Spring Term 1 2024

Welcome back everyone! We hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and we would like to wish you all a Happy New Year! This half-term we are very excited to meet our new starters, to learn all about castles and to explore the signs of winter. Please ensure that your child is dressed for the weather! We would love to hear about your child’s learning at home too, through Tapestry and proud clouds.





The children now have a great understanding of the Holy Family, Bible, Candle and Crucifix which we display on our Worship Table. We look at these during our daily worship.



Bible Stories

The children love listening to Bible stories in FS1 and we often read a story during our Worship time.



Grace before meals

This half term the children have been learning a new prayer. Before lunch each day, they say Grace to bless the food and those who prepared it just like Jesus did during the Last Supper. Please find the words below if you would like to say this at home too. 


Bless us, O God, as we sit together. 

Bless the food we eat today.

Bless the hands that make the food. 

Bless us, O God.





Getting to know Jesus

This half term we will learning more about Jesus as an adult, the kindness he showed and the miracles that happened.


During our first RE session, the children met Tom the bear who was feeling sad when he got to school because he had left his ball at home. The children were asked what they could do to make Tom feel better.

Libby “They could give him a teddy.”

Freddie “Sharing cars.”

Eddie “Give a ball to him.”

Amari “Share the play dough.”

Harper “Give him a hug.”

William “By painting with him.”

Frey “Read a book.”

We discovered that we can show our love to Jesus by helping to care for others. The children then came up with their own suggestions on what they felt that they could do to show their love to Jesus.

Sophia “Share toys.”

Florence “Tidy away.”

Amari “Put our toys away.”

Harper “Give Monty a hug.”

Coran “Put the rubbish in the bin.”



Today in RE we discussed who looks after us when we are feeling poorly and learned about how Jesus cured people who were ill.


Coran “My mummy helped me when I was poorly.”

Oscar “Doctors help you when you are sick.”

Freddie “My daddy helps me when I am sick.”


The children were then asked if they ever look after anybody?


Frey “My mummy was poorly one day and my daddy was poorly one day so my sister got them a cup of tea.”

Coran “My mummy had a headache and I gave her a cuddle and she had a tablet to feel better.”


We then read a Bible story about a special pool called Bethzatha. An angel came and stirred the pool daily and the first of the poorly people who were waiting around the pool to enter it would be healed.


Libby “The people who were sick went around the pool.”

Jack “The people were sick.”

Oscar “When there were sick people the angel came and mixed the water.”

Harper “There was one in the pool. They were cured.”

Jesus approached a man and asked him why he had not yet been into the pool. He told Jesus that he could not walk to get into the pool. Jesus told him to stand up and walk.

Sophie “The man could walk into the pool.”

Harper “It was a miracle. Jesus did it.”



Wedding at Cana


We started RE by looking at photographs of Weddings.


Oscar “Some people were married”.

Libby “They have rings, they are married”.

Florence “In Church”.

Coran “I went to a Wedding when I was in Mummy’s tummy”.

Alexander “Mummy and Daddy got married and Nana showed me some of the pictures of them get married.”


We then read the story of the Wedding at Cana. Jesus attended the Wedding with his Mother, Mary. During the Wedding, they ran out of wine. Jesus turned water into wine, it was a miracle.


William “The water turned into wine.”

Libby “It’s a miracle. In Encanto there was a miracle.”




Our class texts and rhymes

In FS1 we have a special book and rhyme which is linked to our current theme. This changes every two weeks but can still be accessed by the children at any time. Here are our key texts and rhymes this half term.



Key Author

This term the children are learning lots of different facts about Dame Floella Benjamin, including her childhood, TV experience and the day she met the Queen. 



Words of the week

This half the term the children will be learning all about the following words. We will add to this every two weeks as we begin our new topic.  We encourage the children to listen out for the words in our class text and to use them themselves in different contexts.



Circle Times

During our snack times we like to have a circle time session. The children have the opportunity to discuss their views on a specific question and to develop their communication skills. This week, we have been discussing our favourite books.

Leah “I like Ringo the Flamingo because I like that Ringo rescues the two chicks.”

Adam “Pumpkin Soup because the duck goes away when they make him sad. He comes back.”

Frey “I like the rat and the highway man (The Highway Rat) because I like when the rat steals all the food.”

Sophie “Peppa Pig because my Daddy reads it to me.”

Eddie “I like the first Christmas dog one (The Twelve Dogs of Christmas) because I read it. I like all of the dalmatians and all of the labradors.”

Sam “The bear hunt (We are Going on a Bear Hunt), the bear scares the people away.”

Harper “My favourite book is Rapunzel because I have a Disney one and I can press the buttons and they tell different stories.”

Oscar “I like going to the castle (Lets go to the Castle) because the knights fight on their horses because they have to lock people up in the dungeons.”

Ciara “Princess Holly book because its my favourite story and I just like it.”

William “I like One Snowy Night because all of the animals knock on Percy’s door. He lets them in his bed and they all fall out and there was a sweeping sound at the door, it was under the bed, a mole.”

