Moving into FS2


Hello to our new FS2 children! We are so excited to welcome you in September and we can’t wait to meet you all!

Moving into FS2 is an exciting time and milestone in your lives and we are so glad to be part of your school journey! We have put some information together on this page which we hope that you will find useful in preparation for your child starting with us in September.

We look forward to meeting you all soon.

Important Information

Here you will find information that we have shared about your child’s transition into Foundation 2.

New Parents PowerPoint from the information evening-

Introduction to FS2 PowerPoint Transition into Reception Letter Tapestry Letter

Here is a transition booklet, to share with your child so they can see what it is like in the FS2 classroom-

Transition Booklet- FS2 Classroom

All children In Reception through to Year 2 get the option to have a free school meal (Universal  Free School Meals). We would really recommend that you let you child try school dinners. The menu is changing in September and it has a wide range of options to suit all children’s dietary requirements. We are excited by the Vegan options!  If you would like to see a sample menu please click bellow and share it with your child.

New School Dinner Menu- September


Virtual Tour of your New Classroom

Would you like a sneak peek of your new classroom? Would you like to meet your new teachers? Have a look at these pictures to see what your new classroom will look like and then watch the video below to see even more!



What learning looks like in FS2…

The EYFS curriculum is changing slightly this year. We have put the changes together for you so you can have a read here:

The New EYFS Curriculum- 2021

As we still can’t come into the FS2 classroom due to restrictions, we would like to share some pictures of the current FS2 in the all the provision areas inside and outside the classroom. We hope the pictures give you an insight to some of the things we get up to in FS2 and help your child with their transition into their new classroom.

Foundation 2- 2020-2021


Preparing for FS2

Moving into FS2 is a big milestone for your child and they will all be on different journeys as they enter our classroom in September. Together, we will support your child to grow in confidence and develop their social skills. We want your child to be happy and enjoy coming to school, and the journey starts now with their transition into FS2.

When you hear the word school ready, you might assume that your child needs to be writing their name, reading and counting. To us, these are not the most important things. We would rather your child was working on the following areas to ensure they are ready for school. As a parents too, they are currently a key to focus for us we transition our own children into school and we hope you find them useful. They are taken from the 0-19 Public Health Integrated Nursing Service. If you are on social media, they are worth following as they share some fantastic tips for families and child development.

Here are some other activities/resources you can look at to build your child’s confidence before they start in September.

Being Independent

If you would like to look at other skills that can support your child you could start to choose activities from this list. Please don’t worry if your child can’t do all of the things on this list, it is our job as teachers to teach them to form letters correctly, read and count, we would much rather your child was working on their independent skills over the summer holidays to give them the best start into FS2.

Getting ready for school checklist

Three great tips that we would recommend you try to help your child in transition into FS2 are:

  • Teach them how to unbutton and button their shirt. A top tip is to take a shirt out with you in the car and get them to do it whilst you are driving. I am currently trying this in my house and we have made lots of progress! It has also made my car journeys calm too!!
  • Teach them which foot their shoes and pumps go on. The trick is (if you have Velcro shoes) to see if you can get the Velcro to join at the top. If the Velcro joins, they have the correct foot! We will show them when they start too!
  • Teach them how to put their coat on and zip it up. If you want an efficient way to put your coat on try teaching them to do it like this- it is a game changer!!

Social Scenarios

Sometimes it can be tricky to know what to do or say in different situations in the classroom. Take a look at the different scenarios and decide what the best response would be.

Social situations

Making friends in FS2

In FS2, you will make lots of new friends. Before you come into school, it would be a good idea to think about what you could do to be a good friend. Have a look at these to find new ways to become a good friend.

How to be a good friend

Learning our school prayers

If you wanted to start sharing our school prayers with your child and introducing them to their daily routing, it will prepare them for learning them in September. We will also teach the children to say the prayer in Makaton too when they enter FS2 . Here are the prayers if you would like to share them at home-



Below you will find a range of optional activities and resources to help give your learning a little boost as you move into FS2.


At school, we do our prayers every day and it is really important that we learn how to do the sign of the cross correctly. Could you learn how to do this before you start school?

Fine Motor Skills

Before we learn to hold a pencil we want your child to develop their fine motor skills. These are essential to help build the strength in our hands and fingers, and they are also lots of fun! We would like you to take on a summer challenge and see how many fine motor skill challenges you can complete before you start in September! We would love to see some of your challenges on tapestry and we can hopefully use some of your fine motor skills ideas in our classroom in September. Below are some ideas to get you started with your fine motor skills activities!

The Imagination Tree- 40 Fine Motor Skill activities More information about fine motor skills development Cut out, colour and order the Stick Men Make animal poo playdough! Dinosaur challenge

Holding your pencil

Practise holding your pencil correctly when doing any drawing or mark making. Holding it correctly will make it more comfortable when you are mark making. See the stages of pencil grip below. Identify which stage your child is at and try to progress onto the next. Lots of fine motor activities like the ones below will support this.


Stages of Pencil Grip Fine Motor Challenges!

Learn some nursery rhymes

Have a go at learning some nursery rhymes over the summer. You can use these resources to help bring your nursery rhymes to life! Let us know in September how many nursery rhymes you have learnt over the summer!

Make your own humpty dumpty spoons Five currant buns activity Make your own sailor hats and sing a sailor went to sea sea sea! What nursery rhymes do you know?

Number Formation

Writing numbers can be a bit tricky so to boost your maths we have given you a worksheet to help with your number formation. This would help to make a great start to your maths learning journey in FS2!

Number formation tracing activity Number Jigsaw Number tracks

Dough Disco!

In school, we will be doing ‘Dough Disco’. . Experimenting with play dough helps the muscles in your hands to strengthen and get better at holding things, digging and making! You can make some playdough at home by following the recipe below. Then make models with it and follow the dough disco moves!

Play Dough Recipe Dough Disco