Autumn 1

This half term we will be focusing on settling the children into FS2, learning the rules, routines and developing positive relationships. Each half term the children choose their own topic for learning. This half term the children have chosen Superheroes! Please see our Autumn 1 Newsletter for more details.

Our first week in FS2!

This week the children have spent their first few mornings and full day today in FS2! Myself and Mrs Armitage have been so impressed with how well the children have settled, learning the new routines and exploring the indoor and outdoor environments.

The children have enjoyed their two PE lessons, practicing their hopping, skipping and jumping- very tricky skills to master!

One of the highlights of the week has been lunch times! The children have taken it all in their stride, learning how to collect their tray and food. The lunch time team have been incredibly impressed with the lovely manners of the children and how quickly they have learnt the new routine. Well done FS2, a very successful first week. We look forward to seeing you all on Monday!

Parents please see Tapestry for some photographs of the week.



Religious Education (RE)

Introduction to RE at St Joseph’s 

Over the last two weeks we have been introducing the children to our four daily prayers. As part of this the children have practiced making the sign of the cross and have started to learn the makaton that we do alongside them. The children have done really well and have also started to learn and practice saying “Our Father”.

The children have also been introduced to the prayer garden where we have talked about Joseph and how special the prayer garden is.

God’s World

This week we began our first RE topic. God’s World. To start the topic we listened to the story “Guess how much I love you” and discussed how much the hares loved one another. We then thought about who loves us and who we love. The children said their families, friends and teachers.

We then learnt how much God loves us all and considered how big this love was. We had lots of fantastic answers, some of them I have written below.

“God’s love for me is bigger than a rainbow”

“God’s love for me is bigger than all the buses stacked on top of each other”

“God’s love for me is bigger than the world and everyone in it”

We then showed how big this loved looked to us.

God created the world in 7 days 

This week we learnt about how God created the world in 7 days. The children enjoyed asking lots of questions and used a Rainbow to identify all the different things that God made.

The children then put actions to each day to help them remember each key part of the world that God created.

Finally the children each chose a different part of the world to recreate themselves using paint and pencils. These will be added to create our own representation of God’s World on our RE working wall.

Caring for God’s world 

Following on from our learning on the Creation story, the children have considered the importance of our role in looking after the world that God has created for us. The children decided that  one way in which we could do this would be by collecting rubbish from the school grounds, looking after our school community as part of God’s world.

God’s greatest treasure 

To complete our topic on God’s world we thought about what God’s greatest treasure in our world is. The children considered what might be in a box labelled “God’s greatest treasure” and when they opened the box and found a mirror, they  learnt that his greatest treasure is them as his children! The children then each considered what made them special and unique. We had lots of lovely responses, highlighting the children’s talents. The children then each drew them doing the thing that makes them special.


Nat Fantastic!

This week the children have enjoyed learning about Nat Fantastic’s superhero adventures that he gets up to from his very own bedroom! The children have loved joining in with actions and key phrases and have began to retell the story in their own words. From this we have explored what they would like as their own Superhero names and powers. Next week we look forward to bringing these superhero characters to life!


This week the children have loved listening to the story of Superworm and listening carefully to hear the rhyming words. We then applied this skill of hearing rhyming words to play Superworm Silly Soup. The children had to sing the song and only add items into the bowl that rhymed. It was a tricky task but the children succeeded, mixing up their own silly soup bowls with rhyming words.

Hearing initial sounds

This week we continued our learning about Superworm! The children enjoyed identifying initial sounds of items from the story and matching it to the letter, using their phonics learning.

Super Tato!

This week we have had an evil pea on the loose in FS2! The children have loved meeting the victim vegetables and seeing Super Tato save the day. As part of their learning the children have considered how each character felt at different points in the story and added key words and actions for each main character.

In their directed activity the children have sequenced part of the story and began to write words to describe how they think each vegetable felt in the story. Well done FS2, super learning!


Counting objects accurately 

This week the children have enjoyed giggling at Number 3 in Number Blocks as she has got in a muddle when trying to count accurately! The children have really impressed me with how well they were able to spot where Number 3 was going wrong and explain what she should be doing to count objects accurately. We have then began to apply this in our own Maths problems to help Nat Fantastic. We will continue this work next week and begin to look at numbers beyond 10.

