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Miss Waite

Miss Waite

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Mrs Frost

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Dr Prestwich

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Year 5 Curriculum Newsletters

Take a look at our half termly newsletters to find out what we are learning about:

Year 5 Newsletter Autumn 1

Year 5 Newsletter Autumn 2

Year 5 Newsletter Spring 1

Year 5 Newsletter Spring 2

World Book Day: 1st March 2018

Due to the treacherous weather during the past couple of weeks, we rescheduled our World Book Day to Monday 12th March. Mrs Frost, Mrs Prestwich and I loved the opportunity to dress up and we had a very Mary theme in our class!


Year 5 Worship

Year 5 Worship


Academic Year 2017/2018

Welcome back to school! I hope you’ve all had a restful and wonderful summer holiday and are raring to go for a fantastic year in Year 5. I am extremely excited to have you as my first ever class, and cannot wait to get to know you all better – we are going to have so much fun this year!

Keep an eye out for all the exciting things we do together, as they will soon pop up on this webpage!

School Trips, Visits and Workshops

It is extremely important to have exciting and engaging experiences to enrich and enhance children’s learning. Therefore, I have planned many trips, visits and workshops in line with the Year 5 curriculum. Please see the school calendar for full details. Here are a few of the opportunities that have been arranged so far for this academic year:

  • Author Visit: Tom Palmer 
  • Topic: Ancient Greek workshop with OneDay 
  • English: Shakespeare Theatre Production of Macbeth
  • History trip: Yorkshire Museum
  • Cinema trip: Beauty and the Beast
  • Young Voices at Sheffield Arena for Y4,5,6
  • One Day Creative Workshop: Tweet Town (Anti-Bullying/Online Safety)
  • Go Wise Internet Safety Workshop
  • Yorkshire Water Trip
  • Jorvik Centre Trip – Vikings

Y5&6 Compulsory Spelling List

Please encourage your children to practise these compulsory Year 5 and 6 spellings, these are essential and should be practised alongside spellings set on Spellodrome.

Compulsory Spelling List – Y5&6

Spring Term 2 2018

Welcome back to school! We hope you had a restful and enjoyable break. Last half term seemed to be over within the blink of an eye and Mrs Frost and I cannot believe we are already half way through the school year. We had a very busy few weeks before half term, and the children participated in lots of valuable and informative workshops. This half term it is World Book Day which we are all so excited about! Make sure you keep checking up on the class web page to see what we get up to in class.


Our topic this half term in R.E is ‘Reconciliation’. We will be learning about how our actions can affect others, and how we always need to think about others’ feelings before speaking or acting. We will also be learning about sin, what a sin is, and what happens to many relationships we have when we sin. We will explore all of this through creative activities such as role-play, drama, use of the outdoor classroom, Prayer Garden and also through cross-curricular writing. Keep an eye out to see what we get up to this half term!

We made our Lenten Promises at the start of the half term. Year 5 considered carefully what their Lenten Promise last year was, what difference they made or how they became closer to God and Jesus from that promise, and what new Lenten Promise they now wanted to make. We talked about giving up something, e.g. sweets or chocolate, in a similar way to Jesus when he did not eat or drink for 40 days and 40 nights whilst in the desert. But we also talked about other ways of becoming closer to God and Jesus during Lent. The children thought that any promise that is living the way Jesus taught us to would be a good Lenten Promise to make. We had a long collective worship about the meaning of Lent and how we could live better during this time. Year 5 then wrote their Lenten Promises on a crucifix as this is a symbol that represents Jesus giving up his life for us. It now is a feature on our prayer table and reminds us of the promises we made.


This half term we are going to be linking our writing to our Science topic “Living things and their habitats” and our Topic “The Amazing Americas”. We are going to begin by looking at instructions, learning all the writing skills we need in order to write a successful set of instructions, and then write our own. We are then going to research an animal’s habitat and write a non-chronological report.

Year 5 all thoroughly enjoyed being introduced the picture book “Flotsam” by David Weisner. The children were amazed I was sharing a book with them that had NO words!! We explored the plot of the story – where a boy finds a camera, develops the film (we had to discuss what this involved) and found a range of fantasy pictures and pictures that stemmed back hundreds of years. We discussed the old fashioned camera, and the sorts of pictures the camera might have taken. We also explored the word ‘Flotsam’ and discovered that the words means ‘floating wreckage in the sea’. Y5 then used their amazing word detective skills and found synonyms (rubbish, junk, wreckage) and antonyms for the word.

We then used the book as as stimulus for writing a set of instructions. We explored the features of instructions, imperative ‘BOSSY’ verbs (with a slight link to the Mr Men, a childhood favourite of mine), time connectives, fronted adverbials and how to punctuate bullet points. We have covered lots of skills in the past couple of weeks and all children have produced a brilliant piece of writing.

