St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School - Wetherby

Autumn Term 2016/17

Year 3 have shown excellent behaviour and they have been introduced to all the rewards they can achieve for working hard. They are vey excited to gain golden tickets and monkeys on the class reward chart. They have all agreed if they receive 10 monkeys, I will allow them to have a PJ and movie evening.


We have started our RE topic by looking at what Christian families do together and why. We will be moving onto exploring how Christian families are different to other families.

The children have used their Stone Age cave paintings to compare how families used to live and how Christian families live now. They also carried out some role play about promises which later linked to the promises that are made during a baptism.

During the second topic, they have explored The Annunciation and how Mary might have felt which the children really enjoyed doing through some hot seating. They finished this topic by looking at advent and what Christmas is about.


In English the children will be exploring ‘Stig of the Dump’ to write a story of adventure. So far they have explored several chapters during their guided reading using inferring and visualising skills to understand the text. They have also watched a clip from the BBC series of ‘Stig of the Dump’ to support the children with describing the character of Stig and the setting of the cave.

We have looked over a poem called Odd Girls by John Coldwell. The children then had to create their own poem using the same style which the children loved and really enjoyed doing. They had to write silly sentences about their class mates by rhyming the surnames with other words. I was really pleased with the poems the class had created and we all had a laugh reading them out.

The children have also looked at the comic called ‘UG’. We have used this comic to apply their punctuation skills such as question marks, exclamation marks and inverted commas.

Finally the children have used their knowledge and understanding of the Stone Age to write Haiku poems which they really got their teeth stuck into. They enjoyed the challenge of getting the right number of syllables for each line of the poem. This wasn’t an easy task but the children rose to the challenge.


The children have been learning about place value which they did down in the woods. They had to identify the value of certain digits and find that value in the woods. Each value had a letter and the children had to find all the right letters to complete their challenge. Some of the other areas they have covered are measuring using centimetres, metres, millilitres and litres. They did this by measuring items around their class and using the water tray down in nursery.

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The children have also used what they know in maths to write more Haiku poems called ‘What am I?’ They had to think of a number and write a poem that gave the reader clues to the number they were thinking off.


Forces and Magnets was Year 3’s first topic. They had the chance to explore how magnets reacted to each other and other materials. After that they carried out an experiment to measure the friction on different surfaces.

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Their second topic was on Rocks and Soils which the children have really taken a keen interest in. They have brought in all kinds of rocks and fossils that we have talked about in class. They have explored the properties of rocks by testing which rocks are permeable and impermeable, and have got their hands dirty in the woods by looking at the components that make up soil. They have also looked at how fossils are formed and learnt about a famous fossil hunter Mary Anning.

Feel free to click on the links below to play some activities that are relevant to the areas Year 3 are covering.

Magnets       http://Friction           rocks and soil             http://rocks and soil


Year 3’s topic this term is on the Stone Age. So far the children have made clay pots and created a timeline of the Stone Age events.

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They have now learnt about what took place during the Stone Age, what people believed in during this period, how the Stone Age ended, What Stone Henge is and a place called Skara Brae.

They have looked at a Celt warrior called Boudicca and wrote a biography on her along with an acrostic poem which I have enjoyed reading.

Spring Term 2016/17


During Spring 1 the children have been exploring how Jesus wants us to change. They have looked over parables such as The Forgiving Father, the story about Zacchaeus and The ‘Lost Sheep.’ Year 3 have been looking into what these stories are about and how they can teach us to be more like Jesus. For the preparation of their Holy Communion the children have also been learning about what happens during the Sacrament of Reconciliation which the children will be doing themselves shortly.

During Spring 2 year 3 had a retreat day at church which the children really enjoyed. They started the morning with a sing along about God being good.

Then the children listened to the Good Shepherd welcoming each child to the retreat.

When the Good Shepherd left, it was time to pray. After prayer time the children did some more singing and learned about being kind to each other, even when others might not be so nice to us.

We finished the retreat with an arts and craft activity using the prayer the Sisters thought us.


