Welcome to Year 1

In Year 1 we continue the Early Years Curriculum to ensure that the transition between Reception and Year 1 is smooth. In Year 1 we follow the New National Curriculum. We continue to learn through what the children are interested in and weave this into all areas of the curriculum to make lessons as creative and engaging as possible.

“Today is a great day to learn something new”

Miss MacGillivray

Miss MacGillivray

Class Teacher


Mrs Lowe

Mrs Lowe

Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) & Lead Practitioner for Autism


“A child has a way of adding joy to everyday!”

              “Play, Learn and Grow Together.”

Summer 2

I truly cannot believe how fast this year has gone. We have lots of exciting things happening in our final half term so keep visiting our website to keep updated!

Our theme this half term is the World Cup. This topic is very current and the children are really excited to learn about this!

Hand washing competition

We have been designing our own hand washing posters for our toilets in school and recently had them judged by some nurses who came into school. Each class had to design a poster to remind everyone how important it is to wash their hands before eating, after eating and throughout the day. The judges had a really tricky task in choosing a winner in Year 1 but after a long decision, they decided that Amelia was the winner! Congratulations Amelia!

Her winning moment!

Miss Mac’s brother visiting!

We have had a visitor in year 1 today! Miss Mac’s brother who plays for Portsmouth came to visit us to help us learn more about our topic  and inspire the children to work hard to achieve their dreams. The children were able to ask questions that they had written the day before and even go outside and play football with him. It was a great experience and I really hope it inspires their writing and growth mindset attitude!


Big Sheep Little Cow

We had such a brilliant day together at Big Sheep Little Cow! We were very lucky with the weather and learnt so much about different farm animals. There were so many activities for us to enjoy and below are plenty of pictures to show just how much the children enjoyed themselves. We will be using this trip as a stimulus for some writing.

RE – Miracles

Our RE topic this half term is Miracles. We have began our topic by looking at when Jesus calmed the storm when he was on the boat with some of the Disciples. The children were excellent at listening to this miracle and re-telling it by using a picture for guidance.

RE – Refugee Week

As it is Refugee Week, we have been thinking about refugees from around the world in our Collective Worships and have been reflecting on how lucky and grateful we are for having the things they don’t. We wrote our own prayers for the refugees asking God to look after them and keep them safe. The children then drew their own picture above their prayer to show their understanding of refugees.

We also joined up with Year 5 to share with them what we had learnt this week. We went into the prayer garden to think about the refugees and pray to St Joseph to ask him to keep the refugees in their prayers.



Wow! What a week we have had in English. It has been full steam ahead with our phonics preparations and the children have done such an amazing job with their reading! As well as this, the children have produced some fantastic recounts of their holidays and have really been applying the skills we have been learning to make excellent sentences. The children have told me all about their half terms in great detail. In addition, the children were able to edit and improve their work to ensure it all makes sense and to add further detail/punctuation if needed.

Reading Buddies

Our reading buddies are still going strong and the Year 1 and Year 5 children love joining together to read a book! It has really boosted reading enjoyment and enthusiasm, whilst providing Year 1 children with role models to look up to. We have spent part of our afternoon linking reading and the outdoors – the children found their favourite spot on the field to sit and engross themselves in a book!

We have been working really hard on our story writing skills in year 1. I set the children the task of creating their own story based on a picture. We worked together to brainstorm some ideas of who might live in the tree, why it is private and what could be behind the door. I was amazed at the children’s imaginations and from this stimulus, the children wrote some of their best work yet!


We have been looking at multiplication and division. This has involved lots of whiteboard work and plenty of practice of writing the sums and answering the questions. We have looked at the inverse of each of these operations, as well as looking at the commutative law of multiplication. Good job guys!


Our topic in science is to look at the 4 seasons. As well as this, we will be looking at the sun and its effects on the length of days.

The children have really enjoyed learning about the seasons and creating posters, fact files and art work based on our science topic this term.



In History this half term we will be looking at the Great Fire of London. We will be focusing on the difference between London in the past and present day, the differences in jobs from 16th century to now and finally we will be looking at the events leading up to the fire, the events and the aftermath.

We have really been getting into our history topic this half term and the children are so interested in the events of the Great Fire of London. After we had looked at what happened, we had many questions we would have asked if we were there when this happened. See below for some examples of the children’s questions.


In DT, our topic is fruit and vegetables. We began our topic by taste testing some different fruits and describing their tastes and textures. It was a really fun session and the children used lots of adjectives to describe the fruits.



PE in the summer term is always so enjoyable! The children are loving getting involved in team games on a Tuesday and on a Friday, still continuing with learning all about tennis.

We have been really lucky to have been offered an orienteering taster session. The children were taught the basics of orienteering and map work. They were excellent at it and the orienteering experts spoke to me at the end to tell me how impressed they were with the children’s skills and how well behaved they were.

Summer 1

This term has kicked off with a school trip to the Rainbow Factory. The children trained to be superheroes for the day and help defeat the Flaming Eyeball who had kidnapped one of the superheroes! We had to undertake some superhero training, design shields and hunt for gems in the magical forest. The children had a great day and really enjoyed the activities such as art and science.

This trip was intended to kick start our new topic for the half term- superheroes!


Royal Wedding

We had a great day celebrating the royal wedding and the children really looked the part all dressed up for the occasion. We enjoyed team games, a tea party and plenty of themed learning on the day!


This half term our topic in RE is the resurrection. This topic follows on nicely from our previous topic before Easter. The children have been doing a lot of reflection and thinking about the message behind Jesus dying on the cross and what this means for us. We have also looked at trust and how we know who we can trust.


The children have produced some lovely recounts of our trip to the Rainbow Factory and we have been working really hard at our editing and improving skills too. This term we will have a strong focus on phonics and reading real and alien words. Take a look at our phonics tree in our classroom!

We have been focusing on stories from different cultures since coming back to school. Our most recent story was called Rumble in the Jungle which we have used to infer what characters may be like based on their descriptions. We have also used this to look at the singular and plural rule in words. Finally, we re-told the story using actions and rehearsing the rhymes in the books to help us. The children worked really well in their groups to re-tell their animal and to infer how they may be in the jungle.

In English, we have been looking at newspaper reports. We began the week by looking at the features of a newspaper before we started to write our own newspaper reports of a sighting of a superhero! The children had some super ideas such Cat woman saved people from a burning building, or Batman stopping some robbers.

