Geography at St Joseph’s is an exciting and stimulating subject where all children learn about diverse places and people, along with learning about natural and human environments. They will gain an in-depth understanding about the world and build upon their geographical knowledge each year. Geography is very cross-curricular and is often taught alongside other areas of the curriculum, consolidating children’s knowledge to deepen their understanding in specific areas. At St Joseph’s we encourage children to investigate and explore the world in which they live. Teachers provide many opportunities for children to link their learning to the outside world by planning trips and walks around the local area.

St Joseph’s Approach to Geography Geography Long Term Plan  


Tracking progress in Geography

Geography enables children to learn and build upon new skills such as exploring the world, using maps and analysing statistics.  We track children’s progress in these areas and assess their learning in these skills every half-term.


Useful Links for Parents

National Geographic for Kids Map Zone BBC Bitesize KS1 BBC Bitesize Geography KS2


What does Geography look like in our school?

Carefully selected key texts in English, that enhance our Geography learning, ensuring that we promote a lifelong love of reading across all subjects!