Deign and Technology is a hands on, practical subject, that gives the children the opportunity to learn life long skills that can be applied to create purposeful and individual products. Design and Technology learning enables children to plan out their ideas, put them into action and then reflect on their results. During this process the children are challenged to solve their own problems, adapt ideas and learn from their previous attempts. During Design and Technology lessons children are able to apply other areas of learning such as Maths, Science, Art and Computing, to create a variety of products with different purposes.

St Joseph’s Approach to Design & TechnologyDesign & Technology Long Term Plan  


Tracking Progress in Design and Technology

Design and Technology is a broad subject that gives the children the opportunity to learn and build on skills such as sewing, cooking, woodwork and electronics. It is important that we assess the children’s understanding and application of skills in these areas. To do this, class teachers assess children’s DT learning every term and use this to plan next steps in learning.


Tips and Links for Parents

Design and Technology is all around us and it is important the children understand it’s real life purpose. This can be embedded at home through the following activities:

  1. Cooking with your child at home on a weekend or in the school holidays.
  2. Discussing different buildings/ structures and the materials that they are made with.
  3. Encouraging your children to consider how their clothes are made and the materials that they are made from and why.

You may also find the following link helpful if you would like to do some practical Design and Technology at home:

The School Run BBC Bitesize KS1 BBC Bitesize KS2Mouse Open Projects


What does learning in Design & Technology look like in our school?