Autumn Term 2 2021


Hello and welcome back! We are all very excited to begin the new half term, starting with a topic on autumn and leading up to finding out all about the First Christmas. Please have a look at all of our learning below and continue to share your adventures at home with us too!


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Collective Worship

Our first statement to discuss this half-term was ‘I know what to do if I see anyone being hurt’. The children shared their ideas as a group-

Rupert “Say stop I don’t like that.”

Eliza “Tell a Teacher.”

The children said that they would also check if the child that was hurt was okay and would give them our worry monster Monty.



Today during PE, Emmie spotted a crucifix on the wall in the hall. “Look, there is Jesus on the crucifix.”



Our Candle

This week we have been talking about our candle that we keep on the Worship Table. We know that Jesus the light of the world is with us.



Our Worship Table



God’s Family

We had a fantastic RE session this week learning all about God’s family. The children started by talking about their own families and who they live with. Then they talked about their extended family and some of the children shared their family tree pictures with their friends. We discussed how special our surnames are and the children told one other what theirs was. The children found out that we are all special and different and belong not only to our own family but to our school family, Church family and God’s family too. 



How can we show our love to God?

In RE today we looked at a PowerPoint all about how God has made each and every one of us to be different, special and unique. We looked at different skin colours, hair colours and eye colours. We talked about some people being taller and some shorter, about how some people communicate differently and some people can run faster than others. We found out that we can celebrate all of our differences.

We know that God loves us all and that we can show our love of God in many different ways, such as by helping people. The children discussed how the police, teachers and dentists all help us. We then talked about how we could help one another.


Henry “Put the tap on.”

Eliza “Put their coat on them.”

Albert “Opening the door.”


How can we share our love with God’s family?

Today we discussed how we can share our love for our family, friends and for God.


Oliver “I bring cuddles to my Mum.”

Clodagh “I play ball with my friend.”

Conal “Kiss my Mummy’s face.”

Oscar “By sharing toys.”

Camille “I play in the garden.”

Oscar “Go to church to talk to God.”

Wren “Pray.”



Who else shows their love of God by helping others?

During our RE sessions we have been learning about God’s family and that we can show our love for God by helping others. We started by talking about how God made the world and everyone in it and that it is our job to look after all of God’s wonderful creations.

The children then looked at some pictures of some of people helping others and discussed what they were doing.

Harry “Soup, giving soup to children.” A cook.

Daniel “Stops the cars and helps across the road.” A traffic warden.

Henry “Canon Nunan.” Beatrice “He helps us.” Albert “To pray.”

Eliza “Children and adults play.” Conal “Share toys.”

Camille “Share with God.”

We then ended with a prayer.




Today we had a special visitor, Maggie from CAFOD, which is a Catholic international development charity. The children found out all about Sofia the Sloth who lives in South America. Maggie read us a story about Sofia. One day she was woken up by a loud noise and discovered that it was men cutting down the trees around them. Sofia and the other animals asked the men to stop, they explained that we need the trees. God gave us the trees and we must look after them. We also heard about Donna who grows coco beans for her family and to sell. One day, people burned down the forest and she then worked hard to replant all of the trees again. She is a very hard working and inspirational person.

The children then discussed what they can do to look after the world around them.

Conal “Water trees.”

Wren “Plant trees.”

Emmie “Look after the plants.”

Oscar “Put rubbish in the bin.”

Maggie then told the children that there are 5 different things that we can recycle, after a few clues the children were able to name all of these.

Albert “Paper.”

Oscar “Glass.” Wren “Put them in the bottle bin.”

Jocelyn “Plastic bottles.”

Daniel “Boxes.”

Jocelyn “Tins.”

The last thing we discussed about looking after God’s world was to try and walk or use a bike or scooter instead of using a car. If your child does any of these things at home, to look after our wonderful world, please do share these with us.

We then ended with a prayer.




Pre-cursive writing

We encourage the children to use pre-cursive writing when forming their letters. Please find a fantastic PowerPoint presentation below, created by Twinkl, with demonstrations on how to form the letters of the alphabet, that you child can copy at home.


Letter Formation


Our class library

We have lots of lovely books in our reading area that we change every two weeks. We also have books across our provision areas to inspire our imagination and creativity.




We are beginning this half-term by learning all about Autumn through non-fiction and fiction books as well as walks around the school grounds.



