St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School - Wetherby

Academic Year 2016/2017

Welcome back to school! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic summer holiday and you’re ready for a brilliant year in Year 6. We’ve got so many exciting things to do together that I have no doubt it will be the best year you’ve ever had!

Autumn Term 2016

Year 6 have settled really quickly in to Year 6. Their behaviour is excellent and we are getting lots of learning done! The class love the Pokemon themed class rewards which are given at the end of the day to the secret student if they have followed the classroom rules all day.  The secret student is revealed and they get to choose 2 Pokemon toys to add to our display. Once the class have collected 40, they will have some well-earned golden time.

Year 6 are also enjoying the dark tent we have in our reading area which is jungle themed. You can write on the walls inside with a light pen. The reading area is looking absolutely fabulous and it’s fun to chill in there with a good book.

We have lots of school trips planned this year. Very shortly we will be going on a geography field trip to Nidd Gorge and Knaresborough riverside. We also have an RE trip organised to Mount St Mary’s in Leeds to attend the Big Sing Liturgy Thing – we are very excited about that! Obviously the Robinwood residential is the highlight of the Year and the children are already asking questions about it!


The Kingdom of God and Justice

In RE we have been thinking about what a kingdom is.  The children enjoyed drawing a kingdom and then described their kingdom in detail.  We also thought about what God’s kingdom is like and how God’s kingdom is revealed to us.

Year 6 enjoyed working in groups to put together short role-play scenes of what they thought justice and injustice meant.  Each group performed to the class while the audience had to decide if the scene was an example of justice or injustice.

RE Trip

The Big Sing Liturgy Thing

Year 6 went to Mount St Mary’s to take part in The Big Sing Liturgy Thing and what an amazing experience it was! The whole day was totally uplifting. The children learnt new songs, prayers, Makaton actions, dances and readings to combine together to worship alongside other children from primary schools in the Catholic Compass. The energy in the room was incredible and smiles were on our faces from start to finish.  This was a truly moving and inspiring experience which we will never forget! Our thanks go to Mount St Mary’s and all those involved in organising this very special event. Thanks go also to our Governors, Mrs Parascandolo and Mrs Tate, who came on the trip and thoroughly enjoyed the experience! The Big Sing is an event which Mrs Doran and I look forward to all year – we can’t wait for the next one!

img_0358 img_0354 img_0335


The Highwayman

In English we are using the classic narrative poem by Alfred Noyes, The Highwayman, as inspiration to write.  The children are already engrossed in the story and enjoyed exploring my box of tricks which was full of Highwayman goodies. In the box was a French cocked hat, a bunch of lace, a red ribbon, a rapier, a pistol, a black cape, a mask and lots of books about Highwaymen.  Some of the children dressed up in the clothes to give us a good idea of what the Highwayman looked like.  We also put a red love knot in one of the girl’s hair to give us an idea about what the character Bess might like look.

Before reading the poem, we created a glossary of words using the dictionaries and iPad to look up words which were new to our vocabulary. These included, rapier, breeches, doe, moor, musket galleon, and many more. Then the children dimmed the lights and enjoyed listening to the poem!

We have been writing metaphors to create a vivid image in the reader’s mind and our working wall has some excellent ones to describe Tim, the Ostler, and Bess, the landlord’s daughter. We also had a lot of fun in the sunshine using role-play to act out different parts of the poem. When the children heard ‘freeze’, they had to stop immediately and hold their positions. Activities like this really help the children to understand the characters and the relationships between the characters and this enhances their writing skills later.

Young Shakespeare Theatre Company Visit to School

Year 6 enjoyed a fantastic performance of Twelfth Night in school this week.  The children were gripped by the story of how twin brother and sister, Sebastian and Viola, were separated at sea by a vicious storm. The story that followed was acted out by the fantastic Young Shakespeare Theatre Company.  The children were fully engrossed in the performance, all playing important roles to add to the impact of the story. We will now be using this fantastic story by Shakespeare to do more writing in class.