World Book Day

Due to the treacherous weather over the past couple of weeks we had to reschedule World Book Day, we wouldn’t miss it for the world! What absolutely fantastic costumes. Some children were unrecognisable! We had a Harry Potter, a Jenny Weasley, a Ron Weasley, a Winston Churchill, an Umpalumpa, Mary Poppins, Queen of Hearts, Oliver Twist, Gangsta Granny and many many more. Mrs Frost, Mrs Prestwich and I were so impressed with all of the fantastic costumes!



This half term we are studying “Geometry”. We are going to begin by recapping on our shape knowledge, identifying the properties of 2D shapes and then moving on to 3D shapes with the use of nets too. Geometry is such an exciting Maths topic because it can be so hands on, so expect to see lots of pictures of us working outside during our Maths lessons. We are also going to be learning about the different types of angles, and identifying these types of angles around school. Year 5 will then have the opportunity at measuring and drawing their own given angles, using protractors.

Year 5 are developing their reasoning skills constantly. One activity they found quite difficult at first was sorting shapes into groups – I now place a range of shapes (2D/3D) on to their table and ask the children to sort them – no more detail of how to sort them, just to sort them. Some children began sorting them into their colours, by the number of sides the shape had etc. We then had a discussion of how we can become more mathematical in our reasoning and sorting the shapes – so the children then began to sort 3D shapes based on the faces (2D shapes on the 3D shape). This skill is developing and is one that the children enjoy very much.

Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFs)

Year 5 have really impressed Mrs Frost and I with their growing independence when practising their KIRFs (Key Instant Recall Facts). The children know exactly which games will help them with each KIRF and are able to recall the facts quickly and confidently, whilst also explaining how they have improved. In Year 5, we love practising KIRFs in a practical and active way.

Our KIRFs this half term are:

  • Know and identify decimals for a quarter, half, fifths and tenths.
  • Know decimal equivalents for fractions for tenths, e.g. 1/10 = 0.1
  • Know decimal equivalents for hundredths, e.g. 12/100 = 0.12, 1/100 = 0.01
  • Know fraction, decimal and percentage equivalents for fractions for tenths and hundredths e.g. 12/100 = 0.12 = 12% (We like to think of a phone battery for this one to help us).
  • To know by heart all times tables and division facts up to 12x12 (this was our KIRF target in Spring 1 but some children are continuing who are not yet secure).


Science – Living Things and their Habitats

This half term we are moving on to studying ‘Living Things and their Habitats’ in Science. We are going to be researching the life cycle of different living creatures, and also looking at the life cycle of a plant.

Year 3/4’s Science Fair

At St Joseph’s we have been very lucky because Year 3 and Year 4 put on a really exciting Science Fair on Friday afternoon. Year 3 and Year 4 worked so hard to create exciting and engaging activities to do with Science topics, and the children thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon. There were a range of activities, from ‘Place the femur on the skeleton’, to finding out your heart rate from sprinting, to smelling different foods and guessing what they are (using our senses) and many more!

Here are some pictures to show the range of activities that the children explored:


Topic – Our Wonderful World: “The Amazing Americas”

We all know my love for Hollywood is strong, so what better topic this half term than ‘The Amazing Americas’. This half term we will explore North and South America. We will identify countries within these continents, and will also identify some of their capital cities. We will also explore the climate, weather and human and physical geography of these areas and compare it to that of our own areas. As part of this topic, we are also going to look at what is required when planning a trip abroad. The children will have the opportunity of ‘planning’ a trip to a part of North America, and will then create a travel guide which will contain lots of information about the place: from weather, climate, animals, human and physical geography (the top tourist places to go) and why people should visit that place – I am very excited about this topic!



Well-being Week: w/c 5th March

This week was themed all around our wellbeing and our happiness (both staff and pupils). We launched our ‘Growth Mindset’ initiative in school with a really fun assembly with myself, Mrs Ward, Miss Mac and Mrs Reddiex playing a range of students. One who wouldn’t try at all and thought they were rubbish at Maths, one who was quite good at Maths but still tried different ways to solve a problem when things got tough, one who completed the work set and got all the questions correct but didn’t want a challenge and another student who just didn’t care. We discussed what sort of ‘mindset’ all of these students had and who had the best mindset. This was a really interactive way for the whole school to see ‘Fixed’ and ‘Growth’ mindsets in action!





Year 5 had an extra PE session this week and had a taster of Gymnastics. They were shown how to warm up properly, a range of exercises to develop their core strength and a range of balances as well as learning what a ‘counterbalance’ was.

They attempted the ‘crab’, a handstand, plank balances, then counterbalances with both feet on the floor, a counterbalance with one foot on the floor, and then counterbalances where different parts of the body were used for balancing (e.g. shoulder, elbow etc.). Take a look at our fantastic gymnasts in Year 5!



We are very lucky to have Bart come in every Thursday morning to teach us how to play a range of musical instruments. Our focus has been Samba for a while now and at the start of this half term we showcased all we have learnt with Bart to parents and the rest of the school. I was thoroughly impressed with Year 5’s commitment, dedication and professionalism in the performance. I think I am speaking for everyone when I say the performance was fantastic! Well done Year 5!


