Spring Term 1 2022

Welcome back everyone! We hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and we would like to wish you all a Happy New Year! This half-term we are very excited to meet our new starters, to learn about different cultures and to explore the signs of winter. Please ensure that your child is dressed for the weather! We would love to hear about your child’s learning at home too, through Tapestry and proud clouds.





The children now have a great understanding of the Holy Family, Bible, Candle and Crucifix which we display on our Worship Table. We look at these during our daily worship.



This week we have been reading the story of Noah’s Ark from our Bible.





This half term we have learned a new prayer, Hail Mary. Please find the words below to say with your child at home. 





Getting to know Jesus

This half term we will learning more about Jesus as an adult, the kindness he showed and the miracles that happened.

Today we read a story about how Jesus showed his friends to welcome children. We discovered that Jesus loves each and every one of us and that we can show our love to Jesus in many different ways, such as by making other people happy. The children then shared their views on what they could do.

Eliza “Make a card for people.”

Olly “Give presents to Jesus.”

Oscar “Share toys.”

Henry “Give fruit to Jesus and Santa.”

Olly “Kiss Mummy and Daddy.”

Jocelyn “Draw Jesus and God a love heart.”

Camille “Take care of people.”



Showing our love for Jesus

Today we read a story about Tom, who went into school upset because he had forgotten his ball that he wanted to show his friends. The children were asked what they would do to help Tom to feel better and to smile again?

Eliza “Make a card, cheer him up.”

Clodagh “Hug and kiss him.”

Camille “Make him a picture.”

Jocelyn “Give him a ball.”

Henry “Share toys.”

Conal “Give him a hug and make a love heart for him.”

Daniel “Make him a boat.”


We then talked about how we can show our love for Jesus by making other people happy. These are the children’s suggestions.


Oliver “Give a kiss and cuddle for Mummy and Daddy.”

Wren “Play and share with Emmie.”

Eliza “Make a card for my Mummy.”

Oscar “Give Mummy and Daddy a kiss.”






Thank you for all of your kind donations of magazines, the children are really enjoying exploring them.



Our  Class Library

Our books in our library area are changed every two weeks based on our class topic. The children have really enjoyed spending time in this quiet space looking at books, magazines and their learning journals.



Coming to England

We started our half term with Culture Week. Our reading area had a variety of books about different faiths and celebrations, as well as about feelings and emotions. We also enhanced our construction area with maps and a globe so that the children could learn more about different countries.



We chose to learn about the life of Floella Benjamin in a book named Coming to England. Floella tells the story of how she left Trinidad to live in London as a young girl and some of the challenges and differences that she encountered. We looked at Trinidad and London on a map and discussed how to get from one place to another. The children used the illustrations to compare similarities and differences, such as skin colour and clothing and then used this knowledge when drawing their own pictures.



Name Writing

We have had lots of interest at our name writing table this week! The children have been working hard to hold their pens effectively as they create the letters in their name.



Recognising our names

The children had lots of fun today trying to find their names on the school field. 




The Number ‘5’



This week we started to learn about the number five. The children have been singing the song ‘5 little ducks’, using the song to help them to count one more than and one less than numbers to five. They have been drawing five ducks as well as creating 5 of their own ducks from play dough. Using the Numicon, we have been busy making 5 in different ways and some children chose to write a number sentence based on what they had found out.



Maths Outdoors

We love to explore the maths opportunities outside of the classroom. Today after 20 jumps, hops, claps and stomps, the children searched the outdoor area looking for numerals 1-5. They then ordered them.



2D Shapes

The children have been busy learning all about the 2D shapes- circle, square, triangle, semi-circle, hexagon and rectangle. They have been discussing their properties such as the amount of vertices and sides they have, as well as sorting them into categories. During our pets theme, the children used 2D shapes to create different animals.



Ordinal Numbers

We have been learning about the zodiac animals during our topic on China and Chinese New Year. Today the children had their own race as their chosen zodiac animal and were given a rosette from 1st to 6th to support them with their ordinal number knowledge. 





Letter Sounds

This half term we will begin to teach the children a different letter sound a week. Please find below a very useful video which will support the correct pronunciation of each sound.

Oxford Owl Phonics- How to pronounce pure sounds



Pre-cursive writing

Some of the children have expressed an interest in writing their own name and other letters. We encourage the children to use pre-cursive writing when forming their letters. Please find a fantastic PowerPoint presentation below, created by Twinkl, with demonstrations on how to form the letters of the alphabet, that you child can copy at home.