Twelfth Night

This week, Year 6 have been using Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night as a stimlus for writing. The children wrote fantastic emotive diaries in role as one of the characters. They also revised writing questions, statements and commands using the Twelfth Night characters. Malvolio seemed a very popular choice of character by the class to practise writing commands – I can’t imagine why!

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2016

Year 6 enjoyed watching the new John Lewis Christmas advert today and practised their skills of punctuating speech using screen shots of different sections of the advert. We had talking squirrels, badgers, hedgehogs and, or course, the cutest Boxer dog in the world!



To get the children settled into Year 6 maths, we have been revisiting a variety of different methods to calculate.  The children enjoyed playing a game against a partner where they had to make their own calculation to multiply by a single digit number to get as close to a target number as possible.  They played it in rounds of two and the person closest to the target number won 10 house points. It was great fun!


Percentages have proven to be pretty trick this week but the children have worked extremely hard and now know that once you’ve worked out 10%, 5% and 1%, you can easily calculate any other amount. Sometimes it’s all the steps needed to get to the answer which is the hardest part. Keep working on multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100  at speed please Year 6 – this will help!


Class 6 have worked hard all week to improve their knowledge and skills with angles. I must say that I was impressed at how far we were able to take this with many of the children solving angles which included algebra. We had plenty of games and puzzles to play which gave the children lots of experience applying their knowledge of angles and improve their accuracy too. The children designed their own top tips every day based on some examples which they discussed with a partner. A little bit of homework now and I think we can tick angles off our ‘to do’ list!


img_8587 img_8589 img_8596 img_8617

Geography Field Trip

Year 6 enjoyed a trip to Nidd Gorge and Knaresborough Waterside as part of their geography learning this week.  Nidd Gorge looked beautiful with all the autumn colours and there was a blanket of leaves for us to walk on.  We enjoyed looking at all the different features of the river, and we were able to see first-hand the processes which change the shape of the river over time; we could see erosion of roots and deposition of materials at different parts of the river. We enjoyed a picnic in the ruins at Conyngham Hall and then walked along the riverside. A very friendly café opened its ice-cream shop just for us and we all enjoyed a delicious treat! The children’s behaviour was exceptional all day – Mrs Doran and I were very proud! It was lovely to hear that, at the weekend, some of the children went back to visit the gorge again with their families!

img_0283 img_0299 img_0305


Class Worship

Year 6 enjoy taking responsibility for their class worship on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Each week, children take it in turns to plan and deliver a short worship in class.  It’s always a lovely way to start the day by taking a moment to bring God into our minds and hearts. We listen to Gospel readings and reflect on what we can learn from the readings, and then we try hard to put these words into action in our daily lives.  During the month of November, we also remember those people who have passed away before us and we offer prayers which are written by the children. The CAFOD website is a fantastic resource to use at home and at school for prayer and ideas for reflection.

Advent Preparations

Year 6 are preparing to celebrate Christmas in a number of ways over the next few weeks. They are busy learning songs and lines for the KS2 Christmas production which is sure to be a wonderful performance for parents to see at church. In addition, they have made Advent promises which are displayed on our worship table.  They are also including Advent prayers in to our daily worship.

christmas-tree           prayer-table

Cinema Trip

Year 6 went to the cinema this week as part of Into Film Festival and watched Robinson Crusoe. The story of Robinson Crusoe was told from the animal’s perspective. The animation was incredible! The characters of the animals made us all laugh, particularly the goat; the children enjoyed copying one of his funny phrases, “I’m a fierce coconut!”.  If you’ve not seen the film, Year 6 recommend you do!  We will do some follow up work with this stimulus in the next couple of weeks.

