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Year 6

“Sometimes it falls on a generation to be great. You can be that great generation. Let your greatness blossom!” Nelson Mandella

Mrs J Ward

Mrs J Ward

Year 6 Teacher, Deputy Head and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Year 6 Worship

Year 6 Worship

Christ at our Centre

Christ at our Centre

Class Curriculum Newsletters

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Newsletter Autumn 1 2017



Academic Year 2017/2018

Welcome back to school! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic summer holiday and you’re ready for a brilliant year in Year 6. I always feel very privileged to teach Year 6 and I will do everything I can to make sure that you are happy, engaged, learning and grow in confidence and skills ready for secondary school.  We’ve got so many exciting things to do together that I have no doubt it will be the best year you’ve ever had!

Very soon, our class webpage will start to fill up with all the exciting activities that I have planned for the year. Watch this space!

School Trips, Visits and WorkshopsI

I am always looking for ways to enrich and enhance the Year 6 curriculum, therefore, I have planned many school trips, visitors to school and workshops for the year ahead.  Please see the school calendar for full details. Look at some of the things that are already booked for the coming academic year!

  • RE trip: Big Sing Liturgy Thing
  • English: Shakespeare Theatre Production of Macbeth
  • Author visit: Judith Rhodes
  • Cinema trip: Beauty and the Beast
  • Science trip: Headingley Water Treatment Works
  • English trip: Alhambra Theatre Trip to see War Horse!!!
  • Y6 Residential Trip to Robinwood

Autumn Term 1 2017

Year 6 have settled really quickly in to Year 6. Their behaviour is excellent and we are getting lots of learning done! The class love the Pokemon themed class rewards which are given at the end of the day to the secret student if they have followed the classroom rules all day.  The secret student is revealed and they get to choose 2 Pokemon toys to add to our display. Once the class have collected 40, they will have some well-earned golden time.

We have lots of school trips planned this year. Very shortly we will be going on a geography field trip to Nidd Gorge and Knaresborough riverside and Castle. We also have an RE trip organised to Mount St Mary’s in Leeds to attend the Big Sing Liturgy Thing – we are very excited about that! Just before Christmas, we will be visiting Headingley Water Treatment works which is a fascinating science trip, and then in the new year I have booked for us to see the West End Production of War Horse at the theatre in Bradford! Obviously the Robinwood residential is the highlight of the Year and the children are already asking questions about it!



The Kingdom of God

In RE we have been thinking about what a kingdom is.  The children enjoyed drawing a kingdom and then described their kingdom in detail.  We also thought about what God’s kingdom is like and how God’s kingdom is revealed to us.


KS2 Collective Worship

Every Wednesday, KS2 have collective worship in the hall together as a group.  Each week, a different class leads it. This week was the turn of Year 6 who reminded us that God created everything. The children are always very keen to take responsibility for collective worship; they plan and lead it completely independently now and give up their own time to do this. Thank you to the Year 6 children this week who did such a good job. It’s the perfect way to start the morning!




In English we are using the classic narrative poem by Alfred Noyes, The Highwayman, as inspiration to write.  The children are already engrossed in the story and enjoyed exploring my box of tricks which was full of Highwayman goodies. In the box was a French cocked hat, a bunch of lace, a red ribbon, a rapier, a pistol, a black cape, a mask and lots of books about Highwaymen.  Some of the children dressed up in the clothes to give us a good idea of what the Highwayman looked like.  We also put a red love knot in one of the girl’s hair to give us an idea about what the character Bess might like look.

Before reading the poem, we created a glossary of words using the dictionaries and iPad to look up words which were new to our vocabulary. These included, rapier, breeches, doe, moor, musket galleon, and many more. Then the children enjoyed listening to the poem  – you could feel the tension in the room as I read!

We have been writing metaphors to create a vivid image in the reader’s mind and our working wall has some excellent ones to describe The Highwayman, Tim, the Ostler, and Bess, the landlord’s daughter.


Before reading the poem, we created a glossary of words using the dictionaries and iPad to look up words which were new to our vocabulary. These included, rapier, breeches, doe, moor, musket galleon, and many more. Then the children dimmed the lights and enjoyed listening to the poem!

We also had a lot of fun outside using role-play to act out different parts of the poem. When the children heard ‘freeze’, they had to stop immediately and hold their positions. Activities like this really help the children to understand the characters and the relationships between the characters and this enhances their writing skills later.


“I’ll be back with gold before the morning light!”           “Why doesn’t she love me?”


“What did you just say?”                                               “No! My bonny sweetheart is dead!”


“Now’s our chance!”                                                        Shot down dead like a dog on the highway….


“He’ll come back for you so we’ll wait here!”                   “Stand guard by the casement!”

“I know he loves me….he’ll be back by morning light!”

We also had lots of fun writing love letters as the Highwayman to Bess. The letters were bursting with emotion and really caused an impact on the reader. Once the children had finished writing the love letters, some of them dressed up as the Highwayman and read them aloud to the class with some romantic music in the background, lights dimmed and candles lit (fake ones!) It was fantastic and we could have spent hours reading them all aloud. Well done Year 6. It was a super writing session and you really let yourselves get in to the right mood! The disguises are so good that it’s hard to tell who is behind the masks. Do you recognised anyone?





Guided Reading

In guided reading we have been practising our skimming and scanning skills so that we can retrieve information quickly. As we have been working on this skill, any new vocabulary that we come across that is interesting, ambitious or maybe a word that the children don’t know, we use dictionaries and iPads to learn the meaning of these words. The children have also been learning different synonyms for these words and then flipping it to antonyms. These words are then put onto our ‘Improvin’ it’ display so that they can retrieve them at a later date to use in their own writing. We’ll keep adding to this throughout the year. Take a look at this below and our lovely reading area.  This is where each child can also display work they are proud of. It won’t be long before it’s full!



This week, the children have been revising calculation methods for addition, subtraction and multiplication. The children enjoyed making their own calculations using 5 digit cards to try and reach the target number of 10,000. This challenged their reasoning skills as they had to make adjustments to their calculations to get closer to 10,000. The children also enjoyed a word puzzle where each correct calculation revealed a letter. If all the calculations were completed, it revealed a fact.  They worked with partners to share the work out as it was quite a challenge!

The children have also been working on their reasoning skills. They were given calculations with estimates and had to say if the estimates were reasonable giving at least 2 reasons for what they thought.





We have a fantastic topic planned for this half term called Survive and Explore which is geography based. We’ll be going on a geography field trip to Nidd Gorge, Knaresborough riverside and Knaresborough Castle. More details to follow soon.




Year 6 enjoyed their first dance lesson of the year where they worked in pairs or small groups and put movements together to perform the Hakka! There were some very strange noises coming from the hall and sometimes a cheeky tongue!

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