The history curriculum at St Joseph’s inspires children to find out more about the past. Our children make many comparisons about how people used to live alongside their own lives today. Children learn about the recent past and distant past from a variety of aspects, but usually comparing it with their own lifestyle. Teachers at St Joseph’s believe that history should be brought back to life in the classroom and use a variety of artefacts and props to make this a reality. There are a variety of history topics taught throughout school which ensure that children are taught a wide range of historical skills through an enriched curriculum giving children opportunities to think critically, weigh evidence and develop their own perspectives on events they’ve studied.

St Joseph’s Approach to History  History Long Term Plan  

Tracking progress in History

History enables children to learn and build upon new skills such as describing historical events, looking at evidence and asking questions.  We track children’s progress in these areas and assess their learning in these skills every term.


Useful Links for Parents

Please click on the links below to support your child in their learning:

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What does learning in History look like in our school?