Spring Term 1 2018

I’d like to wish you all a very Happy New Year. Our first term together in Year 5 was fantastic! Mrs Frost and I are so lucky to have such a wonderful, hard working set of children. We are looking forward to having lots more fun and learning this term. I think we are going achieve so much!

Our ‘HOLLYWOOD’ theme will continue throughout the year. However, we have made a slight change to the way children receive the Oscar! Children still enjoy the anticipation of who might receive the Oscar, but this half term we are using a ‘Secret Student’ strategy, whereby Mrs Frost or myself draw a child’s name out and if this child has been working hard and following the classroom/school rules, they win the Oscar. This way, it is as much of a surprise to us as it is to the children! We are still continuing with our ‘Thank you’ speeches, because we feel this enables children to grow more confident in front of their peers. Do pop in to see our Golden Time display board to see the array of fantastic pictures of the children with the Oscars!

Keep popping by to see what we get up to!


Our topic this half term in R.E is ‘Inspirational People’. We have started the topic by discussing and thinking about what it means to be an ‘Inspirational Person’. Children were able to think of many ‘inspirational qualities’, such as: caring, thoughtful, passionate, respectful, brave, courageous, loving, kind, and were also able to think of many people with these qualities (both people they know personally, and other people in the world). We will continue to learn about Inspirational People in the eyes of God, and what it means to be a true disciple of Jesus. Year 5 were able to see Jesus as an inspirational person for all he has done for mankind, and we will lead on to discussing how we too, can become inspirational people by living the way Jesus taught us too.

We have recently been thinking about difficulties people may face, and difficulties as individuals that we may face, and how God and Jesus can help us through those difficulties. We had some wonderful, thoughtful discussions in class with children sharing their own personal thoughts. Here are some comments from the children:

“I know that God and Jesus are always beside me.” – Oliver

“God helped me to be brave and to believe in myself.” – Molly

“God gave me wonderful friends who make me laugh and bring me joy.” – Thomas W

We have also been thinking about what is is to be a True Disciple of Jesus. Some of the things we came up with were: following the Ten Commandments, being kind, denying ourselves (this means putting others first and doing what God wants to do), and being caring always.

Because it was such a beautiful day, we thought the Prayer Garden would be a perfect place to reflect on how we could be a true disciple. I gave the children a mission to act as a true disciple of Jesus over the weekend and do something to help someone at home.

We also studied St. Josephine Bakhita, a saint who was canonized after she died in the late 1900s. St. Josephine Bakhita was kidnapped at the age of 7, and was sold and resold to many different people. She was beaten and cruelly treated for many years. She met a family who were very kind to her and gave her the job of a Nanny. She travelled to Venice with the family’s daughter and joined a convent and became a Sister, and this is where she found God. Year 5 were explaining why Bakhita was an inspirational person, and some of their ideas included that she kept her faith with God even through her hardships and she persevered through the hardest of times.


This half term we are working on our Story writing skills. We have begun by ensuring we are secure with sentence structures, discussing main and subordinate clauses, identify the subject, object and verb within a sentence, and using a variety of sentence openers. Children are progressing with these skills, and from this will become much better writers!

We have some very exciting news! Our new reading corner is COMPLETE, and we are SO excited! Mrs Frost and I have already enjoyed reading our favourite books in comfort on our fantastic new bean bags! We also have some hidden golden tickets inside some of the books…further information to follow….watch this space!


Science – Materials

We have been busy this half term in Science! We have been exploring mixtures and solutions, and reversible and irreversible changes. Year 5 had the opportunity to first discuss and discover hazards and risks in Science, and we talked all about being safe in Science lessons. We came up with lots of rules, here are a few: Don’t run around with equipment. Be sensible at all times. Wear safety goggles if necessary. Tie your hair up, tuck your tie in and roll your sleeves up. Don’t put anything near you mouth and make sure you wash your hands. Don’t leave anything lying around on the floor that could cause you to trip.

Year 5 then planned, conducted and evaluated an investigation all about dissolving and rates of dissolving. Some children investigated the different materials that would dissolve. Some children investigated what happened if you stirred substances and if this would affect the rate of dissolving, and others investigated the difference between dissolving substances in cold and hot water.

We have also explored reversible and irreversible changes. We identified that toasting bread is an irreversible change, because once it is toasted you can’t get the bread back. Similarly, frying/boiling the egg, once the egg is cooked, you can’t get it back to the runny consistency inside the shell.

Topic – Our Wonderful World

This term we have a Geography focus. We are currently ensuring that we have a solid understanding of the continents and oceans, so that we are clear that ‘Africa’ is NOT just a ‘country’. We have been exploring whether our world is equal or not, and the children decided that due to the difference between the rich and poor our planet is not equal. As a result of this, we have studied the development gap, what factors contribute to the development gap (the difference between rich and poor), and how we can help. Some factors we found were: life expectancy rates, where the rich and poor countries are, literacy (if people can read or write in different countries), and we also studied MEDCs and LEDCS (more/less economically developed countries).

