Spring Term 1 2020

A warm welcome back after the Christmas break. We are looking forward to hearing all about the children’s Christmas experiences.. We are excited to be back at Nursery to make plans together for the next part of our learning journey in 2020!. As well as welcoming some children back we are getting to know our nine new children and their families.A special warm welcome to them and we are looking forward to getting to know all about them and their interest. We will give them all the time that they need to settle and get used to lots of new, big and little people alike- their teachers and their new friends!  

Just before Christmas we were gifted an amazing present by our very own Mrs Santa Clauses!

The Friends of St Joseph wanted to upgrade the under-used Nursery front garden and we came up with a shared vision for the make-over!

We wanted this to be an outdoors story-board canvas, which reflected our children’s favourite story settings, to ignite the children’s imaginations and spark some magical play opportunities.

We pictured dinosaurs, woodlands, castles and trails such as in The Grufalo and The Bear Hunt.

The great reveal was a fabulous day, with Christmas parcels at every station.The children ran excitedly between the stations and we talked about how we could use the new resources.

The children loved it and we would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all involved both with the fund-raising and resource buying, which have culminated in this fantastic new play-scape!

We will continue to post photos showing the children in this area and look forward to many more great learning experiences out here to come.

Just before half term I was treated to be part of a Dinosaur stomp story, which involved children choosing a family of dinosaurs, creating a swamp and a bathing pool out of the puddle water, connected by a plank walkway before they went off to hunt for some food! Lovely Story Telling and bonding over a shared interest in dinosaurs!








Understanding The World: Bird Watching .

Comments and asks questions about aspects of their familiar world such as the place where they live or the natural world.

The weather during our last week at Nursery before our half term break was stormy!
One morning it was hailing loudly and dramatically outside and we all watched from the decking and wondered where all the birds had gone to escape the hail and wind.
We followed this interest further by having an investigation into birds. We learned this rhyme and talked about how birds fly away, because they are scared when we get too close.

I saw a little bird going hop, hop, hop,
I said little bird won’t you stop, stop, stop,
I said little bird won’t you stay, stay, stay,
But he shook his head and he flew away!The children were able to share lots of knowledge about our feathered friends and listed a whole range of different species.

We investigated using RSPB materials and went on to make our own paper plate bird model. Each child took the time to look at the RSPB information cards and decided which one that they would like to create  They described the colours and size of the birds and represented this with paint, feathers and other decorative materials.

This involved working with Mrs Harris to look at the information cards stimulus, organise their resources, select colours and materials, fold and assemble their creation.

We then decided that it was important to look after our feathered friends by making some bird feeders to take home. This involved mixing together lard, seeds, apple, bacon pieces and other goodies into a bowl and smearing this onto pine cones and adding a string.

Everyone was very pleased with their efforts and were excited to see how many hungry birds they might see in their garden, enjoying their special treat. We also shared the left-over food with the birds in our nursery garden, spooning it around the places that we thought the birds would see it.

Happy Bird watching Nursery Twitchers!

Please look out for our display of birds soon!