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Miss Clilverd

Miss Clilverd

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Newsletter Autumn 1



Autumn Term

Welcome back to school after the summer holidays! I am very much looking forward to the beginning of a new year with this class. We have such exciting topics to learn all about this year, I have no doubt that the children will love their learning!



In RE, we have begun our learning journey all about ‘The Bible’. We thought carefully as a class about why we read The Bible and why it is such a special book.

The children have created a front page for The Bible to show how important and special it is. They really thought carefully about what to include on their front cover and thought about some important stories they could include to make this meaning clear.


At the start of our first week, we were very lucky to have a visit from the author Tom Palmer. The children loved asking him lots of questions and it became very clear that there are some aspiring authors in Year 4! Tom shared his experiences of planning stories and he said he usually uses a big piece of paper to write down his ideas so we copied and did this too! He then helped us to plan our own story and the children enjoyed writing these. A very inspiring visit overall!

To begin our learning journey, we have started to use the Ancient Roman myth of ‘Remus and Romulus’. So far we have acted out the story and we will begin to create character descriptions and write our own version of this myth.


The children have already astounded me with their developing knowledge of place value. They showed great enthusiasm towards maths and quickly show they could read very large numbers! We have also worked on comparing numbers and the children have enjoyed learning how to use the < and > symbols. We now call these ‘Charlie the crocodile’ and in our class he ALWAYS eats the bigger number!


Our first topic is ‘States of matter’. This has been a great topic so far and the children thoroughly enjoyed acting as the particles as solids, liquids and gases. They were able to quickly catorgorise objects and items and were even able to explain why tricky things such as rice and sugar are solids and not liquids! A very tricky concept!

Next for Science, we will be looking at how temperature affects changes of state.


Our topic this half term is ‘The Romans’. The children have so far looked at how far the Roman Empire spread across the world and they were suitably surprised at how this included three continents!

We have also begun our learning in art about mosaics. The children learnt all about where these mosaics were placed in the Roman times and they began to develop their own designs to create a mosaic of their own. Keep an eye out for pictures of these- I am sure you will be suitably impressed!


The children have been enjoying their PE learning which takes place every Tuesday and Wednesday. They have shown a developing understanding of team work and they clearly set themselves very high goals to improve their own fitness and strength!

We also have some keen footballers in Year 4 who have quickly signed themselves up for the football team. I look forward to being able to inform more about their successes on the pitch when playing against other schools!


The children were very enthusiastic for their music lesson today and already in week 1 I could see they were picking up the different keys to use on a xylophone. Mrs Lee and Mrs Riordan were very impressed with their enthusiasm towards this learning!

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