Letter Formation



Silly Soup and ‘A’

This week is our first week of learning one letter and one sound. Our first letter is ‘a’. The children have been saying the sound, thinking of words that start with ‘a’, sorting objects by their initial sound and making some ‘Silly Soup’. The resources for making ‘Silly Soup’ were then left in provision for the children to explore independently. They were able to identify the pictures that started with ‘a’ and only add them to their soup as they sang “We are making lots of silly soup, we are making soup that is silly. We are going to put it in the fridge to make it nice and chilly”.



The letter and sound ‘i’ 

This week we have been learning about ‘i’. The children have formed the letter in the air with their finger, listened for ‘i’ as an initial sound in words and categorised objects by their initial sound of either ‘i’ or ‘a’.



The letter and sound ‘m’

This week has been all about ‘m’! The children have discovered words that start with this initial sound.

They have also blended sounds together to create words, such as ‘j-u-m-p’ and ‘h-o-p’, then carried out these actions.



The letter and sound ‘t’ 

After learning the letter name and sound for ‘t’, the children stood up when a word starting with ‘t’ was called out and sat down when a word with a different sound was called. They then matched the images to the correct letter based on its initial sound.



Physical development



During this weeks PE session the children have been moving in different ways, such as side stepping and moving like an animal. They really enjoyed the coloured cone game where they moved around the space in different ways, trying to avoid one another and any obstacles, before running to a coloured cone as it was called out.



During this weeks inside lesson, the children copied the actions that Mrs Powell did for their warm up. There was some fantastic listening and effort from all of the children. They then played the topsy turvy cone game in teams, negotiating the space available as they turned the cones over. One team turned the cones upside down and the other put them the right way up again. The cones were then counted up at the end to see which team had the most their way up.



Dough Disco

Our daily dough disco sessions are very popular. We choose a couple of songs on YouTube a day to move along to. This is great for supporting children with their fine manipulative skills.



Scissor Control

We have been learning more about London this week and the children have been busy working on their cutting skills as they chose their favourite landmarks in London to cut out.




We love to dance in FS1! With a scarf in each hand, the children moved their arms, span and danced around our outdoor area.



Gross motor skills

The children have been working on their gross motor skills this week, stretching and balancing on the outdoor equipment. They have also played football and catch, improving their ball skills.





Personal, Social and Emotional Development


PSHE – British Values


This half term we will be learning one British Value a week and discussing it further during a circle time session. We started by looking at RESPECT and the class were asked if the children in our story ‘Coming to England’ showed respect towards Floella when she started school in London? They decided that the other children were not respectful as they were unkind towards her because of the colour of her skin. The FS1 children then discussed what they could do to show respect towards Floella.

Wren “We should ask her to play.”

Daniel “Look after her by being friends.”

Clodagh “I would play with her and look after her and be kind to her.”

Emmie “Kiss or hug her.”

Oscar “Play with her and be nice.”

Eliza “She could come to my house and play.”

Jocelyn “Give her a card.”

We then looked at some short videos about Floella to see what she looks like now she is an adult.



Individual Liberty


Today we found out about individual liberty. We started by listening to the story ‘The Hueys in the new jumper’ by Oliver Jeffers, where we discovered that the Hueys were all the same in every way, such as their likes, clothes and thoughts. By the end of the story the Hueys all had individual liberty as they made their own choices on what to wear and do.



Conal “They are not the same anymore, they wearing new stuff.”

Oscar “One of them has drums, the others don’t.”

Camille “They are all wearing different clothes.”

Clodagh “They all have different skin colour.”

Henry “I see one has a scarf, the others don’t.”


Rule of Law

We have been learning about rules and how they keep us safe, such as by the road and in a swimming pool. Henry suggested that without rules we might fall over and Rupert said you could sink in the swimming pool without rules. The children were asked who they feel created the rules?

Harry “God.”

Oscar “Mummy.”

Rupert “Teachers.”

After discussing more examples of rules, the children discovered that we follow the law and that the police help to enforce rules set by the Government. Adults also support children in following rules to keep them safe.




We started by discussing the Government and looking at photographs of the House of Commons. We discovered that people within it can express their opinions and agree or disagree with one another. After discussing some examples of things we could vote on, we then voted on which book we would like to read.



Consent and Personal Space

We have been learning about personal space this week and that pants are private. The children sang along to the Pantosaurus song, listening out for the key messages within it.