We are really getting into our superhero topic now and the children have been very busy writing their very own superhero stories! They worked so hard firstly to plan their stories, then write them and lastly editing and improving them to make them fantastic. The children created some super characters and evil villians who all had different powers such as breathing fire, flying and turning invisible.


In maths we are looking at measurements. We have been practically solving problems in relation to capacity and volume and on one of the days we thought it would be great to take our learning about volume from inside our classroom to outside on the playground (and far less messy!)

We have been doing lots of work on sequencing events in chronological order and sequencing the months of the year. The children have been learning lots of rhymes and actions to help them remember the months of the year (just ask your child to show you the actions for some of the months!) We have also been looking at the language of yesterday, today and tomorrow to secure their knowledge. After all of this hard work, we managed to squeeze in some work on tally charts and reading these. The children took part in a tally chart all about their favourite sports and recording everyone’s answers. We even managed to find out Mrs Ward, Mrs Lowe and Miss Milivojevic for their answers so we could record them too.

Money money money!

We have been looking at the value of different coins and notes. With this, we completed an activity where we matched the coin to the value. The children were brilliant at matching and naming the coins and notes. It was also lovely to see them work in pairs and share the work together. After this, we looked at finding change for different items of fruit from different coins. At first this seemed complicated but we persevered and many of the children seemed to have a ‘lightbulb’ moment on the carpet where they suddenly understood!

Good work Year 1!

We have been working hard on learning about the inverse this week! The children now know the meaning of the word and can apply this skill to work out missing numbers in a sum. As well as this, we have been looking back over 3D shapes and their names.


This half term our topic is plants. We have been discussing garden plants and what they look like. We have then looked at naming and identifying them in our gardens.

As a school we are taking part in a sunflower competition to see who can grow the tallest sunflower. This competition fits brilliantly into our Science topic of plants for the term. The children all had a turn of adding the compost to their plant pot and then choosing 5 seeds to plant. Now all the children need to do is look after their sunflower and see how much it can grow!

We have been looking at the structure of a common flower and the purpose each part of the plant serves to its survival. The children were excellent at identifying and labelling the different parts of the flower, as well as naming a variety of different flowers.

We have also been looking at classification of different trees, particularly at deciduous trees and evergreen trees. We went on a hunt outside to see if we could spot the different types of trees, followed by looking at the key differences between these 2 trees. It was a really fun and engaging lesson, as well as a little funny because of how tricky it is to say deciduous!


This term our topic in Geography is the weather. We have been looking at the similarities and differences the weather is in Wetherby to in Africa. We then moved on to looking at typical weather in Britain and how it changes throughout the seasons. One of the best suggestions for the typical British weather was “it usually chucks it down!”

We have been looking at the weather forecasts for Wetherby and what is typical weather where we live. The children worked in groups to be news reporters and create a weather report for the week to present to the class. The children were excellent at this and we definitely have some budding journalists in the class!

We have been looking at the seasonal patterns of each of the seasons in Geography. We began by looking at the 4 seasons and putting them into order. Afterwards, we looked at the typical weather in all of the different seasons and how they change each season. The children were also great at identifying how the trees change throughout the season and when the leaves are on/off the trees.


In Art this term we will be focusing on the artist Andy Warhol and his brilliant pop art. The children have been looking at Warhol and his life followed by looking into some of his most famous artwork and critiquing this.

The children have created their very own pop art! They have been focusing all term on the pop work and the artist Warhol and finally now have given this style of art a go. The children chose 2 different colours before beginning to draw themselves on 2 different parts of the paper. Afterwards, they coloured the work beautifully in the correct style where they contrasted the 2 colours. Great job Year 1!


We are continuing our computing lessons with Mrs Waterhouse! This term however we are moving on from coding and learning all about the computers and how to use them and some of their programs. This week, we have been looking at logging in with our own log in details. We then moved onto using paint and our mouse skills.

We have been working on our mouse control skills in computing. The children needed to log onto their computers and choose from a variety of games that will help them with their mouse skills.


We are lucky enough now to be able to do more PE outdoors now due to the weather perking up a bit in the Spring/Summer months! This term we will continue to focus on team games and skills needed for these and we will also begin to look at Tennis on Fridays! The children practiced their co-ordination and catching skills during their PE slot on Friday.

We are still continuing with our Tennis coaching in PE and have now progressed to using the tennis balls and rackets.

Spring 2

Another term has started again! I cannot believe how fast this year is going in Year 1 and how quick they are all growing up! As always, it is a great pleasure to have this Year 1 class and Mrs Lowe and I cannot wait to see what wonderfully brilliant ideas and progress the children are bound to make. Keep visiting this page to see what we get up to this half term!

Well being Week

Last week saw the launch of our new Growth Mindset scheme in school which encourages the children to embrace challenge and to learn from mistakes. It is important for the children to know they can make mistakes in their learning and that they should always stretch their brain as this helps us to learn all the time! We were paired with Year 3 to create a character called Captain Challenge! The children were buddied up with a Year 3 and given the task of creating this character. One character was chosen and it will be revealed very soon!

World Book Day

After our first World Book day was unfortunately cancelled because of the snow, we were so excited for it to be here on the 12th of March. The children were all so excited to show off their costumes to each other. We did some writing around our characters, followed by some reading with our Year 5 reading buddies. We had so much fun and the children looked great!

Den Building

Year 1 and Year 2 were celebrating St Joseph’s Day on Monday by taking part in Den Building with a special guest. This was our chosen activity to celebrate with as St Joseph was a carpenter so we were learning about his role through building our dens. The children showed great skills with this activity such as teamwork, leadership, perseverance, patience and planning skills.


In RE we are looking at the topic of Following Jesus. Within this topic we will be looking at Jesus’ love and kindness to all people and how we can use him as an inspiration for our own lives. We will also have a focus on the Easter story and some key points from this e.g. Palm Sunday.

We have been looking at the Parable of the Good Samaritan in RE and looking at the message Jesus was trying to teach people through this parable. The children were given the task of re-telling the Parable and working in teams to discover the teachings and message Jesus is telling his followers.


This week we will begin our English learning journey for the half term by looking at poetry and the features of poetry.

