Autumn 1

This half term we will be focusing on settling the children into FS2, learning the rules, routines and developing positive relationships. Each half term the children’s topic will be developed through their interests over the half term.  This half term we are continuing with an interest the children were talking about in their provision areas in FS1 at the end of the summer term and in our transition activities. We are learning all about Minibeasts! Please see our Autumn 1 Newsletter for more details.

St Patrick's RC Primary And Nursery School - Minibeasts



Introduction to RE at St Joseph’s 

Over the last two weeks we have been introducing the children to our four daily prayers. As part of this the children have practiced making the sign of the cross and have started to learn the Makaton that we do alongside them. The children have done really well and have also started to learn and practice saying “Our Father”. Click the button below to go to the page on our website to learn these school prayers with your child.

School Prayers Webpage


God’s World

This week, we have begun our RE learning journey all about God’s World. We started off by watching The Story of Creation so that the children could learn about how God made the world in 7 days. The children then thought carefully about what makes up God’s creation and even began to discuss how they would look after His world. Here is the video that we watched in class to learn about this story.

This week we continued to learn about the world that God created and what he did on each day. We shared a powerpoint together and made a list of all the things that God made. Over the next few week we will be encouraging the children to create God’s world and add their own pictures to talk about what God created, It would be lovely if you can share the creation story with your child at home and ask them to draw a picture of something special that God made. You can print of this creation wheel to help you…

Creation Wheel


Collective Worship

This week we have started to introduce the children to our statement of the week and how we can follow the statement in our daily lives. We have also continue to learn our daily prayers and the importance of making the sign of the cross.

Over the next few weeks we will be listening to and learning a few songs linked to creation. We are going to start with All things Bright and Beautiful. If you would like to sing the song at home with your child too, here is the song we will be singing…





To start off our English learning journey, we have used the text ‘Superworm’. The children have loved reading this story and enjoy joining in to the repeating chants from the minibeasts in this story. The children have begun their learning journey in this subject by describing the different characters. Here are just some of the fantastic descriptions that the children have made:

‘So big and peach colour. He wiggles and eats leaves.’ Sophie describing Superworm. 

‘Black, eight legs and can lift heavy things! Aaron describing the ant. 

‘Sharp! Thomas’s description of the crows claws. 

‘Has a shell, he eats leaves and is slimy.’ Elias describing the snail. 

‘Strong.’ Cian describing the beak on the crow. 

Superworm by Julia Donaldson, Axel Scheffler | Waterstones


This week the children have begun their phonics learning journey. They have been very impressive when learning about the new sounds.  We have been very impressed by their efforts in phonics! A great start to their phonics learning journey!

Here is a picture of their latest phonics challenge. They have to match the initial sound to the picture. 



In class we haven’t started our formal maths lessons yet, but the children have been taking on some of our maths challenges in the provision areas! We have had some great number matching and in the FS2 garden two of our children re created snakes and ladders with chalk! We found a dice and had a go at playing their game of snakes and ladders! 

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

Learning new rules and routines

We have been focusing on our new class rules. In Foundation Stage 2, we try to think of Mr Potatohead when we think about the rules. Here is our class display to show what the rules are.


Worry Monster

Over the last few weeks we have used the worry monster to share our worries. We have learnt that often our worries are shared by others and that by telling someone we trust about them we can feel better. Once we have shared our worries our worry monster has eaten them all up and now keeps them safe for us. As often as the children like but at least once a week we review our worries and see if we have any more that we would like to share and ask the worry monster to keep safe for us.

This is our class worry monster.

Super Learners!

In FS2, we have our special board where we celebrate the children’s hard work and behaviour in class. The children all start at ‘Ready’ each day and aim for lift off for their excellent learning. Of course, if the children need a little more encouragement to focus on their learning or behaviour they can go down on the chart too but there is ALWAYS an opportunity to go back up again!



Left and Right

We have been learning all about our lefts and rights in PE. The children have been following instructions really carefully to learn which is which. They are making good progress with this! The children also used this new understanding when developing their skills at rolling a ball. We have even been singing ‘The Hokey Cokey’ to really work on their new understanding. That was probably their favourite part!

left and right hand clipart - Clip Art Library

In our FS2 garden this week we have been using our gross motor skills to explore our climbing equipment. As a team we also created a pirate ship out of crates and carefully climbed around the ship ensuing we didn’t get eaten by crocodiles. Here we are in action in our FS2 garden…



Expressive Arts and Design

Exploring media and materials in provision 

The children have really enjoyed their provision so far. They have been busy colouring, making bugs and habitats our of materials and they have really enjoying mixing colours and painting.


The children have really enjoyed exploring their new music area! We have had lots of wonderful performances of familiar songs played alongside instruments. The children have really enjoyed learning ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ which is linked to our class topic of minibeasts.

One of our children retold some nursery rhymes in our music area. We challenged him to add a beat to his music and he rose to the challenge!

Art and Design

Over the past two weeks lots of children have chosen to take on one of our rainbow challenges using paint. We have had some wonderful caterpillars created with mixing colours and matching colours to create a caterpillar. This week the challenge is to mix colours, talk about their choice of colours and create a butterfly. We have had some wonderful butterfly creations so far this week. Here are a few to showcase with you…

Some children have also taken on the challenge to create a minibeast out of match sticks using some of their fine motor skills. We think they did a great job!

Mud Kitchen

One of the children’s favorite places to go is the mud kitchen! We love getting messy in FS2 and we have had some wonderful cakes made in our FS2 mud kitchen. This week, one of our children found a worm. They said the worm must be super worrm so lets make him a cake! What a great idea! Superworm deserves a cake after all his adventures!! Here are some action pictures of the children learning in the mud kitchen! 


In the construction area the children have been encouraged to talk about what they want to build, draw it out then create their model. We are working on our skills of plan, do and review as we go through FS2. Over the past few weeks the children have been challenged to build a house for a minibeast and then a maze for Superworm to travel through. We have had some detailed designs and models built using bricks and Lego. Here are a few of our completed challenges. 




Understanding the World

Minibeast Hunting in the woods

This week, the children have been exploring the woods to search for minibeasts. The children did a great job at finding them! We found a centipede, caterpillar, ant, spider and lots of slugs. Some of the children drew a picture of the the minibeasts they found and built a house to keep them safe. We will continue to build on our minibeast houses next week in the woods.