Summer 2 2021

Hello and welcome back! We have a very busy half term ahead of transitions as the current class gets ready for FS2 and we meet the new September cohort. It has been an incredible year and we have all made lots of wonderful memories and learned so many things.

This half term we will be planting our own beans, learning more about Leeds and link our provision to the seaside. An exciting half term ahead!

Collective Worship

During our Worship sessions we have been discussing our Statements of the Week. The children have been discussing their own views and opinions. 




New Life

This half term our RE topic is ‘The Church’. The children discovered that we call the Church the family of God. They started by talking about their families and people that are important to them and we added this to a hoop. We then said that inside the hoop is the family of God. The children found out about how the Church began and shared their views on what it means to be part of God’s family.


The children then found out more about St Joseph’s Church in Wetherby. We looked at a powerpoint of photographs taken from inside the Church, such as of the alter, tabernacle and a statue of Mary.


The children then went onto draw and build their own churches from wooden blocks, as well as make their own stained glass windows.



The children then talked about the people who help to look after St Joseph’s Church such as the people who clean it and arrange the flowers. 



This half term we started with the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. The children really enjoyed this in the small world area, where they added a narrative to their play and said well known phrases from the book.



We then found out more about what it is like to live in Leeds and the children talked about and then drew their own houses. They spoke about their favourite places to visit in Leeds and what they did when they got there. 



Some of the children have expressed an interest in writing words and we have encouraged them to label their models and drawings. 




The children have enjoyed playing lots of different listening games. In this game the children sat in a circle with their hands behind their back and one person shook a bell. One child in the middle was asked to try and work out who had the bell by listening to and following the sound. 



The children have been busy matching objects to their initial sound this week. 



The children have been working really hard at identifying letters and blending sounds to create a word. Today we worked together to read the CVC words by saying the sounds and then reading the word. The children then jumped on each letter as they said the sound and then said the whole word when they got to the end.  




The Number 9

The children started this half term by learning more about the number nine. They have been touch counting to 9 and recognising and ordering numerals to 9. They have talked about one more than and one less than 9 and have been making 9 in different ways using the Numicon.




The children have really enjoyed learning about height. They have been making tall and short shapes using their bodies. They have also cut out and ordered three beanstalks, using different vocabulary to describe their size.




The children have really enjoyed exploring shapes this week. They have created houses out of shapes and explored shapes in the dough area by creating prints of them and cutting them out with the dough tools. The children named the shapes and were able to talk about some of their properties such as the amount of vertices and sides that they have.



Physical Development

PE sessions

During their PE sessions, the children have used a variety of skills, such as rolling and catching a ball. They have aimed for the cones as well as tried to roll a ball to another child.



Sports Day

We are so proud of the children for their listening, perseverance and effort during our Sports Day. They children started with a running race and then completed a ‘Story Time Race’ where they picked up a book and soft toy before reading their story at the finish line.



Fine Manipulative Skills

The children have completed lots of different fine manipulative activities in the different provision areas. They have been sorting the beans using pegs during our ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ topic and measuring fish with paperclips when we learned about the seaside. The children have also continued to work on their cutting skills, this week they cut out their own sea creatures to create an under the sea picture. 



We have continued with our daily ‘Dough Disco’ sessions which have been really popular.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Water Safety

During our seaside topic the children found out more about how to stay safe near water. We started by looking at a beach scene and the children all explained the role of a lifeguard.

Isaac “They keep you safe so that you don’t drown.”
Martha “It means that you don’t sink and go underwater.”

I asked the children where they might find a lifeguard.
Ralph “At the sea.”
Sofia “In a swimming pool.”

Frankie told us that it is not safe to swim by yourself and you should have an adult and Jacob said that if you see someone in trouble you should tell the lifeguard.

We looked at the flags on the picture of a beach and saw that the lifeguards were between two flags. The children discovered that this is the safe area to swim in.

We then looked at pictures of different items and people that you may find at the beach and discussed which ones were safe. The children chose the lifejacket, sun cream, lifeguard and safety ring as being safe. They chose jumping in the water next to someone who is swimming and pushing each other under water as unsafe.

They then enjoyed colouring in some pictures of lifeguards.



Road Safety

The children have been learning all about how to stay safe by the road. In PE some children pretended to be cars whilst others waited for the lights to change so that they could cross the road. During circles times we have talked about the importance of walking beside an adult and holding their hand when the crossing road. We also created our own roads with zebra crossings and traffic lights in the small world area for the children to explore. The children know to look, listen and wait for the green light whilst walking with their adult.



Feeling Happy

During our circle time sessions the children have been discussing some of the things that make them feel happy. They had some lovely ideas, such as ice cream, seeing their Grandma and playing with their siblings.



Transition to Foundation Stage 2

This week the children really enjoyed meeting their new teachers and exploring the woods, finding the big friendly wolf and creating their own houses just like the three little pigs did. Over the next few weeks the children will have the opportunity to explore their new classroom. 


Expressive Arts and Design


The children have all enjoyed joining in with the song ‘On my first day at the seaside’ which they have also learned the Makaton signs for.

On my first day at the seaside my Grandma gave to me, an ice cream and a nice cup of tea.

On my second day at the seaside my Grandma gave to me, two sandcastles, an ice cream and a nice cup of tea.

On my third day at the seaside my Grandma gave to me, three beach balls, two sandcastles, an ice cream and a nice cup of tea.

On my fourth day at the seaside my Grandma gave to me, four red crabs, three beach balls, two sandcastles, an ice cream and a nice cup of tea.

On my fifth day at the seaside my Grandma gave to me, five jelly fish, four red crabs, three beach balls, two sand castles, an ice cream and a nice cup of tea.




In the construction area the children have been busy designing and then making their own castles for a giant.



There has also been some fantastic team work as the children have worked together to create their own boats.



Creative Area

During our seaside topic the children have been busy with lots of creative tasks, such as making a boat that can fit in 10 Duplo people, creating flags for sandcastles and drawing sea creatures. 


Understanding the World

Planting beans

The children were very excited to plant their own beans this week. We have used transparent cups so that we can watch the roots grow. The children talked about what the plants will need to grow and we are all looking forward to seeing a shoot appear!



Three weeks later and we are really proud of the children for looking after their beans so well.



Living in Leeds 

We have been learning all about Leeds this week. The children have been discussing their favourite places to visit, looking at photographs of some of the well known places and making their own version of Leeds!



Our Classroom

The children are very proud of all of their work in the classroom and we wanted to share some of our displays and provision areas with you.