The children have really enjoyed our story this week which is Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper. They have talked about the setting and characters and we have been looking out for signs of autumn within the illustrations. The children have shared their ideas on what they think that might happen next and they have discussed how they think the characters are feeling and why.



We have had lots of fun making marks in the sand this week. The children have used their fingers or sticks to make different marks, such as their name, different numerals and pictures of leaves.



Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Our second topic this half-term is based on the story Goldilocks and the three bears. Our provision challenges have supported the children in retelling the story and creating the characters. During our story times, the children have shared their ideas on alternative endings and we have discussed how the characters are feeling throughout the story.



Retelling the story

We are so proud of the children for their determination and skill whilst cutting out scenes from Goldilocks and the three bears. They then placed them in the correct order and told their friends the story, using well known phrases and fantastic story language.




We love to be active with our stories! This half term we have introduced Storycise, which was created by Wendy Joy and Jane Reynolds. It has been designed to improve the motor skills of young children through story and movement. There are many different stories to explore however we have been focusing on the fairytale themed one. Whilst the adult tells the story, the children (and staff) create different movements and shapes to act out parts of it. It has been lots of fun and the children have shown fantastic listening skills.


Winter and Christmas

To end the half-term, we will be learning all about winter and Christmas. We have changed the books in our library area and have lots of opportunities for the children to tell the story of the First Christmas.



Year 6 Fundraiser

We had a fantastic morning with Year 6 this week. Some of the Year 6’s came into the FS1 classroom and read stories to the children. They provided juice and a bun, as well as a book for the children to take home. Thank you to all of the parents who donated money towards this as the funds are going to be used to enhance the Year 6’s library. 



Musical Instruments

We started this half term by exploring the musical instruments that we have. The children practiced making loud sounds and quiet sounds. We created our own music as the children played loudly when shown a piece of green card and quietly for amber, then stopping for red.



Outside on our stage, the children have been playing instruments as they sing a song. The children have really enjoyed singing lots of different nursery rhymes.



Listening Walks

During our visits to the woods, the children have really enjoyed listening to the world around him. We have heard birds, people, machinery in the distance and the rustling of leaves.


Identifying musical instruments by their sound

Today the children were introduced to a drum, tambourine, bell and shaker. After exploring the sounds that they made, we then played a game. One child hid behind the cupboard and played one of the four instruments and another child was chosen to work out which instrument it was from the same selection that they had. The children were fantastic at listening, tuning into the sounds and naming the instruments. Perhaps you could make your own instruments at home to play this game too!



Playing Instruments to a beat

Today we played the instruments to the beat of ‘Baa baa black sheep’ and then ‘If you are happy and you know it’. The children identified that one of the songs had a slow beat and the other had a fast one. 




The number three!

It has been all about the number three in Nursery this week! The children have been working on recognising the numeral, forming it and counting three fingers. They have counted three objects, recognised three dots on dice and recognised the Numicon for three. We have been busy cutting out three acorns and ordering them by size too.



Shapes- Sphere

Linked with our learning all about the number three, the children have been recognising and describing the properties of triangles this week, talking about their three sides and three vertices. We have also looked at the 3D shape sphere, finding spheres within the classroom such as the conkers and pumpkins we have. The children have really enjoyed making their own spheres in the dough area as they created a specific amount of pumpkins to match each numeral.




Some children have shown an interest in addition and have been matching the correct amount of objects to each numeral and then adding them together to find the total amount.



We then introduced the symbols + and = and some of the children have been using these to further challenge themselves.



Matching numeral to quantity

The children have been busy matching autumn finds to numerals and using tweezers and pegs to dig up Numicon and match that to a numeral too.



The number four!

We are learning all about the number four in FS1! The children have learned the rhyme below to help them to recognise and form the numeral, they have counted four objects, started to look at one more and one less than four and represented it in different ways, such as through claps or on their fingers. 



Christmas decorations

The children have loved creating their own paper chain decorations this week. They chose a numeral off the table and then cut out strips of paper and attached them together with glue to make a chain that long. 



Shapes- Cube and Cuboid

This week we have introduced the children to the 3D shapes cube and cuboid. We compared them to a sphere and found out that they slide rather than roll. We also discovered that they have 6 faces which are squares and rectangles. After looking for examples of these shapes around the classroom, the children used them as stamps as they created pictures of presents. We wonder how many cubes and cuboids your child can find at home? 