First Aid Training

Year 6 took part in an afternoon of first aid training delivered by St John’s Ambulance. The children learnt how to deal with situations where someone is choking, has chest pains, low blood sugar and signs of a stroke. They also learnt about how to resuscitate an adult and practised on a dummy.  All the children enjoyed the training and learnt some valuable, possibly life-saving skills too! The trainer who delivered the training said that the children’s behaviour was excellent.  Well done Year 6

img_1057 img_1097 img_1094 img_1064 img_1062 img_1056

History Workshop: Time Bandits

Year 6 enjoyed a WWI workshop in school all day today. They had the chance to look at artefacts, taste food and hear about battles, chemical warfare, tactics used and mistakes made during the war. They also heard about the role of women and animals in the war which the children have already started to learn about in class.  The hall smelt very authentic with the distinctive smell of carbolic soap!

img_1193 img_1194 img_1195img_1210  img_1203 img_1204

Spring Term 2017

Welcome back to spring term! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas holiday. We are back to school now and have many things to do this half term.  The children will be most excited about taking part in Bikeability which is the last week before we break up for half term. We also have a Robot coming to visit Year 6 which is bound to be an exciting experience for us all! I’m hoping for a really frosty morning during the first week back as I have planned a really exciting morning of role-play and a frosty morning would enhance it!


Jesus, The Bread of Life

In RE the children have been learning all about the story of Passover. They have learnt about the sedar plate and how Jewish families celebrate the festival of Passover. They have also learnt about the symbols of Passover and are now starting to link these ideas to the Last Supper.

Jesus, Son of God

We have now moved onto a unit of work called Jesus, Son of God. We have already looked at different miracles that Jesus performed and why he performed miracles. The children enjoyed retelling the miracles using role-play and considered the different reactions of people who witnessed the them.


Year 6 also enjoyed working with a partner on the computers to write a diary extract as someone who had witnessed a miracle. They retold the miracle and included a mixture of emotions about what they had witnessed. Their reactions depended on what they believed. Their next step is to write a contrasting diary entry!

Stations of the Cross

Year 6 have worked hard to create their own pieces of art work based on the stations of the cross. They chose their own medium and had completely free choice about how they presented their work. The results were amazing! One boy and one girl were chosen as winners from the class and were announced in the Easter Golden Book assembly where we also enjoyed singing some Easter songs. The Easter egg raffle was a great success too with 5 winners coming from Y6. Thank you to everyone for their generous donations of eggs and to the Friends of St Joseph’s who beautifully wrapped the all eggs. I’ve never seen so much chocolate in one room!


Ash Wednesday Mass

Canon Nunan came to school for Ash Wednesday Mass. All the children behaved beautifully and many parents joined us. It was a lovely start to Lent. The children then went back to class and made Lent promises. After listening to Canon, we decided with the children that it would be good if they made a big effort to turn off their mobile phones from 6pm and do something with their families instead. They had lots of ideas to replace gadget time. These included: board games, reading and watching a film with their families. I know it will be tricky but they seem happy to give it a good go! The children decorated the tree with their promises and the prayer table has been dressed in purple to reflect this period of the liturgical year.





The Christmas Truce

In English, Year 6 really enjoyed re-enacting the story of the Christmas Truce in 1914 during the WWI. This has led to some fantastic writing in role as the characters. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the frost that we wanted but it was still very chilly!

wwi-a wwi-b wwi-c wwi-g


The Mysteries of Harris Burdick

Year 6 are engrossed in the mystery behind Harris Burdick, and even more captivated by the possible stories behind the amazing illustrations in the book! They have written some of their own stories using the titles and captions in the story starters.



Detective Day

Inspired by the mystery behind the disappearance of Harris Burdick, Year 6 had a detective day where they dressed up as detectives and had different missions to complete during the day. The costumes were amazing! The class were given a briefing about the missions to complete and then they could choose the order that they completed them. They had to write their own stories using a picture of their choice from the Mysteries of Harris Burdick book, complete a picture to complement the story using hatching and cross hatching techniques, and also solve mystery number problems in maths where numbers had disappeared and been replaced by symbols. We all had a great day!





English: Oliver Twist!

Year 6 had a fantastic morning and a real treat watching a live production of Oliver Twist. The production was delivered by M&M Theatrical Productions. The acting, costumes and scenery was incredible! The children sang and clapped along to the songs with huge smiles on their faces.

