At St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, our children are taught traditional Catholic prayers and School Prayers. Our School Prayers are also used at home and our traditional Catholic prayers are used in Mass, at church and during Collective Worships. We encourage our children to pray to strengthen their relationship with God and to become reflective in their own lives so that they are always living the gospel values through their words and actions. Prayer is a wonderful way to be thankful to God and this is at the heart of everything we do in school.

Traditional Catholic Prayers

We teach traditional Catholic prayers in school and these are used throughout the school day, when we say Mass in school and when we attend Mass at church also. We often use these prayers when we pray the Rosary and also during Collective Worship.






School Prayers

The Sign of the Cross

We always start and end our prayers or worship with the sign of the cross. This reminds us of the Holy Trinity and the family of God we know. We remind ourselves that God is our Father, Jesus is His Son who was sent for us and the Holy Spirit is all around us and always with us.

Morning Prayer

Each morning, we say this prayer to remind us that God is always with us and that everything we do, we try to do in the likeness of God and His Son, Jesus.

Grace before Meals

Before lunch each day, we say Grace to bless the food and those who prepared it just like Jesus did during the Last Supper.

Grace after Meals

After lunch each day, we say Grace to thank God for the food we have just eaten and to remind ourselves of how fortunate we are to be able to eat a good meal.

Evening Prayer

At the end of each school day, before we go home, we join together to thank God for guiding us throughout the day. Our children may also say this prayer on a night time with their parents before they go to sleep.