Physical Development 



This week the children used the hall during their PE session for the first time. We were so proud of them all for their fantastic listening skills. Mrs Powell taught them all how to find a space and they travelled around the hall in different ways such as like a giraffe. They changed direction and tried to avoid bumping into their friends!



Balancing beanbags

During PE today the children were practicing moving around the hall whilst balancing a beanbag on different parts of their body. They showed some amazing skills. Beanbags were balanced on their head, back, feet, shoulders and elbows!



Turn taking and counting in PE

The children worked in teams today to run to the cones and then jump back, one at a time. They were fantastic at taking turns and listening to instructions. The children then learned that we do not just have to touch solid objects to count but we can also count movements such as a number for every jump.




Over and Under!

This week the children loved exploring some of our fantastic PE equipment. They found out how to climb and jump safely, landing on two feet on the mat. Then they went over and under the equipment. The children were brilliant at listening and showed great balancing skills. 




The children have had lots of fun threading leaves this week. Some children chose to just use wool and some used a needle with their wool. We were very impressed to find that some children independently made their own leaves too, by cutting out the shape and creating holes with a hole punch.




The children love to have a daily three minute dance in Nursery!



Our Sponsored Walk with FS2

On the week commencing Monday 15th November, we walked around the school grounds daily with FS2, raising money to enhance our outdoor area. More information can be found on the button below.


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Cosmic Yoga

The children have been working on their balancing skills this week with Cosmic Yoga. They have shown fantastic listening skills and have tried their best at copying the movements. Please see the clip below if you would like to join in at home. There are lots of different stories to enjoy.


Cosmic Yoga



Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)


Class Responsibilities

We are wanting to give the children more responsibilities in class and we have therefore given some of the children a little job to do everyday. These will be rotated regularly to allow every child in class the opportunity to be responsible for a specific job. 



In our book of the week Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper we discovered that the three animals were not taking turns and sharing and we discussed how this made a particular character feel. The children used the facial expressions in the illustrations to explain this further and offered their own suggestions on what they thought the characters should do. We linked this to sharing and taking turns with the resources in our construction area.


One Kind Word

Today we started our anti-bullying week by joining in with one kind word and odd socks day. The children all wore odd socks and during our circle time session, we talked about what kindness is and what we can do to be kind to others. The children also told their friends things that they liked about them.

Wren to Emmie “I like your boots”.

Albert “I helped Daniel to take off his wellies.”

Camille “I like to play with Wren.”

Oscar “I like to play with Wilf so much.”

Henry “I love to play with Harry.”



Our School Council organised for every class to do something kind for another class. We decided to record ourselves singing and send it to Year 4. We hope it makes them smile!



Today the children learned about personal space and how their pants and what is under them is private. They discussed closing the toilet cubicle door when using the toilet and to always make sure that their pants and then trousers are pulled up before leaving the cubicle. The children knew not to ever look under a cubicle door.

We then listened to the Pantosaurus Song and talked about the key messages from it, such as always saying no if somebody you do not know or trust asks to see your pants. We also discovered that children should never be asked to keep a secret and to always tell a trusted adult if they are asked to do this.

For more information and to play the song, please visit the link below.

NSPCC Talk Pants



Building friendships and working together

We are so proud of the children for their teamwork, communication, listening and sharing today whilst they built their own sleigh. They shared their ideas, took on a role and used communication to discuss any differences of ideas or designs.  We think that they did a fantastic job and we particularly like the presents at the back of the sleigh that were later delivered to the houses (placed under the play equipment!).



Expressive Arts and Design

The Pumpkin Café

The children have been busy taking on a role in our pumpkin café. Children have chosen their pumpkin meal off the menu whilst their peers take their order, make it and then serve it. We have had pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie and pumpkin smoothie on the menu!



We have also been busy making pumpkin soup in the mud kitchen outside.



Colour Mixing

We have been colour mixing this week as the children have been creating their own orange to paint a pumpkin.




In the construction area the children have been creating homes for our woodland creatures.



The children have also worked together to create three beds of different sizes for the bears in Goldilocks and the three bears.





Drawing bears

During our Goldilocks topic, the children used circles and lines to create their own bear pictures. They told us about some of the bears features and some children wrote their names on too!



Dough bears

The children have been manipulating dough to create their own bear faces. They have thought carefully about the shapes and features that they need.



Dough snowmen

Look at our fantastic snowmen! We are so impressed with these creative designs. The children rolled spheres and used a range of techniques such as pressing and poking to shape their dough. They then added lots of creative bits and pieces to enhance their designs.