So far in English this term, the children have been learning about non-chronological reports. They have written some good reports using a range of experiences they have had during this term so far. The first report was about a mythical creature which they created. Then they did a report on Robbie the robot which visited the school.

Finally, the school wrote an non-chronological report about how school was during the Victorian period using their trip to Beamish.


During maths this term some of the areas the children have looked at have been tables, graphs and shapes. They have learnt to read and draw bar charts and pictograms and they have also drawn 2D shapes and made 3D shapes.


The first topic year 3 have had during science has been on light and shadows. They have been learning about how we see things, why the sun is dangerous to our eyes and how shadows are created. They also carried out an investigation about how the size of shadows change.


Year 3’s new topic is linked to the Antarctic and Arctic. So far the children have used google explorer to move around the Antarctic and get a feel what it might look like there.

During culture week the children learnt about people who live in the Arctic. We also looked at Folktales linked to World Book Day. We began by listening to the Folktale called The raven and the snowy owl. This Folktale explained why ravens are black, then the children were ask to write their own Folktale that would explain how something came to be. I was really impressed with the imagination of the children.

The children have also build mini igloos using marshmallows.

Summer Term 2016/17


During RE this term the children have currently been looking at the stories of Doubting Thomas and Pentecost. They also had a visit from the Sisters were the class had the opportunity to make their very own rosary bead and learn how to use them.

The children presented an assembly to their parents about the journey they have taken in preparation for their Holy Communion. The assembly began with the children singing their reconciliation song. Next, they talked about making one day special to thank God, remember Jesus’ resurrection and a time to spend with family. After that, some children talked about the reasons why we go to Mass. A few children then spook about what occurs during the Eucharist. The next area the children touch on was the story of the Eucharist and how it all began. They finished by saying some biddings and singing their I-belong song. The children also had the chance to wear their beautiful outfits which they all looked wonderful in.

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Year 3 took a trip to a meditation centre in Pocklington to gain a little understanding and knowledge about the Buddhist faith and what Buddhists believe in. The day began with the children doing some role play learning about the story of Buddha.

After the story of Buddha, the children had the opportunity to look at the artefacts around the centre and ask questions. The children came up with some really good questions. Before we came back, we visited the Walled Garden and discussed why some gardens are important and what inner peace might mean or look like. This was year 3’s last trip and it has been a joy taking the children onto these trips. I hope they have taken something from each trip and they remember them for a long time. Thank you year 3 for showing great behaviour each and every time.


Year 3 have focused on several SPAG skills using the Robin Hood story. They have had to retell each chapter using a different skill which the children have really enjoyed. They have also looked at writing persuasive letters trying to convince me to have archery lessons in school. At moment, they are preparing a presentation for a Youth Speak Competition. This is focusing on speaking skills and building confidence. So far the children have been organising their job roles and discussing what topics they would like to talk about.

The class have continued to work on their presentations for the Youth Speak Competition and they have finally presented their topics.

Congratulations to Harry, Toby, Emily and Aimee for getting through to the next stage. Great presentation.


So far during Maths, the children have been focusing on measure. They have compared different units of measure, explored a range of number lines and added and subtracted using units of measure.

They have moved on to exploring 3D and 2D shapes looking at the properties they have. This has included working with angles and different types of lines such as parallel and perpendicular lines.


The children are continuing their work on plants this term. They have focused on writing a conclusion after doing an experiment and how water travels within a plant.

Here are some links to activities children can play linked their topic in science.



Year 3’s topic during summer is on the legend Robin Hood. We have started this topic by visiting Sherwood Forest where the children visited the Major Oak Tree where Robin Hood use to hide out. The class explored how the location made them feel and wrote a Haiku poem about the Tree.

After lunch, the children then did den building which I was really impressed with. They were only allowed to use nature resources and all children got stuck in and worked really well together.

Back in class, the children have wrote about their view of a location, this being Sherwood Forest, and focused on giving reasons to why. After this the class then was given the task of doing some writing pretending to be Robin Hood in the woods firing his bow. The children had the opportunity to hold and draw a bow to experience how it felt.