EYFS Outdoor Area 

This year, Foundation Stage 1 and 2 are continuing to enhance their outdoor area. We are working together to provide a natural learning environment to inspire, motivate and challenge our children. On this page we will share this journey with you as well as inform you of our fundraising events.


Summer Term FS1 Garden Enhancements


We have had a fantastic start to the term with some very generous donations from B&Q Harrogate, Lumby Garden Centre, Touchwood in Wetherby and our wonderful FS1 parents. We would like to say a huge thank you for all of these donations, as well as to the Kennan and Woodcock families for providing the materials and creating the planters to put them in.



Spring Term FS1 Garden Enhancements


Jump in Jumpers Day

We all really enjoyed our jump in jumpers day sponsored event to raise money towards a new outdoor water tray. The children and staff came into school wearing their favourite jumpers and jumped a total of 352 jumps each, that’s a total of 8,800 jumps from all of the children and even more when you include the staff! They jumped into the setting, during phonics and maths, on the school field and during PE. Here are some of our favourite photographs-



We would like to say a huge thank you to the Imperatori family for putting the water tray together. We have some very excited children!



Here are some of the areas we have been enhancing this term-



We would also like to say a huge thank you to the following people and businesses who have donated wood and their time to our project-

The Woodcock Family          Mr Flannery          Mrs Phillips and family          Mr Frost          James at Branches out tree surgeons          Phillip Batty          Mr Gray          Lumby Garden Centre          Mr and Mrs Imperatori          Mrs Bennett          Ms Smith          Mrs Scott          Mrs Kennedy          Mrs Thirlwell          Ms Daly          Mrs Braid


Plus a huge thank you to the EYFS parents who are currently varnishing resources for us. We really appreciate your help.


Autumn Term FS1 Garden Enhancements


During Autumn term, the FS1 children showed fantastic resilience as they walked over 5000 steps over 3 days. The sponsored walk raised £190 and we would like to thank everybody that donated money towards our garden enhancements.



The children have been carrying, planting, washing, watering, stacking and arranging lots of resources that we have had donated and have made. We are so proud of the children and are community for supporting us in enhancing our FS1 garden.




Last year the children completed a sponsored walk to raise money for our mud kitchen, reading area and other provision areas in our shared garden. We have shared this journey with you below.


Sponsored Walk 

On the week commencing the 15th November we kick started our fundraising events with a sponsored walk around the school grounds. Every day the children took a different route around the school, trying to beat their previous days steps.


Day 1- Monday 15th November

Total Steps- 1675


Day 2- Tuesday 16th November

Total Steps- 1721


Day 3- Wednesday 17th November

Total Steps- 1910


Day 4- Thursday 18th November

Total Steps- 2312


Day 5- Friday 19th November

Total Steps- 2394


Our weekly total is 10,012 steps.


The Mud Kitchen

We have started developing our mud kitchen area this week. The children have really enjoyed giving it a good clean and planting some herbs ready to make some exciting recipes with. Thank you for your donations of compost and herbs.


We would like to say a huge thank you to Mr Batty for his donation of wood that Miss Hutchinson has been busy creating signs from. We would also like to thank Mr Skilbeck for the taps which have created more role play opportunities for the children. We would have been lost without Mr Frost too, who has done a fantastic job of adding these new resources to our mud kitchen area, as well as our new blackboards.



We now have a numberline, recipe’s and also some beautiful bunting that was kindly made for us by Wren and her Oma.




The Reading Garden


One of our latest projects is to turn the empty space in the photograph below into a reading garden. The children have been busy planting seeds in large planters to grow herbs and flowers, as well as adding more soil to the area to make the ground more level. We have also added some willow to an old frame that we had, to create a little space to sit under. Thank you for all of your donations of seeds and compost to help with this project.



We have now added some bunting and the children have been helping to create some sentence starters that will be put onto the tree.



We have now started to add furniture so that it is a useable and quiet space for our children to relax, talk and share stories.