Within this topic, we are also continuing our links with Carole from the Twinning Partnership. Carole is about to embark on a 2 month trip to Nicaragua in Central America. We were lucky to have her visit this Wednesday and talk to us about her trip, and why she is going there. Click on the link to read some of the questions that the children had, and what we found out.

Y5’s Questions about Jinotega, Nicaragua

Some questions that Carole didn’t know the answer to, and told us she would try and find out were:

  • Is there a football team?
  • Is baseball the most popular sport?
  • Are they all Christians/Roman Catholics?
  • How many people live in Jinotega?

Here are some of the facts that the children had already found out for their homework:

“Nicaragua is the second poorest country in Latin America.” – Matilda M

“People in Nicaragua only have £2 a day to live on.” – Alannah N’D

“Managua is the capital of Nicaragua.” – Otis

Year 5 have been learning about human and physical features. We have learnt that human features are man-made, for example, a building or a bridge, and we were able to identify lots of these. Physical features are natural, for example, a lake that has emerged naturally or a mountain. We had to discuss trees and forests that had been planted by humans and distinguish whether this would be in fact a human or physical feature.

Year 5 then began to work on their map/atlas work and identified the large cities in the UK, and also some of the small towns and villages we know of, e.g. Tadcaster, Wetherby. Year 5 are fantastic at this and are really developing their map skills all the time. They then had to identify human and physical features in the UK. E.g. Big Ben in London, Ben Nevis (famous mountain in Scotland). Mrs Frost and I are so impressed with the rapid progress all children are making in Geography. We feel it is vital that all children know about cities in their own country, and other countries and cities around the world.


One Day Creative Performance – Tweet Town

KS2 were very lucky to watch One Day Creative’s brand new performance “Tweet Town” with lots of themes about staying safe on the Internet. The performance was fantastic, and addressed lots of difficult internet safety themes in a comical, light way. Some of the themes addressed were:

  • Age limitations on social media
  • How to stay safe on social media
  • Cyber bullying and what to do if you are being bullied online
  • Emotional bullying
  • Verbal bullying
  • Physical bullying
  • Telling the truth
  • Staying private on social media
  • Using secure usernames and passwords
  • People can easily misread messages sent to them, it important to always be kind!

Year 5 had a fantastic discussion after this production, which fits into our Computing theme at the moment. We are going to be doing lots more work on this in the lead up to Anti-Bullying Week and our Internet Safety Day. Thank you to One Day Creative for the fantastic performance! Here is what some children had to say: “It was just brilliant! I liked how the two actresses played lots of parts, and how they asked us what we would do.” (Freya, Y5). “It taught us that we shouldn’t go on social media websites until we are 13, and what to do if someone is sending us mean messages.” (Isabella, Y5). “I think it showed us that you can be bullied without realising, and helped me to know what to do if someone was being unkind to me, or to someone else.” (Charles, Y5).


For more information about OneDay Creative, please visit:








Anti-Bullying Week

School Council’s Assembly

Every child in the school today wore ODD socks to mark the start of Anti-Bullying week. The idea of this was so that we would all embrace each other’s differences, and the odd socks were a way of representing that everyone is different but that we are all special and unique.

The school council, along with Mrs Reddiex and Mr Branscombe ran a fantastic assembly this morning to introduce us to our Anti-Bullying Week. Even though this themed week takes place every year, it is still vital that we explore all the themes that emerge from it because bullying is an ongoing sensitive subject that all children need to be aware of. The school council were fantastic and addressed themes in a way that all children would understand. They explained why a bully might bully others, and this is something that we often don’t think about but Year 5 especially thought that it is important to show kindness to a bully because, as the assembly said, ‘a bully needs help because they are also a little bit broken’. The assembly explained what to do if you’re being bullied and also shared some home hitting facts about bullying, this enabled the children to see what an important issue this is.

Back in class, we continued the discussion further and linked how making the world a better place by preventing and stopping bullying to God and our faith. The children identified that by trying to make the world a better place and showing kindness always, we are living the way Jesus taught us, and living as a ‘true disciple’ of Jesus. Year 5 then explored the main types of bullying (social, verbal, physical, cyber and emotional) through role play, including what to do if you are being bullied. This helped the children to relate their own experiences and thoughts in a creative way, and all the children then shared their ideas with the rest of the class.

We have also been exploring the internet and how we use it. As E-Safety is a very important issue as the children get older and start using it more and more. We played ‘Corners’ and identified the type of bullying that was going on in each scenario, and also used the play-scripts that Mrs Waterhouse kindly found for us to act out which also explored different scenarios of cyber-bullying. Children then enjoyed creating raps to remind people what to do if they were being bullied.


Fire Safety Talk from Wetherby Fire & Rescue Service

Year 5 had some visitors in class today who came to talk all about safety! We explored what elements make a fire and the key things to staying safe if the children do unfortunately face a fire. This included having a clear action plan at home with our family, ensuring all exits are clear, with a clear escape route, e.g. no obstacles in the way and knowing where the key is to get out of the door. Andy (the fireman) also emphasised the importance of having smoke detectors and fire alarms in our home, and we were happy to see that most children knew of having these in their homes.

