Spring Term 2 2024

Welcome back everyone! This half term we are looking forward to finding out more about what we can do to look after God’s World, we will be celebrating World Book Day as well as finding out all about Easter. Our first topic will be learning about recycling through the book ‘Clean Up! by Nathan Bryon. 





During our worship sessions this week, the children have been learning all about Lent and the 40 days and 40 nights that Jesus spent fasting in the desert. The children have helped us to decorate our worship table with the colour purple, which represents penance, preparation, and sacrifice.



St Joseph’s Day

The FS1 children have been learning all about St Joseph. Mrs Rowlands led a Worship session with FS1 and FS2 and then we went around the school grounds looking for statues and pictures of St Joseph. The children discovered that he was a kind and hard working carpenter. We then enjoyed a little picnic to celebrate such a special day. 




Sorrow and Joy

We discovered more about sorrow in this weeks RE. The children saw a photograph of a child who was upset.

Oscar “He’s feeling sad.”

Libby “He’s a little bit bored.”

Coran “I think he’s lonely.”

Adam “He is cuddling himself.”


Why do you think that he is feeling sad?

Frey “Maybe someone is not sharing.”

Libby “Someone might have hit him.”

Coran “Something bad might have happened.”

Harper “Maybe his Mummy and Daddy set off without him because he was being rude.”

William “Maybe he’s left alone.”

Frey “Someone might be angry at him.”


The children then discovered that Betty and Benjamin the bears had fallen out. They were both feeling sad and would not speak to one another.

Amari “Maybe one had too much playdough and didn’t give any to the other.”

We then acted this idea out with the bears and the children were asked what should happen next.

George “Share, Benjamin.”

Sophia “Say sorry.”

Libby “Benjamin and Betty to say sorry.”

We then acted the story out again, this time with the bears using their words, sharing and then happily playing together.


The children discovered that the word ‘sorry’ is a very powerful word. Sometimes we do make mistakes but God will forgive us if we apologise.


We all sang-

When we say that we are sorry, God forgives.

When we say that we are sorry, God forgives.

Whether it’s large or it is small, he will still forgive us all.

If we say that we are sorry, God forgives.




Today the children heard a story about how Jesus helped someone to say sorry. Zacchaeus had a job which involved taking money from people however he often took more than he should have. When Jesus came to town, Zacchaeus wanted to see him but so did many other people. Zacchaeus could not see over the crowds of people so climbed a tree. Jesus saw him up the tree. He knew that he had been taking too much money and that he needed to help him to say sorry.


We all sang-

Come down Zacchaeus, down from the tree.

Come down Zacchaeus give the lord his tea.


Jesus did go to his house for tea and Zacchaeus then said sorry to all of the people that he had taken the money off. He promised to give them their money back and to give money to the poor.

The children discussed that it can be hard to say sorry but there are times we must be brave and say it. We may do something wrong or upset someone and then we say sorry. The children discovered that some people get medals for being brave and we decided to make our own sorry medals to help us in future.

We then ended with a prayer-

Lord Jesus,

We find it hard to say sorry and really mean it.

Please help us to change the way we behave when we do the wrong things.

Please stay with us and help us like you helped Zacchaeus.






Our class texts and rhymes

In FS1 we have a special book and rhyme which is linked to our current theme. This changes every two weeks, along with the books that we display in our reading area. Here are our key texts and rhymes this half term.



Words of the week

This half the term the children will be learning all about the following words. We will add to this every two weeks as we begin our new topic.  We encourage the children to listen out for the words in our class text and to use them themselves in different contexts.



Mark-Making Opportunities

We have mark-making opportunities across our provision areas and often see the children designing their model before making it in the construction area or taking notes from their telephone call in the role play area. Here are some photographs of our writing and drawings from this half term.



Pre-cursive writing

Some of the children have expressed an interest in writing their own name and other letters. We encourage the children to use pre-cursive writing when forming their letters. Please find a fantastic PowerPoint presentation below, created by Twinkl, with demonstrations on how to form the letters of the alphabet, that you child can copy at home.