After the production, Year 6 had a workshop with the talented actors who taught them about how they change costumes so quickly, how they step into the role of different characters, how they use lights and sound effects to create different moods and how the staging and background are created to allow for such quick scene changes. Mrs Doran and I are hoping that some of this expert advise will come in handy for when we start our Y6 production in the summer.

Year 6 had the chance to recreate some of the famous scenes from Oliver Twist and joined in, as always, full of enthusiasm! They had lots of fun!

To learn more about M&M Theatrical Productions, see the link below:







Using an Applying Knowledge of Place Value

The children had some very challenging puzzles to solve this week linked to our Robot theme. They had to work out the number of each robot by applying their understanding of place value; it was tricky as there were many steps to the problems, but they managed it well and built stamina for solving problems. Each robot had a number and one of them was going to be sent to the scrap metal grinder. The children were hoping that it wasn’t their favourite robot, Robi, but unfortunately it was! They then had to write an escape story in English to save poor Robi.

Area and Perimeter

Class 6 were struggling a little with how to work out area and perimeter so we can up with some drastic action to help crack it. Mrs Ward dramatically cleared the desk areas in one swoop to help the children remember what area is! Now, when you say the word, ‘AREA’ they quickly grab their pencil cases and books in case the desks get cleared again.  It worked! The children also came up with some sounds and actions to help them remember the formula to work out the area of squares, rectangles and triangles.





MUSIC: 1960s day


Virtual Reality

Art: Popart

Fitting in with the 1960s topic which the children were really keen to learn about, we have been learning all about Popart.  The children have been experimenting with their own style of Popart and here is the work in progress:

Music: Hip Hop

The children in Year 6 have been creating their own Hip-Hop backing tracks using iPads so that they can write their own raps and record them over the top of the backing track. They will perform their raps to the rest of the class. Using various instruments to create it, they have made sure their lyrics flow with the beat of the song. Next half term, they will be learning about the history of music.


Anti-Bullying Week

The week started with an anti-bullying assembly delivered by the school council. Year 6 learnt about cyber-bullying and how easy it is to persuaded by peers to send messages which are not appropriate. They learnt about what trolling means and that you need to ignore the trolls so that you don’t feed their desire to hurt people. Year 6 made anti-bullying and cyber-bullying posters to get the message across loud and clear! They also enjoyed taking part in role-play where they had to act out a scenario which was either mean, rude, kind or bullying; their peers had to guess.


PSHE: Bikeability

Year 6 children took part in Bikeability training to improve their cycling skills and knowledge of road safety. All the children loved the session which took place over the full week, so they had plenty of time to practise and improve! Thank goodness the weather stayed fine!



Show and Share with Parents

This week, many of the parents came to school to task part in a Y6 maths lesson alongside their child. It was so good to have the parents in class so that they could see what a typical maths lesson is like. We played a warm up game with decimal numbers to start with, and progressed to a fun game using dice. The lesson objective was to use and apply maths vocabulary. This included: square numbers, prime numbers, factors, multiples, products, consecutive digits, ascending and descending numbers, palindromic numbers, triangular numbers and many more! One parent loved it so much that he came back the following day to attend the second session! The parents were exhausted by the end and needed a good cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit! Thank you to all the parents for taking time out of their busy days to attend the session. Thank you also for the lovely feedback.

Y6 Show and Share  (Feb 2017) Parent Questionnaire Analysis

100% of the parents said they found the session useful. Comments included:

  • I have a better understanding of how maths is taught now.
  • I feel I have a greater understanding of the maths my daughter is studying and the methods used.
  • Great to see the fun methods of learning. I was really impressed with the children.
  • Loved the lesson. It was very interactive, challenging and original.
  • It was useful to know some games we can play and other ideas.

The parents said that the following worked well in the session:

  • Great explanations and examples.
  • It was well organised, and clear instructions were given.
  • Seeing how the children answer questions using the whiteboards. I enjoyed the game too.
  • Working together with our children.
  • Trying to use my brain.
  • Being able to interact with the children.
  • The game was a good example of each maths word we had learnt.
  • The interactive approach and working with my daughter.
  • Actually getting to have a go at the work myself.
  • Lots of explanations and examples with special help for my son.