Understanding “the same”

This week we have been focusing on understanding what we mean by “the same”. We have explored this using objects initially and then challenged ourselves by exploring other ways of representing amounts such as numicon. This proved a challenge as numicon looks different to teddy objects so initially we thought that they weren’t the same even though they represented the same amount. However, after some practice the children all now have a good understanding of what we mean when we say “they represent the same”. Well done FS2!

Total amount 

Over the last few weeks Super Tato and his veggie friends have been helping us to understand “total”. We have been counting how many vegetables we have in total and then put them into different parts of the story, understanding that whichever way we split them the total is always the same.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

Learning new rules and routines

This week we have continued to embed the rules and routines in FS2 as the children complete their first full week! Together we have come up with class rules that we have all agreed to. We have also worked hard to get everyone to purple on the Super Learner Chart, along with filling our class bucket.

We have also been impressed with how well children are sharing and showing kindness towards others and making new friends as a result! Well done FS2, a very successful first full week.

Worry Monster

Over the last few weeks we have used the worry monster to share our worries. We have learnt that often our worries are shared by others and that by telling someone we trust about them we can feel better. Once we have shared our worries our worry monster has eaten them all up and now keeps them safe for us. As often as the children like but at least once a week we review our worries and see if we have any more that we would like to share and ask the worry monster to keep safe for us.

Pants are Private 

This week we have learnt from Pantosaurus that our pants are private. We have talked about our pants covering our private parts and times like going to the toilet or getting changed as private time that we should do by ourselves. We have also talked about what to do if something worries us and we agreed to tell an adult that we trust. This can be both at home and at school. The children loved singing along to the song with pantosaurus!


Following instructions

This week PE has all been about following instructions! The children have worked really well to listen carefully and follow the instructions as best as they can! This involved playing “do this do that” along with throwing different coloured balls and moving to different coloured areas, both running and hopping! Parents please see Tapestry for the full observation with photos.

Travelling and Balancing 

Over the last few weeks we have been practising our travelling skills. We have been focusing on using all the space, travelling at different speeds and in different ways. The children have particularly enjoyed travelling like different animals or transport. The children have also been practicing their balancing skills, trying to balance with different a different number of body parts on the ground at the same time.


The children have loved practising their football skills over the last few weeks. We have been so impressed by their passing skills and stopping of the ball!

Expressive Arts and Design

Exploring media and materials in provision 

The children have had lots of fun getting creative in the different provision areas this week! We have had superhero masks and capes being made, along with painting themselves as superheroes as children have completed the rainbow challenges. We have also had children following their own interests making sweet boxes and flowers to take home to their families!

Not all Superheroes wear capes!

As part of our superhero topic we have been considering who are our real life superheroes. We had lots of answers including firefighters, doctors, nurses, police, paramedics and Mummy’s! The children then drew their favourite real life superheroes for everyone to celebrate and we will be adding these to our “FS2 Community” display. Thank you to all our real life Superheroes!


This half term the children have enjoyed exploring their new music areas both inside and out! We have had lots of wonderful performances of familiar songs played alongside instruments. The children have also enjoyed developing their own songs based on familiar characters from our Superhero stories.

Next half term the children are looking forward to directed music sessions with Mrs Hutchinson where they will explore a range of beats and instruments.

Understanding the World

Exploring ideas and concepts in provision

This week the children have enjoyed using the magnets to decide which items are magnetic and which are not as part of the investigation challenge. We also had children following their own interests outside, planting seeds and bulbs in the flower bed and watering them each day to help them grow. We can’t wait to see them start to grow!

Mini-Beast Hunting

In our outdoor area lots of children have been searching for worms and ladybirds following our story of Superworm! This gave me the idea to go and explore the woodland area to see what other mini-beasts we could find.

So Thursday afternoon we set off on our mini-beast hunt. We each had a checklist that we went through before we set off, that we used to help us find as many creatures as we could. When we got to the woods we went through some safety rules, such as staying on the flat, not climbing the banking, going as far as the last tree and making sure that you ask for an adults help lifting rocks to see what creatures were underneath. The children all then excitedly started their hunt, looking carefully in different places and calling their friends over to look when they found a creature. It was very exciting and lovely to see the children help each other to find the mini-beasts. A very successful afternoon bug hunting!

Mini-Beast Homes

Following on from our Mini-Beast hunts the children were keen to make homes for the Mini-beasts that they had found. The children had lots of fun ensuring that they had everything they needed, including beds and food.