Spring Term 2 2022

Welcome back everyone! This half term we are looking forward to finding out more about what we can do to look after God’s World, we will be celebrating World Book Day and Science Week as well as finding out all about Easter. Our first topic will be learning all about the seaside, through books such as ‘Clean Up!’ by Nathan Bryon and Dapo Adeola. 






During our worship sessions this week, the children have been learning all about Lent and the 40 days and 40 nights that Jesus spent fasting in the desert. The children have helped us to decorate our worship table with the colour purple, which represents penance, preparation, and sacrifice. They have also come up with their own promises on how they can show kindness and be helpful over the next 40 days, which we have displayed in our worship area.



St Joseph’s Feast Day

On Friday 18th March, we celebrated St Joseph’s Feast Day. The children went up to the prayer garden and looked at the statue of St Joseph, then said a prayer together. Back in the classroom, we found out more about  St Joseph and his carpentry skills, as well as his role with Jesus. The children enjoyed a picnic to celebrate the day and drew their own pictures of St Joseph.




On the lead up to Easter, we have been learning all about Jesus through PowerPoints and discussions. Some of the children made palm leaves to wave, just like the people did when Jesus went to Jerusalem. We discussed the Last Supper, when Jesus shared bread and wine with his disciples. Then came Good Friday, when Jesus was put on the cross. The children thought it should be ‘Sad Friday’ because Jesus died. The wonder happens on Easter Sunday when Jesus rose from the dead, before then going up to Heaven to be with God. We look forward to finding out more about this when we return after the Easter break. 





Sorrow and Joy

Today we started our topic of Sorrow and Joy. The children were asked what they thought ‘sorrow’ means and Emmie suggested “sorry”. Henry suggested that ‘joy’ could mean “enjoy”.


We looked at a picture of a child crying and the children were asked what they thought might have happened?

Camille “Someone hurted her or smacked her or hurt her head.”

Conal “I think a dog bit her.”

Eliza “Somebody pushed her.”

Jocelyn “She might be sad because someone got angry with her.”

Wren “Maybe someone didn’t share their toys.”

Eliza “Maybe she walked into a lamp post.”


We then met the teddies Benjamin and Barnaby who had fallen out and were upset.

The children were asked what might have happened?

Clodagh “They might be pushing and kicking each other.”

Orla “They might be hitting each other.”

Oliver “They might have crashed into each other.”


The children were asked what the teddies could do to put things right?

Henry “Play cars.”

Wilf “Say sorry.”

Emmie “Be kind and play with each other.”

Beatrice “Plaster.”


We then sang together-

When we say that we are sorry, God forgives.

When we say that we are sorry, God forgives.

If it’s large or if its small, he will still forgive it all.

When we say that we are sorry, God forgives.


We then said a prayer and asked God to help us to be kind.

God our Father,

We are sorry for the times when we forgot to be kind to each other. Please help us to put things right and try again.




We found out today about how Jesus helped Zacchaeus to say sorry in a story. Zacchaeus had taken more money than he should have from people. Jesus helped Zacchaeus to see that this was wrong and helped Zacchaeus to be brave and apologise. He also gave the money back to the people he had taken it from.


What did Zacchaeus do that was wrong?

Henry “He take a lot of money.”

Orla “He taken too much.”


What did Zacchaeus do to show that he was sorry and to put things right?

Wilf “Give money back to all of the people.”

Conal “Gave money to the poor people.”


Why did Zacchaeus need Jesus’ help?

Clodagh “He got too much money. Did not make the right choices.”


We then looked at a photograph of some medals and explained that people get medals for doing something brave. Sometimes it is hard to say sorry and we have to be brave to do it.

The children then made their own medals for being so brave, for trying to make the right choices and for saying sorry if they do not make the right choice.



In RE today, we heard about a time when Jesus helped someone to share with a lot of other people. The children started by taking turns to hold a doll and tell their friends about what they had for breakfast. We talked about sharing the doll in order to do this. We then heard a story about a boy who went to see Jesus, alongside thousands of other people. The people were all hungry and only the boy had some food with him. He kindly shared his food with Jesus, who performed a miracle and made enough food for all of the other people to eat. 

Camille “Everyone was hungry.”

Clodagh “Everyone was hungry and Jesus did not want them to die.”

Oscar “He had been to Jesus and Jesus made more food for the adults.”

Austin “Miracle.”