The key messages that the children took from today’s talk were:

  • Make sure you have a smoke detector and a fire alarm in your home.
  • Ensure you have discussed a Fire Action Plan in case of a fire in your home: how are you going to get out? Who will lead? Which door will you escape from? Where will you meet?
  • If a fire is obstructing your exit, stay in a designated safe room (with a possible exit, e.g. out of a window). Dial 999. Cover any gaps, e.g. under the door with a duvet.
  • Feel doors with the back of your hand to check for fire behind the door, instead of opening the door straight away and being hit by fire/smoke.
  • When moving around any place with a fire, move around low on the ground because this is where the most air will be. You don’t want to inhale any of the smoke because you won’t be able to breathe.

Andy also talked to us about car crashes and the safety of being a passenger in a car. Here are some of the key messages we learnt about this:

  • Wear a seatbelt, and ensure it sits across your lap (on your hip bones) and across your shoulder (on your collar bone).
  • If your seatbelt doesn’t sit across these bones, you need a booster seat.
  • Air bags also provide protection to front passengers.
  • If you have a baby in a baby car seat, they should not be sat in the front with the air bag turned on!
  • Don’t distract the driver when they are driving.
  • Wear your seatbelt properly in case of a crash.
  • Be sensible at all times!

We would like to thank the Wetherby Fire Services for this safety talk. All children really understood the key themes and it is fantastic that they now have a greater awareness of fire safety and being safe whilst being a passenger in a car.

Internet Safety Week – Go Wise Online Workshop

As part of internet safety week and the teaching we do in school to help safeguard our pupils, Year 5 took part in a 2 hour workshop which covered the following important learning objectives and messages:

  1. What is social media?
  2. What should I share online? (covered safety of sharing information and pictures)
  3. Who can I chat to? (covered not talking to strangers online) ·
  4. Being kind online (covered cyber bullying)
  5. Online Games, am I safe? (covered blocking and reporting people they meet online)
  6. What pictures should I share (Covered sharing inappropriate photos, inappropriate selfies)
  7. Who do I tell that I am upset?
  8. What is a digital Footprint?

This is part of our ongoing safeguarding learning and complements the already ongoing learning in Computing lessons with Mrs Waterhouse. We will continue to learn about this important topic throughout the school year.




Judo Taster Session

Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed a visit from Glynn, a Judo teacher, who delivered a 30 minute taster session to the whole class. Glynn talked about the discipline you learn through Judo, discipline in your actions, your body, your health, all of which are extremely important as the children become young adults. The session was intense, fast paced, with quick instructions; yet all children were so engaged and all knew exactly what they were doing. Mrs Frost and I were amazed at the skills some children demonstrated in that short amount of time, and some of our Year 5 children are now going along to the Judo sessions on a Friday evening at St Joseph’s Church Hall. For any information about this, please see me at school!




Autumn Term 2 2017

Year 5 had a fantastic start to Year 5 in Autumn 1, and I am extremely excited for this half term. We have got so much planned, including a trip to the Yorkshire Museum and a trip to the cinema! With the lead up to Christmas during this half term too, I can’t wait to get into the festive spirit with the children. I have many exciting things planned for this too!

Our ‘HOLLYWOOD’ theme was enjoyed thoroughly by all last half term. Children loved the anticipation of who might receive the Oscar, and through winning the Oscar and performing a ‘Thank you’ speech, I can tell all children are blossoming and developing in confidence, which is fantastic! We have a wonderful selection of pictures and selfies with the Oscar which look fantastic!

Keep an eye out for all of the fantastic things we get up to this half term!


Take a look at our Prayer Station in Year 5.

This half term, our R.E topic is ‘The Ten Commandments’. We are going to be making lots more use of our prayer garden this half term, and the children are going to help me with ways to use the prayer garden most effectively. We are going to begin this topic by exploring what the Ten Commandments mean to us, what life would be like without rules, and how the Ten Commandments are still relevant today.

Our first lesson of this topic was spent exploring why we need/have rules, what life would be like without rules and we also considered how we could make links to our previous topic (Gifts from God). Children used dictionaries and thesauruses to ‘up level’ their vocabulary to describe what life would be like without rules. Some fantastic words that children found were: “insane”, “unpredictable”, “bleak” and “sinful”. Year 5 enjoyed writing all of their ideas down on a shared pieces of paper with big coloured pens. We then explored this contrast between life with rules and life without rules through artwork.

Year 5 led their second whole KS2 Collective Worship this week. Their focus was the story of The Fall, which linked perfectly to our topic in RE just before we broke up for half term. Year 5 are really developing such confidence in delivering Collective Worship, whether it be in class, or in the school hall. Well done girls!


Our focus this half term is going to focus on the wonderful Shakespeare play ‘Macbeth’. Year 5 were extremely lucky to feature in this performance, becoming characters and bring the setting to life. It was so engaging and exciting that I feel it will be a brilliant experience to link with our writing.