We have had lots of fun learning some poems about toys off by heart this week! We have been learning actions and identifying features such as adjectives, rhyme and even looked at the use of similies! We all had a go at making our own similies and the children were excellent at the technique of comparing something to another similar idea. For example, some of the children suggested similies such as ‘As cold as a polar bear’ or ‘As fast as a cheetah.’

We received a letter from the Richard Arnold the NASA Astronaut this week inviting us to tell him all about space and what we have been learning. The children responded in their letters with some facts they know about space and then asked him some questions about his experiences as an astronaut!


This week in Maths we are looking at number patterns and place value. The children will be taking part in a variety of challenges to really secure their knowledge of numbers. Come back soon to see how we get on!

We are developing our knowledge of numbers in Year 1. We have been looking at place value of 2 digit number and identifying how many 10s and 1s are in a number. We then moved onto representing this using the multi-link. The children were fantastic at this and we will continue to develop this knowledge as the weeks go on.

We have been looking at position, direction and movement this week. The children have been giving each other instructions on which direction to turn by using the terminology needed. After this, they were given the task of describing the direction on the pictures and how far they have turned.


This term our topic is Materials. We will be taking part in lots of practical investigations to investigate materials purposes, usefulness and where they are usually used.

We have been investigating materials to see how we could describe them. The children were given a variety of items on different tables and they had to move around the tables to discuss the texture, colour and types of materials used to make the items. Some of the items were lego, a cuddly toy, feathers and pipe cleaners.

This week we completed an investigation of materials to see what would sink or what would float. We made our predictions before conducting the experiment. The children enjoyed investigating and predicting what the materials would do!

Science Fair

We were very lucky to attend the Science fair in school on Friday hosted by the Year 3 and 4 classes. We had great fun moving to all of the different experiments they had set up and we were very good at them too as we won lots of tokens!


Our topic this term in History is toys. This topic is a very exciting one which gets the children to explore how toys have changed throughout time and to recognise that some of the toys that they have now weren’t even invented 30 years ago!

We have been looking at toys from the past this week with teachers from across school bringing in toys that they played with when they were younger. The children noticed a huge difference in toys such as teddies, technology and design. We have now set up a display in the classroom to showcase some of the great toys from when the teachers were younger.


In DT, we are looking at textiles. We have focused on how to join materials using a variety of resources. After this, we looked at decorating our own T-shirts using a variety of materials. The children had so much fun designing and creating their own T-shirts and they are now hanging proudly on a washing line in class.

We have continued with our textiles topic and have been looking at joining materials and all of the different resources you can use to join materials such as glue, sewing, cellotape or string. The children were given the task of joining 2 bits of materials with the best joining materials and discovering how some are better than others for different purposes.

We were given the opportunity to add more to our T-shirts this week and put them on to try! After we tried them on for size, we took pictures in small groups. The children’s T-shirts were lovely and they were able to wear them home after school.



We were very pleased to have one of our PE sessions outdoors this week. Now that the weather is looking a little brighter (sometimes!) We were able to go onto the playground for our PE session on Tuesday.

On Friday, we still continue to have our PE sessions in the hall. We are continuing with our dance PE lessons and building on the skills we have been learning from last term.

Cricket Taster Session

We have been very lucky in Year 1 with having a variety of sport taster sessions and coaches to work with. This week we were offered a cricket taster session. The children enjoyed learning some basics and playing some games together to encourage them to give cricket a go outside of school. Leaflets were sent home this week with details of how your child can take part in cricket outside of school!


This term we have started our computing lessons with Mrs Waterhouse. Instead of having our ICT lessons in our classroom, we have started going into the ICT suite to work alongside Mrs Waterhouse. We are looking at coding this term and how we can give computers instructions to make characters move in Scratch Jr. The children choose their own character, backgrounds and then provided instructions for the character to move and how fast/slow to move!

Spring 1

New Phonics Scheme

Throughout KS1 we have started a new phonics scheme. This focuses more on the sounds altogether and the variety of spellings rather than individually looking at sounds each day. This new scheme was introduced at Year 1’s phonics show and share where lots of different activities were provided. This scheme has already shown huge progress for the children and we are sure this will continue right up until the phonics screening.

If you have any questions regarding the scheme, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Welcome back after the Christmas holidays!

Hope you all had a restful break and enjoyed spending time with your loved ones.

Mrs Lowe and I are looking forward to working with the lovely Year 1’s this term. After last term’s fantastic progress, we cannot wait to see what the children can achieve within these 6 weeks!

Space Day!

On the last day of term we had a space day to celebrate how brilliant the Year 1’s have been and to finish off our Space topic which has been a huge success. Our Alien who lives in our classroom ran away and was causing mischief around the school! We had to make some wanted posters to stick around the school so that everyone in school knew what he looked like to see if they could spot him too! After lunch, there was a letter from the cheeky Alien and some clues to help us find him around the school. Luckily, we found him and he is safely back in the classroom.

The children had some brilliant costumes and ideas for what to dress up as, it was a brilliant end to the half term!       

Role play area

This term our topic is Space. The role play area has been transformed into a space rocket and has landed in Space. Have a look at some of the exciting things in our role play area!

Our new homework books

This week we have introduced homework books into Year 1. This will give the children space to record and work on spellings and optional homework tasks. The children were excited to take these home but before they did, we decorated and personalised our homework books which the children thoroughly enjoyed!

Show and Share

In Year 1 this week, we held our Show and Share where the children’s parents/carers came in to work alongside their children and assist with their learning. The session was based around our new phonics scheme. The session was a huge success and the children enjoyed themselves very much. We received many positive comments from parents/carers which is fantastic to see. Resources have been sent home from the session to assist you with your child’s learning with this new phonics scheme. A big thank you to all that attended. Your support is invaluable to the children’s learning and motivation.

Please find attached below the analysis of the parents questionnaire from the Show and Share session:

Y1 Show and Share evaluated Jan 2018


In Spring 1, our topic is Families and Celebrations. We will be looking at the different families we are members of, such as the school family or church family. We will focus on what this means and its importance. We will finish our topic by looking at different celebrations within a church and how that unites us as a family with our Father, God.

We have been exploring what it means to be a part of our different families. We have been looking at our families at home and why each member of our families are important. We then looked at our school family and explored who are the members of this community. In both of these family communities, we all share one belief. That God is our Father.

