Computing is a subject with real purpose in what is an ever-changing technology filled world. During Computing lessons, children learn a variety of skills explicitly within a meaningful context before applying them as part of a project that is linked to their interests or the class topic. During a project, children are encouraged to make links to other subjects along with debugging and solving problems within their work that they find as they evaluate them and test them out. Children are also given opportunities to apply their knowledge, using a range of different technology such as iPad’s, computers and Lego models that can be built and programmed.

St Joseph’s Approach to Computing Computing Long Term Plan  


Tracking Progress in Computing

Ongoing and specific assessment tasks are completed each term. The children are assessed in a range of strands across the computing curriculum and they are assessed on their ability to apply the skills and knowledge developed over the course of their learning journey.

Online Safety

At the heart of this is internet safety. We teach our children to be safe online and give them the awareness and tools that they need to ensure that they know what to do if they come across something that doesn’t feel right to them. This is embedded right from FS1 all the way up to Year 6 through the simple “STOP, BLOCK, TELL” message. Each class also ensures that age appropriate internet safety is taught at the start of each computing topic and applied throughout computing learning. Please find more information about how we teach online safety by clicking the button below.

Online Safety Information


Useful Links for Parents


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What does learning in Computing look like in our school?