We are going to begin this half term looking at newspaper reports. We will explore the features of a newspaper report and have a go at writing our own headlines, straplines and captions for pictures, among many other things. Year 5 will then have the opportunity to choose an event from Macbeth and write a newspaper report to document it. We are going to be using lots of role play and drama to really understand how the characters might have felt. We are also going to explore the purpose for the newspaper report, considering who our audience will be, and in what style we need to write in.

Reading Buddies with Year 1

This half term, myself and Miss Mac (Y1 Class Teacher) have decided to set up a Reading Buddy initiative between both classes. We have paired one child from Y1 with a child from Y5. The hope of this is to boost enjoyment and confidence in reading, within all children. Hopefully, Year 5 will begin to see themselves as role models for the younger children and will see just how skilled they already are in reading. Our first session was extremely successful, therefore Miss Mac and I hope to continue this throughout Autumn 2.

Year 5’s Reading Corner

We are extremely lucky to have £300 to spend on revamping our reading corner in the classroom. Year 5 were extremely excited about this, because they already love using our reading corner, so to improve it and revamp it is very exciting indeed! As a class, we have been trying to decide on a theme. The children came up with so many ideas, here are a few: underwater, beach, Around the World, and Elvis Presley (thanks Thomas M)! We clearly could not decide, so I asked the children to present their ideas to myself, Mrs Frost and the rest of the class, where we would then take a vote on which theme we liked the best – democracy as its best! We had some fantastic presentations, with an incredible amount of thought put into how to make the reading corner inspiring, peaceful, challenging and encouraging of reading. We have, finally, come to a decision – and our theme is going to be camouflage and the outdoors, with a twist of video gaming.


This half term, Year 5 are continuing on developing skills in written methods for all calculations. We are then going to be moving on to fractions – my favourite! I can’t wait to share the different songs, rhymes and representations to explore fractions. Keep an eye out for pictures!


Our topic for Science this half term is Materials – Reversible and Irreversible Changes! Think ice – melting (reversible) and toast – burning (irreversible). Year 5 absolutely loved our Earth & Space topic, as did I, and we are sad that we are moving on. However, our new topic is so much more hands on and we are going to be developing so many scientific skills, such as investigating, evaluating, recording results, and drawing conclusions and comparisons.


“For the courageous, nothing is unattainable.” – Alexander the Great.

Our topic for the whole term is Ancient Greece! We already know that Year 5 had an abundance of knowledge on this topic, from Gods and Goddesses to myths and legends, and they certainly put me to the test. We are continuing with this topic and are going to be exploring the geographical features of Greece, compared to the UK. We are going to be using tricky language, e.g. hemisphere, langitude, longitude, and are also going to be delving into more of the history of Ancient Greece, e.g. the Olympics!

Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed their trip to the Yorkshire Museum in York. We had a fantastic day. The workshop took us back in time, 5000 years ago, we explored city-states, Gods and Goddesses, myths and legends, and the Olympics! Here are some pictures from the fantastic day we had.


At St Joseph’s, we are always striving to make cross-curricular links across all subjects. Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed using art to portray the contrasts between life with rules and life without rules, the first exploration we made into our topic in RE. (See the RE section for more detail on this). I provided a few examples of pieces of art that showed contrast and we discussed how different pieces of artwork can show contrast, e.g. through use of colour (bright vs dark colours), through the use of the layout on the page, and through the use of differing backgrounds and foregrounds. Year 5 then used their ideas in RE to create their own pieces of art, through paints and materials to create collage effects. If you would like to see their finished pieces, along with some thought bubbles that link their artwork to RE, please pop into our classroom where they are displayed on a washing line.



This half term Year 5 are exploring their skills in football. Their first lesson began by learning how to pass then ball accurately to another person, which is actually quite tricky if you’re not a football fanatic! Luckily, I’d say about 3/4 of the class are all avid footballers – which is fantastic! Have a look at some pictures from their PE lesson this week…


Year 5 are very lucky to be working with Mrs Waterhouse who runs the Computing sessions with all of KS2. I am going to be joining in with some of our Computing sessions (when I have popped in previously, the activities they do look TRICKY!) I know Year 5 are going to be challenging me!


This half term, our focus will continue to be African drumming. Year 5 are really developing their skills in rhythms and beats, which is actually a lot trickier than it looks.

To begin this half term, we were very lucky to have a music teacher share with us a brass instrument, the trumpet. Every single child had a go at ‘blowing a raspberry’ (the technique for making a sound when playing a trumpet), and even had a go at making sounds with the mouth pieces of the trumpets – we all found this quite tricky, and also rather hilarious at times. We listened to a wonderful range of songs played on the trumpet, such as Jurassic World, Star Wars, the F1 theme tune (requested by Otis, of course), and my favourite.. the Bare Necessities from the Jungle Book! We even had a go at playing the Star Wars theme tune on the mouth pieces, and some were lucky enough to have a go at playing the trumpet. Year 5 are a very talented bunch, and with some children already taking music lessons (some even learning the trumpet), I think many are now interested in starting up music lessons. How exciting!