100% of the parents said that the session had given them ideas about how to support their child at home.

What would you change about the session?

All the comments from parents were positive; some extra suggestions were made:

  • Nothing, it was just right.
  • I would like to do it earlier in the year and do it in year 4 and year 5 as well.
  • A session about maths calculation methods would help me as I did a different one to my child.
  • A show and share for English lesson would be really useful.

100% of the parents said that they found the resources given useful.

Sample of other comments:

  • Very impressed with the session. Thank you for the opportunity to attend.
  • Very well done. Very impressed with the way our children are taught. Very creative!
  • Thank you for an insight into how my daughter learns – much better than in my day!
  • I think this was a great idea. Mrs Ward is doing an amazing job. I realise how much work the children do and how complicated it is.




PSHE: Pants are Private

The children have been talking pants this week! They have been learning a very important message that pants are private using the child-friendly resources from the NSPCC website. They decorated pants to show what they had learnt and these are now displayed on a washing line in class.  For more information about this, please see the NSPCC website.



Den Building Day

Year 6 had a fantastic day today outdoors completing some team challenges. The first challenge was to decide on a team name and make a flag. Then they went outside and had to collect the equipment needed to make a den. They started with the frames and then covered the frames with plastic sheeting and camouflage netting. The children had to work completely independently to achieve this, aiming to make their structures as strong as possible and waterproof – that was going to be a real challenge since it rained for most of the day! The children then collected crates and set up base in their dens. Mrs Doran and I were so impressed with their teamwork!


The class also learnt how to use a compass and completed an orienteering challenge to find treasure (Haribo!). They had to orienteer carefully and plant their flag in the final destination where they thought the treasure was buried; the team whose flag was the closest to the actual location, won the treasure.

Later, the children roasted marshmallows around a fire and had a lovely hot chocolate to warm up!  Although the weather was not kind to us and it rained for most of the day, the class fully embraced the challenges and never complained. The team work and team spirit was incredible. Some of the dens leaked or collapsed and other teams invited the ‘homeless’ into their dens to share the shelter.



Well done Year 6 – what a great day and one I hope you’ll remember for a very long time. These are mine and Mrs Doran’s favourite photos from the day are these below which we think sum up the day!


Thank you to Mr Harman for the den experience!


Summer Term 2017

Welcome back to summer term!

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter holiday. Year 6 have a very busy term ahead with SATS preparation over the next three weeks being the main focus.  We also have a great SATS party to plan to celebrate all our hard work! As well as this, the children have many other things to look forward to. We have a trip to a Mosque and a trip to Headingley Water Treatment coming up soon. We also have a trip to Pennypot Barracks to take part in Crucial Crew, and, of course, the long-awaited residential trip to Robinwood which we are very excited about! We will shortly be starting our Y6 end of year production which is bound to cause a lot of excitement in class! Year 6 will also have a day retreat with the Franciscan Sisters. During all this, we will be doing lots of transition activities to prepare the children for secondary school which is only just around the corner.

I promise I will continue to do my very best to ensure that the children in Year 6 enjoy every day at school during their final term in Year 6 and at St Joseph’s.


Work of the Apostles

Year 6 have started to think about what it means to be a disciple.

Other Faiths: Islam

Year 6 went on a school trip to the Lingfield Centre to learn about Islam. We received a very warm welcome from the staff and volunteers who were full of knowledge and very happy to answer questions and share their experiences.

The children enjoyed a treasure hunt around the Mosque and other rooms in the Lingfield Centre; each clue revealed a fact about Islam. There were lots to find!

Then the children went into small groups and learnt about the 5 pillars of faith.  They took notes and retold what they had learnt, again with plenty of opportunities for questions.

After lunch, the children enjoyed a couple of games of corners in the Mosque which had the softest carpet ever – it felt like we were walking on a fluffy cloud all day! Then the children learnt why there are no statues or pictures in the mosque, but why patterns are familiar features. The children enjoyed decorating their own symmetrical designs and made 3D shapes which, when put together, looked amazing!


