FS1 Home Learning Proud Moments


Hello Everyone and welcome to our new Proud Moments page!  Walk tall with your head high and your heart bursting with pride at all that you are learning and achieving at home.

Take a look at what is making your friends from Nursery feel proud- perhaps you would like to try out some of their ideas too!

Mrs Gray and I are so proud of all of you, for the fun, effort and learning that you are sharing on Tapestry and we are missing you greatly. This page is bursting with sunshine and proud clouds!



This family have been working together on their learning at home. After sharing the story of Stick Man, they created their own Stick Man from dough and then touch counted five dough shapes. Great team work, we are very proud of you all!

These sisters have been learning about Stick Man together. After finding sticks in the garden, they made their own Stick Man family and then acted out the story. Well done girls, you have done a fantastic job!


We are very proud of these brothers who have been using our video tutorials to learn and join in with our school prayers.

Well done to this young man for identifying the signs of winter on a walk around his local area. He discovered that the trees were bare, just like in some of the pages of our book of the week, Stick Man. He also talked about the snow and the extra clothes he has on to keep warm.

This young lady has been working really hard on recognising and ordering numerals to 5. After finding the numerals hidden around the home, she then attempted to order them. Well done!

This superstar has been exploring ‘one less than’ in the snow. She started with five snowballs and took one away at a time, counting how many were left. What a fantastic idea to use snow!

This young lady has been exploring initial sounds. She looked in her home for objects that started with an ‘a’ sound and proudly showed us an apple, an avocado and an animal. Super job!

This young man has drawn a happy face and then discussed what makes him feel happy. He said “Playing with Mummy and Daddy”.

This family worked together on this activity. After making a troll and a bridge, this superstar was able to listen to and follow his sisters instructions, placing the troll on, under, next to, in front of and behind the bridge. Well done!