At St Joseph’s, Music is not a stand alone subject. It is weaved into everything we do, from hymns and songs during Collective Worship and in our masses, to fun songs to remember key concepts in Maths and English. We strive to ensure that our children are given plenty of opportunities to learn a range of musical skills. This includes performing in part of an ensemble and solo, learning to play a range of musical instruments and also being able to describe and notate music they play and hear. We also encourage all of our pupils to participate in the extra-curricular opportunities we offer, this includes but is not limited to: an after school choir, Young Voices Concert every year, performances outside of school, for example,  the Wetherby Dickensian Fayre in which a small choir attended. We want encourage our children to enjoy Music inside and outside of school.

Approach to Music at St Joseph’s Music Long Term Plan  


Tracking Progress in Music

Progress in Music is tracked according to the Music Curriculum Essentials. By the end of a child’s time at St Joseph’s, we aim to ensure that every child has had experience of learning to play instruments, sing and create their own music and this is tracked and assessed by class teachers and ArtForms teachers that we are very fortunate to have in school. Assessment in Music ensures that all musical skills are built upon and developed each year so that each child can access the full Music curriculum.



We are very fortunate at St Joseph’s to offer opportunities for private tuition through external music teachers and whole class lessons using a variety of instruments and musical styles. Lessons include singing, piano, flute, xylophones, brass instruments and a range of drumming musical styles. We use this service to ensure that through music the children grow in confidence, work as a team, solve problems and express themselves. 


Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Young Voices Concert

Each year, we take a large group of pupils from Year 4, 5 and 6 to attend the Young Voices concert which is the largest school concert in the world. The Young Voices concert not only provides all the children that attend the concert an opportunity to learn a brand new range of songs but also to perform in an extremely large ensemble whilst following the conductor’s signals. During the lead up to the concert, the children work incredibly hard learning all of the songs, lyrics and dances for the show ready for their big performance! By providing our pupils with the opportunity to attend such a wonderful event, we aim tol inspire our pupils them to pursue their passion in music in the future and will encourage them to become lifelong learners in music. Take a look at the video below which showcases our most recent visit to the Young Voices concert in 2022!

Harvest Festival

Each year, we celebrate the Harvest Festival through song, dance and prayer. We rehearse as a whole school and then invite our parents in to join in with the celebrations.

Music in the community

At St Joseph’s we value working together with our community. For example, we were invited to take part in the harvest service at St James’ church. We were invited to sing the song ‘Lean on Me’ alongside three other schools in Wetherby. The children were excellent at singing the song and representing our school


Tips and Links for Parents

Please see the links below to support your child with their enjoyment of and learning in Music.

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What does learning in Music look like in our school?