NSPCC Pants are Private


Discussing Manipulation

Today we met Benjamin and Fluffy the bears. Fluffy had told Benjamin that he would only be his friend if he played with the cars with him. We discussed this as a class, linking it to our class rules, making choices and kindness. The children decided that Fluffy should not have said that to Benjamin and came up with other ideas of what could have happened.

Henry “He wasn’t nice, Fluffy, because Benjamin, he wanted to play with him and he said no.”

Conal “What about if Benjamin had a couple of cars and a couple of other toys?”

Clodagh “They could play with other toys and hug.”

Eliza “Not kind because he only wanted the cars.”



Children’s Mental Health Week

This week the children have been learning more about how to look after their mental health and what to do if they are feeling sad or worried. We have shared a variety of texts, such as Ruby’s Worry by Tom Percival, where the children discovered that the best thing to do if you have a worry is to tell someone. The children then discussed some of the things that worry them.

Beatrice “My baby and Daddy being sick.”

James “Sometimes I worry about my trailer going off my trains and trucks but Mummy and Daddy just found the trailer for me and my worry went away.”

Clodagh “Sometimes I don’t know where I am going. I talk to Mummy or Daddy.”

Albert “Worried is like scared.”

The children discovered that by sharing their worry with a trusted adult or friend, exercising or making something for others can all make them feel happier and support their mental health. In class we have also been busy exploring different daily exercises, such as Jump Start Jonny and Cosmic Yoga on YouTube.



Class Responsibilities

We have a very helpful, independent and motivated class of children, who help us to look after our classroom and save energy.  This half term, the following children have these class roles.




Expressive Arts and Design


New Resources

Thank you all for your kind donations of small world and construction resources. The children are having a great time designing and creating with these.



Making our homes

We have been looking at maps of Wetherby in our construction area, trying to identify some of the things that we recognise, such as our school and St Joseph’s Church. The children then drew and created their house from blocks and Duplo.



London Bridge

We have been busy learning about London this week and the children have been exploring creating their own bridges. We were so proud of them for their problem solving, dedication, team work and perseverance. The children were tasked with creating structures that a car could go over or under and we think that they did a fantastic job! Every bridge was very unique.



Creating bags

Whilst learning about Floella Benjamin and her journey to England, the children were tasked with creating a bag for her to carry her belongings in. They explored different joining methods and used different media to create everything from a suitcase to a backpack!



Taking on a role at the Vets

The children have had a fantastic time in our vets as part of our pets and vets topic. We had patients, vets and vet assistants taking on a role, mark-making and learning together.



Dough Pets

The children have been busy designing and then creating their favourite pets this week.



We been creating our own songs about animals this week, then adding instruments to create a performance.

To the tune of ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ the children sang “Jess the pink pig says oink oink. She lives in a house at a very big farm. She jumps in puddles here, she jumps in puddles there, she jumps in lots of puddles that are everywhere”. 



Understanding the World


Snow, ice and the cold weather

This week we have experienced some cold weather and the children have been wrapping up warm to explore our outdoor provision. After finding some ice, the children worked together to create their own ice by leaving some water and toys outside overnight. We also looked at which of the objects had sunk to the bottom and which had stayed floating on the top of the water. The next day the water had frozen and had become cold and hard. We left the ice out again overnight to find ice and water the following day. The children realised that it had melted and had lots of fun playing with what was left of their experiment!



Winter Walks

We have been exploring our woodland for signs of winter, the children discovered bare trees, brown leaves on the ground and snowdrops peeping through.



The World

The children have been busy learning all about different places in the world, comparing them to England. Whilst reading the story ‘Coming to England’ by Floella Benjamin, we looked at where Trinidad and London are on maps and talked about different ways that Floella could have travelled to London. We are going to continue to identify different places and add them to a large map that we will put up in the classroom. Please do have a look at different destinations you have visited with your child at home too. You could look at maps, a globe or online.



China and Chinese New Year

We have been learning all about Chinese New Year today! Please press the buttons below to find out more about how this is celebrated and about the zodiac animals.

Chinese New Year Zodiac Animals


The children have made Chinese lanterns, explored our Chinese Restaurant role play area, written their names as well as numbers in Chinese and tried Chinese food at our feast. They have played the drums that they created and danced under a dragon they decorated too.



Enhancing our outdoor area

Please click the button below to see our latest enhancements. We would like to thank everybody that has donated their money, resources or time to this project.


EYFS Outdoor Area