Alexander “I like Goldilocks and the Three Bears because when the bears came back, Goldilocks ran away.”

Freddie “I like Jack and the Beanstalk because the Giant follows Jack and he uses an axe and chops the beanstalk down.”

Libby “I like Guess How Much I Love You because the little one says guess how much I love you!”



We also challenged the children with the following question- What is better, a Knight or a King and why?

Freddie “ A Knight because it wears armour.”

Harper “A King because it has a crown and he has special King shoes.”

Frey “I like a Knight because it has a sword and shield.”

William “I like a Knight because they have a shield and a sword and they fight baddies and they give them to the police and the police take them to jail.”

Alexander “I like a Knight because it has a shield to protect it from a dragon.”




The children love sharing books with one another. We have books across the provision areas and have found that the children often choose to pick up a book and tell the story to a friend.


Name Writing

The children are really enjoying challenging themselves to write their own names. We have seen some fantastic mark making, pencil grip and letter formation. 





Letter Sounds

This half term we will begin to teach the children a different letter sound a week. Please find below a very useful video which will support the correct pronunciation of each sound.

Oxford Owl Phonics- How to pronounce pure sounds



Pre-cursive writing

Some of the children have expressed an interest in writing their own name and other letters. We encourage the children to use pre-cursive writing when forming their letters. Please find a fantastic PowerPoint presentation below, created by Twinkl, with demonstrations on how to form the letters of the alphabet, that you child can copy at home.

Letter Formation



Sorting by initial sound

During this half term, the children will be learning about the sounds ‘m’, ‘s’, ‘i’, ‘a’ and ‘t’. They will be thinking of words that start with a specific sound, trying to identify the initial sound in a word they have been given and trying to recognise the sound when it is written down as a letter. Their first task was to create some silly soup that contained pictures of objects that start with an ‘a’.



The children have also been identifying the first sound in a word and matching it to the correct letter. The children love playing this game during their choosing time too!



Musical Instruments

The children have really enjoyed getting to know the names of some of our musical instruments and playing different listening games with them. They have created loud and quiet sounds as well as played instruments to a range of Nursery Rhymes.





The Number ‘5’

We are starting the half term by learning all about the number five. The children will be ordering numerals 1-5, matching numerals to the correct amount of objects and counting five objects within the provision areas. They will also be learning about one less than five through rhymes such as ‘Five little ducks went swimming one day’ and painting and drawing five objects too.



2D shapes

The children have been learning about the properties of 2D shapes and today they explored rectangles by looking for them within the environment. The children have been working on recognising circles, squares, rectangles, triangles and semi-circles, as well as count their vertices and sides. After making grey in the painting area, the children decorated castle outlines with square and rectangular shapes, creating bricks.



Heavy and Light

The children have had lots of fun exploring our balance scales and using words like ‘heavier’, ‘lighter’ and ‘balanced’. They guessed which objects they thought would be the heaviest and then tested out their ideas.




Physical development


PE with Mrs Powell

Our new starters have loved their first PE session this week. The children have been exploring moving in different ways, such as by jumping, jogging and side stepping. We then explored some gymnastics, by balancing and travelling in different ways. The children showed fantastic listening and skills during the session.



Dance and Exercise

Throughout the day, the children have the opportunity to take part in a range of different dances and exercises. The children particularly enjoy joining in with Jump Start Jonny and DJ Raphi on YouTube.



Fine Manipulative Skills

Here is a selection of some of the fine manipulative activities that have been taking place this half term, including popping bubble wrap, using scissors and pipettes as well as picking up a sequins to decorate models.




Personal, Social and Emotional Development



We have been talking about kindness in FS1. Every child told a peer something that they really liked about them. Here are some of the lovely comments that we heard.


Libby to Sadie “She plays with me.”

Sadie to Libby “Her hair is beautiful.”

William to George “We like reading books together.”

Leah to Harper “She’s my best friend.”

Eddie to Lorcan “He has a good jacket.”

Jack to Adam “He plays with me.”

Frey to Sophia “I like her shoes because they are nice colours.”

Sophie to Aidan “He shares toys with me.”

Florence to Sophie “I love her jumper because it has dinosaurs on.”

Alexander to Sadie “I had a birthday party with her once and had a good time!”


Mental Health Week

We had lots of fun on ‘Wear Green Day’ during Mental Health Week. We listened to a wonderful song about how it is ok to feel different feelings. The children then pretended to be happy by smiling and laughing, sad by pretending to cry, angry by pulling a cross face and then showed us a worried face too. We talked about what these feelings look like and feel like and then discussed what we can do if we ever feel like this-

Happy- We do not need to do anything.

Sad- We could give a toy a hug and talk to an adult.

Angry- If we get really cross, we can stomp our feet or hit a cushion to feel better.

Worried- We can find a trusted adult to talk to.


We then talked about some of the things that make us feel worried sometimes.

Florence “I get worried when Mummy goes to bed because I miss her.”