The children have begun the year with French every Tuesday afternoon, and the French teacher who we are lucky to have every week is very impressed with Year 5.

We have also been in touch with Mrs Avison-Wood who runs the Twinning programme between Wetherby and Privas in France. I am currently arranging a time for Mrs Avison-Wood to come and meet the class and the French teacher so that we can think about how to continue our partnership with the school in Privas.

Autumn Term 1 2017

Well, what a wonderful first few days we have had! We have spent lots of time getting to know each other, and getting used to our new classroom. I am very excited about our theme which is ‘HOLLYWOOD’. At the end of each day, one child will be chosen to win the Oscar award, which they will take home for the night and place on their desk for the whole of the next day. ‘Class Oscars’ will also be awarded at the end of the day if Year 5 have followed the class rules that we agreed on during the first day back! Take a look at Year 5’s ‘Golden Time’ display.


Take a look at our Prayer Station in Year 5.

This half term, our R.E topic is ‘Gifts from God’. We have already explored the meaning of the Creation Story, and have made links with the nature that surrounds us. Year 5 enjoyed using the Prayer Garden for our first R.E lesson.

Throughout this half term we have explored many stories from the Genesis book of the bible, some of these include “The Beginning” (Creation story) and “The Fall” (or otherwise known as the story of Adam and Eve). Year 5 really enjoyed the in depth discussions  around these stories, discussing the themes, e.g. hope, trust and love, and what these stories mean for us. We have used a range of techniques in class to explore these stories, such as: role play, mind mapping of ideas, performing, grouping of characters, and hot seating where we have asked specific characters questions. Year 5 have also been using their writing skills in RE to produce some fantastic work about these stories, and have linked the stories with terms like ‘co-creator’, ‘de-creator’ and ‘steward of creation’. I have really enjoyed this half term’s topic in RE.


Take a look at Year 5’s new Reading Corner. Hopefully this space will enable the children to have a peaceful, calm and relaxing place to enjoy reading. Our first class novel that we are reading together is called ‘The Wolf Wilder’ by Katherine Rundell. This is one of my favourite children’s books, so I hope the children enjoy it as much as I do!

Author Visit – Tom Palmer

Year 5 were extremely lucky to be visited by a very popular author, Tom Palmer, on our second day of the school year! Tom talked to us about the books he has written, and we had the opportunity to ask lots of questions. We looked at lots of historical artifacts as many of Tom’s books are based on periods of History, such as the Vikings or the Romans. He also shared with us his writing process, which is very similar to the one we use in school. We worked on a class story together, which we are going to use to write our own. We were all very much inspired by his visit. Thank you Tom!


Our English focus this half term is myths and legends, and we certainly started the topic with a bang! Year 5 LOVED getting into the role of Hercules, learning the myth ‘Hercules and the 12 labours’ and have in turn, produced some fantastic writing…and this is only during week 2! I can’t wait to see what we can do together!

Here is a picture of our English working wall for our first week on this topic. It shows the process we took to writing a description of the Nemean lion battle (Hercules’ first labour).

Young Shakespeare Theatre Company Visit to School

Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed the brilliant performance of the famous ‘Macbeth’ in school. The children were completely engrossed as the dramatic events of the story unfolded. The children acted out some characters themselves and actually became the setting of the Great Birnam woods through actions and making sound effects – this had a fantastic impact! With the Shakespearean language being quite tricky to follow, the actors and actresses from the Young Shakespeare Company were fantastic at explaining the key events in the story, and exploring the meaning of the language. The children were so gripped by this story, that we are going to use Macbeth as a stimulus next half term in our writing.


This half term, Year 5 will be working very hard on their place value skills. Over the coming weeks, the children will become secure and confident in multiplying and dividing by 10, 100, 1000 and beyond. They have already proved to be extremely successful in reading and writing numbers up to 1,000,000, and finding the value of the digit in a number. We will also be investigating the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and exploring the written methods for these, our place value knowledge will come in extremely handy here! To help the children develop a secure understanding of these, lots of fun hands on activities, incorporating problem solving will be incorporated. This will enable the children to develop their reasoning, fluency and problem solving skills, the essentials of a successful mathematician! Keep an eye out for pictures of these fun activities!


Our topic for Science this half term is Earth and Space! Our first Science lesson together involved a range of fruits to represent the planets. This enabled the children to see the difference in sizes, for example, Mercury was represented by a blueberry, the Earth a tomato, and Jupiter a melon. Of course, Year 5 enjoyed eating all of these fruits afterwards. This half term will see Year 5 exploring fun facts about the planets, the orbits that different planets take, the phases of the Moon, and much more… Hopefully, by October half term, Year 5 will be able to explain why we have seasons, why we have day and night, and will be able to tell you some fun facts about the different planets! Watch this space…

What a fantastic first few weeks we have had in Science. The whole school were extremely lucky to have a visitor in for the full day with a Star Dome (planetarium), along with a presentation all about the different constellations in the sky (there are patterns that the stars make). We also explored the different kinds of planets, and discussed the different orbit pathways – a perfect start to our exciting Science topic! I have included some pictures below; the Star Dome required complete darkness in order to see the stars so we were lucky to get the pictures we did.