We have been doing some role play in RE. The children have been working together to role play when Jesus went into the temple with Mary and Joseph to visit Simeon and discussion why this is such a celebrated event. The children were excellent at including the key elements of the Bible passage and discussing why it is such a key event to remember.


After this week in English, it is clear just how much the children enjoyed their Christmas and how grateful they were to receive their lovely gifts from friends and family. The children have been writing their thank you letters for their favourite Christmas present. We focused on the different elements to a letter, followed by extending our letters by explaining why their favourite was so fantastic! We then moved on to looking at expanded noun phrases and the children showed a brilliant understanding of their structure and what a noun and adjective is.

We have been doing lots of work around stories with imaginary settings and we are all set to write our very own stories next week! The children have worked hard to develop brilliant descriptions of characters, places and events. I am very excited to read the children’s stories and I imagine many of them will be based around our space theme!


We began our measurement topic for the term by looking at length and height. Our first challenge was to put ourselves in height order! We then had a focus on non standard measurements and working with partners to use our hands to measure the height of items in our classroom. We finished our week by looking at the length of some rockets. We estimated the length of them and then, using a ruler, measured these accurately in cm. The children were brilliant at using their rules and ensured they followed the top tips carefully.

After looking at length and height, we began to look at weight and mass. In order to help us understand grams, we did some measuring for baking cakes. The children took it in turns to measure accurately the ingredients. We were very successful at weighing, as our biscuits were delicious!

The children have been learning about halves and quarters this week. It amazes me how brilliant they are at learning new concepts and the children demonstrated their knowledge by halving and quartering quantities, shapes and numbers. The children can now also recognise the symbols for these fractions 1/4 and 1/2!


Our topic this term is Space! I know many of the children are excited by this topic. This week we have been looking at the sun and researching why it is so important. We then looked at how shadows appear and why they move. We looked at orbiting and the fact that the earth moves around the sun, the sun isn’t moving! We then practiced being the planets, and moving around the sun on the carpet.

We will be creating fact files all about Space. These will be completed by the end of term!!

The children are enjoying the space topic so much this term, we have been learning so many facts about space and the children are applying their own learning at home too by researching planets with family at home. We have been looking at the order of the planets and facts about each of them e.g. did you know that it would take 11 Earth’s to fit the size of Jupiter?


This term we will be focusing on Geography. Our topic this term is Brilliant Britain! We will be focusing on the 4 countries in Britain and looking at their features such as capital city, population, popular culture activities and flags.

We have been writing letters to Travel Ted just like we did in Autumn 1 to convince him to visit Wetherby, but this time we were writing to him to invite him to visit Wales. The children wrote about lots of different facts to tell Travel Ted why he should go, including Gareth Bale is from Wales, Mount Snowdon is there, Roald Dahl was born there and you can visit Lake Bala!

We have been looking at Northern Ireland as part of the UK and putting ourselves in role to create a diary entry of working at the famous harbours in Belfast. The children produced brilliant recounts telling me what they could see, smell, taste, touch and hear whilst they were there. The children showed brilliant listening skills and one of our brilliant members of Year 1 took her learning home and made the Titanic ship at home! Great work Natalia!!


Our topic for art is sculptures. We have been using the sculpting material of clay to create sculptures of ourselves. We had a great time using different tools and techniques to sculpt and mold our heads.

We have been looking at the work of Andy Goldsworthy and natural sculptures outside. The children really took to the natural sculptures, with many members of staff from other classes in the school commenting on the brilliance of their work in the style of Goldsworthy. We worked in pairs or groups to create art just using materials found outside such as twigs, leaves and stones. The children were very creative and created art such as a boat, lighthouse, person and the Earth.


We have been having so much fun in PE! We were very lucky to be able to begin a new topic of gymnastics, where we got to have a go on lots of different apparatus. The children were so excited and gave maximum effort and courage when trying out the different apparatus. Some children were very brave and really faced some fears of heights when they were given the challenge of jumping safely from a tall bench! Great work Year 1!

As well as beginning our new sport of gymnastics, we are also very lucky to have Miss Annabelle back to teach us dance. The children always enjoy their Friday PE sessions where they are given the opportunity to explore new dance moves and skills.

The children have been working on their balancing and travelling skills in gymnastics. This time, working with a partner to create a way of travelling using the equipment and balancing. Great work guys!


We had such a fun time having our taster session with ‘Wee Man.’ We were taught the basics of  Judo and were given time to practice these on our partner. I’m sure many of the children have come home and asked if they can take part in Judo outside of school, I know I would love too!!

Autumn 2

Autumn 2 has lots of exciting things to look forward too, including an animal handler coming in, the school production and of course our trip to Stockeld Park!

To celebrate Year 1’s brilliant attendance and because we won the most amount of house points last week, we decided that we needed a prize for being so amazing. The children decided that they would like to bake biscuits together. Therefore, on Tuesday we baked little people biscuits which the children thoroughly enjoyed! Let’s keep up the good work.

Clock maker’s Christmas Production

On Tuesday afternoon, artefact production team came into school to perform the story of the Clock Maker’s Christmas to FS2 and KS1. The children really enjoyed the performance and many of the children were able to join in and become a part of the story.

KS1 Christmas Party!

We all had such a brilliant time at our KS1 Christmas party! We began our party with some party food (thank you to everyone for bringing in some food/drink) and then after this (when the children were on a sugar rush!) we played some party games in the hall. Some of the games we played were 4 corners, musical statues and we even had a boy vs girls dance off.

Mrs Lowe and I would like to thank you all for your support this Autumn term, and we wish you a very happy Christmas!


This term our topic in  RE is Mary, Mother of God.

This week in RE, we have began our topic by hearing the story of the Angel Gabriel visiting Mary to let her know the great news that she is pregnant. We then focused on how that must have felt for her and what she may have been thinking. We had a go at putting ourselves in her shoes and the children produced some lovely thought bubbles from Mary’s perspective. We then focused on Mary’s trust in God and who we can trust in our lives today.

Whilst still focusing on Mary’s great news about being pregnant, we also focused on her cousin Elizabeth’s good news of her pregnancy too. We looked at what these stories represented and what the messages were. We noticed that throughout the story, it shows God’s promises to us. This lead us to create our own promises to God where we discussed what we could try and do for others and for God. For example, some children promised to try and be kind to their friends or always try to do their best.

