St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School - Wetherby

Welcome to Year 1

In Year 1 we continue the Early Years Curriculum to ensure that the transition between Reception and Year 1 is smooth. In Year 1 we follow the New National Curriculum. We continue to learn through what the children are interested in and weave this into all areas of the curriculum to make lessons as creative and engaging as possible.

Mrs Laura Hemming

Mrs Laura Hemming

Class Teacher

The day in Year 1 starts to become more structured as children go through the first half term. In the morning we have collective worship or assembly, phonics, English, Maths and then guided reading. The afternoons are more flexible and based around provision areas.  The children have the opportunity to complete challenges in the different provision areas linked to the National Curriculum and following the children’s interests. During the afternoon sessions we also have our RE lessons, science lessons, PE lessons and topic lessons. Sometimes we swap these lessons to the mornings depending on our objectives.

In Year 1 the children prepare throughout the year for their phonics screening test which is in June. Children continue to build on the phonics they learnt in Reception (Phase 2, 3 and 4) and continue to consolidate these sounds in year 1 as well as completing Phase 5.

We like to have lots of fun in year 1 and we make learning as fun and creative as possible.

We hope you enjoy our page and following our learning journey throughout the year.

Mrs Hemming


Spring term Our first topic this half term is Families and celebrations. We have started our topic this half term by learning all about our families and how our families show us that they love us. |We created pictures and talked to our carpet buddies about how our families show love for us and how we show love for each other. This week we are learning about the signs and symbols of baptism. Children will learn what is special about baptism and how we become the family of God. Children will have opportunities to talk about their baptism and they are more than welcome to bring in pictures to share as a class of their baptism. We will share some pictures this week of children in their RE lessons and some of the fantastic work they produce. Watch this space! Here are some of the signs and symbols of baptism-

This week we have been thinking carefully about wonder questions that we would like to ask God about creation. The children came up with some fantastic, deep questions! Mrs Skilbeck and I were really impressed!

For one of our lessons we learnt about Mary and Joseph taking baby Jesus to the temple as they knew he was special. We listened to the story, watched a special video and then we retold the story in our own words. We had a go at marking our friends work too looking at the RE Top Tips for the lesson!

Spring 2- Following Jesus

This half term our RE topic focuses on learning about stories from the bible and we also end by celebrating Jesus’s life when he died for us. This week we kicked off our RE topic by learning about how Jesus choose his disciples and what made the disciples special. We will post pictures of the activities we do in RE over the half term so you can follow our special RE journey leading up to Easter.

This week in RE we have been learning all about the story of the Good Samaritan. We listened to the story and answered some fantastic, detailed questions about the story. We then went and worked in groups to retell the story through drama. Here are some pictures of Year 1 retelling the story through drama.



Spring Term

This half term we have started our English topic by learning about commas in a list. We are using our topic The Jungle to support us with our English objectives this half term. We wrote a list of objects that we would need to take to the jungle to keep safe and have fun! On Thursday we received a letter from Nao the robot. He told us he would like to visit us from his home land in space. All the children wrote a postcard to Nao to tell him how to get to our classroom. The children have also decided to make a rocket to help him get here! Watch this space for pictures of our robot adventures next week! Here are some of the children’s postcards that they wrote to Nao last week. We had a great time writing them. I hope Nao makes it into Year 1 so he can answer the children’s questions! img_6646 img_6647 img_6648 img_6649 img_6650 img_6651 img_6653 This week in our English lessons we have started to learn about recounts linked to our Jungle topic. The children have looked at pictures of the jungle and imagined that they had visited the jungle. Children learnt about time connectives and as a group they created a recount about their trip to the jungle. Children then created their own recounts of their trip to the jungle. Children then learnt the skill of editing and improving their work linking to their writing targets. It is a really tricky skill but we did really well! Next job is to write our recounts in neat into our books! We really do have some fantastic writers in Year 1! Here are some pictures of the work we have done with our recounts this week!

This week we have been revisiting recounts and we took a trip under the sea to see what it was like. We then worked in teams to create a recount of our trip under the sea. We had to make sure we used Time connectives, wrote in the past tense and added lots of detail. Here are some pictures of us working in teams to create an under the sea recount!

Last week we dedicated a week to Anti- bullying week. We looked at what the word bullying means and did lots of work around what good friends do and how to look out for people who are not good friends and make the wrong choices. We did an activity in partners looking at what good friends and bad friends might do. We then made a table to show our feelings on friendship.