The Star Dome visit led perfectly into our first activity in Science – making orbit pathway models. Year 5 absolutely loved this, and it was a really easy and clear way to see the orbit pathways. We learnt that the Earth orbits the Sun, and the Moon orbits the Earth. We used paper plates, card, and split pins to create the model.

The final outcome really does look amazing on our washing line in the classroom, it brightens it up, whilst also reminding us of the Sun, Earth and Moon’s orbit pathways. Take a look at the finished products!

Taking our scientific brains outside of the classroom..

During one lunch time, Year 5 were extremely excited and giddy and were so eager for me to come outside on to the playground to look up to the sky. They were fascinated about the appearance of the Sun, and urged me to take pictures so we could document the moment. After a little bit of research, we discovered that the reason the Sun was so bright and orange, and the sky so grey, was because of the aftermath of Storm Ophelia. This topic really has been so interesting and fascinating, and it is so lovely to see the children become so excited about something outside the classroom that is linked to their learning.

Science Project – To research the solar system.

Year 5 proved to me this half term just how much they love a challenge! I set them a two week project to research the solar system and create a fact file, and WOW – they all amazed me! They were so good, in fact, that the children presented their fact file to the rest of the class, some children are still yet to present and I have promised them and assured them we will finish this after the half term break. Here are some pictures of some children with their fantastic fact files.


“For the courageous, nothing is unattainable.” – Alexander the Great.

Our topic for the whole term is Ancient Greece! Year 5 began by exploring what they already knew, and gosh…they certainly put me to the test! They already have a fountain of knowledge; from Gods and Goddesses, to philosophers and inventors. I am definitely excited to see where this topic will take us.

Our first lesson involved locating and identifying countries and cities on a map, using an atlas. Year 5 absolutely loved this activity, they really enjoyed using the atlases and globes. I was extremely impressed with how quickly all of the children managed to find so many countries – we definitely have some great geographers in Year 5.

Year 5 will explore the history of Ancient Greece over the next few weeks, incorporating the use of ICT to help us. We will explore Ancient Greek’s beliefs and values and how these differ to ours, the different Gods and Goddesses and why the Greeks believed in them (this is something Year 5 are fascinated by!), and we will also investigate how the Ancient Greeks have influenced our society today. We are going to have so much fun exploring this topic!

This half term has been fantastic for our topic – Ancient Greece. Year 5 were extremely lucky to have One Day Theatre and Dance company in to run an Ancient Greek drama workshop with them. We had so much fun acting out stories like Medusa, Pandora’s Box, and learning about the different roles they had in Ancient Greeks, i.e. slave, soldier, philosopher, politician. We learnt about the hierarchy that these roles were in, with a slave being at the bottom of the hierarchy and Gods and Goddesses being at the top. We performed all we had learnt to the rest of KS2 in the afternoon. The children thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, and I am sure we will definitely be seeing this company again in school. Thank you in particular to Annabel and Clem from One Day, who ran the fantastic workshop with us!


Year 5 are very lucky to have an Art focus that links in with so many other topics this half term. We are focusing on shading, using and exploring different hardness of pencil. Exploring the tone, shade, texture and depth of each pencil. Our main aim is to create a spherical shape using these shading skills. We are explored the beginning skills needed for shading, and have begun to learn how to shade a spherical shape. We did this with some peaceful, relaxation music in the background to help everyone get their artistic groove on! I was certainly very impressed with Year 5’s artistic flare… expect MUCH more to come!


Year 5 are enjoying their PE sessions with the Total Sports coaches, this takes place on a Tuesday afternoon. I have heard very good feedback from the coaches who seem to be very impressed with the standard in Year 5. I am sure this will continue!

I was also extremely impressed with the high standard of swimming among all children in the class when we attended our first swimming session, which takes place on a Thursday morning. I am very much excited to see how the children progress with their swimming skills, as it is an essential skill for all children to have which will continue with them for life!


Year 5 are very lucky to be working with Mrs Waterhouse who runs the Computing sessions with all of KS2. The children are currently using a programme called ‘Scratch’, and are all very much excited and engaged with this topic. Pictures and more comments on what the children progress with to follow…keep an eye out!


This half term, our focus is all around African Drumming. Year 5 have enjoyed two lessons so far with Bart, and will continue these lessons. We have explored many rhythms, including call and response, which the children take lots of enjoyment from. Especially, the rhythm “Don’t – play – this – one – back”, where the children have to listen for the words in the rhythm and if they play it, they’re out!

I have also enjoyed joining in with these sessions when I can, and hopefully we will be able to arrange a performance towards the end of the half term to showcase what we have learnt!


The children have begun the year with French every Tuesday afternoon, and the French teacher who we are lucky to have every week is very impressed with Year 5. Pictures and more comments to come soon.