This week our RE has taken a direction towards how and why we celebrate Christmas. We began by looking at the Christmas Wreath, and what each part represents. After this, we read about the journey Mary and Joseph had to take to Bethlehem, and who was present at the birth of Jesus. The children were deeply engrossed and have a deeper understanding of the significance of Christmas.

We have deepened our knowledge of the Christmas story by independently drawing and labelling the Nativity scene in the stable. The children produced some lovely pieces of art work, accompanied by labels to demonstrate their knowledge of the Christmas story. This has also enabled us to link it with our Nativity which the children are currently preparing to perform for. They are very much looking forward to presenting this to everyone!

This week we were very excited to perform our Nativity to our friends and family. During RE this term, we have been learning all about Jesus’ birth and the journey so it was great to be able to showcase our learning to everyone. The children did a fantastic job and all of the staff in FS2 and KS1 were very proud!


As you know, our topic for this half term in English is Traditional Tales. Our story for this week has been Little Red Riding Hood. We have been straight back into the swing of writing, completing activities such as character descriptions and wanted posters for the Big Bad Wolf! The children came up with some fantastic suggestions such as the the wolf has ferocious eyes and sharp claws! During English this week, we have also been re-telling the story using stick puppets. We made the stick puppets and then worked in teams to create the story and present to each other. The children were brilliant at being narrators and changing their voices to become the characters.

Year 5 reading buddies.

This half term, Miss Waite (Y5 teacher) and I have been discussing how to engage our children in reading more. Therefore we decided it would be a great idea to have reading buddies. 1 child from Y1 and 1 child from Y5 were paired together and allowed time on Friday afternoon to share their books with each other and form positive relationships. We hope this will spark an even bigger love of reading as the first session was so successful and the children loved it.

This week our traditional tale was the 3 Little Pigs. We enjoyed listening to the story and creating our own alternative endings to the story. The children have brilliant imaginations, with the pigs and wolf going to all sorts of exciting places such as space, or the wolf and pigs becoming friends instead of the wolf trying to get them! Imagination is such an important contribution to children’s literacy ability and it is brilliant that they feel confident enough to let their minds wander and generate such exciting ideas.

As you know, this week has been robot week! So with this, we incorporated Robi the Robot into our writing and theme of traditional tales. We began the week with the Gingerbread Man story, sequencing and retelling the story as a team. We then created speech bubbles for some of the characters in the story. After this, we imagined what it would be like for Robi to be chasing the Gingerbread Man too and we wrote speech bubbles for him too!

Our Reading Area

In our very busy week, we have managed to make our reading area amazing! A couple of weeks ago, I asked the children what theme they would like their reading area to be. After sharing ideas, we all decided on a bedroom theme so that we can be super comfortable when reading our books. The children were so thrilled when the area was set up and have already made full use of it, cuddling up on a beanbag with a blanket and cuddly toy to read a story! We also have a new CD player for the children to listen to some of their favourite stories together.

This week our focus has been on Cinderella. We began by listening and then role playing the story. The children were fantastic at getting into character and working as a team. After this, we looked at thought bubbles for the characters at particular moments in the story. Year 1 have some brilliant imaginations and their handwriting is coming on leaps and bounds! To finish off our week, we focused on story language and creating story mountains for the Cinderella story.

We have been looking at the traditional tale The Enormous Turnip. With this in mind, we have been learning about instructions and how to write instructions for growing an enormous turnip. Firstly, we looked at different types of instructions and their features; ordering them from the most useful to least useful to follow. We then looked at creating our own instructions, using bossy verbs, ordering our instructions and writing a list of what we will need to grow our turnips.

Our English trip!

To wrap up our Traditional Tale topic in English, we visited Stockeld Park this week to walk among traditional tale characters and settings. We all had such a lovely time and could explain what story a lot of the settings were from! We began by splitting into groups and going through the maze. Some of us got a little lost but by using team work, we all managed to get out successfully! After lunch, we went into the enchanted forest, where we explored many different fairytale stories. This was so exciting as lots of the walk had interactive sections such as the troll under the bridge or a talking tree. The year 1’s enjoyed the day so much! Thank you so much to our parent helpers for coming with us, we couldn’t have done it without you!


As it is our last week before we break up or Christmas, we have been polishing off our Christmas lists for Santa. The children were brilliant at editing and improving my list for Santa. We have had a big focus on commas in lists too and the children were brilliant at identifying where they are used, and what purpose they have. Santa will be impressed with our brilliant writing and punctuation!


This week, we have been doing lots of number work! This week has had so many WOW moments in Maths it feels like the wow bell has not stopped! I have been so proud of everyone this week and it is clear how hard they work both at school and at home. We began our learning this week by working on our counting when we reach the end of a 10’s column (for example, 18, 19, ?). The children put in 100% effort, with some of them even taking on the challenge of bridging over 10’s counting backwards or even past 100! After this, we looked at adding and subtracting numbers using pictorial representations and again, the children took to this brilliantly and many of them continued to take their learning from Maths into the areas of provision.

This week, the magic number has been 5 in Year 1! We have been doing lots of work on counting in 5’s and recognizing the pattern. We then progressed onto finding 5 more or 5 less than a number. Once we had nailed this, we moved onto some word problems involving the number 5. So, if you are wondering why your child is counting in 5’s around the house this weekend, that is why!

The same as last week, we have had our magic number we have been focusing on. It was the number 10! We did lots of counting in 10’s and recognizing patterns. We then identified 10 more or less than a given number. The children were super at this and noticed the pattern fairly quickly. We then progressed onto word problems involving +,-,% and x! The children had to take the information given in the problem to decide what method they needed to work out the answer. They were brilliant.

“1+9, you look very fine! 2+8, jelly on a plate!” During maths we have had a heavy focus on our number bonds and our subtraction facts. We have played lots of games such as splat to help us remember them. We then moved onto subtraction facts which the children are growing in confidence with. Lastly, we have been looking at missing number problems, focusing on different methods we can use to work out the answer. Good job Year 1 on a tricky week of learning in Maths!

