At St Joseph’s we aim to develop ambitious children who strive to achieve the best that they can in PE. We aim to develop the children’s confidence, knowledge, passion and skills. We want the children to develop a love of sports and exercise, whilst learning vital life skills that they will take with them throughout their school lives and beyond. We encourage our pupils to live healthy lifestyles and to participate in exercise daily. We teach pupils about health and fitness and therefore link PE to science and PSHE. In PE, teachers provide opportunities for plenty of skill based learning and then apply these to a range of sports. The children all access at least two PE lessons per week. We work alongside our experienced PE Partner coach, Mrs Powell for one of the lessons; with the second PE lesson taught by the class teacher. As well as developing skills and a love of exercise, we ensure we teach the children vital skills such as sportsmanship, teamwork and tactics within a broad and balanced PE curriculum.

St Joseph’s Approach to Physical Education  PE Long Term Plan

Tracking Progress in PE

We track progress in PE each term. This is tracked by both the class teacher and our PE coach from nursery to Year six. In Year 5, the children also access swimming lessons at Wetherby Leisure Centre.  The children are assessed in all areas of PE.

PE Partner

We work with experienced coaches from PE Partner who deliver both curriculum lessons as well as after school and before school clubs to the children. Teachers teach and assess alongside the coaches and they work together effectively to deliver and assess the children on 18 different physical skills. Teachers use Spiral PE to teach their second lesson of PE a week, leading on from the PE partner lesson the week before.


At St Joseph’s, we encourage active, fun learning across the curriculum. Teachers carefully plan lessons to use Burn2Learn within all subjects to enable this approach. Please watch the video below to get a taster of what this active learning looks like in our school.


At St Joseph’s, we strive to ensure our children are given a wide range of experiences. We provide opportunities for all of our pupils to engage in a variety of different sports and competitions throughout their school lives. We have taken part in a variety of sports competitions such as swimming, basketball, football and netball. As well as competition, we aim to engage the children in a variety of sports that perhaps they wouldn’t get to try anywhere else. Some of these include fencing, cheerleading and judo. Through a range of experiences we aim to shape our children and teach them a new set of skills, as well as potentially sparking an interest in something new.

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