Captain Cook

Let’s go Exploring


  • Captain Cook was a British explorer born in Yorkshire (in 1700s).
  • Captain Cook was a captain in the Royal Navy and based in Whitby (a local Yorkshire seaside town).
  • Captain Cook transported coal by ship up and down the East Coast.
  • Captain Cook was the first European to travel to Australia (by sea) and this journey then meant Australia was put on the map.
  • A map in the 1700s was different to a map of the world now/Know why Australia was not on the map before Captain Cook’s findings.
  • Captain Cook helped create maps of the world.
  • Know why historical sources are different over time – depending on the information we have at that time.


How might we explore our local environment: by bike? Devil’s Toenail Cycle Track:


  • The first bicycle was called the penny farthing and was invented in the Victorian Era.
  • To know how trains and bicycles have changed in living memory- earlier models compared to later models including labelling key parts.
  • To be able to sort old and new bikes and trains based on characteristics and explain why photos have been sorted in the way they have using similarities and differences of developments in inventions.
  • To be able to place inventions of modes of transport on a timeline in chronological order (first bike, first boat, first aeroplane, train and car).