Finally, the children observed prayers taking place and had a commentary of what was happening as the people prayed.  The day flew by!  Thank you to the parent helpers on the day and to all the staff and volunteers who provided this excellent learning experience. I know the children gained a huge amount from this day, and Mrs Doran and I gained some new knowledge too!

Here are some of the children’s comments about the day:

  • “I enjoyed the mosque because it was really pretty.”
  • “I really enjoyed the trip because it meant that I could learn about another religion. It helped me to understand more about Islam. It was quite interesting watching the congregation because it is very different to how we pray. The treasure hunt and games were really good fun. This trip really helped me to know more about their religion.”
  • “Thanks to the kind staff for the mix of art, food and learning; I really enjoyed myself and would recommend other classes go here and enjoy themselves as I have.”
  • ” I enjoyed learning about the patterned tiles.”
  • “The mosque didn’t look like I imagine it would. I really liked the feeling of the carpet!”
  • “The mosque trip was a wonderful experience and the volunteers and staff gave us a nice welcome. They also taught us lots of things about Islam and the mosque.”




Year 6 have had a very busy first week back learning all about articles, determiners, past and present progressive tense and relative embedded clauses. They have also started to work on different levels of formality in preparation for writing formal and informal letters. The children found it useful to think of different levels of formality in clothing to reflect the occasion; for example, if you were hanging out with your friends you might were a casual pair of jeans and a t-shirt, but if you were going to a school council meeting, you would wear your school uniform to look profession. They recognised that Mrs Ward sometimes wears more formal clothing at school on days when she has a meeting.  They also made these connections with their family members: one child said that his dad wears a shirt and tie for work to look businesslike but jeans and t-shirt at home to relax.

We are now preparing to write a formal letter to Hotel Chocolat to give them feedback about one of their Easter products. They will also write an informal letter to a family member to thank them for an Easter Egg. These letters should reflect different levels of formality.

Year 6 have now completed their formal letters which sound very professional!

English: Youth Speaks Competition

Year 6 have enjoyed working in groups on a topic of their choice to take part in the Wetherby and District Rotary Club competition. The objective of the competition was to foster the personal communication skills of children in order to improve their self confidence. Each group had plenty of time to put together a presentation of a topic that they were interested. They could use props/pictures to support the presentation if they wished.

They had time to practise and worked on clear enunciation accompanied by an easy manner, natural gestures and projection of their personality too. The event also gave the children to the opportunity to speak in front of an audience, formulate new ideas on specific topics and be disciplined with timings as they had a limited time to present for.

Each group presented to a member of the Wetherby & District Rotary Club and the winning group is going forward to the finals which will involve other schools.

Some of the topics discussed included:

  • the importance of learning about other faiths
  • fidget spinners
  • animal cruelty
  • dangers of social media
  • the importance of school trips

The children enjoyed the experience!

Grace C said, “We thought that doing the presentations helped at lot of people understand more about animal cruelty. All of our group really enjoyed doing it.”

Alexandra said, “It was really nice to listen to other people’s opinions and their passions. I had so much fun working as a team with my friends to show what we care about to our class.”

Kayleigh said, “Even though we didn’t win, it was good to learn how to present ideas and practise our presentation skills.”

Josh said, “Even though our presentation didn’t win, I’m really happy for the winning group. and in our presentation we did the dangers of social media so we learnt some new skills to keep us safe and shared these with the class.”








Year 6 have started this unit of work by recalling what they think they know about electricity. This is always a good starting point as we can work on the things that need more attention rather than things they already know! Year 6 children also enjoyed exploring electrical components and how to make circuits which include different components. They learnt that it’s important that we have standard symbols to represent components when we draw circuits.


Topic: History

Mayan Civilisation

Year 6 will shortly start to learn about the Mayan Civilisation, and we have an exciting workshop booked with One Day called Mayan Mayhem where the children will use drama to explore the Mayan Civilisation.


Mayan Mayhem!