Letter Formation



World Book Day

We had a lovely day talking about our favourite books and characters in FS1. In the afternoon, we also had some special visitors, Year 3 came to read us all some stories.






Letter Sounds

This term we will begin to teach the children a different letter sound a week. Please find below a very useful video which will support the correct pronunciation of each sound.

Oxford Owl Phonics- How to pronounce pure sounds

This half term the children will be identifying the letters and sounds ‘o,p,b,c,g,h’.


Matching initial sounds to letters


The children have been very busy identifying letters and matching objects to them based on their initial sound. The children have also been thinking of their own words that start with that sound.



Sounding out words


The children have started to read real words in FS1! We have also been listening to all of the different sounds in words in order to word build. In this activity, the children were given a word and had to stand on the sounds that are in that word. For example, for the word ‘bat’, they stepped on ‘b’, then ‘a’ and then ‘t’.





The Number ‘6’


The children have been counting, ordering and exploring numbers to 6 and beyond this term. They have recognised up to 6 on dice, explored making 6 in different ways with Numicon and have been matching numerals to a specific amount of dots.



Hexagons and other 2D shapes


We have been naming and describing the properties of semi-circles, circles, triangles, squares, rectangles and hexagons. The children have been using vocabulary such as ‘sides’ and ‘vertices’ as they look for shapes in the environment and create their own 2D shapes.



Tally Charts


The children have been learning all about tally charts and have created their own in the provision areas. We have used tally charts to discover the children’s favourite farm animals and favourite snack. 



Number sentences


The children have really enjoyed exploring number sentences and having a go at forming numerals too. We are very proud of the children for challenging themselves. 



Personal, Social and Emotional Development


Class Responsibilities

We have a very helpful, independent and motivated class of children, who help us to look after our classroom and save energy.  This half term, the following children have these class roles.



Healthy and unhealthy relationships


In FS1 we have been learning about healthy and unhealthy relationships. We started by looking at two photographs and discussing what we could see. For the first photograph, the children said that hugging was ok, we do it to say hello and goodbye to trusted adults or to make somebody feel better. For the second photograph, the children said that shouting was not ok and that it had upset the child and that they should find somebody else to play with.

Betty and Benjamin the bears then came to tell us some stories and we decided whether kind hands or unkind hands had been used. The children knew that hands are not for pushing with but that we can use our hands to give a friend a hug if they are hurt.

We then learned more about kind hands and unkind hands using the poster displayed below. Please let a member of staff know if you would like a copy of the poster to display at home.



Feeling excited


This half term we have been learning all about excitement! In today’s circle time, we asked the children what makes them feel excited, here are some of their answers-


William “When it’s my Birthday.”

Sadie “When I go to dance class.”

Amari “When I go to Nanny’s house.”

Adam “When Jack has a sleepover.”

Sophie “When Mummy walks with me.”

Jessica “When people play with me.”

Libby “When Orla comes to my house.”

Sam “When I go in my car with my Mummy.”


We love singing along to this fantastic feelings song at school.



The Zones of Regulation


We had a special visitor in FS1 this week teaching us all about the zones of regulation. The children discovered that colour can help us to talk about how we are feeling and that there are lots of different strategies that can help us to be happy and calm.


Green Zone

Looking at pictures (happy, calm)

Leah “Happy.”

What might we do?

Sadie “Colouring.”

Leah “Playing with friends.”


Red zone

Looking at picture Red Zone (cross, angry)

Eddie “Angry.”

William “Mad.”

What can we do?

Harper “Get Monty.”

William “Tell a teacher.”

Leah “Read a book.”


Blue zone

Looked at pictures (sad, tired)

Sophie “Sad.”

Libby “Scared.”

What can we do?

Freddie “Get Monty.”


Yellow zone

Looked at the pictures (worried, excited)

Freddie “Worried.”