A Winter Wonderland

The children are really enjoying telling their own stories and working together at our winter wonderland. We have our own Polar Express and have lots of textures for the children to explore. 



Understanding the World

Signs of Autumn

We have had a fantastic time exploring the school grounds for signs of autumn. The children discovered that the leaves change colour and fall from the trees and that we also find conkers, acorns and pine cones. They dressed for the colder weather and talked about why they needed to wear lots of layers.



Back in the classroom, the children have been looking more closely at some of the signs of autumn, such as by drawing pumpkins, creating pictures with leaves and using their senses to explore our autumn tray. Thank you to all of the children and parents who collected items for this area.



The children have had lots of fun exploring the textures of a pumpkin.



The children have been helping to look after God’s world this week by sweeping up the leaves in our EYFS garden.



Our Heritage

We have been talking about our heritage this week. The children have created some fantastic family trees, pictures and photo displays to celebrate their ancestors. During circle times, the children have talked about who they live with and where some of their family live.


Remembrance Day

We have been learning all about Remembrance Day in Nursery. The children watched a powerful 2 minute animation on CBeebies, before looking through a simple PowerPoint. They found out that today we remember all of the soldiers who fell whilst fighting for our country. We thought about those who lost friends and family and the soldier’s who were injured. They discovered that the poppy is a reminder of these brave people and that they may see people with pretend poppies.

To watch this 2 minute video, please visit-

CBeebies- Remembrance Day


At 11am, we joined FS2 as we joined in with the 2 minute silence. We were all very impressed with how quiet the children were and some of the conversations that we had afterwards.

Eliza “To remember they died.”

Emmie “People died and poppies grew bigger and bigger.”

Oscar “When some people were fighting, they could not see (during the night) and some people died and injured.”

Conal “Lots of bangs.”


The children created their own poppies too.


Planting herbs

This week we had a kind donation of herbs and compost to further enhance our mud kitchen area. The children enjoyed planting the herbs and discussed what the roots were for and that we need to water them to help them to grow!



Making Porridge

We have been busy making more porridge for the three bears. The children carefully measured out the ingredients using spoons and then added their own toppings, discussing which toppings they liked and what they tasted like. The children then had to try the porridge to make sure it was just right for the bears!



Live Simply and Green Jumper Day

Today we wore our green jumpers in FS1, as we talked about ways that we can help to look after God’s world. After discussing recycling paper and putting lids on pens, we talked about walking instead of using a car. Then we discussed what we can do in school to look after the world around us. We decided that we will be electricity superstars as we all make sure that the lights are turned off when they are not being used. We talked about sources of electricity.



Winter is here!

We put lots of layers of clothing on today, ready to explore our outdoor area on a cold and icy morning. The children were so excited to find ice everywhere! They told one another that it was frozen water as they attempted to break it and melt it. Oliver asked if we could take some ice inside, he predicted that it would melt and he was right. We cannot wait to explore water and ice further with a few experiments.




We have had a visit from Father Christmas! He very kindly gave all of the children a present to keep them going until Christmas Day!



Inspire Me Week 


Today we had a special visit from a real Dentist. We found out that teeth are for eating, speaking and smiling!

She started by asking what a Dentist does.

Jocelyn “Count your teeth.”

Conal “They brush your teeth.”

Henry “Give you a sticker, be good.”

The Dentist told us that we get two sets of teeth and that we can look after them in different ways so that they do not get plaque or holes.

First of all, the children thought of things that are not very good for their teeth.

Conal “Fizzy pop.”

Jocelyn “Apple juice.”

Oscar “Marshmallows.”

We found out that to keep our teeth healthy, we should brush them twice a day for two minutes each time. We should also brush our teeth and gums as plaque grows on both of these.


Dogs Trust

We had a special visit from the Dogs Trust. We found out all about a dog called Bruno who was rescued. The Dogs Trust took him to a vet for some medicine and then he had some food and exercise. He was trained some basic commands such as sit and stay and very soon he had his happy ending, as he was adopted by a lovely family.

We then found out how to approach a strange dog to make sure that we are safe and that the dog is happy.

  1. Approach the dog and its owners calmly and slowly.
  2. Ask the owners if you can stroke the dog.
  3. If they say yes, you can stroke the dog gently if it approaches you.
  4. Move away calmly when the dog walks away or if the owners say it is not friendly.