Eliza “I would share my food with people who are hungry.”

Ted “Sharing is caring.”

The children were asked what they could share at school?

Jocelyn “Toys.”                 Wilf “Snack.”                  Oscar “Jigsaws.”


We then ended on a prayer.

Dear Jesus,

Please help us to take turns with each other.

Please help us share our toys and games.

Please help us to think about how other people might feel.






We change the books in our reading area every two weeks as our topics change. This week we are looking at books written by Julia Donaldson, with our provision challenges all linked to her story ‘The Gruffalo’. The children have discovered that Julia Donaldson is the author and that Axel Scheffler is the illustrator and what these terms mean. They have discussed the characters in the story as well as how their feelings change throughout the story. Our next challenge is to create our own ending to the story, sharing our ideas on what the Gruffalo does next.  



World Book Day 2022

The children has lots of fun in Nursery dressing up as their favourite character on World Book Day. We made a reading den together and they shared their favourite books with one another, took on the role of their character and played games and puzzles based on well known stories.



Pre-cursive writing

Some of the children have expressed an interest in writing their own name and other letters. We encourage the children to use pre-cursive writing when forming their letters. Please find a fantastic PowerPoint presentation below, created by Twinkl, with demonstrations on how to form the letters of the alphabet, that you child can copy at home.

Letter Formation


We have been reusing plastic lids to support with name writing this week. The children have put the letters in order to create their name and then had a go at writing it.





World Maths Day

Maths was everywhere in Nursery today, numbers were on our clothes, water bottles and milk cartons. In PE, the children jumped over the cones and counted them, as well as found the correct amount of cones when a number was called. We found numerals 1-7 in the woods, as well as Numicon pieces 1-7. The children matched the correct piece of Numicon to each numeral too. We explored prepositions by standing on the bench, in front of it, next to and behind it. We found sticks that were shorter than the one Mrs Gray had and then longer.



The Number ‘7’



Representing the number 7 in different ways

We started the half term by learning all about the number 7. The children learned a little rhyme to find out how to form the number 7 and then created a ‘7’ shape with their bodies too. They counted to 7 and explored one more and one less than 7. We also discovered by using our fingers and Numicon, that 7 can be made in different ways, such as 4 and 3 or 5 and 2.



Matching amounts to numerals

The children have been busy recognising numerals to 7 and beyond. Today they matched the correct amount of balls to each numeral, saying things such as “I need one more!” as they ran back to the basket of balls.




This week we have introduced language linked to length, such as the words longest, medium and shortest. The children were challenged to cut out three pictures and order them from the shortest to the longest. Some children then challenged themselves further by drawing their own sea creature and working out where it should go, then thinking of a word to describe it.





Letter Sounds

This term we will begin to teach the children a different letter sound a week. Please find below a very useful video which will support the correct pronunciation of each sound.

Oxford Owl Phonics- How to pronounce pure sounds

This half term the children will be identifying the letters and sounds ‘p,b,c,g,h’.


Matching initial sounds to letters

This week the children have been busy matching the sea creatures to the correct letter, based on it’s initial sound. Some children then created their own pictures of animals, starting with a particular sound, to go on the letters that were left.



Reading Words

The children have really enjoyed attempting to read words this week and match them to the correct picture. The children said the sounds in order and then blended them together to say the word. 



Physical development


PE- Balancing

The children have been working on their balancing skills this week in our PE sessions. After a pirate warm up game, they balanced a beanbag on different parts of their body as they moved around the hall. The children showed some fantastic skills and some very creative ideas.



PE- Throwing skills

Our warm up today involved ‘tiggers’ and ‘superheros’. The tiggers wore reflective jackets and tried to tig their friends as they ran around the space. Once tug, the child crouched down and waited for the superhero to place the hoop over them and free them again. During the main part of the lesson, the children practised their underarm throws as they aimed to make their ball bounce in the hoop in front of them. The children showed fantastic turn taking, listening skills and great throwing skills too.



Outdoor Equipment

We love to stretch, climb and balance on the outdoor play equipment. The children are persevering and really challenging themselves.




The children have really enjoyed using the plastic needles to do some threading this week. 



Personal, Social and Emotional Development



Class Responsibilities

We have a very helpful, independent and motivated class of children, who help us to look after our classroom and save energy.  This half term, the following children have these class roles.




