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Miss Waite

Miss Waite

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Year 5 Worship

Year 5 Worship

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Year 5 Newsletter Autumn 1


Academic Year 2017/2018

Welcome back to school! I hope you’ve all had a restful and wonderful summer holiday and are raring to go for a fantastic year in Year 5. I am extremely excited to have you as my first ever class, and cannot wait to get to know you all better – we are going to have so much fun this year!

Keep an eye out for all the exciting things we do together, as they will soon pop up on this webpage!



Autumn Term 1 2017

Well, what a wonderful first few days we have had! We have spent lots of time getting to know each other, and getting used to our new classroom. I am very excited about our theme which is ‘HOLLYWOOD’. At the end of each day, one child will be chosen to win the Oscar award, which they will take home for the night and place on their desk for the whole of the next day. ‘Class Oscars’ will also be awarded at the end of the day if Year 5 have followed the class rules that we agreed on during the first day back! Take a look at Year 5’s ‘Golden Time’ display.


Take a look at our Prayer Station in Year 5.

This half term, our R.E topic is ‘Gifts from God’. We have already explored the meaning of the Creation Story, and have made links with the nature that surrounds us. Year 5 enjoyed using the Prayer Garden for our first R.E lesson.


Take a look at Year 5’s new Reading Corner. Hopefully this space will enable the children to have a peaceful, calm and relaxing place to enjoy reading. Our first class novel that we are reading together is called ‘The Wolf Wilder’ by Katherine Rundell. This is one of my favourite children’s books, so I hope the children enjoy it as much as I do!

Year 5 were extremely lucky to be visited by a very popular author, Tom Palmer, on our second day of the school year! Tom talked to us about the books he has written, and we had the opportunity to ask lots of questions. We looked at lots of historical artifacts as many of Tom’s books are based on periods of History, such as the Vikings or the Romans. He also shared with us his writing process, which is very similar to the one we use in school. We worked on a class story together, which we are going to use to write our own. We were all very much inspired by his visit. Thank you Tom!

Our English focus this half term is myths and legends, and we certainly started the topic with a bang! Year 5 LOVED getting into the role of Hercules, learning the myth ‘Hercules and the 12 labours’ and have in turn, produced some fantastic writing…and this is only during week 2! I can’t wait to see what we can do together!

Here is a picture of our English working wall for our first week on this topic. It shows the process we took to writing a description of the Nemean lion battle (Hercules’ first labour).


This half term, Year 5 will be working very hard on their place value skills. Over the coming weeks, the children will become secure and confident in multiplying and dividing by 10, 100, 1000 and beyond. They have already proved to be extremely successful in reading and writing numbers up to 1,000,000, and finding the value of the digit in a number. We will also be investigating the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and exploring the written methods for these, our place value knowledge will come in extremely handy here! To help the children develop a secure understanding of these, lots of fun hands on activities, incorporating problem solving will be incorporated. This will enable the children to develop their reasoning, fluency and problem solving skills, the essentials of a successful mathematician! Keep an eye out for pictures of these fun activities!


Our topic for Science this half term is Earth and Space! Our first Science lesson together involved a range of fruits to represent the planets. This enabled the children to see the difference in sizes, for example, Mercury was represented by a blueberry, the Earth a tomato, and Jupiter a melon. Of course, Year 5 enjoyed eating all of these fruits afterwards. This half term will see Year 5 exploring fun facts about the planets, the orbits that different planets take, the phases of the Moon, and much more… Hopefully, by October half term, Year 5 will be able to explain why we have seasons, why we have day and night, and will be able to tell you some fun facts about the different planets! Watch this space…

What a fantastic first few weeks we have had in Science. The whole school were extremely lucky to have a visitor in for the full day with a Star Dome (planetarium), along with a presentation all about the different constellations in the sky (there are patterns that the stars make). We also explored the different kinds of planets, and discussed the different orbit pathways – a perfect start to our exciting Science topic! I have included some pictures below; the Star Dome required complete darkness in order to see the stars so we were lucky to get the pictures we did.

The Star Dome visit led perfectly into our first activity in Science – making orbit pathway models. Year 5 absolutely loved this, and it was a really easy and clear way to see the orbit pathways. We learnt that the Earth orbits the Sun, and the Moon orbits the Earth. We used paper plates, card, and split pins to create the model.

The final outcome really does look amazing on our washing line in the classroom, it brightens it up, whilst also reminding us of the Sun, Earth and Moon’s orbit pathways. Take a look at the finished products!


“For the courageous, nothing is unattainable.” – Alexander the Great.

Our topic for the whole term is Ancient Greece! Year 5 began by exploring what they already knew, and gosh…they certainly put me to the test! They already have a fountain of knowledge; from Gods and Goddesses, to philosophers and inventors. I am definitely excited to see where this topic will take us.

Our first lesson involved locating and identifying countries and cities on a map, using an atlas. Year 5 absolutely loved this activity, they really enjoyed using the atlases and globes. I was extremely impressed with how quickly all of the children managed to find so many countries – we definitely have some great geographers in Year 5.

Year 5 will explore the history of Ancient Greece over the next few weeks, incorporating the use of ICT to help us. We will explore Ancient Greek’s beliefs and values and how these differ to ours, the different Gods and Goddesses and why the Greeks believed in them (this is something Year 5 are fascinated by!), and we will also investigate how the Ancient Greeks have influenced our society today. We are going to have so much fun exploring this topic!


Year 5 are very lucky to have an Art focus that links in with so many other topics this half term. We are focusing on shading, using and exploring different hardness of pencil. Exploring the tone, shade, texture and depth of each pencil. Our main aim is to create a spherical shape using these shading skills. We are explored the beginning skills needed for shading, and have begun to learn how to shade a spherical shape. We did this with some peaceful, relaxation music in the background to help everyone get their artistic groove on! I was certainly very impressed with Year 5’s artistic flare… expect MUCH more to come!


Year 5 are enjoying their PE sessions with the Total Sports coaches, this takes place on a Tuesday afternoon. I have heard very good feedback from the coaches who seem to be very impressed with the standard in Year 5. I am sure this will continue!

I was also extremely impressed with the high standard of swimming among all children in the class when we attended our first swimming session, which takes place on a Thursday morning. I am very much excited to see how the children progress with their swimming skills, as it is an essential skill for all children to have which will continue with them for life!


Year 5 are very lucky to be working with Mrs Waterhouse who runs the Computing sessions with all of KS2. The children are currently using a programme called ‘Scratch’, and are all very much excited and engaged with this topic. Pictures and more comments on what the children progress with to follow…keep an eye out!


This half term, our focus is all around African Drumming. Year 5 have enjoyed two lessons so far with Bart, and will continue these lessons. We have explored many rhythms, including call and response, which the children take lots of enjoyment from. Especially, the rhythm “Don’t – play – this – one – back”, where the children have to listen for the words in the rhythm and if they play it, they’re out!

I have also enjoyed joining in with these sessions when I can, and hopefully we will be able to arrange a performance towards the end of the half term to showcase what we have learnt!


The children have begun the year with French every Tuesday afternoon, and the French teacher who we are lucky to have every week is very impressed with Year 5. Pictures and more comments to come soon.