Adam “When nobody is playing with me. Thats sad.”

Sadie “What makes me feel worried is when my Mummy goes to work. I will miss her.”

Amari “When my Mummy is not with me.”

Jack “Coz I’m scared of the dark.”

Alexander “I get worried when I get nightmares.”

Reagan “When my Mummy goes to hospital.”

Libby “When I have a dream about a snake eating me.”




Expressive Arts and Design


Building in Construction

The children have been learning about how they can use blocks to create different structures, starting with castles. They stacked blocks horizontally and vertically, creating towers and bedrooms.



They then went on to make bridges over a river. 



Exploring Texture

The children also made their own shields during our castles topic. They thought about the colours that they would like to use, the shapes that they had chosen and the textures that they had. They then described what the different materials felt like.



Taking on a role

The children have lots of opportunities to take on a role in Foundation 1. Our small world provision, role play area and puppet show are enhanced every two weeks alongside our key text. To start the half term we have been learning about castles, here are some photographs of the children taking on a role, sharing their ideas and telling their own stories.



Understanding the World



We have been busy learning about winter this half term. The children have discussed how they put coats, gloves, hats and scarves on to keep them warm. They have visited the woodland and talked about the bare trees, brown leaves on the ground and snowdrops peeping through.



Roles and responsibilities

This half term, these children have kindly offered to support the class further with the following roles. We are so proud of all of the children for their increasing independence, responsibility and can do attitude.


Freezing and melting

We have had lots of fun creating our own experiments with water. The children helped to fill gloves up with water and objects such as beads, bird food and small toys. They then predicted what would happen to the water if was placed in a freezer and outside.

Harper “They will freeze.”

Frey “Cold.”

Two days later, the children retrieved the gloves and discovered that the gloves in the freezer had frozen but the ones outside were just cold and squishy.

The children then shared their ideas on the quickest way to melt frozen gloves. As a class they decided that back in the freezer, a glove would be ice, cold and hard. Outside overnight would cause the water to be cold, squidgy and have no ice. A radiator would melt the ice and the glove would become warm or hot and squidgy.

The following day we collected the gloves and discovered that the radiator had melted the ice back to water in the fastest time. The children passed the gloves around the circle and used different words to describe what they could feel.

The glove in the freezer was described as freezing, icy, hard, freezing cold, really cold, slippy and made their hands wet. They noticed that the toys within it were stuck in the ice.

The glove from outside was watery, cold and had some ice. Therefore suggesting that it had not completely melted.

The glove on the radiator was described as being hot, watery, squash it, squishy.

We therefore concluded that the freezer was the best way to freeze the water into ice and that the heat from the radiator was the best way to melt the ice back to water.



We then had some colder weather so added some water and objects to some trays and left them outside overnight to see if it was as cold outside as it was in the freezer! The next morning the water had once again frozen into ice.



The Moon

One afternoon, the children noticed that they could see the moon in the sky. This sparked a lot of curiosity in FS1 and the children started asking lots of questions. We watched some simple videos and had some circle time sessions to learn more about the moon.

Libby “There’s lots of countries on planet Earth.”
Oscar “Astronauts can land on the moon.”
Coran “The moon goes around the planet Earth.”
Harper “The moon is made from rock and metal.”
Freddie “The sun stays still. The planet goes around it.”


Comparing Trinidad to England

The children have really enjoyed learning about different parts of the world. This week we found out more about Floella Benjamin’s life through our story ‘Coming to England’. The children looked on maps and globes at the journey she made across the ocean and compared photographs of London and Trinidad. We then asked the children if they would prefer to live in London or in Trinidad.

Leah “I would like to live in Trinidad because I would like to eat the fruit.”

Adam “I like to be in London because I like being in Buckingham Palace.”

Freddie “I would like to be in Trinidad because it is warm in rain.”

Sophie “I like to live in Trinidad to see the sharks.”

Libby “In London because I would live in Buckingham Palace.”

Oscar “I would like to live in London because I would see red guards at Buckingham Palace.”

Aidan “London because I would see guards.”

Florence “I want to live in Buckingham Palace cause I want to be the Queen.” Where is Buckingham Palace?  “London.”

Harper “I would like to live in Trinidad because there is a seaside and I would be a mermaid.”

Sadie “I would like to go to London to see Floella Benjamin”.


Chinese New Year


On the last day of term, we learned all about Chinese New Year. The children looked at where China is on a map, they found out that red represents good luck and discovered that 2024 is the year of the dragon. We watched people dressed up as lions and dragons in a Chinese New Year Parade and discovered that in China they clean their house ready for the start of the new year. We discovered that their writing is different to ours and that they eat with chopsticks, not a knife and fork like we do.

We had some Chinese food for snack, learned a Chinese rhyme and explored some Chinese New Year activities within the provision areas.




Enhancing our outdoor area

Please click the button below to see our latest enhancements. We would like to thank everybody that has donated their money, resources or time to this project.


EYFS Outdoor Area