We have been discussing how it feels to be surprised and frightened this week. Using our book of the week ‘The Gruffalo’ by Julia Donaldson, the children discussed how the characters felt when they heard that the mouse was meeting with the Gruffalo and again when the mouse said that the Gruffalo likes to eat that animal. The children created their own surprised and frightened faces and discussed some of the things that make them feel that way. 



Expressive Arts and Design


Role Play in the Fish and Chip Takeaway

Our first topic this half term is the seaside. Our role play area has become a fish and chip takeaway, where the children have enjoyed taking on the role of a customer or chef. They have taken each others orders, counted out 7 chips per order to match our number of the week and paid for their food too. We have heard some fantastic language and have been very impressed with the children’s commitment to their role, as they even remembered to ask the customer if they would like some salt or sauce with their order!



Designing and creating turtles

One of the characters in our story ‘Clean Up!’ is a turtle. The children have been busy designing and then modelling their own turtles from dough. They have created a body, head and four flippers. We are really proud of the children for their attention to detail and enthusiastic mark-making.



Singing with Makaton signs 

We love to use Makaton throughout the day in Nursery. Today we have been learning a seaside song with Makaton signs in it. Please find the words below.


On my first day at the seaside, my Grandma gave to me, an ice cream and a nice cup of tea.

On my second day at the seaside, my Grandma gave to me, two sandcastles, an ice cream and a nice cup of tea.

On my third day at the seaside, my Grandma gave to me, three beach balls, two sandcastles, an ice cream and a nice cup of tea.

On my fourth day at the seaside, my Grandma gave to me, four red crabs, three beach balls, two sandcastles, an ice cream and a nice cup of tea.

On my fifth day at the seaside, my Grandma gave to me, five jellyfish, four red crabs, three beach balls, two sandcastles, an ice cream and a nice cup of tea.



Thank you Friends of St Joseph’s

The children have had lots of fun building with the Lego that the Friends of St Joseph’s has kindly given to Nursery! We cannot wait to see where this takes the children’s learning.



Painting signs of Spring

After our signs of Spring walk, the children painted their own beautiful daffodils, looking carefully for the shapes and colours that they needed.



Exploring Instruments

We have had lots of fun exploring some new instruments this week. The children have played the instruments whilst singing and tried to create the sounds of the rain. 



Understanding the World


Science Week

The children have had lots of fun this week, carrying out different experiments and finding out more about the world around them. They have planted herbs and found out about the different parts to plant. They have also predicted what might happen when oil is added to water and soap is added to water. We have put white flowers into different coloured water to see what would happen too! Here are some photographs of our learning.



Boats that Float

During our seaside topic, the children were challenged to make a boat that could hold 7 Duplo people and float on water. We started by exploring which materials float on water. The children discovered that the cardboard eventually went soggy and changed colour, before sinking to the bottom of the bowl or tray. They also found that some plastic containers could not hold 7 Duplo people without tipping over or sinking. The children discovered that plastic was the best material for floating on water and then began to decorate their boats.  There was some fantastic thinking, problem solving and perseverance in Nursery!


Looking after God’s World

We started our half term with a ‘Blackout for Creation Day’ where we kept the lights and Smartboard off to save electricity. The children all came to Nursery in their warm brown and green clothing and we kept the heating low.

Through our story ‘Clean Up!’, the children have been finding out all about what can happen if litter is not disposed of correctly. They discovered that it not only ruins the look of the beaches and environment around us, but can also harm wildlife. We have discovered that a lot of this waste can be recycled or reused and the children have then done their own sorting, by picking up some litter from our sand tray and sorting it by its material. Through PowerPoints and short videos, we have also discovered that by recycling, we can prevent more trees from being cut down and prevent some waste from going to landfill.


‘8 to be great’

After learning about recycling and what can happen if waste is not disposed of correctly or recycled, we have come up with 8 things in class that we can do to help to protect our planet. We also now have two ‘Planet Protectors’, Wren and Oscar, who are going to support the class in carrying out these ideas on a daily basis. We hope that this will create less waste, mean that we use less electricity, enable us to recycle more and make our resources last longer.



The signs of Spring

We have been searching the school field and woods looking for signs of Spring this week. The children discovered buds, daffodils, snowdrops and new leaves growing.



Enhancing our outdoor area

Please click the button below to see our latest enhancements. We would like to thank everybody that has donated their money, resources or time to this project.


EYFS Outdoor Area