Another tricky week in maths this week! We have been looking at multiplication and division this week. The children have taken it in their stride yet again, and demonstrated their resilience and perseverance when faced with a challenge. These skills can be practiced in everyday life such as sharing out food into groups for a picnic, or making groups of teddies e.g. I need 4 rows of 5 teddies to sit in the audience for our show. How many will that be altogether? Maths can be fun and practical so any way you wish to practice with your child will be brilliant! Please do let me know what activities you come up with and if your child enjoyed them! As well as this, we have been focusing on our KIRF target of number bonds to 20 and the children really are coming on leaps and bounds with this!

We began our Maths learning this week by having a sharing picnic. This helped us to see how to share equally and divide. After this, the children used pictures and concrete objects to divide equally into groups. Once we had cracked division, we moved onto multiplication where the children showed a great understanding and were able to apply methods in order to reach the answer. Year 1 continue to amaze me with their listening and understanding skills.


After last half term, we thought it would be good to now look at animals and their habitats, instead of humans. We began our topic with looking at mammals and their characteristic. We have been discussing and asking questions about them to find out information. We have discovered some really interesting facts such as a bat is the only flying mammal and all mammals breath with their lungs. Come back next week to find out what animal group we will be learning about.

Reptiles were our animal group for this week. The children were all given a particular reptile to research in groups and then present back to each other, teaching something new to all the class. The children created lovely posters with lots of information and we were amazed by some of the interesting facts about reptiles! For example, a Python only has to eat 4/5 times a year, or tortoises can live up to 150 years!

We have had such a brilliant time in Science this week! We had a few visitors come and meet us and Year 2. They were exotic animals!! We got to see, touch and even hold some of the animals. The children were free to ask questions and learn all sorts about these interesting animals! The children had such a brilliant time and I hope they remember this experience for years to come!


This week wasn’t quite as exciting as last week’s Science lesson. However, it was still very interesting! This week we have been focusing on birds and their habitats. We began by learning some very interesting facts about them, followed by some writing about them and finally writing about our favourite bird and why!

This week our group of animals has been fish and their habitats. The children began by learning some facts about fish and the variety that we have living in fresh and sea water habitats. We then moved onto labelling the parts of the fish!

Also for science this week, we had some visitors in to talk to us about healthy teeth and what we can do to look after them! They came to see us from Leeds University. We were very lucky to have them come and work with us on Thursday morning, where the children were given the opportunity to learn about brushing their teeth correctly, the different teeth in our mouths, what can cause tooth decay and even the opportunity to role play being dentists! It was such fun and really beneficial to the children’s learning.



This half term will focus on History during topic.

This week, the children were introduced to what History was and the sorts of topics that we could explore. This week, we heard the events of The Gunpowder Plot and Guy Fawkes. The children listened carefully and asked great questions about his motives, what happened and why we celebrate bonfire night today. The children were very engaged in the topic and I hope this continues as we continue to look at different aspects of History.

This week at the beginning of our lesson, we found out lots of information that answered our questions about the gunpowder plot and why we celebrate it. After hearing the story last week, this week we looked at sequencing the story into the correct order in teams. The children were given the story to cut out and sequence. Once they had completed this, they had to re-read the story to check it made sense. The children were very interested to learn about Guy Fawkes. Find out next week which next historical figure we will be focusing on for the rest of the term.

Moving on from Guy Fawkes, our new historical figure is Florence Nightingale. We researched and heard all about her story and what she did in the war. We found out how horrible hospitals were and how much better they are now thanks to her work. Some of the children were amazed by this, with some asking; “did that really happen?” “Is it a real story?” Once we had learnt a bit about her and why she is famous in History, we completed a Florence Nightingale quiz all about her life! The children were engrossed and i’m looking forward to continuing their learning all about her!

This week we continued to dig deeper into Florence Nightingale. We discussed a timeline of her life and created timelines by placing key dates of her life in order. The children were able to order the events using the dates to help. After this, we looked at the tremendous impact that Florence Nightingale’s work has had on our hospitals today. We identified key differences that she has made for us such as cleaner hospitals, better medicines and better training.


Week 1

The children have PE on a Tuesday morning and a Friday morning.

As ever, the children were very excited to pick up from where we left last term as we continue to do Dance on a Friday morning. The children’s timing and co-ordination is improving tremendously as they learn new movements, work in teams and explore a stimulus to create their own movements. Some of the children came up with some fantastic ideas to move to a piece of music. The music was played and the children were asked to use the music to create a picture in their heads. They had to close their eyes and tell their story through movement. Some of the ideas were amazing such as magic, getting stronger, boxing or a ballerina!

Week 2

On Tuesday this week, the children enjoyed PE outdoors on the playground. They enjoyed skill and team games with one another. On Friday, the children continued to explore their picture that they made in their heads last week. Once they had recapped this, they moved onto working with a partner to connect their moves and ideas together. I have really noticed the progress in the children’s timing and communication skills whilst completing this Dance topic. Keep up the good work Year 1!!

Week 4

I always enjoy working alongside the children in our dance lessons on a Friday. The children’s imaginations when creating sequences are fantastic. Equally, their ability to collaborate in pairs or small groups is brilliant too. This week, the children created sequences in pairs and then combined them together with another pair to create a group dance. There was a big focus on opposites, including levels and slow movements. It was lovely to watch them feeling free to explore movement.

Autumn 1

We have had a fantastic start to year 1! All the children are settling in beautifully and embracing the changes in Year 1! We have been learning all about the new subjects we do in Year 1 such as Geography, Science and Art and the children are very excited to begin to dig deeper into the content.

I would like to take this opportunity to say how proud I am of each member of our class. They are settling into Year 1 wonderfully and engaging well with the content and structure of the year. I am so happy to be working with such a resilient, enthusiastic group.


Autumn 1

Week 1

In RE, our topic for the first term is God’s Great Plan. This week, we have been discussing why did God create such a beautiful world and what are we thankful for in his creation. The children had some lovely ideas for what they are thankful for in our world and show a good understanding of the topic. Stay tuned for more about our learning in RE!

Week 2

This week we have been learning about the 7 days of creation. We made some great posters of each of the days and could write sentences about what God created on each day. The children applied there learning to create beautiful pictures of each of the days.

Week 3

In year 1, we have been looking at God’s love for us all and how we are shown love. The children devised some great role play scenes of family members displaying love for one another. We certainly have some budding actors/actresses in Year 1! We managed to come up with some fantastic suggestions of how we show love for people and how a special family member shows love for us.

