To find out more about our admissions, please click on the class pages below.

Please note, Foundation Stage 1 is Nursery and Foundation Stage 2 is Reception at St Joseph’s.

Foundation Stage 1 (Nursery)  Foundation Stage 2 (Reception)  In Year Transfers

Important Information

Our Admissions Policies for nursery, reception and in year transfers, contain the following information:

  • how we will consider applications for each relevant age group at our school – this is the age group at which children are normally admitted to the school
  • what parents should do if you want to apply for their child to attend our school
  • our arrangements for selecting pupils who apply
  • our over-subscription criteria (how we offer places if there are more applicants than places available)
School Admissions Policy September 2023 including SIF Nursery Admissions Policy 2023


How do I apply for a place for my child at St Joseph’s?

To apply for a place in reception (FS2), follow visit our reception admissions page or visit the following link:

To apply for a place in our school nursery (FS1), please visit the nursery admissions page.

To apply for an in-year transfer, please visit our webpage with further information on how to do this.


Open Days

We always encourage new parents to come and look around our school to get a feel for our school community and ethos.

Click here to find out more about open days at St Joseph’s.