Spring 2

This week we have started to learn  all about rhyming words. We looked at rhyming words in different texts and then worked in partners to create our own rhyming words. We then looked at lots of different rhymes and nursery rhymes. All the children chose a nursery rhyme and mapped out the rhyme in pictures to help them learn it off by heart. We will continue with poems after culture week and we will hopefully be able to write our own poem!

Look back to our page over the next week so you can see some of the things we get up too in culture week!

In culture week we listed to some Anansi stories from Africa. The children worked hard to create their own cartoon strip using a character from the Anansi stories. During their writing the children focused hard on their writing targets too.

During culture week we also celebrated World Book Day. The children chose their favorite book character to come to school as.  We had lots of fantastic costumes and children even brought in their favorite books. We had a great time in Year 1 and already looking forward to next year!




Spring Term

We have started out maths learning this half term by learning the vocabulary linked to division. Children worked in partners to divide numbers by 2 and we even got up to dividing numbers by 100! Children then went to the woods and applied their division knowledge in word problems. We have also learnt how to write our days of the week this week and children will take home some days of the homework to support them in their maths learning journey this week. Next week all our maths will be linked to the visit of Nao the robot so watch this space!

When Robbie, Nao’s best friend visited the last week the children were so excited they decided to try and make a maze for Robbie to move through. We learnt how to use left, right and a 90 degree turn! The children wrote the directions down and then directed the robot!

Here are some pictures of the children making their mazes and writing their directions using their key vocabulary-

Last week in our maths lessons we learnt all about money. We explored different coins and notes on the table and on the Interactive whiteboard. We looked at the value of each coin and made different amounts. We also looked at how we can use different coins to make the same amount. We worked in partners to complete some money word problems and explored all the coins together. We had lots of fun learning about money and it’s place value. The children’s homework is to to look at coins you have at home and try and give the correct money when they buy something in a shop! Here are some pictures of the children exploring coins and working out money word problems giving reasons for their answers.


Spring 2

This week we started our new topic of measures in Year 1. We have looked at the clock and learnt that you can count in 5’s around the clock. We have learnt how to tell the time to O’clock and Half past the hour. We have used clocks and matched the times to the clocks to tell the time.We also went to the woods and worked on word problems to consolidate our learning of time, days of the week and months of the year.

Keep an eye on our maths page so you can see our maths learning journey this half term. Please make sure your child is completing their Mathletics homework every week!

During culture week we learnt lots about Brazil and even did some Brazilian drumming! We worked hard to learn about lines of symmetry and the children completed the other half of the Brazilian flag. The concentration in the classroom was amazing as the children completed their flag. Check out some of our pictures!



Spring Term

Our topic this half term is The Jungle and Under the sea. We have a new role play area that the children will compete challenges linked to our topic and New National Curriculum objectives.

We have started out topic this week thinking about what we would like to learn about the jungle. The children thought of some amazing questions and I hope we can answer all their questions. Watch this space for all our exciting topic work and answers to all the children’s questions!

We are taking a break from the Jungle this week as we had an exciting letter from Nao the robot! The children really want him to come and visit us in class. They wrote a postcard to him to tell him all about themselves and they thought it was a really good idea to build him a rocket to help him get to our classroom. The children worked as a team on Friday afternoon to build a rocket to help Nao get to our classroom. They even put food and a bed inside the rocket for Nao! The children left the rocket out on the playground over the weekend so he could hopefully get to earth on Monday! Let’s hope he gets here!

Here are some pictures of the children building a rocket for Nao-

The children worked hard to design and make a new friend for their robot friend Robbie. Here are some pictures from robot week. I think you will agree that the children made some fantastic robots and had a fantastic week interacting and learning with Robbie!


Spring 2

This half term the children are continuing on their jungle/rain forest topic from last half term. The children have also asked to learn about different countries and their flags and Antarctica! We will get lots of topic learning in this half term. This week we have learnt how to use and Atlas and found different rain forests from around the world. The children really enjoyed using Atlases.

Next week is culture week so we will be learning about Brazil and Ghana and other countries in Africa. We will be reading lots of Anansi stories and creating our own African creature. If you have any recycling this week please send it into Year 1 by Wednesday. It will be greatly appreciated!

Visit our page over the next few weeks to see what we have learnt in Year 1!

During culture week, the children designed their own creature that could be based in the Anansi stories read in the week. The children worked hard at their sketching skills and they all produced the most fantastic paintings of their new creatures. Our classroom is looking very bright now. Here are some of our new Anansi creatures!