Week 4

This week we have been looking at our responsibility to look after God’s world. The children suggested some great ideas about what they can do to look after the planet such as don’t stamp on the flowers or do not litter. The children have a clear understanding of the important role we play in looking after the world and have made their promises to God.

Week 5

We have been looking at the story of Noah’s Ark this week. We learnt all about why God sent the flood, how long it rained for and what the rainbow represented at the end of the flood. The children produced some amazing pieces of writing from this story, with 1 of our class members going down to see Miss Milivojevic for brilliant writing!! Next week as we continue our Noah’s ark topic, we will be doing something really exciting to show our knowledge! Watch this space…

Week 6

This week we had a very creative lesson building the scene from Noah’s ark! We all worked in teams to take a different part of the story to recreate and worked hard to assemble them! Once everything was completed we put our ark together. The children were great at working in their team and their knowledge of the story and elements of the story is fantastic! Here is a picture of our wonderful ark.


Autumn 1

Week 1

We have has a brilliant start to our English this term! The children were so excited to share what they got up too in the school holidays! It sounds like lots of you had a lovely time spent together. We have been writing recounts of a special activity we did in the holidays and the children have been fantastic at writing their sentences and sharing their ideas with each other. From next week, we will be looking at Fiction and classic stories. I am looking forward to working with the children to see what fantastic writing and reading we can do!

Week 2

Our focus for our English this week was The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. This book is always a popular choice and by the end of the week the children were able to sequence the story in the correct order. We also did some role play of the story and Year 1 definitely has some budding actors/actresses! We could talk about the book and create book reviews explaining why we liked/didn’t like the book. Come back next week to read about what book we will be focusing on next…

Week 3

We’re going on a bear hunt! We are NOT scared. This week we have got really stuck in with our book for the week and the children can now recite it with actions beautifully! Reading this book has enabled us to develop our writing skills, creating story maps, thought bubbles and captions. Some of the children even created a puppet show of the story and it was brilliant! I look forward to working with the children next week on our next book!

Week 4

We have had a very exciting week in English this week! We had a visit from the Tiger who Came to Tea in year 1! He came to answer all of our questions about where he went after he went for tea, or why he never came back again. The children then used these ideas to create their own alternative endings to the story and they were all brilliant. The tiger clearly went on some very exciting adventures after tea such as going to the deepest depths of the ocean, or going to Miss Mac’s house! This week has developed the children’s creative writing and their ideas were wonderful.

Week 5

This week we have been looking at Room on the Broom! The children have loved identifying rhyme in the story and matching the rhyming words together. We have also been using adjectives to describe the terrifying, red dragon! The children came up with some brilliant adjectives such as he breathers flaming red fire or he has sharp long claws! Please see the pictures underneath for the children’s ideas.

Week 6

This week the children have impressed me and Mrs Lowe so much with their independent story writing and their imaginations. The children were asked to create their own stories using some of the characters from the story ‘Room on the Broom.’ The children created some wonderful adventures for the characters and I loved reading every single one of them. If I could show you each and everyone of their stories I definitely would because they are all worth a read. One of our children in Year 1 even got writer of the week in Golden Book for his fantastic story! I am so proud of them all and their progress in becoming independent writers!

Week 7

In our learning this week, we have been doing a lot of focus on punctuation. We have focused particularly on the end of sentences and what could go there (such as full stops, exclamation marks and question marks). We have also looked at adjectives and nouns and the children’s understanding has been fantastic! This focus has also helped us develop our reading skills as they helped me to finish my sentences as I had forgotten all of my punctuation! (oops!). Please see the pictures below to see our punctuation hunt in class.


Autumn 1

Week 1

In Maths, we have been looking at basic number formation, counting, addition/subtraction and shape recognition! (We have been very busy!) The children have amazed me with their superb counting skills! On Thursday, we went on a shape hunt around the school playground, looking for as many different 2D shapes we could find. The children managed to find so many shapes in the environment and they thoroughly enjoyed working together in teams and identifying the shapes. Maybe you could look for some shapes around your house with your child?

Week 2

In maths this week we have been working really hard on reading and writing numbers from 0-100! We began most maths sessions with a song which involves lots of jumping around counting all the way to 100 (It’s a favourite of mine and definitely is a favourite of lots of the children too!) Also this week, we have been learning how to count on a number line forwards and backwards! We have been practicing our KIRFS too and the children are doing incredibly! Please keep practicing number formation and rotation with your child at home.

Week 3 

This week the children have shown massive progress in their number recognition and writing! We have been learning all about the mean teens and we are not being tricked by them again! We have been doing lots of ordering practice of numbers from 1-100 and its great to work with such a hardworking group of people! Also this week, we have started looking at our 2x table and they are doing brilliantly!

Week 4

This week we have been focusing a lot on addition and subtraction. We have been learning about all the different methods we can do to help us work out the answers such as a number line or drawing objects. By the end of the week, the children are very confident in adding and subtracting, with some of the children not having to use the methods and working out sums in their head! Even sums such as 32-14! The children are brilliant mathematicians and I am very proud!

Week 5

This week we have focused on 2D shapes and 3D shapes. The children were fantastic at identifying the properties of 2D shapes and counting the sides and corner! They were also brilliant at learning the names of the 3D shapes and identifying them in the real world! I wonder if you could ask your child what 3D shapes they can find at home?

“Look, a cylinder!”

“There are 3D shapes up here too Miss Mac!”

Week 6

This week we have been recapping addition and subtraction, as well as 1 more and 1 less! The children were fantastic at completing these tasks and did so independently using the methods we have worked on previously. The highlight of the week for me was so many children keen to have a challenge set for them in their books and some children kept coming back for a challenge from me.

“Can I do another hard one?”            “I want to do more work!”

This attitude to learning is lovely to see and I hope to see it continue

Week 7

This week in maths we have had a huge focus on addition and subtraction using concrete objects. The children were all amazing at this and were able to apply the methods taught in order to work out the answers. Many children moved onto the challenge in maths and enjoyed continuing applying their adding knowledge in the maths area. Some of the children’s mathematical abilities blow my mind as some of them were able to add numbers such as 56+24= without support or objects! Maybe they need to come up and teach us all about Maths instead of me!


