Summer Term 1 2022

We hope that you all had a wonderful Easter! We would like to start by welcoming our new starters to Nursery and cannot wait to get to know them. This half term, on the lead up to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, we will be learning about Kings and Queens, Castles and Royalty. We will also be learning more about differences and how we are all special, through stories such as Ringo the Flamingo by Neil Griffiths.




Our Worship Table

We started the half term by adding white and gold cloths to our Worship Table. The white cloth represents purity and Christ’s resurrection. The children discovered what the word ‘resurrection’ means and decorated the Worship table for others to see and enjoy.



May, Month of Mary

We have added blue to our Worship Table this week, as well as pictures and statues of Mary and some Rosary Beads. During our daily Worship, we have discussed the significance of the Rosary Beads and how each bead is one Holy Mary. We counted 10 beads, then one for Our Father. The children have also been learning The Hail Mary.




New Life

We started our new topic on ‘New Life’ by recapping what happened to Jesus over Easter weekend. We discussed how Jesus had carried the cross, which he later died on. His body was then put into a tomb.

The children were asked how Jesus’ friends and Mum must have felt.

Eliza “When Jesus died, they were very, very sad.”

Orla “His friends will miss him.”

Clodagh “He will stay there until he is alive again and they will miss him for a couple of days then he will come alive again.”

Daniel “Then Mary was sad.”


The children all passed around a picture of a sad face and then talked about some of the things that make them feel sad.

Ted “I tripped at home, toys.”

Beatrice “I got stung by a wasp.”

Oliver “When I miss my Mummy.”

Wren “I miss my cat.”

Oscar “When I go to soft play, my brother always runs away and I can’t find him and I’m sad.”



Ascension Day

We started to learn about Ascension Day in today’s RE session, which took place 40 days after Easter.

We started by looking at a picture of two people waving at one another and the children were asked what they thought was happening.


Oscar “Waving because we are glad to see someone.”

Orla “Say hello.”

Clodagh “It’s because you might see your favourite friend.”


The children were asked why else they might be waving?

Rupert “Goodbye, saying goodbye.”


How else can you say goodbye?

James “Kiss.”

Albert “When my Grandparents stay for tea and they leave, I give them a kiss and a cuddle.”

Daniel “I say goodbye to Nana.”

Ted “A hug and a kiss when Daddy goes to work, I love him.”


We then shared the story of Jesus saying goodbye to his friends as he went to be with his Father. Jesus explained how the Holy Spirit would come in his place to remind everyone of what Jesus had taught them.


Eliza told her friends that Jesus was in heaven.

Olly added that he was with God.



The following day was Ascension Day and we discussed the day in more detail. We watched a PowerPoint about Jesus saying goodbye to the disciples and then ascending to Heaven. The children then rose up too, standing up slowly as they watched a picture of Jesus rise up off the screen. We ended with a prayer. 





Learning New Vocabulary

We have started the half-term by learning all about castles, kings and queens. This has given the children the opportunity to learn lots of new vocabulary such as parts of a castle, like the bailey, drawbridge and moat. Our nursery rhyme linked to this topic is ‘Sing a song of sixpence’. There is also lots of vocabulary in this nursery rhyme that the children were unsure of so we have discussed these together and looked at photographs, such as the words rye, sixpence and maid.



Retelling Stories

This week the children have been retelling stories and creating their own using our puppet theatre, which was kindly donated by parent. They have also been creating the setting from ‘Ringo the Flamingo’ by Neil Griffiths, introducing the characters and acting out the main events in the story.



We have really enjoyed a visit from some of the Year 6s this afternoon who shared some stories with our FS1 children. We were very impressed with how well the children sat and listened.




The Number ‘8’



We are starting this half term by learning all about the number 8. We have been making 8 in different ways such as by using our fingers, through resources and by creating number sentences. The children have been forming the numeral 8 and counting 8 claps and jumps as well as touch counting 8 resources.


2D Shapes

This week the children were introduced to a new 2D shape, an octagon. They have named different shapes, counted their sides and vertices, sorted them into different groups and explored them further within the provision areas. The children have drawn around shapes as they have created their own castle drawings, as well as made cakes out of dough by cutting around 2D shapes. They then added 8 candles to their cake.



Number sentences

The children have been learning how to write their own number sentences today. They used the Numicon to help them to discover lots of different ways to make the number 8. They then wrote these down as a number sentence.



Letter Sounds

This half term we will continue to teach the children a different letter sound a week. Please find below a very useful video which will support the correct pronunciation of each sound.

Oxford Owl Phonics- How to pronounce pure sounds


The children have already discovered the letters and sounds ‘a, i, m, s, t, n, o, p, b, c, g, h, d, f’. By the end of this half-term they will have also explored ‘v,e,k,l’. 


Pre-cursive writing

Some of the children have expressed an interest in writing their own name and other letters. We encourage the children to use pre-cursive writing when forming their letters. Please find a fantastic PowerPoint presentation below, created by Twinkl, with demonstrations on how to form the letters of the alphabet, that you child can copy at home.

Letter Formation


Reading Words and Letter Formation

In our phonics area, the children have been busy reading words and matching them to a picture, exploring letter formation and having a go at writing real words too.




We have been learning all about syllables in FS1! The children have clapped out how many syllables are in their names and lots of different words. If you would like to also do this at home, please click on the videos below.


