St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School - Wetherby

Welcome to Year 2

In Year 2 we will be following on from the learning in Foundation 2 and Year 1 ensuring that we still follow children’s interests embedded into the New National Curriculum. In class, children will complete lessons on all the core subjects in the morning followed by foundation subjects in the afternoons. Year 2 pupils will also have the opportunity to complete challenges following their interests and the new National Curriculum in our different areas of provision. Please keep coming to look at our class page so you can see what we are learning in class and celebrate with us!

Mrs Leadbeater

Mrs Leadbeater

Class Teacher

Phonic and Reading Programmes

In Key Stage 1 we follow the Letters and Sounds programme for Phonics. In Year 1, children study Phase 5 from the programme. Pupils learn to read and write many different sounds and apply these sounds in longer pieces of work. Children will also learn alternative sounds, new sounds and High Frequency words. In Year 2 pupils consolidate their learning of Phase 5 and they also complete the support for spelling programme learning new spelling rules and applying the rules in their writing. Children will learn many different spellings and will continue to write at length in various subjects.

Religious Education

Summer 1


This half term the children have been learning about Jesus’ appearance on the shore of Tiberias; the good and bad news; his ascension to heaven and understanding the Holy Spirit.  They have particularly enjoyed the role play and drama this half term. The photo’s below show children retelling the story through drama of Jesus’ appearance to Simon Peter, Thomas and Nathanial on the shore of Tiberias.


Summer 1

In Year 2 the children have been working really hard applying all their skills they have learned throughout the year and putting them into their writing.  We have been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl as a stimulus to link to our topic of ‘Chocolate’ The children are really enjoying it and are producing writing that they are proud of!


Summer 2

The first week back after half-term Year 2’s  English work has been linked to their Chocolate topic.  Children have been learning all about the chocolatier Joseph Rowntree, who came from York.  Their task this week was to write an interview for Joseph Rowntree as if he was still alive – they thought of some really good questions to give them lots of information.  However, before they did this they got the chance to write interviews for their classmates! This was really enjoyable to see them working together and finding out things they didn’t know about each other – they had so much fun that we decided to film some of them!



Summer 1

Children have been working really hard this half term applying the skills they have been taught throughout the year.  They have particularly been working hard on word problems – knowing which operation they have to use to find the correct answer.  They have also had lots of practice with missing number problems – some examples are below:


This week in Year 2 children have been consolidating their knowledge on 2D shapes, they have had lots of fun playing ‘What is my shape?’ game.  This game has encouraged them to really think about their mathematical vocabulary when describing different 2D shapes.

Summer 2

For the first week back in Year 2 we have been learning how to tell the time.  We started learning how to tell the time using an analogue clock, looking at o’clock, half past and quarter past the hour.  After lots of hard work, some children were able to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes!  To finish the week off we played the game ‘What time is it Mr Wolf’ using our class clock outside –  we had loads of fun.






Summer 1

Our topic in Science this half term is Forces.  Children have been comparing how different things move, such as an aeroplane and a bicycle; and then learning about the different forces that are needed for things to move.  Last week, the children conducted an experiment to see which materials created the most friction.  We had lots of fun pushing cars down ramps on different surfaces to measure which surface enabled the car to travel the furthest!

Year 2 have loved learning about magnets – they have investigated what happens when you put poles of the magnets together.  They had lots of fun testing objects in the classroom to find out if they were magnetic or not.

Chocolate Topic

Summer 1

Our topic throughout the whole of Summer term is about Chocolate!  We are learning about different types of chocolate; how it is made and its history; where cocoa beans come from and much more! Children have enjoyed using atlas’ in class to locate countries on a world map which grow cocoa beans.


Languages Week

Languages week was kicked off with a visit from languages teacher Mrs Wall.  The children loved their French lesson and all were really engaged in the story ‘Mon Secret’.  It was a real pleasure watching the children interact and speak in another language!  We are completing lots of other activities to showcase in our languages week assembly.

Year 2 really loved learning French during languages week – especially dressing up! During this week we learned all about the Ivory Coast (Cote d’Ivoire) in Africa as it is a French speaking country and also produces the most cocoa beans in the world!  The children enjoyed painting flags and finding out interesting facts about the country.