Spring Term 2 

Religious Education

Our RE topic is Sorrow and Joy. In Nursery, learning how to respond when we have disagreements with our friends is a big part of our RE and overlaps with our PSED learning too.

In RE we learn about how Jesus shows forgiveness, what this means and how this requires us to be strong and kind.

We use our special puppet Spike to talk through classroom scenarios, in which  we may need to say sorry. It is a good job that Spike’s big brother Sid turned up, to give some helpful advice about this. It is obviously age-appropriate for children to need coaching and support with recognising that their actions may have been ‘a poor choice.’ By talking about how they feel when they needs to give or receive an apology really helps them to develop the vocabulary of saying sorry and forgiveness.

Mrs Gray has taught us a fantastic song which we sing together as a very helpful reminder.

“When you say that you are sorry God forgives!”

This song is often used as a reminder at circle time, when we have experienced  tricky friendship or negotiating moments throughout our morning session.


On Wednesday and Fridays the children arrive with a special PE bounce in their step. WE ARE SPORTY KIDS!!

During our PE sessions with Mr Cooper, we learn how to move our bodies with imagination and also develop care and control, for example as we negotiate space with each other during games involving running and moving within a designated space.



Our Mathematical Learning Journey. Pizza Express!

Our Mathematical learning is exploring shape, space and measure.

The children became Pizza chefs as we opened up our very own Pizzeria, in both the playdough and crafts area.

We made arrangements with our shape toppings and ingredients, using mathematical language to describe our creations such as flat, thin, round, curves, edges, small/ big etc.

Our little chefs also had a great time making our own mini muffin base pizzas.

We are careful to take time to all understand the importance to washing hands first, understanding that we must do this to get rid of germs and nasties!
We follow the recipe that we have created and count out the spoons of ingredients.
Everyone chooses their own selection of ingredients and there was lots of talk about the way that we all like different things!
Lots of chopping, squirting, spreading and stirring!
I hope that you all enjoyed your pizza!


Shape Learning Inside and Outside!

Using your whole body to explore shape and size is a good way to learn. As our mathematical learning journey has developed the children have been on shape hunts to identify shapes around school and have played Shape Twister with string to make shapes. Inside we have been making some fantastic shape pictures and as we build homes for nocturnal animals there has been lots of size talk, making the home just the right size for a tiny hedgehog or a large fox!


WORLD BOOK DAY AT NURSERY.  our serious message for the day. Please bear this  in mind and pass it on!

Experts in literacy and child development have discovered that if children know eight nursery rhymes by heart by the time they’re four years old, they’re usually among the best readers by the time they’re eight. –
Mem Fox, Reading Magic.

‘Reading for pleasure is the single biggest indicator of a child’s future success – more than their family circumstances,
more than parents’ educational background or their income.’
The Organisation for Economic Co-operation & Development

World Book Day at Nursery was busy, bookish and fun!
There was great excitement with the arrival routine as we took time to introduce each other’s book characters.
The children looked amazing and everyone was very happy to show off their costumes.
World Book Day is all about spreading the love of books and reading for pleasure.
We were delighted to be joined by Mrs Stoney today, who shares some lovely rhymes and songs with us.
Nursery Rhymes are like rocket fuel for language development and this was made even more special with our fabulous costumes and a small performance stage!

Later we had a book hunt outside in the garden.
There were copies of the covers of some of our favourite stories hidden to match up with the actual book.
Little Red Riding Hood(Mrs Gray)  and Angelisa Ballerina (Mrs Harris) and Mary Quite Contrary (Mrs Reddiex)  helped to match books to their covers and we had a lovely chat about our favourites!


The Smartest Giant in Town!

This book by Julia Donaldson, is one of our core texts and it is wonderful.

There are so many messages to be learned as we listen to George’s story and his motivations.

George is the scruffiest giant in town, so he buys a new outfit to smarten himself up. On the way home, however, he meets others who are in greater need of his clothes than he is, so he gradually gives away each new item of clothing.

His tie becomes a scarf for a giraffe and his shoe makes an ideal home for a family of mice. When he arrives home, the animals he has helped are all waiting for him with a thank you present.

It has been fantastic to chant the repetitive text together as we become really familiar with the story and also noticed all of the rhyming words..

We have had great fun with some book-based learning experiences that have emerged from the story:
We took the story outside and enjoyed a Number Hunt together to collect the clothes that George needs to transform himself, from the scruffiest to the smartest Giant in town.

We followed the number clues to find the items that were hiding around the Nursery front garden.
A shirt – a sail for a goat on a boat.
A tie- a scarf for a cold giraffe.
A belt- for a dog crossing a bog.
Some socks- a sleeping bag for a fox. Fox and socks!
Some shoes- a house for a little white mouse.

You work so well together to find the items of clothing and you all make sure that everyone takes a fair turn to put some smart clothing onto our very own giant cutout!

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