Letter Formation

The children have been working on their letter formation outside this week.


Physical development


PE- Jumping

The children have been working on their jumping this week. Mrs Powell showed them how to bend their knees when they jump and land, as well as how to use their arms to propel them forward.  The children started by travelling around the space in different ways for their warm up. They were then challenged with jumping over the white cones, jumping as high as they could over the orange cones and as far as they could over the blue ones. All of the children showed great skill and tried their best.



PE- Throwing and catching

The children have been working on their throwing and catching skills this week, using a large ball, tennis ball and shuttlecock.



PE- Dodgeball with FS2

The children had lots of fun playing dodgeball with FS2 this afternoon. They worked so well as a team, following the rules of the game and showing fantastic skills. We are so proud of them all.



Cutting Skills

Look at our fabulous crowns! The children had the tricky job of cutting out a zig-zag pattern to make their own crown. They then touch counted eight gems to add to it, with this being our special number this week.



Daily Dance Sessions

We love our daily 3 minute dances and exercise videos. This weeks favourite is below-

Personal, Social and Emotional Development


Celebrating differences

The children have been busy learning about how we are all different and unique this half term, with books such as ‘Ringo the Flamingo’ by Neil Griffiths. The story is about a flamingo who is born with short legs and unable to walk and explains how helpful and supportive his friends are, as well as how talented and brave he is. Following on from this story, we discussed how we are all different in class, such as through hair colour and interests. We talked about people who are unable to walk and how crutches or a wheelchair can support them, as well as how visual aids such as pictures or Makaton can help people who are unable to hear or speak. These aids support people in being independent and we should be kind and support others, just like Ringo’s friends did.



Keeping Healthy

The children have been learning about how to keep ourselves healthy this week and then used this knowledge to look after the dolls in the home corner. The dolls have had a bath, brushed their teeth, eaten and slept as well as had their clothes changed. The children have discussed brushing their own teeth twice a day, eating healthily and the importance of exercise and sleep.



Developing friendships with peers

It has been a delight to watch the children grow in confidence, develop friendships with their peers and take on a role together over the course of the year. The children are creating their own games and storylines, listening to one anothers ideas and working together, which is fantastic to see.


Expressive Arts and Design


Creating Fairy Potions

The children have really enjoyed creating their own potions, they have cut up petals and leaves and added water, sequins and glitter. The children used their senses to explore the mixture, discussing what it smelt like and what the potions magical power could be!



Small World Play and Construction

We have been learning all about castles, knights, kings and queens in Nursery. The children have been building their own castles from wooden blocks, creating walls, drawbridges and some children created a bailey for the knights too. The children have loved taking on the role of a small world figure in our toy castle and we have really enjoyed hearing the different stories they have told.



Singing and Exploring Sounds

The children have been exploring creating different sounds in our outdoor music area this week, as we continue to develop it as part of our current focus on enhancing our beautiful outdoor space. They have also been learning the nursery rhyme ‘Sing a song of sixpence’ and discovering what words such as ‘maid’, ‘sixpence’ and ‘rye’ mean.



Creating Flamingos

The children have been designing and then creating their own flamingos this week, using a range of media to decorate them. They have drawn out their designs and then made them from dough, feathers and pipe-cleaners. In the painting area, they have colour mixed pink to paint the bird and they have been scrunching up tissue paper to create a collage in our creative area.



A Marching Band

Today the children watched videos of marching bands and we then created our own. They explored the different sounds that could be made and we then marched around the EYFS gardens playing our instruments to a beat.


Understanding the World


Earth Day

On April 22nd we celebrated Earth Day by finding out more about the planet, recycling, compost, litter and the importance of trees and plants through short videos. The children then each had a turn at holding an inflatable earth and talking about what we can all do to help to protect our planet.

Albert “We can make compost”.

Wilf “Tidy up toys so they don’t get broken and go in the rubbish bin.”

Oscar “Put rubbish in the bin or God’s world will be covered in rubbish. Animals could die.”

Conal “We can recycle paper because we don’t want our planet to be covered in rubbish. Don’t stamp on creatures because they are Jesus’ creatures and it won’t save the world.”



Living in Leeds Week

During the week the children have been looking at some of the well known places in the Leeds area, such as Tropical World. They discovered that Wetherby was part of Leeds and talked about some of the places in Leeds that they like to visit.



Our class responsibilities

These children will be helping us to look after our classroom and planet this half-term. Wren and Oscar also continue to be our planet protectors, working with the class to discover more ways in which we can look after God’s World.



Looking after God’s World

As the warmer weather arrives, the children have been taking an active role in helping to look after our recently planted herbs and flowers. They are learning about what plants need to grow, the parts of a plant and that plants can have different scents too!



The children have also been helping to get rid of the weeds. This has been a fun fine manipulative activity as they used scissors to cut them back. Some children then used all of their strength to pull the weeds and their roots out. We hope to create a different learning opportunity within this space.



The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Over the last two weeks, the children have been learning all about the Queen and the Royal Family. We have been creating Unions Jack flags, creating portraits of the Queen, formed a marching band and cut out pictures of the guards. We celebrated the Jubilee with a party on the last day of half term. The children played party games, games linked to the Royal Family in PE and had a special picnic outside.



Enhancing our outdoor area

Please click the button below to see our latest enhancements. We would like to thank everybody that has donated their money, resources or time to this project.

EYFS Outdoor Area