Physical development



We started the half term with some work on our rolling and catching skills. The children demonstrated fantastic listening, turn taking and ball skills.



The children then worked on their balancing skills. 



Gross Motor Skills

Linked in with our under the sea topic, the children have been balancing in lots of different ways to an under the sea video from Cosmic Yoga.

The link can be found below for anybody that would like to have a go at this at home.



We also love to take part in the under water themed dough disco.



Expressive Arts and Design


Textured Paint

We tried something a little bit different in FS1 this week, we added different amounts of sand to paint to see what would happen. The children loved exploring the texture after creating their own sea creatures. Some children enhanced their paintings further by using cotton wool buds to create dots and lines.



The children have also been using marbles and beads instead of paintbrushes to create their own under the sea pictures.




We have a class of builders this year in FS1! We cannot believe how much their models have improved over the last few months. The children show fantastic team work as they create anything from a farm, to a shipwreck! They are sharing their ideas and thinking about adding those little details that make their model even better.



Taking on a role

We are very proud of the children for how well they take turns at different roles within our provision areas. They talk to one another about whose turn it is next and then take on the role of the character they are portraying. They love dressing up too! Our small world area and role play area are changed every two weeks to match our key text so that the children can act out the well known story and create their own. Here are some examples from our seaside topic.



Performing and Singing


The FS1 children love to put on a show for their friends. They sing well known songs, work as a class to make up their own songs and play a variety of instruments. 



Understanding the World


A visit from a goat and some chickens


We had an amazing time meeting some of the characters from our story ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’. We would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Kelly for bringing in Lucky the goat and Kinder and Cloud the chickens. The children were able to stroke the animals, find out about how to care for them and learned how to be safe around them. 



Floating and Sinking

We gave the children the task of creating a boat that was made from a waterproof material and that could float. It also had to be large enough to hold 6 Duplo people. The children had great fun trying out their creations in water and learning which materials are waterproof and what happens if they are not!



Recycling and exploring materials


We have been learning about what recycling is and what we can all do to help to look after God’s World. The children discovered that metal, plastic, cardboard, paper and glass can all be recycled and they sorted these different materials into groups. They watched videos of how paper is made from trees and also how it is recycled once it leaves our paper recycling box in the classroom. We used some items such as plastic bottle lids within in our provision areas to stop them going to landfill and created models from left over food and drink containers, cardboard boxes and tubes.

FS1 then made their own promises to the planet! We will all work hard to-

Put our pen lids and glue lids on so that they do not dry up and need throwing away.

Pick up any rubbish that we have and put it in a bin so that it does not injure any wildlife.

Turn the lights off when we leave the classroom to save electricity.

Try to use both sides of paper so that we use less of it when we are mark making.

Ensure that paper is placed within the paper recycling bin.

We also have our two Planet Protectors to help us to achieve this.



Why do we recycle?

Frey “Because helps God’s world.”


How do we recycle things?

Libby “You can chop up tyres and put them on the ground where you walk.”

Harper “Make new paper with a big machine.”

Eddie “Glass, put it in the green bin. Into the making factory. Then new things!”

Freddie “Plastic bottles in the recycling bin. They make brand new things.”

Williams “Throw books away in the recycling bin and maybe make something new, paper. It will go to the making factory.”

Freddie “We have a recycling bin, paper. It goes to new paper.”


What happens if we do not recycle?

Oscar “It will make Gods world sad, by leaving trash around.”



Science Fair

We had such a fantastic time at the Year 3 and Year 4 Science Fair. They children were all very well behaved as they explored a variety of experiments and activities, such as moving cars with magnets, floating and sinking and using a microscope.

A huge thank you to Year 3 and Year 4 for their hard-work and amazing activities.



Outdoor Learning


We love to take our learning outdoors! Here are some of our favourite photographs from this half term.


Searching for the signs of spring



Exploring the FS1 garden



Please click on the link below to find out more about our garden fundraising and latest projects.


EYFS Outdoor Area