Our school parish is St Joseph’s Catholic Church in Wetherby.

We have Family Masses each term where we invite all our families to join us, giving our pupils the opportunity to learn new hymns, play instruments to enhance these hymns and also to read God’s word.

Our classes attend Mass on Wednesdays with our parishioners throughout the school year and Monsignor Summersgill  joins us in school to say Mass to mark the start and end of the year, for Easter and Christmas and for all days of Holy Obligation which fall on week days when we are in school.


St Joseph Catholic Church Website

Twitter: @StJsChWetherby


Altar Serving

Many of our present and past pupils altar serve at church. Please contact Alan Dinsdale via the Parish Office if your child would like to serve at Mass in this important way. Girls and boys who have received their First Communion are eligible to help.

School and Parish Links

We regularly attend Mass at Church as a school, and regularly hold Masses in school too, where we come together as a school and parish community to worship God. We celebrate on special Feast Days, Holy Days of Obligation and other special times in line with the liturgical calendar.

Where possible, our children lead the Mass and are fully involved in doing the readings, altar serving, presenting the gifts of bread and wine during the offertory, singing, playing instruments, handing out orders of service, the collection and tidying up afterwards. Going to church as a school is very special to us!