoning up superheroes to help save the day!

Imaginative Construction

Children have been making their own superhero headquarters in the construction area! They have also started to make their own traps for the Evil Pea from Supertato!

Super Performers!

Some of the children have loved our new performance area! They have been making music on the stage using musical instruments and they have enjoyed performing these to one another.

Understanding the World

Exploring Autumn

In class we have been learning all about the four seasons of the year. The children have been amazing at recalling the four seasons as well as their key weather patterns. Afterwards, we all went down to the woods to see what signs of Autumn we could spot!

Exploring the 5 senses

The children have also been exploring the 5 senses this week. In the investigation area we have lots of different objects which the children can explore using all of their 5 senses!