Long Term Plans

Please find below our long term plans for all subjects from FS1 up to Y6.

Our long term plan ensures coverage of each subject area across the curriculum and is monitored by each subject leader alongside a range of other monitoring tasks that ensure coverage and progression. Teachers may change the order of some topics where there is justification to do so, but will still ensure coverage of all topics across all subject areas. 

Religious Education  English Mathematics Science  Art & Design Computing Design & Technology Geography History Modern Foreign Languages Music Physical Education PSHE

Key Knowledge Documents 

Please find below our key ‘sticky’ knowledge documents for our non-core subjects, as well as RE. These documents outline the knowledge that is taught within our topics and include key vocabulary and links to prior learning so that teachers can explicitly draw upon and build on children’s prior learning so that new learning will stick more. This is embedded into all subject approaches with the aim of our children knowing more, doing more and therefore remembering more throughout their primary learning journey. To ensure that our bespoke curriculum is sequential and builds on prior learning each year, our sticky knowledge documents go from FS1 (nursery) right through to Year 6.

Art & Design  Design Technology Geography History MFL Music Religious Education (RE) Science

Our Curriculum Intent

Our Vision

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School is committed to ensuring that all our children succeed and reach their full potential. All our children are treated as individuals. We work with children, parents/carers and other agencies to provide the best possible educational outcomes. We have high expectations for all our children and put support in place at the earliest possible stage where needed. For more information on how we support children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities please see our SEND Page.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Page

Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to provide rich learning opportunities to engage and inspire all our children and deepen their knowledge and skills whilst making links to the community and real world beyond.

By following the children’s interests, building on prior learning and providing a purposeful learning stimulus, we develop resiliencecuriosity and a real thirst for learning where the children are encouraged to be a leader in their own learning. We support and guide our pupils in being ambitious and inquisitive at every stage of our learning journey.

We highly value the impact of vocabulary and embed deep learning around this in all subjects to support pupils to be able to communicate their ideas effective and confidently.

We teach our children that to appreciate that we are all the same but all different and to be respectful towards themselves, others and all of God’s world.

Catch-Up Programme & Premium

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School’s Catch-Up Programme

We have carefully designed a comprehensive, bespoke and personalised catch-up programme that outlines all strategies and implementation to close the gaps that we will now have from nearly 7 months, in total, away from a formal learning environment. This has been carefully considered to ensure that we support each and every one of our children to achieve their full potential and we do this in line with their own learning needs and our own curriculum intent ensuring that we continue to nurture active, resilient, lifelong learners who have high aspirations for themselves, their community and all of God’s world. For more information about our catch-up programme, please speak to your child’s class teacher.

Catch-Up Programme Approach (Overview)

Covid-19 Catch-Up Premium

Due to unprecedented disruption to our children’s learning, the government has set aside funding for schools to address the impact of this lost time. School allocations are calculated on a per pupil basis, with mainstream schools receiving £80 per pupil in the years from Foundation Stage to Year 6.

We have carefully planned how we are spending this funding and details of this can be found on our premium spends report below.

Catch-Up Grant Expenditure Report 2020-21

Curriculum Milestones and Essentials

At St Joseph’s, we are proud of our creative curriculum which provides a rich and exciting stimulus where high quality opportunities take into account the interests and experiences of our children. Through personalised learning within a safe and happy environment, each child can develop their skills and celebrate their talents.  We ensure that we teach a broad and balanced curriculum which meets the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum and treat all subjects as equally important. We follow the essential milestones for each subject which ensures excellent subject coverage and progression for a full spectrum curriculum.


Curriculum Policies

Our Curriculum Policies are below. Please follow the links to the policies page to view each policy.

Marking and Feedback Policy


Teaching and Learning Policy


Assessment Policy