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“Children’s learning is so complex, so rich, so fascinating, so varied, so surprising and so full of enthusiasm that to see it taking place every day before one’s very eyes is one of the greatest privileges of any early childhood practitioner.” –  Cathy Nutbrown


Miss Hutchinson

Miss Hutchinson

FS1 Class Teacher, PSHE Lead, Emotional Literacy Lead, School Council, Paediatric First Aider.

Mrs Gray

Mrs Gray

Nursery Nurse, Paediatric First Aider

Mrs Sperke

Mrs Sperke

Foundation Stage Teaching Assistant

FS1 Curriculum Newsletters


FS1 Newsletter Autumn 1






At St Joseph’s, we are so grateful for the invaluable support that our parents and carers provide for our pupils. We know how well our families have been able to adapt to home learning so now that we can welcome all of our pupils back to school, we wanted to provide opportunities for our pupils to continue their learning at home, if they choose to. The homework given will prepare and support your child’s learning across the curriculum each half term. The homework tasks below are optional. If you would also like to read our homework policy, please follow the link below.


Homework Policy 2022-24


Autumn Term 1


To help you with your learning this term, here are some optional homework tasks and resources/activities for your child to complete. We cannot wait to see your child’s learning!



FS1 Autumn 1 Homework Grid


Activity 1

To play a board game together. 



This is a great activity for taking turns, touch counting and recognising the numerals and patterns on a dice.

If you do not have any board games at home, you could work together to draw your own.



Activity 2

To play a game of catch or pass. 



There are lots of different ways to complete this activity, such as by throwing and catching a ball or kicking a football. It can also be played with the whole family.

To extend this further, you could encourage your child to count how many times you can both catch the ball without dropping it.



Activity 3

To build a house together.



You can build your home together from a variety of different media and materials, such as Lego, wooden blocks or cardboard boxes.

Your child could then make their own puppets based on their family.



Activity 4

To share a story and come up with a different ending. 



After reading your child’s favourite story with them, can you work together to come up with an alternative ending? Can your child tell you about their favourite character in the story or their favourite part?

Where is the most unusual place that you can share a book together? Perhaps in some woodland or in a den in the garden. We would love to see some photographs of your unusual places!



Activity 5

To draw a self-portrait.


Please encourage your child to look in a mirror and discuss the facial features, shapes and colours that they can see before then creating their own self-portrait. Your child could then attempt to write their name on their work.


Activity 6

To sing your favourite nursery rhymes.


We would like you to sing some nursery rhymes together with all of the different actions. Please find some traditional rhymes above for you to start with.