Year 6 took part in the Mayan Mayhem workshop today and had loads of fun learning about the Mayan Civilisation by making up their own role-play scenes, freeze frames and having debates. They were so engrossed that some children didn’t want to go out for playtime! Sam, from One Day, kept the children engaged, excited and challenged all day long.Take a look at the pictures below and some of the comments from the children:


  • Olivia Mee said, “I really liked the workshop because it was very educational and it combined two of my favourite things: drama and history.”
  • Layla said, “Today was good because I got to learn about the Mayans while having fun!”
  • Patrick said, “I enjoyed it because everyone was involved and we were acting.”
  • Emily said, “I really enjoyed today because Sam (the workshop leader) made it very interesting and fun.”
  • Finally, one child said, “I liked it because it gave me a boost of confidence when doing it in front of everyone!”

For more information about One Day events, here is the website link:


Save & Exit

Science/Geography Trip: Headingley Water Treatment

Year 6 enjoyed another trip this week to enrich their science and geography learning. They revisited the water cycle and the scientific processes involved including condensation, evaporation, transpiration, solids, liquids and gases.  The water treatment site has a fantastic educational centre where the children can learn about the water cycle and then see the process that water follows to become drinkable. It was amazing!

We visited the actual water treatment plant and saw how the water from the reservoirs is cleaned.  Some of the tanks were full of brown sludge which looked rather revolting! It’s incredible to see the water becoming cleaner and safer after each part of the process.




Taster Tennis Session

Year 6 got off to a brisk start this Monday morning when they took part in a tennis taster session with Paul from Wetherby Tennis Club. The children really enjoyed it. They learnt some tricky racket skills which were great fun. They also learnt some skills to control the ball and direction of the ball. Paul challenged the children to consider ways to make their game harder and the children were able to suggest appropriate challenges. All in all, it was a great tennis session which the children really enjoyed. Wetherby Tennis Club have an open day on Sunday 7th May for any children who are interested.  Thank you to Paul from Wetherby Tennis Club for his time today.


Modern Foreign Languages

German Taster Lesson with Mrs Wall – Deutsch mit Frau Wall

Heute haben wir ein bisschen Deutsch gelernt.

Year 6 enjoyed a German lesson with Mrs Wall who kindly visited Year 6 as an introduction to our language week which starts on the 15th May. Our topic was ‘Mein Körper.’ See if you know what these body parts are…

die ohren

das knie

die hand

die schulter

der fuß

die augen

die nase

der kopf

der arm

das bein

der finger

German Song

Year 6 also enjoyed languages week where they learnt more German and some Italian. We are very grateful to Mrs Hartley and Mrs Parascandolo who came in for a session to teach us some general knowledge about Italy and how to count to 20. Some of the children dressed up in costumes too.  Year 6 served brioche and orange juice to the whole school at break time – their customers had to speak French to request the food and drink though. Finally, Y6 enjoyed eating crepes!

PSHE: Safeguarding – Mr Shape Shifter

Year 6 watched a production called Mr Shape Shifter which was a great way to learn a very important message – if something makes you feel uncomfortable, trust your feelings and tell someone as it’s probably something bad. Jess and Jack were the main characters who encountered a grown up called Mr Shape Shifter who tried to take their childhood away by making them do things they were not comfortable doing. He also made them believe that adults would not believe them so there was no point telling anyone what he was doing. Thankfully, in the story the children were able to tell a trusted adult and they stopped Mr Shape Shifter from hurting any more children.  After the show, we talked about who the children can trust and tell if someone ever puts them in a position that makes them feel uncomfortable. We also pointed out the Childline helpline number which is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so the children know they can always talk to someone no matter what the time is. The Childline number is on our Anti-bullying display in the corridor if anyone ever needs it and the children have written it in their home/school diaries too. The number is 0800 1111.


Crossley Street Year 6 children also came to watch the production with us and it was lovely to meet these children. After the production, all the children had some fun outside in the sunshine and enjoyed playing together.