Autumn 1

Week 1

During the transition day back in July, the children told me how excited they were to learn about Science so you can imagine their excitement when the subject was introduced this week! We are beginning our learning with an Animals including Humans topic. We started by playing silly games to identify body parts such as Simon Says and singing songs such as Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (some of the boys wanted to see how fast we could sing the song, which proved tricky!!) Our task was to label the human body and the children were fantastic at naming and using their phonics to write labels. We are all looking forward to our science lesson next week!

Week 2

During our Science topic this week, we have been focusing on both body parts you can see, and body parts that we can’t see that help us to survive! We had a really fun time drawing around each other and labelling the human body; both with external body parts and internal body parts. We have been looking at the function of some of our organs such as the lungs and heart and the children can tell you where they are in their bodies. Our next Science lesson will be equally as fun!

Week 3

Science this week has been super fun! We have been learning about our 5 senses and we were given some creative stations to explore each of the senses. There was a feely bag to use the touch sense, the hearing sense to listen to instructions, the taste sense to taste some foods whilst we shut our eyes, the smell sense to smell different items without looking and the sight sense to label a diagram of the 5 senses. The children had so much fun and seem to be enjoying Science lots!

Week 4

We have been learning about animals and their babies this week. The children knew lots of animals and their babies names and were super at matching them together. We then decided to have a look on the internet to see what other animals we could find and their baby names (did you know a baby dinosaur is called a hatchling?!) We had lots of fun exploring animals and their offspring in Year 1!

Week 5

In science, we have been looking at what we need to survive as humans. We were quick to sort out necessary things to survive, and nice things to have in our lives, but not necessary to survive (like TV and sweets!!). The children were brilliant at listing some healthy foods, exercise, water and air as necessary things to survive and were excellent at completing an activity which asks them to sort the foods into categories such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Week 7

This week in Science we have been looking at the effect exercise has on our bodies and why exercise is good for us. We played games outside to raise our heart rates and came up with many reasons why exercise is important for our health. Once our heart rates were raised, we were able to notice some of the effects such as tiredness, faster heartbeat and feeling hot. The children then wrote some lovely sentences about why we need exercise to keep healthy and what it does for our bodies.

We played the traffic light game to raise our heart rates!


Autumn 1

Week 1

Our topic for this term is Wetherby. We will be turning our classroom into our town for the children to explore! In Geography, we are looking at our local area. We will be focusing on what we can do in Wetherby, what human and physical features there are and the history of Wetherby. I look forward to hearing the children’s experiences of Wetherby and could maybe teach me something about the lovely town!

Week 2

This week our provision areas have been transformed into Sant’ Angelos Ice cream shop, Morrisons and there is even the River Wharfe running down the middle! The children have loved shopping in Morrisons, working in the ice cream stall and building bridges to go over the river. During our Geography, Travel Ted asked us what he could do in Wetherby if he visited, and the children produced postcards to send to him encouraging him to come and visit and telling him all the exciting things on offer in Wetherby! We are all waiting to see what Travel Ted says back!

Week 3

This week we have been super lucky in Year 1. We had a visitor come in to talk to us all about Wetherby! He told us all about the history of Wetherby, how it has changed and where different places are. The children were brilliant listeners and demonstrated their beautiful manners. They asked great questions. Our special visitor also left us a lovely gift of a book all about Wetherby which he was kind enough to make for us, so the children can read all about it in the reading corner whenever they like!

Thank you so much to our special guest from everyone in Year 1, you were brilliant!

Week 4

This week we have been looking at map work. The children had lots of fun using the IWB to go on google maps and explore Wetherby and where they can find! We also looked at a paper map to see what we can locate in Wetherby but it was clear that the interactive, more realistic element of google maps interested the children more. It interested some of the children so much that they requested to go on google maps and explore Wetherby during area time! This was lovely to see the children taking their learning into their area time.

Week 6

If you look back to what we did in week 2 of our topic for this term, you can see that the children were writing postcards to Travel Ted to invite him to come to Wetherby. Travel Ted got back to the children this week saying he was interested in visiting them but needed to know more of what he could do in Wetherby before making the trip. The children then created lovely posters to tell Ted all of the exciting things they can do in Wetherby. The children suggested activities such as swimming, feeding the ducks, visiting restaurants and going to kickboxing! I’m sure Ted will be desperate to visit after reading the posters!

Week 7

During Geography this week, we have been exploring the difference between towns, cities, and rural areas. The children were fantastic at working as a team and using a Venn diagram to sort the features of a countryside and a city. We have noticed that Wetherby is definitely a town as we compared Wetherby to both rural and urban settings.


Autumn 1

Week 1

The children love their PE sessions with the total sports coach. We enjoy 2 sessions per week. In 1 of our sessions, we are doing dance and the children are loving learning how to move like an animal! The children had some great ideas on how to move like a crocodile around the room to the music!

Week 2

This week we have continued to have our PE on a Tuesday morning, playing games and having fun with the coaches. We have also continued on a Friday morning to continue creating dance moves for in the jungle. This week, the children were moving around like monkeys, doing lots of jumping and swinging through the tree’s! I wonder what animal we will focus on next week?

Week 3

This week in PE the children kept me very entertained! Whilst continuing with our jungle theme, there was a focus on timing. Some of the children were brilliant at keeping in time with the music and following instructions. The highlight of the lesson was the children walking down the catwalk in time with the music and doing a pose at the end of the catwalk! Ask your child to show you their pose!

Week 4

This week the children were playing some team games on Tuesday’s PE session outdoors, they had lots of fun with the coaches and are developing their catching, balancing and listening skills. During Friday’s PE session, the children continued their jungle themed dance. They had a quick recap of the different animals before working in groups to improve their poses and timing. The coach introduced the vocabulary of ‘unison’ to the children so that they worked on moving in time with each other and completing the same poses. They were great!

Week 6

In dance this week, the children were recapping what they knew from their dance they have created throughout the term. They enjoyed exploring the different ways the animals can move and where their adventures took them. In today’s lesson, there was a big focus on timing and working in a group to develop a small 8 count routine with an interesting pose at the end. The children all worked together beautifully and shared ideas before performing back to one another.

Week 7

In dance this week, the children began to learn a dance routine to a very popular song choice of ‘Cant Stop the Feeling’ from the film Trolls. This already had the children excited and keen to begin their lesson. The children practiced their moves and timing and in the end were able to perform a section of their dance to me and the dance teacher. They were fantastic at listening and worked really hard to remember the steps.

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