Clink on the link below to go straight to the Childline website:


Canon’s 70th Birthday Surprise

Year 6 enjoyed surprising Canon Nunan today for his 70th Birthday. All the children in school wrote messages and drew pictures on bunting to decorate the hall. Each class made a birthday card too; thank you to Mrs Doran for helping the children to make the Year 6 card – it was beautiful! We all sat quietly in the hall waiting for Canon Nunan to come into the hall and then we shouted, ‘Surprise!’. Everyone sang Happy Birthday and ate cake. It was so much fun!



SATS Week:

Year 6 have been incredible and really made us all proud this week! They have worked hard in preparation and it has really paid off. The children were calm and took the whole week in their stride – we couldn’t have asked for anything more from them!

All the children came to school early to have breakfast together and then playtime before the tests began. The children really enjoyed breakfast club; some were knocking on the door 10 minutes early to get in as they were so keen!

During the week, the children had lots of extra playtime which kept their spirits high.

We ended the week with a trip to Wetherby Whaler for fish and chips in the restaurant. The food was incredible and we were very pampered by all the lovely staff who welcomed us so well. The children all got a present from the Wetherby Whaler staff which they enjoyed playing with back in class later on. We also enjoyed cake, ice lollies and pop! Well, they deserved a great treat, I’m sure you’ll agree!


Here are some comments from the children from the week:

Francesca said, “SATS week was good! Whenever we had worked hard on a test, we got extra play to help us relax. I also enjoyed having breakfast at school with all my friends. The tests weren’t as bad as I thought they were going to be. The teachers made us more relaxed.”

Alexandra said, “I absolutely loved breakfast club because there was lots to choose from. SATS week was so fun – it was one of the best weeks of Y6. At the end of the day, there is nothing really to worry about!”

Kayleigh said, “I enjoyed SATS week. The tests weren’t as bad as I thought. Mrs Ward, Mrs Doran and Mrs Lowe are amazing teachers and made SATS week so fun, and I’m glad I have them as my teachers – I wouldn’t want anyone else!”

Grace Gilboy said, “I really enjoyed breakfast club because it gave us time to let loose before the tests. When I started the first test, I found that it wasn’t that bad, and the more tests I did, the more confident I became. I tried extremely hard so no matter what, I am still proud of myself!”

Xander said, “I liked that we were spread out in the hall and the ICT suite so that we had plenty of space and weren’t bunched up in the classroom.”

Alex said, “I enjoyed SATS week. It’s basically just everything we’ve learnt!”

Myles said, “What I liked about SATS week was that the tests were easier than I thought for I had learnt so much in class already.”

Layla said, “I think Mrs Ward, Mrs Doran and Mrs Lowe made SATS week a happy week. At first it felt a little bit scary but everyone was calm and we all believed we would do well, so I felt happy with myself and enjoyed the week like everyone else did.”




Y6 Production:

Year 6 are getting on remarkably well with learning their lines for the production which is called ‘Let Loose’. The children are very excited about it, and they are already adding their own ideas about costumes, dancing and stage directions which is just what I want! Mrs Doran has helped the children to learn the songs and know the words off by heart so that they can focus on the dancing and acting now.

We are both so impressed with how they already know the majority of their lines off by heart which makes rehearsals much easier for all. Well done Year 6 – I’m so excited about this production!

Relationship and Sex Education (RSE):

Year 6 have started their RSE unit of work. They were very excited about the first lesson where we focused on their journey in life so far. They all brought in baby pictures and had to guess which baby was which. Some were easier than others, but it was so much fun! They then enjoyed recalling memories of their very young years like what their favourite TV programme was, what their first words were, favourite foods and funny stories they’ve been told by their family members, etc. For a treat, we watched an episode of Pingu, Midnight Garden and Teletubbies; just the theme tunes brought memories flooding back to them! To finish the lesson I read ‘Angel in the Water’ which is an incredible book about the journey of a baby.

The next few lessons focused on the changes which boys and girls experience during puberty, naming the male and female reproductive systems and learning about the menstrual cycle. We enjoyed doing some of these lessons outside in the sunshine and the children chose their own groups so that they worked with someone who they felt really comfortable with. All the children have been very mature and made good choices during the lessons.

We will shortly be moving onto body image and how images in the media are manipulated.

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